Bedford County,




- Carolyn Odle Smotherman has a wide variety of Bedford Co. materials.

- We also have a volunteer that will do lookups from the following book: The Cook Family in America Bedford County, Tennessee. It was published in 1973 by Jerry Wayne Cook of Normandy, Tennessee. It appears to be a very detailed book dealing with the descendants of Thomas and Milly Cook from 1770-1973. There is a very good index. There are many Xeroxed copies of pictures, transcribed legal papers, etc. The owner of the book wishes to remain anonymous, so please send requests for lookups to Charles Reeves, Jr.

- Natalie Garcia-Godos owns a copy of the book "Chancery Court of Records" of Bedford Co., TN. Dates range from 1830-1865. She has volunteered to look-up information in this book.

- Glenn McAnarney of the Mid Continent Public Library in Independence, MO has access to all federal census films and most all printed indexes and all soundex microfilms, Including 1930 for many of the counties in TN, including Bedford, and has generously agreed to do look-ups. Restrictions: Subject line must include State/Co in which look up is requested; Look Up must be for head of house only; Only one look up per e-mail address (or per person whichever is less).

- Elisabeth Humphrey has a copy of The History of The First Presbyterian Church Shelbyville, Tennessee, 1815-1965. She reports there are lots of names in it and is willing to do lookups for folks.

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