Letter to Miss Stephens

Letter submitted by noteus@bellsouth.net

"R. 2 Lebanon, Tenn., March 11, 1962
Dear Miss Stephens, 
I received your nice letter and am glad to say I can give you a little of
the information you are seeking.
William Watkins' parents were David Watkins and Mary Ramsey.  I don't know
the names of David Watkins' parents.  Mary Ramsey was a daughter of Thomas
Ramsey but I don't know her mother's name.  Lucinda Tomlinson's parents
were William Tomlinson and Elizabeth Burge (or Burr) but I am quite sure it
was Burge.  They were the parents of James Tomlinson also.  This is as far
back as I can go.  I have the record kept by William Tomlinson - my great
grandfather and your great-great-great grandfather.  It begins with William
and Elizabeth Burge Tomlinson and ends with Julia Ann E. Watkins who was
born January 15, 1864.  Lucinda Tomlinson was born July 7, 1846; William
Watkins was born July 4, 1837.  This is more a less a guess but I think it
is about right.  William Tomlinson was born Jan. 5, 1795.  The record is so
old and worn that I canot make out birth dates of the others.  If I can be
of any further help to you don't hesitate to write me.  I shall be glad to
help you if I can.  Very Truly Yours, G. S. (Scoby) Whited"