Cocke County, Tennessee
Joseph Baker Family Bible

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Amanda Fox was the first wife of Joseph Baker. Emily E. Fine was his second wife and their only child was William Earl. He married Eula Pearl McCoige and their children were Ellen Elizabeth, Earl Gordon, Hazel, Helen, and William Ace.

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Amanda E. Fox born November 17, 1859.
Joseph Baker born February 20, 1861.
Emily E. (Eunice) Baker born August 1, 1856.
William Earl Baker born February 6, 1894.
Pearl E. Baker born May 15, 1898.
Ellen Elizabeth Baker born June 15, 1916.
Earl Gordon Baker born October 20, 1919.
Hazel Baker born February 13, 1921.
Helen Baker born November 24, 1922.
William Ace Baker born ? ?, 1925.
Amanda E. Baker born November 17, 1859.
Ida/India?  Carlee/Carle/Carolle?Baker born June 30, 1884.
Meluan or Melvan Huston Baker born August 11, 1885 or 86.
Minnia or Minnie Mave? Baker born October 28, 1886.
Moudia /Maudia? Conera/Lanara? Baker born February 12, 1889.
William Earl Baker born February 6, 1894.


Baptist McNabb and Lydia E. Allen married February 8, 1867.
Joseph Baker and Ammanda E. Fox married October 1, 1883.
Joseph Baker and Emily E. Fine married December 11 or 12, 1892.


Amanda E. Baker died July 23, 1890.
R. A. Fine born March 13, 1858, died October 9, 1927.
Lyedia Fine born May 6, 1844, died February 12, 1928.
? Jane Johnson born August 31, 1855, died November 18, 1933.
Charles Baker died ? 29, 1883.

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