Will of John Henderson

Images Copied From Microfilm by: Susan Langheld, Transcribed by: Cathy Hall
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In the Name of God Amen.
I John Henderson of Bradley County and the State of Tennessee being now of very perfect mind and of Sound and Deposing Trhoughts and the Gace of the Almightly God and nowing that it is appointed to all men to die at one time and while being in proper Mind to make a disposition of My property do in throught in Considerations make this my Last Will and Testament and do hereby Revoke all other forms of Wills and by me here fore made,

First -- My Soul I do intrust in the Mercy of God inJjesus Christ our Loard and at my death I wish to be deciently Buried and that I do Ordain and Constitute my Wife Sidney Henderson my Executor and John S. Guast and William H. Graingmill my Executors of this my Last Will and Testement.

Secondly -- The house and lot on which I now live in Bradley County Tennessee and everything belonging or attached there and all of my Negro Slaves that I won at My death or to be given to MY presnt and Beloved Wife, For and During her Natural life for the purpose of her sole and person use and benefit.

Also I Will and Bequeath to My beloved Wife Sidney Henderson one thousand Dollars Anually during her Natural life for her sole and Seperate use and benefit also the cash and cash notes that I may have at my death that they shall be put at best interest also all debts which may be due me at my death and are secured by Mortgages or deeds of Trust and lots or Real Estate I Desire To be collected and that all of my Executors and Executrix sell such houses and Town lots and Real Estaea on such terms as they may think Necessary so the Money may be realized as the Same and that the money realized from the Same may be put out in the [good] Safe hands,

Thirdly, at the death of my Beloved Wife Sidney the house and the two lots that I now live on and every sherd of belongings that I have together with (blotted out) of about ten acres of land from the Beaver Dam down the Road on the Tract of land on the Bradley County line which I hereto preconvey to my Son John Calvin Henderson, I Will and bequath to my grand daughter Susan Henderson Daughter of my Said Son Jon Calvin Henderson to her and the issue of her body forever.

But incase of the Susan Henderson dying with out child or children Heirs of her body lawfully begotten inherits said property in that Case the property at her death that is to say two lots a house and which I now lives shall be Seta apart for the deince of the as long as time last and for such Worthy Preacher of the Gospel of the order of the New School Presbyterian Shall be Pastor of the Congregation of tat Demonition in Cleveland Tennessee and his successor and all such preachers shall pay the Same is to keep everything in order and good repair and pay the taxes on the Same.

In the Death of my wife Sidney the Cleverland Church edifix which is built in the Town of Cleverland Bradley County Tennessee shall be enclosed with a Cood iron fence and finish off with due respect completed the debts now due to John Cowen from the debt is fully paid and discharged then the Iron Gate is to be finished and the dieifce finished off in other Respect Completed the above stated and the Same is to be paid for out My Estate also at the death of --wife Sidney, I will and beaueth to my nephew James Kilgore, for the kind treatment he has given my Suster Licly Kilgore five hundred dollars for the kind treatment that he has shoen toward his mother also I will and Bequath to the

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My Two Nephews Thomas Payne and Alfred Payne sons of my Sister Darcus Payne five hundred dollars each Also I Will and Bequath to and oprhan Child, A grandchild of My Sister Darcus Payne whos name I think is Mary but as her name I may be mistaken in the but her parents died in Decatauir Alabama the Sum of five hundred Dollars.

Also I will and Bequath the Washington Newton my Wife Nephew a son of Nancy Newton my wife Sister who livings in Hancock County Tennessee the sum of five hundred dollars, Also I Will and Bequath to William Craigsmill one thousand dollars, also I Will and Bequath to William Huff, son of Lewis Huff of Clinton County Kentucky the sum of five hundred dollars, but I hdold a note for three hundred dollars and if the note is not payed by the death of my Wife Sidney then and in that Case, my Will and that of Said Note Go to William Huff in part paid of the five hundred Dolalrs legacy hereby given to him.

Also I Will and Bequath to my Grandaughter Susan Henderson one thousand dollars to be paid to her as necity required but all of the other legeicies are not to be paid until after the death of my Wife.

All the Negro Slaves that I have after the Death of My Wife all Willing to go Liberia on the Western Coast of Aferica, but if they are not willing to go to Liberia and prefer to serve my Grand daugher Susan Henderson and remain in Bondage then I will them to her for the Sale and Seperate Use of the heirs of her body but any of the Negro Slaves shall prefer to be free then I give them one thousand dolars as a Start in Liberia.

If My Sister Darcus Payne Should be living at the death of my Wife then I Will and Bequath her five hundred dollars, I will and Bequath to my Nephew Thomas Hall son of My Sister Sarah Hall five hundred dollars.

Also all of my debts shall be paid out of my estate and that none of these Whom I have appointed shall be bound to give securities for the preformance of these duties. Furthermore to all of these Cases if any of these Legicies should Die before my Wife Dies then the legacy should not be drawn but droped and not drawn by the next of kin. But the Same Should be Revert back to my Estate. In case of Grandaughter Susan Henderson Should die with out issue to her body than all the legecies of the bequeth to her shall go to My Niece Lucinda Edward Wife of R. M. Edward to her sole and seperate use and Control to her Children at her death and all except the one thousand dollars and then ten acres of land.

The remainder of my Estate not deposed of by legicies I give to the poor of this County of Bradley Tennesee and the Same should be applied and appointed for the Exclusive use of the benifit of the poor of the poor house of Bradley county Tenness and for their maintaince and support of the poor in any case any thing should happen to my Estate in conquest with the war now in this County or any other Cause by which varies of legacies should by bequest or devices which I have given made and set forth in their name last Will and Testament of shall not hold then and in that case my will is that the several legated and devices shall only have and draw out of My Estate, a proratta shares of whater Estate I may have to divide amongst them according to the provisions of this Instruments.

In testimony I have herunto set my hand and Sealk with my own proper signatures and affixed a Seal in the presence of the Witnesses hereinto the same at my request in this the third day of August 1861.

John Henderson (Seal)

G. P. Gaust
J. M. Guast