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SCHEDULE 3. -- Person who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850, in 17th Sub Division
in the County of Campbell State of Tennessee, enumerated by me, John Phillips Ass't Marshall.

NAME                   AGE    S R FS MS POB      MTH        Occ     DISEASE           DAYS               
Henry Queener          77     M      M  MD       June       Farmer  Brest Comp        13
Daniel Queener         84     M      M  PA       December   Farmer  Gravile
Mary J White           1      F         TN       July               Colera Manbus     11
Jeremiah Lovet         5      F         TN       June               Hooping Cough     35
Mary E H Wheeler       10     F         TN       November           Brain Inflamation  5
Cimafret Baker         10/12  F         TN       March              Hives             15
Mary Hutson            25     F      M  TN       March      None    unknown
Christian Prock/Brock  90     M      M  NC       March      None    Dropsy            20
Eli Jarmon             1/12   M         TN       March              Hives              3
Mary Gray              11     F         TN       May                Drowned
John Richardson        61     M      M  VA       March      None    unknown            6
Henry Malicoat         1      M         TN       October            unknown           30
John Reed              20     M         TN       March      Farmer  Dropsy            60
Ann E Agee             1/12   F         TN       November           Hives              5
Febee Cox              20     F         TN       August             Fever             11
Susan Nelson           75     F      W  VA       June               Old Age           15
Sarah Witt             8      F         MO       January            Burned            10
Frances Phillips       79     F         VA       July               Old Age           15
John Flatford          24     M         TN       August     Farmer  Consumption      120
Lucy Miller            48     F         VA       August             unknown            6
James Smith            2/12   M         TN       September          Hives              4
James Cannon           8/12   M         TN       July               Hooping Cough     10
Oliver Collins         22     M         NC       August     Farmer  Consumption       80
Parlena Heatherby      1      F         TN       January            Croop              8
Martha Smith           23     F         TN       February           unknown           13
Euricus Smith          67     M      M  VA       February   Farmer  Cancer           150
John H  Mingo          1/12   M         TN       September          unknown            2
John Hirrin            1      M         TN       February           unknown           30
Elijah Braden          26     M      M  TN       March      Farmer  Fever             14
Dicy M Turner          1      F         TN       May                unknown            6
Napoleon Futts         3      M         TN       May                unknown           14
Anna Loy               15     F         TN       January            Fever              9
Sarah Sharp            83     F      M  NC       June               unknown           40
Morris Bridges         49     M      M  NC       June       Farmer  Fever             20
Elizabeth Bridges      6      F         TN       July               Fever             35
Ellis Right            5      M         TN       February           Scarlet Fever  Sudden
Oliver Huff            9/12   M         TN       April              Burnt              4
Minerva Adkins         1      F         TN       November           Hooping Cough     14
Chesley Adkins         7      M         TN       December           Hooping Cough     10
Ransone Adkins         1/12   M         TN       November           unknown           28
Robert Stroublefield   82            W  NC       October    None    unknown           39
David Hudleston        13     M         TN       May                Fever             23
Milly Keller           23     F      M  TN       March              Fever             13
George Davis           78     M      M  unknown  Arp        Farmer  unknown           39
James Douglas          7      M         TN       September          unknown            2
Samuel Douglas         5      M         TN       September          unknown            4
Jesse Lay              84     M      W  unknown  March      None    Old Age            9


Added notes to the bottom of the 1850 Campbell County TN Mortality Schedules


Disease in this county is of a very diversified character; mostly chronic Fevers.  Are mostly Typhoid though some intermittent on the creeks and rivers.  (??) & pulmonary disease are prevalent.  Some cases of Goitre=Water.  This county is finely watered. In the valleys, the water is a strong limestone, in the balance of the county it is called free stone water.  Perhaps no county has finer waterpower for machinery.  The streams have many falls and great (permanaancy?) in dry weather particularly a stream called Cedar Creek which for the number of it's falls and its durability is I think not excelled anywhere.  It is fed by kindreds of fine springs, breaking out of the immense hills into its (courider?).  There are many (chalybeats?) and sulphur springs, some having valuable medicinal virtue soil.  In the valleys (about one sixth of the county), the soil is stiff clayey and rich.  In the rest of the county the soil is gravelly or sandy and on the creeks and rivers very rich.  The Cumberland mountains occupies about (1/2?) the county and has much rich table land and other lands that are cultivatedrocs.  In the vallyes the rocks are limestone.  In the mountains sandstone and slate.

Timber is tolerably large of fine quality and abundant.  Of forest trees oak is most abundant then pine, hickory, beech poplar, walnut, cedar, sugar maple from which a considerable quantity of sugar is made.  (Elin?) sycamore, birhc, (L...?) also wild cherry, magnolia persimmon, locust, red bud cercis, sorrell tree (de de do??)

Fertilizers Lime is obtained by burning the limestone of the valleys.  The plasteress who have used it say it is the best they have ever seen made from the limestone. Ores There are considerable quantities of lead on which however is not worked.  The iron ore is of superior quality and vastly abundant. One vein particularly runs across the county (20 miles) where the mountains and Powels valley joins just at the base of the mountains.  This ore is only worked in a small way though it yields a large per cent of the best iron.

Coal There are many vast beds of coal mostly of good quality though some contains sulphur.  It is only used by blacksmiths. Charcoal being used in iron making.

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