Williams Narrative & Genealogy

The following is a narrative and genealogy of North Carolina WILLIAMS who migrated to Wilson County in the 1800's. Some of it is amusing and some of it gives a view of life during those early times. This work (which was typewritten) was found while researching this writer's WILLIAMS' ancestry. Some of it is known to be true and most of it probably is true; however, this work should not be used as a proof of one's genealogy. Quotation marks within brackets indicate remarks that were penciled in as added remarks or data. A list of surnames is listed at the end.

                              ROBERT WILLIAMS

>From authen(t)ic tradition the name Williams originated in Wales.  To all
people of this name are either approximate or remote decendants from
the Welch.

A native of England, Robert emigrated to America some time from 1730 to
1740 and became the ancestor of many.

He was a tailor by trade, but where he settled I am uninformed.  I suppose he
settled either in Mechlenburg, Va., or Warren, N. C., for in the latter
part of the 18th century (and perhaps till yet) there were many of his
descendants in both counties and on both side of the Roanoke.

He married in America but his first wife's maiden name I know not, though
it is certain she raised 8 children, viz. Robert and Seth.  These all so
far as I know reared large families, but who they  married I know not.
They all (so far as my information goes) accumulated good fortunes.

John; Francis; Nimrod; Simon; Dorcas; Ashkenaz (married Sarah Hackney);
Archelus; Permanas; Robert; Seth.

There are many things of importance concerning the family I might have
learned from my father, but failed to do so.  I remember to have heard
him say that in his early boyhood he had more than 70 own cousins.

Fidelity, truth, and honesty was the characteristic pride of the family
for the first two or three generations.

                         ASHKENAZ WILLIAMS

Ashkennaz Williams married Sarah Hackey by whom he raised 10 children,
namely:   Joseph married Mahala Howard
          Sarah married Daniel Elenton
          Henry married Francis Bowdon
          Nimrod married Susan Andrews
          Elizabeth married John Hackney
          Dorcas married Wiley Nevels
          Anderson married Candace Hackney
          Dolly married Mark Bynumjun ?
("Julius")Joseph married Charlotte Temples ("must be a mistake-why 2 children
                                            named Joseph?  It Seems it was

Sarah Hackney was a daughter of Joseph Hackney who was an immigrant from
England.  Robert Williams died and left his second wife a widow and this
same Joseph Hackney married her as his second wife.  Thus she became
alternately the stepmother of both Ashkenaz and Sarah.  She had two
children by each.


Our grandfather Robert Williams an Englishman from England and a tailor
by trade but married in America:  his first wife's maiden name I don't
know, but she had 8 (?) children namely: (listed p. 1.).  His second wife was
Ann Edwards.  They had 1-2 sons.  One son was named Seth.  Ann Edwards
became the second wife of Joseph Hackney, my grandfather, after the death
of Robert Williams.  They had two daughters.  One married Mark Bynum,
the other Bradford Howard.  They are both dead long ago.  Grandfather
Hackney had several children by his first wife, namely:  John, Joseph,
Williams, Daniel, Robert, Lote, Icmime, Salley, Mary, Elizabeth, Ailuy.
   (Some of the above names are illegible and had to be largely
    guessed at - J. H. Williams III, Clerk & Master, Lebanon, Tenn.)
   The original letter from which this information was taken is not
   in Dad's file. L. Wms. 1970, Lakeland Fla. ("See p. 6. Probably from
                                               record sent to Dad.")

                                     ("This should have preceeded p. 4")
Joseph Williams died in Wilson Cty. May 7, 1824, age 52 y. 9 M. 21 D.
Mahala Williams died  June          Ju.    1835,  "  63 Y. 2 M.
Julius I.("or II")"  -------------- May    1862,  "  68 Y. 6    20 Dy.
Elbert N. -----  "   -------------- Aug    1871,  "  76 Y. 1    26
Sarah H. ------  "   -------------- June   1835,  "("38")
Henry H
Mary S. -------  "   --------------        1804,  "   3
                  (Died in Warren City, N. C.)
Washington ---- died -------------- Sept   1845,  "("43")
Martha --------  "   -------------- June   1825,  "  21          2
Elizabeth -----  "   -------------- Aug 6, 1870,  "  65    8    16
Dorcas --------  "   -------------- Apr    1838,  "  33    4     4
Thomas G. -----  "   -------------- Dec    1865,  "  58    7
William H. ----  "   ------------- Sept 6, 1850,  "  38 y. 3 m.  2
 (All after the word Sept in last line has a mark drawn throught it.)

                        JOSEPH WILLIAMS

He has already been afflicted with rheumatism till he was unable to do
much work, hence he taught school as an expedient, by which he could
realize about $(8 ? nr) per month.  But it was fatal to his health, he taught
one session and walked four miles twice a day which brought on severe
spells of rheumatism that drawed his neck and shoulders down so that
for a remarkably straight man he ever after had to lean back to look
up.  (Probably was arthritis, L. Wms.)

I have so far detailed a few of the trials of his life but the worst is
yet to come.


He lived in the midst of a vivious community, gambling was common even
among the leading men and all classes used intoxicating liquors.  He
kept a still of his own, did not distill whiskey but made apple and peach
brandy every year from his own orchard and made a business of distilling
his neighbors crops for toll.  Drunkeness was common, hence it is no
wonder if he became intoxicated himself, especially considering it a
temporary relief to his pain, the wonder would have been if he hadn't.

But whether drunk or sober, he never used profane language, he was a man
of unimpeccable veracity and inflexible honesty, though irreligous, and
if he possessed any cunning or deception, I failed to find it out.

State of Tennessee  Wilson Co. 1862          JOSEPH WILLIAMS
Moved from Warren Co., N. C., to the western part of Chatham County, N. C.,
Rocky River in 1804.  He lived there that year and then bought a farm in
said county two miles north of Redfield Ford on the Haw River where he
lived till the memorable 5th day of April 1815 when he started to the
west and emigrated to this county.

It was here scenes took place in his eventful life which led to the
destiny of himself and family at least in this way if not the next.

He prospered in his new home for the first two or three years and then
came the days of adversity.  He had sold his farm in Warren but before
he sold it, he had given off one corner for a meeting house with the
benefit of the family spring, the line running through it, so that it
took but little work to dig out the head of the spring and move it
entirely above the line on the meeting house land.  After this here was
suit brought for damages, and after defending the suit for years one
hundred miles from home he lost it with heavy damage.  Thus with the
pressure of the times placed him in straitened circumstances.  In those
days he made tobacco and paid carriage 60 miles and sold it at two dollars
to four dollars per hundred and sold corn at $1. to $1.25
bar.  He had a large family and nobody to work till his children were
old enough to help him.  Let me here tell a story of those days.  One day
father was gone from home and mother was sitting in the door when an
officer rode up, she asked him to alight.  Where is Mr. Williams?  She
told him.  "I have an execution and must levy on property."  She mildly
pointed out as she sat plenty.  He went off and staid.  (Doesn't make
too much sense.)


Joseph Williams, son of Ashenaz and Sarah (maiden name Hackney) was born
in Warren City, N. C., on the 16th day of July 1771.  He married Mahala
Howard on the 22nd of Sept. 1792, by whom he has 12 children.

Mahala Williams, daughter of John and Mary Howard, was born in Warren City,
N. C., on the 7th of April 1772.  Mary Howard's maiden name was Sanders or

Of the 12 children, 6 were born in Warren on the Roanoke and the other
6 in Chatham City, N. C., viz:

Julius Howard (the first) was born Tuesday      Sept 24, 1793
Elbert Nichol ............ "   "   Thursday     June 25, 1795
Sarah Hackney ............ "   "   Friday       Sept 22, 1797
Henry Basdel ............. "   "   Sunday       Mar  27, 1799
Mary Sanders ............. "   "   Monday       Feb   2, 1801
    Her clothes took fire in the smoke house and she burned
    to death, died in a few hours.  Feb 1804
Washington .............. was born Thursday     Oct   7, 1802
Martha ..................  "   "   Sunday       June 17, 1804
    Born on Rock River, Chatham City, N. C.
    She professed religion and was baptised into the fellowship
    Union Church 1824.  Died June 19, 1825
Elizabeth and Dorcas ... were born  Thursday    Nov  21, 1805
Thomas Gardner .......... was  "    Wednesday   May   6, 1807
Ashkenaz ................  "   "    Wednesday   Dec   6, 1809
William Howard ..........  "   "    Thursday    July  8, 1812

                      JOSEPH WILLIAMS cont.

The crisis, the pressure of hard times had been growing worse for a number
of years.

In 1814 was the hardest:  just then he was pressed on for an amount of money
(maily security debts) that he could not pay without selling so near all
of his property that he could not have enough left to live on in that
country.  He sold his farm and at a very reduced rate and resolved
to move.  It was shear necessity.  But where should he move to?  He first
decided to go to Georgia, but the Lord (as I believe) sent an angel in
the person of an old man who changed that purpose.  This old man lived in
Orange County, N. C., about 20 miles off and he had a farm in Georgia and was
going to it for some purpose with an empty waggon.  Father sent to him to
come and see him that he wished to hire him to move him.  The man came and


                      JOSEPH WILLIAMS cont.

the man came and when he saw a large family of little children he told
him Georgia was not the place for him.

He then decided to go to Giles County, Tennessee.  His cousin Anderson
Hackney agreed to go with him and furnish one horse.  He thus fitted
out an able four horse team, two of them blind.  He settled his business
and got ready to start by the 5th of April with ten children and two
little negroes, Father, Mother and Cousin Anderson made 15 in all
(Elbert left behind).  I have no recollection of an hours sickness on the
road among all the 15.  He started with about $100 in money and when he
reached Falling Creek on the 6th of May, he did not have enought left to
go on to Giles.

It would be almost incredible to relate the hardships of this years.

See an old man placed among strangers with his neck and shoulders drawn
down unable to work and only two boys nearly big enough to plow
(Julius was free), with a large family to maintain and no means till
obtained by hard struggling.  Hitherto the struggle had been of a
different kind, but now it is for a subsistence.

See a dear old woman furnish a large family plenty to eat out of what
would now be considered nothing or nearly so, is enough to remind one
of the Loaves and Fishes, but though I and my father before me suffered
hunger more that year than any year, I always found plenty of wholesome
diet at home if it was coarse.  My father run his wagon all he could
that year and he always took me or Washington with him and then we
frequently suffered.

Let me not forget the hand that fed us, at and abroad, by kind and
generous friends the rememberance of which fills me with emotions of
gratitude to this day.

We made corn enough this year to supply us the next and sold enough to pay
for a cow.

In reviving this narrative we see the conspicious hand of profidence
controlling for may years.  While the said Joseph Williams was reveling
with his comrades, he all the time had a praying wife, who ceased not to
pray for deliverance from that vile community which she termed Sodom.
But little did she think her prayers had to be answered by reducing her
to almost the lowest depths of poverty.  They had to leave there but it
had to be a case of necessity as we have already seen.  It was also of


                      JOSEPH WILLIAMS cont.

necessity that he stopped in Wilson County.

In 1817, he intered 25 acres of land and settled in a deep glen in the
woods, one of the most solitary places in the world.

This year my Fathered professed religion and the solitary place became a
place of joy and gladness.  O, the inexpressible joys that he and mother
realized in that solitude.  They both believed that it was by a
controlling Devine Providence they left N. C.

In 1819, he bought a farm low down on Falling Creek, lived there this
year.  It was the year he was baptized into the fellowship of Union Church.

In 1820, he bought and moved to the place where he died.

                Signed July 27th, 1872

                                          H. B. Williams

State of Tennessee
Wilson County

Know all men by these present that whereas Joseph Williams of the said
county died intestate in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
twenty-four and Mahala Williams his wife died in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five.  We the undersigned being the
lawful heirs of the said deceased have proceeded to divide the estate of
said deceased among our selves to the amount of between thirty-nine
hundred and four thousand dollars in two divisions on 3rd of January
eighteen hundred and thirty-one to the amount of between twenty-six and
twenty-seven hundred dollars.  The other 16th of Sept. eighteen hundred
and thirty-five which amounted to twelve hundred and forty dollars after
paying all the debts against the estate.  This includes all the property
of said estate both personal and real having sold all among ourselves and
mutually agreed on the price thereof we therefore do each of acknowledge
we have received our portion of said estate and by these present do
receipt in full against any further claim on said estate.  In testimony
whereof we hereto set our hand and seal.  This 28th of July A. D. eighteen
and thirty-six.


                              JOHN HOWARD

John Howard was an Englishman but whether he was born in England or
America, I know not.  He married Mary Nichols (though I have believed
she was a Sanders) of English descent.  The Sanders were also English.
They had many relatives in Warren County, N. C., where they lived and died,
both by affinity and consanguity.  Among whom are to found the names
of Nichols, Sanders, Basdel, Kimbrel, Kitral, Christmas, etc.

The raised nine children (perhaps more), viz:
    Julius married
    John married
    Sarah married Elisha Simms
    Mary married Thomas Simms             These Simms were all cousins to
    Elizabeth married William Simms             each other.
    Thomas married a Christmas
    Hannah married William Dotson
    Mahala married Joseph Williams


Robert Williams, an Englishman married in America, 1. ?  2. Ann Edwards
Ashkenaz Williams (son of Robert by 1st wife)
    married 9-22-1792 to Sarah Hackney, daughter of Joseph Hackney.
    After Robert died, Joseph married Ann Edwards.  She became the step-mother
    to both Ashkenaz and Sarah.
Children of Ashkenaz and Sarah
    Joseph; Sarah;     See next p.


Robert Williams, an Englishman married in America, 1st. ?   2. Ann Edwards
    Children viz. first wife:
         John, Francis, Nimrod, Simon, Dorcas, Ashkenaz, Archelus, Permenas
    Children viz. second wife Ann Edwards:
         Robert, Seth
Ashkenaz Williams, son of Robert by first wife:
    Married 9-22-1792 to Sarah Hackney, daughter of Joseph Hackney.
    After the death of Robert, Joseph married Ann Edwards, widow of Robert.
    She became the step-mother of both Ashkenaz and Sarah.
    Children viz:
         Joseph, Sarah, Henry, Nimrod, Ashkenaz, Elizabeth, Dorcas, Anderson
         Dolly, Joseph? must be a mistake, why 2 Joseph's; probably was
         Julius since that name was carried on.
Joseph Williams, 1771-1824, married 9-22-1792 to Mahala Howard, 1772-1835
    Children viz:           Malaha daughter of John Howard & Mary Sanders or
         Julius Howard   1793-1862 (68)                      Mary Nichols
         Elbert Nichols  1795-1871 (76);  Sarah Hackney   1797-1835 (38);
         Henry Basdel    1799-     (  );  Cousin Norman's grandfather
         Mary Sanders    1801-1804 ( 3);  Washington      1802-1845 (43)
         Martha          1804-1845 (43);  Elizabeth (twin)1805-1870 (65)
         Dorcas (twin)   1805-1838 (33);  Thomas Gardner  1807-1865 (58)
         Ashkenaz        1809-     (  );  William H.      1812-1850 (38)
Julius Howard Williams (I or II) 9-24-1793 - 5-13-1862 (68)
         Married to Margaret Cason (Grandma Peggy).  A strong-willed character
               Married Feb 24, 1820 ("in Wilson Co, TN")
         Children viz:  Polly, Joe, Josh, Mahala, Becky, Sarah, Martha,
                        James A., Julius Howard
         Polly + ? Quarles
         Joe (C.) + Pricilla Mount ("m. 12-17-1846, Wilson Co, TN")
            Dee Anderson + Vina Donnell
                Joe + Donna Pendleton
                Martin Luther + Lucy Alexander
                Florence + George Robertson
                   Cale, Louise, James
            Sam + Myrtle Robinson
                Mary, Elihu, James Henry, Laura Agnes, Spurgeon
            Wash + Lowry
                Charles + Dement
            Ferdinand (Bud) + 1. Eugenia Penuel   2. Mollie Tarpley
                Edna + Dee Moody; Flora, Kate + Jennings, Jess + Newly,
                Infant, Carrie + Thompson, John Morgan, Irene + Dee
                Huddleston, Vera + Shores, Annie
            Mary + O. W. Phillips
            Julius + Lucy Owen
                Alma + Earl Green; Benten + Nell Williams; Lena Judson +
                Douglas Williams; Infant; Mary Kate
         Josh + Kittie Fields ("m. 1-8-1861 in Wilson Co, TN")
            Nannie + Chastain
                Jack +
                    Louise +
            Willie + Nannie Donnell
            Jack + Coro Green
                Callie Mae + Riley Vanhook, brother to Mary
                Fred Jack + Mary Vanhook, sister to Riley
            Rosie + Jonas Stroud
                Infant; Ryal + Jennette Harris
            Richard + Callie Bass  2. ?
                Mary Angie


            Mahala + George Huddleston (Gun)
                Children viz:  Tom, W. T., Betty, Julia, P. H. (Jack), Morgan,
                Thomas Antony + Etta Neely
                    Willie, George, Dee, Ada, Antony, Betty, Howard,
                    Dura, Homer
                    Willie + Bonds
                    George + Anna Hall
                        Inez, Hollis, Clyde
                    Dee + Cora Hall
                        Benton, Glen, J. T., Ada Flora, Gertrude
                    Ada + Byron Quarrles
                    Antony + Effie Patterson
                        Claude, Ettaway, John, Mahala, Collis, Hermine,
                    Betty + Alsup
                        5 children
                    Howard + Patterson
                    Dura + Boone Estes
                        Anna, Julius, Bernice
                W. T. (Duge) (bachelor)
                Betty + Dr. M. H. Grimmitt
                Julia + Dr. Preston
                    Morgan + a French woman, married in France
                P. H. (Jack) + Allie Alsup
                    Walter + Grace Huddleston; Allie; a sister;
                    Stonewall; Henry; Bernice
                Morgan + Ella Preston
                    Asalee, Alga, Annie May
                Stonewall (bachelor)
            Becky + Phillips
                Martha + Willie Malone; Margaret + Bond: J + Alford
                John Huse + 1. Short   2. Smith;
                Rosa + Jack Preston
                Julius + Lester
                Willie + Huddleston
            Sarah + Pat Short
                Anderson + Sallie Phillips
                Allie; Will + Lucy Jones
                Mag + Charles Rushing
                    Ruby, Sarah, Nannie + Comer, Inez, Margaret, Walter
                Julius + ?  ; Patrick + Mattie McCullah; John (bachelor)
            Martha + William Baird
                Mary Belle + Charles Davidson
                    Mattie + R. T. Davis; Winnie + J. O. Cannon; Mary Bell;
                Dr. A. Johnson Baird + Nannie Phillips
                    John + Bland; Bernice + George Stewart; Charles; Evelyn
                Charles W. + Arnold    2. Mary Kate Owen
                    William Owen + Maud Bone   2. ?
                       William, Walter + Irma Hobbs, Doak, Gene
                       Lucy Ann + G. M. Brown
                           Peggy Mary; Estelle Catherine +
                Lucy Anna + W. R. King
                        Willie, Hugh, Margaret


            James A. + Bertha Short
                Children viz:  Maggie, Alex, Emma, Anna, Sallie, John, Lee
                               Howard, Winnie
                Maggie + W. P. Henderson
                    Lena; Journal + Madre Hood; Dee
                Emma + Sam Thompson
                    Bertha + Rob Phillips
                        Eugene + Mattie Mae Bass
                    Richmond + Quesenbury
                        Nell; Lillian + Hollis Short
                    Fannie + Smith    2. + Everett Hewgley
                        Roy Smith;         Everett Hewgley, Jr.
                    Ruth + Roy Sullivan
                        R. P., Deemy
                    Willette + Vail Williams
                        Cornelia; Vail, Jr.
                    Walter + Quesenbury
                        Rosaline; Emma; Frances; Hope
                    Mary Dee + McSpadden
                    Sam + Lorna Mae Williams

                John + Lillie Oakley
                    Melvin + Eula Butte
                        Melvin, Jr.
                    Waterman (Dick) + Mable Walden
                    Kerford; Ruth + Moore; Oakley; John W.
                Winnie + W. W. Arnold
                    Stonewall + Lester; Deemy + Mamie Francis;
                    Annie Lee + Jones; Glen
            Julius Howard Williams (II or III), 3-6-1841 - 3-1-1920
                Married to Sarah Elizabeth Owen (1844-98) on July 10, 1862
                He served in the War Between the States, and was left for dead
                on the battlefield, his commanding officer rescued him.
                He served as County Judge of Wilson Co.
                Children viz:  Bettie Lee; Robert Bone; Kate, Cora Mahala;
                     Mattie; Ida Margaret; Alex (Bud); Ada Mae; Ernest Pillow
             1. Bettie Lee July 20, 1863 - June 15, 1896
             2. Robert Bone, Judge Feb 1, 1866 - Dec 24, 1929
                     Married Gertrude Thomas (Lawrenceburg) (    ) Aug 17, 1899
                        Elizabeth Odgen 2/11/1901 - 5/15/1938
                        Married Roy Smith (of Va. Beach) Nov 1, 1924
                           Elizabeth Mary (Bettie Mae) 12/21/26
                           + George Bernard Smith Sat. 8/24/49
                               Elizabeth Helen 10/31/51
                               Susan Devore 4/26/54
                           Ellen Love 11/26/29 + Allen Lafayette Sweet
                           Married Sat. Oct 6, 1951
                               Robert Allen 5/26/54; Kevin Roy 6/19/56
                               Mary Ellen 3/22/61
                        Irene Belle 6/19/1903 - 1908
                        Helen Gertrude 11/3/06 + S. O. (Gus) Smith (   )  9/15/31
                               After his death 9/15/41 she married his brother
                               Roy Smith 2/15/43.  Roy died 1967
                        Robert Bone, Jr. 1/9/42 - 10/6/39
             3. Mary Kate 1867 - 1878


             4. Cora Mahala 1869-Thur 4:20 July 13, 1961 Gaston Hospital, Lebanon
                            Funeral Fall Creek Baptist Church 1:00 P.M.  7-15-61
                            She was the oldest member of the Church
                     Married to J. Wilse Leeman (1867-1924)   7-4-1889
                     Mable 1892-1923 + Charles Phillips (   2-8-47) Jan 10, 1909
                        Ernest     + Margaret Ann Bond in 1928
                                   + Erlene  12-13-1954
                             Annie Mae 1930 + Harold Williams
                                  Ernie     11-29-1948
                                  Sherry    12-18-1952
                                  Tomi       1-18-1961

             5. Mattie Mable 1871-1913 + W. T. Leeman (6-10-70 to 2-23-1940) 5-3-1888
                     Alger 1890-1923 + Reba Vanhook (        ) Aug 3, 1908
                             Joel Sept 25, 1944 ("Son of Pillow -(Alger's son)")
             6. William Hannibal (Bill) (12-13-1873 to 7-13-1955)
                     Married to Elizabeth (Bessie) Alexander (June 4, 1876 -
                        Jan 1, 1954) Married ("Dec 25, 1898")
                     Sarah Belle 1900-1959 + Dee Vanhook (     ) Oct 18, 1921
                         Rebert Peyton Oct 9, 1925 + Mary Ragdalene Rutledge (      )
                             Vickie Sue  Sept 15, 1948
                             Bobby       Feb      1950
                             Debbie               1955
                     Bettie Lucile May 9, 1906 + Robert Edwards 10-27-05
                          Married Sat., Jan 18, 1930 ("A Cold, Cold Day!")
                          Bobbie Coe (Beau) July 3, 1931 + Willie Mie Evans (4-3-37)
                              Married Sun., June 6, 1954, Miami, Fla   ("|_ Debra Lucile")
                          Dorthy Jacqueline (Jackie) June 17, 1935     ("|_ Robert Dale")
                          Michael (Mike) June 20, 1950
                     Robert Alex May 6, 1908 + Martha Rachel Kitchin (June 1918)
                          Married Jan 20, 1938
                          Thomas Sept 15, 1942
                          Rachel Ann 2-22, 1953
                     Willie Marguerite July 11, 1913 - June 14, 1956
                          Married to Glenn Cunningham (   1911) Sat., Sept 21, 1935
                          Glenn Married Annita        (   1919)       Sept  4, 1959
                          Glenna May 14, 1943 + Deemy Paty (   )   Mt. Juliet
                          Married Fri., May 25, 1962
                             Johnny; Karen
             7. Julius Howard (III or IV) Aug 13, 1876 - Sept 16, 1951
                 Married to Louise Beatrice Penuel (Aug 19, 1883 - Wed., Nov 7, 1906)
                 at Lascassas, Tenn., Wed., Jan 10, 1906
                     Louise Ione Wed., 10-17-06
                 He was Clerk and Master of Chancery Court at Lebanon for 4 years
                 after having served in the State House of Representatives.
                 His funeral was the first held in the new Baptist Church at Lebanon
             8. Ida Margaret 1879 - Sat., July 15, 1961 at 9 P.M., Martha Gaston
                     Hospital, Lebanon.  She died the dy Cousin Mae Phillips was
                     buried, Fun. 10:30 Mon., July 17 First Baptist Ch., Lebanon
                     Aunt Cora died the following week, 3 deaths in the family within
                     10 days.
             9. Alex (Bud) 1880-1904
            10. Ada Mae June 11, 1884 - June 18, 1884
            11. Ernest Pillow 1885-1909
      All the children of Julius & Sarah Owen are buried in the Williams Cemetery
      at Norene except Robert (buried in Lawrenceburg) and Cora Leeman (Leeman
      another cemetery at Norene).  All are in the front row in order named except
      Julius is on the second row.  Julius H., Sr.; Sarah Wms.; Ada Mae; Mary Kate;
      Bettie Lee; Sarah Belle; (Dee).  Starting at the right side of the gate.

                              SURNAME LISTING