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Note: Eventually you may be able to purchase microfilmed court records for most all counties from information found at the above link. WILSON COUNTY MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. CHECK BACK FROM TIME TO TIME.
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The Tenn. State Library & Archives has a set of volumes which include
brief service abstracts for each man who served in a Tenn. unit in the
Spanish American War.

Residents of Tenn. may request a copy of an entry by e-mail.  The charge,
which can be paid on receipt, is $2.00.

Out-of-state residents should write by postal mail and enclose a $5.00
search fee.

Additional Spanish American War records, including muster rolls of Tenn.
units, are also available.

Chuck Sherrill
Tenn. State Library & Archives
403 7th Ave. North
Nashville, TN 37243-0312

Civil War Loss Claims

The following Wilson Countians filed claims that were not allowed. The State Library has data on these claimants which can be requested by mail. Check the Library for more information on the 3,929 Tennessee claimants.

Cheek, Isaac                                      Barred
Cook, S M N                                       Disallowed
Davis, Jacob, Cain & Emmett                       Disallowed
Faulkner, Margaret M                              Disallowed
Freeman, Edward                                   Barred
Lewis, W R                                        Disallowed
Moore, Susannah A                                 Disallowed
Neal, George                                      Disallowed
Page, George W                                    Barred
Price, Major A                                    Allowed
Purseley, Mack                                    Barred
Purseley, Wm B                                    Barred
Scobey, John B, Estate of                         Disallowed
Tilghmon, Thomas O                                Disallowed
Tompkins, James T, Estate of                      Disallowed
Turner, Wilmarth E & Ransom B                     Disallowed
Vance, E R                                        Barred
Vaughan, Turner                                   Disallowed
Williamson, George S                              Disallowed
Wood, William J                                   Disallowed