Genealogies found at Mt. Juliet Library

  1. The ALFORD-DRAKE Family of Middle TN, Naomi Hairy, 1982. (Includes CARVER, CAWTHON, GARNER, GRAVES, HIBBETT, JENNINGS, LOCKE, MASON, WRIGHT, YOUNG and others.)

  2. Kaleidoscope Family - BASS, 1769-1971, Descendants of Two Brothers, Peter and Lawrence BASS, 1971. (Includes BARRON, BOESCH, DOUGLAS, DUNCAN, EWING, HARRIS, JACKSON, KNOX, STONE and others.)

  3. The Ridge Between the Waters, BURTONS, 1975. Vols. 1 and 2.

  4. Thomas Givan BRATTEN Family, Liberty, TN, Annie Parker, 1987.

  5. BAIRD and BEARD Families, Fermine Baird Catchings, Baird-Ward Pub., Nashville, TN, 1918.

  6. A Memoir of a Portion of the BOLING Family in England and Virginia, Robert Boling, W. H. Wade & Co., 1868.

  7. My Findings - BROWN, GUNN, HARRIS, ROWLAND, WINDROW and Others, Lillian Vesta Brown Johnson, Edited by Susan G. Daniel, 1987.

  8. Soaking the Yule Log - Biographical Sketches of the BROWN, CHESHIER, SAIN, and Allied Families, 1749-1995, Katie Brown Bennett. (Includes BOWDEN, CARRAWAY, COX, CHURCHER, HARRIS, HOOD, JACKSON, JONES, LAKE, POLK, WILLIS and others.)

  9. Our East Tennessee Kinsmen, Aurelia Cate Dawson, 1962. CATE, HENRY and related families.

  10. George Washington CANTRELL and His Wife Martha Elizabeth Lea CARVER of Tennessee: Their Ancestry and Descendants, Mildred Sulser Wright, 1983. (Includes CURD, HUNTER, McDOUGLE, SMITH, SWINGLEY, WALDIN, WOODSON, WRIGHT, and others.)

  11. Joseph CASON - Deceased 1835 and His Descendants, J. Merritt Graves, 1994. (Inludes BAIRD, BLANKENSHIP, BRAY, CLUCK, DAVIS, DONNELL, HUDDLESTON, JACKSON, ROBINSON, STEVENS, SWITZER, WILLIAMS and others.)

  12. Henry CLUCK - Deceased 1841 and his Descendants, J. Merritt Graves, 1992. (Includes GRAVES, HARRIS, LANNOM, RICKETTS, SANFORD, TATUM, WEATHERLY, and others.)

  13. Wilson County CLUCKs of Tennessee - Six Generations of Henry CLUCK's Descendants, J. Merritt Graves, 1993.

  14. Samuel Thompson CLEMMONS and His Descendants, Thelma Caraway Landrum, 1981.

  15. Genealogy of the CLOYD, BASYE and TAPP Families in America with Brief Sketches Referring to the Families of INGELS, JONES, MARSHALL, and SMITH, A. D. Cloyd, 1912.

  16. A CAREY Family History - Charles CAREY (1743-1828) of Pennsylvania with His Descendants and Related Lines, Clifford Marion Carey, 1994.

  17. Edward CURD of Henrico County, Virginia and Some of His Descendants (PRICE and WATKINS Families), Frank D. Fuller & Thomas H. S. Curd, 1938.

  18. The CURD Family in America - 1981 Supplement, William B. Curd and Lucy Price Rayne Truog, 1927.

  19. The CURD Letters, Thomas H. S. Curd, Jr., 1993.

  20. The DALES of Eastern Shore Maryland and Tennessee, Clarice Neal, 1986.

  21. Benjamin DAVIS - Revolutionary War Soldier and Apple Pioneer - Wilson County, TN, Netwon & Betty Griffin, 1992. (Includes GRIFFIN, BAKER, DAVIS, JOLLY, MEADOWS, MITCHELL and others.)

  22. The Revised DICKSON - McEWIN and Allied Families Genealogy, Austin Wheeler Smith, 1946. (Includes McKISICK.)

  23. The DUKE Family, Evelyn Duke Brandenberger, 1979.

  24. DRAPER Families in America, Compiled by E. Anderson, W. Huddleston, C. Jones, E. Mitchell and M. Summers, Parthenon Press, 1964. (Includes ANDERSON, BROWN, BURGESS, CLARK, DEAN, ENSOR, FORKUM, JARED, RAY, SLATE, SPIVEY, SUTTON, WILKINS, YOUNG and others.)

  25. My Tennesseans, William Andrew Dale.

  26. History of the Office of Wilson County Judge and Family of Judge Turner Smith EVANS (1903-1983), Joe Smith Evans. (Includes SMITH, PIGG, McKNIGHT and others.)

  27. EVANS and Related Families, Hortense Bonfield and Leland Dale Bradley, 1993.

  28. Descendants of Joel Jackson FOSTER, Lillian Foster Wright and Janice Hulen Helton, 1993

  29. The Genealogical Family of Jack Laverne FRANKS, J. L. Franks, 1993.

  30. Virginia Genealogies - A Genealogy of the GLASSELL Family of Scotland and Virginia, Also of the Families of BALL, BROWN, BRYAN, CONWAY, DANIEL, EWELL, HOLLADAY, LEWIS, LITTLEPAGE, MONCURE, PEYTON, ROBINSON, SCOTT, TAYLOR, WALLACE, and Others, of Virginia and Maryland., Horace Edwin Hayden, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1979.

  31. GASTONS of Georgia and Allied Lines, John Zell Gaston, Jr., 1962.

  32. A Tale of Two Families - Inez GIBBS, Twig SAULS, Byron T. Sauls, 1973.

  33. The GRAVES from Gravesend, England - Genealogical Record - Tennessee Branches (Wilson County) by Way of Caroline County, Virginia, Mary Augustine Smith Agee.

  34. The GRAVES from Gravesend, England - Genealogical Record - Arkansas Branch (Polk County) by Way of Caroline County, Virginia and Wilson County, Tennessee, Beryl Winifred Lane, compiler.

  35. Life at Maple Grove (Sumner Co., TN) & Old Family Receipts (sic), Sue Francis Hewgley, 1977.

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  38. The HEWGLEY-CAMPBELL Family - a History and Lineage, Sue Frances Hewgley, 1976.

  39. JUSTICE-THACKER, a Pictorial History (Eastern Kentucky), Paul Chaney & Glen Adkins, 1980.


  41. Kith and Kin of our President - Lyndon Baines Johnson, Edythe Whitley, 1967.

  42. Family History - KEITH, HOFF, FITZSIMMONS, 1643-1987, Florence Phebe Fitzsimmons Paoli, 1987.

  43. Blue Ridge Mountain Kinfolks - FISHER, GILBERT, HALL, HARTLEY, HILL, KING, KIRBY, LAWSON, Larry King, 1976.

  44. History of the LOGUE Homes in West Wilson Co., TN, Mrs. Virginia Gooch Watson, 1986.

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  47. Robert Hatton LOGUE Family Tree, Sarah Smith Pickler, 1991

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  50. The MOORE - CRENSHAW Family: History & Lineage, Sue Frances Hewgley, 1976.

  51. Ancestors and Descendants of George & Ethel (SKAGGS) MORROW, Joe Morrow.

  52. A History of the MOSS Family of Wilson/Sumner Counties.

  53. The Partlow Family and Connections, Vols. 1 & 2, Thomas E. Partlow, 1973 & 1974.

  54. The Family of PURYEAR, Grace Hollis Puryear.

  55. PHILIPS Family Record of Descendants of Joseph and Mary PHILIPS of Wales, George Ogden Philips, 1978.

  56. PHILLIPS Family History, Harry Phillips, Lebanon Democrat, 1935.

  57. POINDEXTER Family History - KNOX, BARD, KREAGER, HARRELL, CRAWFORD, PLEDGE, FLYNN, and Related Families, Nealon Rhea Agee and Dorothy Louise (Knox) Brown, 1995.

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  60. Then and Now (Eighty Years of Living), Sadie S. Hardy, 1991.

  61. The Family of Azel SULLIVAN of Wilson County, TN, Mrs. Karl S. (Margaret) Sullivan, Sr., 1987.

  62. Jacob SHERRILL, son of Adam and Elizabeth and some of their Descendants, William Andrew Sherrill, 1983.

  63. The STEPP/STAPP Families of America, Henry P. Scalf, 1976.

  64. Samuel SULSER - Pioneer of Gadsden, Alabama and Allied Families, Mildred S. Wright, 1986.

  65. Pioneering - The SENSING Family, Mamie Davidson and Jack Bowker, 1994.

  66. Call Me Hillbilly - Growing up near Gatlinburg, Gladys Trentham Russell, Russell Pub. Co., 1974.

  67. VIVRETTs of Wilson County, Tennessee, Mary Porter Vivrett Puckett, 1976

  68. TAYLORS at the Devil's Kitchen, Noel M. Taylor, 1975

  69. TATE and Allied Families, Evelyn Yates Carpenter, Jostens Printing & Pub. Div., 1987.

  70. Descendants of Thomas THAYER, Immigrant to America, 1640 through the 19th Century, Patricia Thayer Muno, Desktop Publishing, 1994.

  71. Index to Descendants of Thomas THAYER.

  72. Nathaniel THAYER the Immigrant - 1660, David S. Thayer, Cumberland View Services, 1993.

  73. Springfield Saga - The THOMPSONs of Fort Thompson on New River, Pulaski County, Virginia, Patricia Givens Johnson.

  74. What's in a Name - WEST, Hoke Holland West, 1970.

  75. The Descendants of Andrew WILSON, Betty Lawrence & Thomas J. Reed, 1986.

  76. Josiah WILSON and Lydia Melinda WILSON and Slasham Valley, St. Clair County, Alabama Kinfolk, Mildred S. Wright, 1979.

  77. The WRIGHT Stuff - Five Generations of Lemuel Wright, Joel Dobson, 1994.

  78. WRIGHT - BRISCOE Pioneers, John C. Wright, 1974.

  79. William Harper Wright of Stone's River, Tennessee, Mildred S. Wright, 1980.

  80. David YOUNG and Sarah PHILLIPS' Descendants, Wilson County, Tennessee, 1796-1994, Clarice Neal and Ella Young, 1995.