Cocke County, Tennessee
Old Bear Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

(As of September 27, 1999)

This cemetery dates back to at least 1900 and is on the site of the original Bear Creek Baptist Church and Bear Creek School (same building). The cemetery is located on Busler road and is about one mile from the current Bear Creek Baptist Church in the 3rd Civil District of Cocke County, TN.
The following names (along with other descriptive information from tombstones), with birth date and death date are found there. There are many unmarked graves.
Submitted by: W. Carroll Reed, Kingsport, TN

John Andrew Fox 11/12/1917 – 11/29/1975  
Fina Ruby Mae Fox 11/9/1937 – 2/27/1938 daughter of John and Carrie B. Fox
R.C. Elkins 4/29/1938 – 5/5/1939 son of Charles and Nettie Elkins
M. C. Busler 1946  
Mary Lou Busler 1951  
Rosa Lee Busler 1952  
Melvin Carter 1886 – 1950 buried with Luria Crawford
Luria Crawford 1895 – 1951 buried with Melvin Carter
Pearl Cline 9/12/1888 daughter of D.C. and Sallie Cline
Joseph D. Toby 8/19/1879 – 10/1/1888  
Charles Toby 2/18/1875 – 10/22/1900  
Lori Eann Keasling 1968  
James Walter Keasling 1/25/1953  
Carl Keasling Sr. 1937 – 1994  
Grace Keasling 4/27/1920 – 9/30/1991  
Netti C. Fox 1910 – 1977  
Howard Stepp 10/22/1915 – 10/6/1979  
Johnny G. Keasling 1/30/1917 – 10/2/1985  
John W. Busler 7/22/1933 – 4/20/1976 Pvt U.S. Army
Ruble Busler 2/19/1932 – 4/13/1978  
Alice C. Toby  0/22/1884 - 10/03/1901  

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