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1880 Benton County Mortality Schedule

The 1880 Mortality Schedule was taken from the book, "The 1880 U.S. Census of Benton County, Tennessee" by John C. & Catheryn C. Brown. I would like to thank Catheryn Brown for giving permission for it to be added to the web site. I would also like to thank Norma Watson for typing and sending it in.
Headings of the 1880 Records
1. Number of the family in column 2 in the Census Records
2. Name of the deceased person
3. Age at last birthday. If under 1, given in fractions
4. Sex - Male (M)    Female (F)
5. Color - White (W), Black (B), Mulatto (Mu)
6, 7, and 8 omitted
9. Place of deceased birth
10. Place of deceased father's birth
11. Place of deceased mother's birth
12. Omitted
13. The month in which the person died

Civil Districts #1, #10 and #11
R.P. Haley, Enumerator

1 23 459 1011 1314
4Viola Hatley2/12 F WTNTNTNAprUnknown
35Wm. C. Agnew 9/12 M WTNTNTNNov Burnt
46James White 89 M WKY??MarFall & Old Age
60Minnie Menzies10/12 F B KY??MarUnknown
61 John Moore66M B NC NCNCFeb Typhoid & Pneum.
61Mathew Moore16 M B TN NCNC FebTyphoid & Pneum.
84 Artimissa Parnell25F W TNTNTN June Cancer and Fever
99 Martha S. Bird 7/12 F W TN TN TN MayUnknown
190 Willie M. Watson 83 M W GAGAGAJul Old Age & debility
159Elizabeth Lynch 74 F WNCNCNC Jan Old Age & debility
160 Justice Crabb 22 M WTNTNTN Apr Rheumatic Neuralg.
== Arrens Hatley12 F W TNTNTN Sept Fever
321 William M. Holland 45 M W TNTN TNMar Pneumonia
324 Levina Johnson69 F W TNTN TN JanCongestion
PR.John Hardin 6 M W ???Aug Malarial Fever
PR.Willis Gossett's Infnt. F B ???Jan Stillborn
PR. Jackson Barnes16 M W ??? Jan Acute Dbl.Pneumo.
PR. James Carvill's Infnt2/12F W???Aug ?

Civil District #2
B.L. Utley, Enumerator

2William H. Barnes44 M W TNTNTNJan Heart
6 Beeler Saunders 8F W TNTNTNMar Epilepsy
15 D.D. Guinn 2 MW TNTN MOFeb Pneumonia
19(no name) Hatley2/12 F W TNTNTN Dec Pneumonia
39L.G. Hollowell1/12M W TNTNTN Aug Diarrhea
40 Lee Morris 1 M W TNTNTN Oct ====
90 Elisha Dodd 5/12M WTNTNTN May====
90 Elijah Dodd 6/12 M WTNTNTNMay Croup
92 J.M. Quillen 15/30 MW TNTNTN OctDisease of Head
101Eady Ritter 40 F W ???Feb Childbirth
103 A.C. Parrish 28MWTN NC NC May Murdered
113Sarah A. Hallmark 34 F WTN NC KY JuneCongestion
126 W.B. Anderson54 MW TN NC NC JuneEpilepsy
194 Levy Kelly5/12MWTN TNTN JulyCongestion

Civil Districts #3 and #4
John P. Morris, Enumerator

2 Mary Summers39FW NC NCVAJunConsumption
3Bird Miller28 M WTN TN TN Aug Diarrhea
3Bussy Miller 2 MWTNTN TNAugDiarrhea
6Jane Johnson 46F W TN TN TN AugConsumption
6 John Johnson 20 MWTNTNTN Aug Consumption
12 George McAuley 15 M B TNMSTN JulyBrain Fever
18 Dick Sanders2 MWTN TN TNMayColera Inf.
32Jane Ford39F W TN TN TN FebChildbirth
70Martha Davidson39 F WTN TN TN MayChildbirth
81John Spence45 M W TN NC NC FebPneumonia
87Thomas Jeff Howe 32 M W TNTN TNAug.Killed in Mill
87Luzada Howe 5 F W TNTNTN Oct Infl. of Brain
88 Mary Walker 35F W TN TN TNAugScoraffalo
106 John Howe 22 M W TNTN NC Dec Consumption
111Mary Mitchell 4 F W TN TN TN Aug Spasm
116Sarah Nunnery 29 FW TN TN TN MarChildbirth
116Jim Nunnery6/30 M W TN TNTNMarNot Known
120Jane Nunnery 41 FW TN TN TN JanPneumonia
125 Mary Anderson57 F W TNTN TN MayBillious Colic
147Rity Townsend 31 F W TN TN TN Feb Scoraffalo
160Sylvester Newman56 MW NCNCNCOct Fever
189 Sarah Holland 38 F W TN TN TN Sept Infl.of Bowles
202 Levinia Davidson 3 F WTN TN TN Nov Spinal Affection
204 Infant of Greer1/12 M W TNTN TN AprNot Known
221Emma Norden 1 F W TN TNTNJulBrain Fever
223 Sabra Troutt 70 F WTNNC NC Oct Dropsy
224 Sallie Noles 26 F W NCNCNCJul Pneumonia
241 Gideon Spellings 73 MW NCNCNCJulyDropsy
246 Marshall Medlin1 MWTN TN TN AugColera Inf.
255 Robert Pierce 4 M W TN TN TN Jul Flux
254 John Forrest 4/12 M W TNTN TN FebCroup
251Mollie Pierce 2FW TN TN TN JulBrain Fever
=== James Townsend2 M W TNTN TN Aug Flux
264 James Ozier73 MW NCNCNCJulGravel

Civil Districts #5 and #12
W.F. Maiden, Enumerator

6 W.A. Hudson 66 M W TN NC NC Oct Chronic Pneum
14 Ruben Bell 25 M WTNTN TNFebPneumonia
22 Mahala Weatherly 71 F W NC IRE NCJun Kidney Disease
26Elizabeth Beasley 71 F W TN NCNCFeb Pneumonia
31M.S. Corbitt68M W NCIRE SCTLApr =====
37Alonzo Ray 5/12 M W TN TNTN Oct ======
39Della Pate 8/12F W TN TN TN Dec Pneumonia
51 George Webb 17MWTN NC NC Dec Diptheria
51Emila Webb 5 F W TN NCNC DecFever
56Mary Ayres 91 F W MDMDMDMayOld Age
66 Susan Broughton6 F W TNNC TN NovCroup & Dipther
116 Belus Jordan 9/12 M B TNTNTNJan Pneumonia
117Tomie Donloe5 M B TN TN TNNovCholera
121Noah Strickland 64 M W TNNC NC Sept Gravel
138 Dolphis Holland 1 M WTNTN TNDecBrain Fever
182 Marcom Baby1 dayMW TNTN TN Jan=======
194 Jackson Childres 32 FW TN TN TN Jan Pneumonia
195 Simpson Simons7M B TN TNTN Jan?
200Conie Arnold1 M WTN TNTN Jul Flux
203Margret Farmer36 F W TN TNTN Feb Pneumonia
204 Tobe Henderson 55 M W TN TN TN May Consumption
317 Bettie Todd 11 F WTN TN TN Sep Congestive Chills
320 Iva Pierce 1/12 F W TNTNTN Apr Hives
326James Cole 5/12 M W TNTN TN AprBrain Fever
228 Henry Miles 62M BTN TN TN Jul Autheritis
249James Gordin 87 M W NY NY NYJanOld Age
261Donaphine Bruce40 M W TN TN TNNovConsumption
278 Lizzie Johnson 19 F W TN TN TN OctDon't Know
284 William Presson 2 M W TN TN TN May=====
348Louiza Jordan 27 F W TNTN TN Aug Colera Inft.
PRTerrel Travis 1 M W TN TNTNJun =====
PR Cinthey C. Bush22 F W ? ??JunPuerperal Fever
PR Bush's Infant M W  ??? Jun Stillborn
PR Jefferson Johnson 35 MB ? ? ?Feb Consumption
PRJames Thomas 6 M W ? ? ? DecPneumonia
PR Sally Helows 59FW   == Enteritis

Civil District #6
John J. Ogles, Enumerator

? =========== == M W TN TNTN MarPneumonia
? ============= MW == == == Apr Diptheria
?=========== ==F W TNTN TN MarRisens in Head
? Joseph====== 57 M WTNTN NC Sept ========
PR Nancy Jane Ward33FW ? ? ? SeptConsumption
PR John Ward 15 M W ? ? ? Nov Typhoid Fever
PR Wiley B. Edington72M WTN?? Feb Gastritis
PR (No Name) Brewer 16/30 F W TN TNTNDecErsepilis

Civil District #8
P.M. Melton, Enumerator

38 William Alsup14 M W TN TNTN Feb Pneumonia
58 Sarah Cole58 F W TN TN TN AugTyphoid Fever
59 Joseph Byrd10/12 MWTN TN TNJul Cholery Inft.
60Jessie Wyatt5/12 M W TN TN TN Jul Cholery Inft.
65Virgil McNiel 6/12 M WTNTN TNDec Minangitis
161Polly Brewer 8 F W TN TN TN Apr Intestinal Fever
113P.M. Brewer 9/12 M WTN TN TN May Minangitis
175 Mary Ann Beasley 61 F W KY VA KY MarCongest.Heart
181 Cora Rushing 2/12 F W TNTN TN Mar Minangitis
190Win Gossett 4/12 F WTN TNTN May Bowel Complai
193 William Warmack 76 MW KYVA NCMayTyphoid Pneum
=== Lucindia McBride 38 F W TN ? ? Oct. Jaundice
=== William Brewer 6 M W TNTNTNOct ======
122 Mary Finley 20/30 M W TN TN TN Nov Hives
PR A. Herrin 1/12 M W TN TN TN Dec Scarlet Fever
PR T. Herrin 10/12 F W TN TN TN Sept Cholera Inft.
PR ? Hampton 2 F W ??? July Cholera Inft.
PR Theadore Hill2 M W ? ? ? Sept Croup
PR Malisey A. Brewer 35 F W ? ? ? JunPuerperal Fever

Civil Districts #7 and 9
J.K. Wheatley, Enumerator

1 Anna Barnes 2 F WTNTNTN July Worms
2 W.J. Vickers 55 M W TNTN NC AprCongestion of liver
3 Alpha J. Clement25 F W KYNCKY MayCongestion of lungs
== Christian Clement 64 F W TN NC NCFebpneumonia fever
== Martha J. Stockdale 17 F W TNTN TN Mar pneumonia fever
== Harriet C. Doty32F W TN VA TN Marpneumonia fever
==David Askew 5/12 MW TN TN TN Mar pneumonia fever
==Jones Thomas Carter54M WTN NCTN Mar Dropsy & Heart Dis.
== Maria Lee Dean 5 F WTN VATNJan Croup
== Elizabeth Bratton38F WTN? ? Mar pneumonia
== John Stockdale 39 M W TNNC NC Mar pneumonia
==Denis Stockdale 7/12M WTNTNTN Jan Diptheria
== Richard Evans8/12MWTN NC TNAug Croup
==Janie Mannon1 F W TN TN TN Feb pneumonia
== Martha Dorch 56 F W NC NCNCFebpneumonia fever
== Elizabeth Dorch19 F WTNKYNCMar Childbirth
=Virgie J. Roades 25F WTNTN TNJan pneumonia fever
==Sina Hampton21 F W TN TN KY Jan pneumonia fever
==John Lee King9/12 MW TN KY TNFebpneumonia fever
== Liza McDaniel 1 F W TN TN TNMar brain scoffola
== John B. Garner12 F WTNTN TN Mar scarlet fever
== Thomas Garner9/12M W TNTN TN Decliver complicat
== Leona Wheatley9 FWTN TNTNMarDipthera
== Jacob W. Cole 2 M W TN TNTN AugTyphoid Fever
==Sarah Warrick 26 F WTNTN TNSeptConsumption
== Lany Parker36FW TN TNTN Feb Consumption
== Henry Corbitt 6 M W TN TNTNJun Malarial Fever
== Victoria Hall 1 FW TN TN TN Apr Congestive chill
== Nancy Cooley58F WTNTNTNApr Consumption
== Martha Pickler48 F WTNNCTNFebFeb
== Washington Finner 42 MW TN NCNCJun======
==Baby Infant ? - MW TN TN TN Sept.Born Dead
== Diana Stagner37 F W TN TNTNMayWomb Disease
PR C.Emma Doty 9 FW ? ? ? Jun Malarial Fever
PR(Mrs.) Dillion 50F W ? ? ? Sept. Malarial Fever
PRThomas Berry 21 MW ??? DecTyphoid
PRThomas Dawns9/12M W ? ? ??Cerebro Meningitis
PRBenjamin Dawns 11 M W??? ?Typhoid Fever


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