Geographic Names


NOTE: cliff = bluff po = post office ppl = populated place reservoir = lake summit = hill or knob valley = hollow stream = branch or creek NAME TYPE LATITUDE LONGITUDE Lebanon Municipal Airport airport 361122N 0861855W Kings Eddy Bar bar 361804N 0861600W Langford Cove bay 361456N 0863421W Cairo Bend bend 362038N 0862155W Lindsley Bend bend 361818N 0863251W Lytles Bend bend 361951N 0861657W Martha Gallatin Bridge bridge 362018N 0862613W Nathan J Harsh Bridge bridge 361759N 0861548W James E Ward Agricultural and Community Center building 361154N 0861619W Wilson County Courthouse building 361226N 0861730W Anderson Cemetery cemetery 355925N 0860145W Bethlehem Cemetery cemetery 361202N 0860854W Browns Cemetery cemetery 360444N 0862627W Byran Cemetery cemetery 360753N 0861346W Camper Cemetery cemetery 360955N 0862208W Caraway Cemetery cemetery 360634N 0862321W Cedar Grove Cemetery cemetery 361136N 0861751W Chapman Cemetery cemetery 361452N 0861721W Commerce Cemetery cemetery 360834N 0860618W Conatser Cemetery cemetery 361720N 0862149W Ebeneezer Cemetery cemetery 361603N 0861953W Eddins Cemetery cemetery 361104N 0862124W Fairview Cemetery cemetery 360318N 0861421W Fite Cemetery cemetery 355821N 0860306W Fite Cemetery cemetery 361003N 0861619W Floyd Cemetery cemetery 361026N 0862113W Gaines Cemetery cemetery 361128N 0862802W Goshen Cemetery cemetery 361635N 0861004W Grandstaff Cemetery cemetery 360520N 0860718W Greenvale Cemetery cemetery 360032N 0861150W Greenwood Cemetery cemetery 361149N 0861800W Griffin Cemetery cemetery 360401N 0860941W Hatley Cemetery cemetery 355756N 0860239W Hearn Cemetery cemetery 360533N 0860518W Huddleston Cemetery cemetery 360419N 0862031W Hudson Cemetery cemetery 361023N 0862136W Jackson Cemetery cemetery 361946N 0861309W Jennings Cemetery cemetery 360108N 0860757W Johnson Cemetery cemetery 361151N 0861826W Jones Cemetery cemetery 360529N 0860842W Jordan Cemetery cemetery 355857N 0861809W Kennedy Cemetery cemetery 355934N 0860333W Laine Cemetery cemetery 360938N 0862142W Ligon Cemetery cemetery 361010N 0862125W Major Cemetery cemetery 360427N 0862028W Massey Cemetery cemetery 360552N 0861153W Memorial Park Cemetery cemetery 361140N 0861802W Mount Juliet Cemetery cemetery 361227N 0863135W Neal Cemetery cemetery 360543N 0860738W Old Campground Cemetery cemetery 360009N 0860639W Powell Grove Cemetery cemetery 361400N 0862430W Read Cemetery cemetery 360921N 0861755W Rest Hill Cemetery cemetery 361237N 0861613W Robinson Cemetery cemetery 360333N 0861352W Rowland Cemetery cemetery 360834N 0862207W Rutland Cemetery cemetery 361129N 0862807W Smith Cemetery cemetery 360554N 0860416W Speck Cemetery cemetery 361638N 0861319W Sperry Cemetery cemetery 360825N 0863310W Sullivan Cemetery cemetery 360633N 0862251W Talley Cemetery cemetery 360308N 0860319W Thompson Cemetery cemetery 360532N 0861411W Tomlinson Cemetery cemetery 361741N 0861233W Van Hook Cemetery cemetery 361043N 0862056W Viverett Cemetery cemetery 361331N 0862811W Waters Cemetery cemetery 360615N 0860731W Watson Cemetery cemetery 361706N 0862026W Weir Cemetery cemetery 361616N 0861137W White Cemetery cemetery 361624N 0861319W Wier Cemetery cemetery 361504N 0861140W Williams Cemetery cemetery 360630N 0861136W Williams Cemetery cemetery 360212N 0861426W Wright Cemetery cemetery 361016N 0863148W Adams Grove Church church 360629N 0861559W Athens Missionary Church church 361750N 0861144W Bairds Mill Church of Christ church 360608N 0862005W Bartons Creek Church church 361024N 0862009W Bellview Church church 361939N 0861300W Berea Church church 361620N 0862031W Bethany Church church 361135N 0861323W Bethel Church church 361947N 0861322W Bethel Church church 361947N 0861322W Bethesda Church (historical) church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Bethlehem Church church 361331N 0862128W Cainsville Methodist Church church 355910N 0861453W Cedar Creek Church church 361826N 0861253W Cedar Grove Church church 361505N 0863141W Cedar Grove Church church 361627N 0861742W Cedar Grove Church church 361512N 0861603W Centennial Cumberland Presbyterian Church (historical) church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Center Chapel church 360850N 0862939W Center Point Church (historical) church 355807N 0860806W Central Church church 360158N 0862126W Chandler Church church 361141N 0863323W Cloyd Church church 361213N 0863141W College Street Church of Christ church 361222N 0861725W Cooks Church church 361416N 0862718W Corinth Church church 360531N 0863006W Cumberland Church church 360839N 0860622W Dickerson Chapel church 361754N 0861350W Fairview Baptist Church church 361300N 0861737W Fall Creek Church church 360308N 0861424W First Baptist Church church 361229N 0861716W Flat Rock Baptist Church (historical) church 360938N 0861858W Good Hope Church church 361053N 0860709W Goshen Church church 361635N 0861004W Gravel Hill Church (historical) church 360958N 0862248W Green Hill Baptist Church church 361326N 0863250W Green Hill Church church 361350N 0863118W Greenvale Baptist Church church 360002N 0861203W Grissim Church church 361443N 0861133W Hamilton Chapel church 360455N 0862511W Hebron Church church 360017N 0861936W Hebron Church church 361119N 0862120W Herron Church (historical) church 361130N 0862033W Hickory Ridge Church of Christ church 361221N 0862017W Hopewell Church church 361514N 0860804W Hurricane Baptist Church church 360314N 0861842W Jacobs Hill Church church 360657N 0861927W Kellys Church (historical) church UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Liberty Hill Church church 360216N 0860333W Linwood Baptist Church church 360932N 0861124W Little Cedar Lick Church church 361522N 0863010W Maple Hill Church church 361322N 0862048W Market Street Church of Christ church 361229N 0861702W Martha Baptist Church church 361404N 0862633W Melrose Church church 361948N 0862158W Missionary Church church 355847N 0860328W Mount Olive Church church 361242N 0861936W Mount Olive Church (historical) church 360446N 0860813W Mount Olivet Church church 361139N 0862531W Mount Vernon Church church 360213N 0860814W Mount Zion Baptist Church church 361237N 0861709W New Hope Church church 361650N 0862253W New Shiloh Church church 361357N 0861135W Nonaville Church church 361610N 0863146W Old Union Church church 360846N 0862740W Oregon Church (historical) church 355802N 0861231W Philadelphia Church church 361704N 0861623W Pleasant Grove Church church 361010N 0863213W Poplar Hill Church church 360856N 0860937W Powell Church (historical) church 361357N 0862432W Prosperity Church church 355903N 0860304W Ramah Church church 360232N 0861110W Rocky Valley Church church 360733N 0861912W Round Top Church (historical) church 361601N 0863302W Rutland Church church 361033N 0862915W Rutland Church church 361109N 0862816W Saint Johns Church church 355828N 0861518W Sandy Chapel church 362013N 0862158W Saulsbury Church church 361023N 0860722W Seays Church (historical) church 361226N 0861945W Second Baptist Church church 361150N 0861759W Shop Springs Baptist Church church 360757N 0861307W Silver Springs Baptist Church church 361149N 0862711W Smith Fork Church church 360044N 0860806W Spring Creek Church church 360534N 0861420W Statesville Methodist Church church 360109N 0860728W Suggs Creek Presbyterian Church church 360653N 0862943W Union Church church 360905N 0861649W Walnut Ridge Church (historical) church 361818N 0861021W Watertown Church of Christ church 360607N 0860805W Wesley Chapel church 360351N 0862449W Winters Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church church 361152N 0861757W Zion Church church 360952N 0861151W Cedars Division civil 360631N 0862551W Lebanon Division civil 361147N 0861742W Martha-Laguardo Division civil 361431N 0862535W Mount Juliet Division civil 361337N 0863234W Northeast Wilson Division civil 361617N 0861539W Watertown Division civil 360413N 0860822W Wilson County civil 360900N 0861700W Belchers Bluff cliff 361931N 0861037W Dickson Bluff cliff 361926N 0861456W Indian Ladder Bluff cliff 361843N 0861808W Mitchells Bluff cliff 361911N 0861119W Coles Ferry (historical) crossing 361821N 0862412W Cunninghams Ford (historical) crossing 361928N 0862114W Hunters Point Ferry (historical) crossing 361759N 0861548W Interchange 226 crossing 361017N 0863047W Interchange 232 crossing 361106N 0862425W Interchange 238 crossing 361056N 0861757W Interchange 239 crossing 361117N 0861610W Interchange 245 crossing 361125N 0861038W Island Ford (historical) crossing 361815N 0861510W Daniels Lake Dam dam 360730N 0862248W Hidden Cove Lake Dam dam 361005N 0863028W Putnam Lake Dam dam 360954N 0862206W Cedars Of Lebanon State Forest forest 360258N 0861752W Tucker Gap gap 361105N 0862243W McFarland Hospital hospital 361213N 0861657W University Medical Center Hospital hospital 361143N 0861626W Cunningham Island island 361926N 0862107W Harbour Island island 361518N 0863407W Lindsley Islands (historical) island 361747N 0863346W Ackers Lake lake 361821N 0862706W Kirkpatrick Lake (historical) lake 362010N 0862633W Cedar Creek Boat Dock locale 361624N 0863038W Cedar Creek Club Dock locale 361650N 0863014W Clearview Plaza Shopping Center locale 361123N 0863039W Ebaneezer Campground (historical) locale 361600N 0861953W Green Hill Station locale 361215N 0863312W Horn Springs locale 361411N 0862220W Hunters Point Golf Course locale 361402N 0861742W Lebanon Country Club locale 361318N 0861827W Misty Cove Marina locale 361910N 0861720W Reeds Mill (historical) locale 361717N 0861228W Shiloh Plaza Shopping Center locale 361305N 0863456W Sullivans Store (historical) locale 361655N 0862313W West Wilson Plaza Shopping Center locale 361313N 0863410W Wilson Boat Dock locale 362025N 0862223W Wilson County Farm (historical) locale 361113N 0862126W Baird Municipal Park park 361147N 0861705W Boxwell Reservation park 361849N 0862810W Cedar Creek Access Area park 361643N 0863031W Cedars of Lebanon State Park park 360525N 0862235W Coles Ferry Access Area park 361817N 0862410W Dickson Chapel Recreation Area park 361822N 0861357W Hunters Point Access Area park 361757N 0861553W Laguardo Recreation Area park 361725N 0862646W Lone Branch Access Area park 361702N 0863007W Martha Gallatin Access Area park 362007N 0862618W Mount Juliet Little League Park park 361403N 0863038W Sandy Chapel Access Area park 362032N 0862239W Shutes Branch Access Area park 361453N 0863414W Shutes Branch Recreation Area park 361447N 0863407W Vivrett Creek Public Use Area park 360831N 0863246W Bairds Mill Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Beckwith Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Bellwood Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Big Spring Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Cainsville Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Cherry Valley Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Coles Ferry Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Commerce Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Corum Post Office (historical) po 361705N 0862423W Cottage Home Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Dodoburgh Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Eaganville Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Gladeville Post Office po 360646N 0862457W Green Hill Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Greenvale Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Greenwood Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Hardy Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Holloway Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Holmesgap Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Hornsprings Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Hunters Point Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Hurricane Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Jennings Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Josephine Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Laguardo Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Lebanon Post Office po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Leeville Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Linwood Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Lockport Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mahone Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Major Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Martha Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mount Carmel Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mount Juliet Post Office po 361139N 0863100W Nonaville Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Oak Point Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Odum Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Onward Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Round Top Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Rural Hill Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Saulsbury Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Shop Spring Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Silver Spring Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Simmons Bluff Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Statesville Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tuckers Cross Roads Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tuckers Gap Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Vesta Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Vine Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Watertown Post Office po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Weir Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Adams Grove ppl 360626N 0861556W Bairds Mill ppl 360608N 0861954W Beckwith ppl 361224N 0862732W Belinda City ppl 361003N 0862909W Bellwood ppl 361512N 0860850W Big Spring (historical) ppl 361456N 0861038W Cainsville ppl 355907N 0861456W Cairo Bend ppl 361420N 0862401W Caravelle ppl 361214N 0863228W Cedar Grove ppl 361506N 0863140W Center Hill (historical) ppl 360630N 0861357W Centerville ppl 361722N 0861224W Centralville (historical) ppl 361007N 0863244W Cherry Valley ppl 360554N 0860950W Clearview (subdivision) ppl 361109N 0863115W Commerce ppl 360824N 0860612W Cottage Home ppl 355927N 0860200W Creekmont (subdivision) ppl 361329N 0863044W Denny Hills (subdivision) ppl 361239N 0863133W Dixon (historical) ppl 361754N 0861348W Doaks Crossroads ppl 360632N 0861437W Dodoburg (historical) ppl 360913N 0863059W East Point ppl 360827N 0863216W Ebaneezer (historical) ppl 361605N 0861959W Egan ppl 361319N 0862045W Ewingsville (historical) ppl 355827N 0861025W Flat Rock ppl 360947N 0861852W Forktown ppl 361119N 0861812W Georgemere ppl 361320N 0863234W Gladeville ppl 360645N 0862459W Gloriana (historical) ppl 355833N 0861119W Green Hill ppl 361322N 0863258W Greenlawn ppl 361436N 0863343W Greenvale ppl 355959N 0861152W Greenwood ppl 360847N 0861405W Harbor View ppl 361441N 0863447W Highland Heights ppl 361325N 0863355W Hillview (subdivision) ppl 361253N 0863125W Holloway ppl 360824N 0861915W Hunters Point ppl 361750N 0861548W Hunters Store ppl 361350N 0863150W Hurricane ppl 360314N 0861841W Indian Lake Farms ppl 361430N 0863345W Jackson Hollow ppl 361144N 0863300W Jennings (historical) ppl 361213N 0860542W Josephine (historical) ppl 360538N 0861740W Laguardo ppl 361747N 0862637W Langford Cove ppl 361424N 0863416W Lankford Farms ppl 361406N 0863425W Lebanon ppl 361229N 0861728W Leemans Corner ppl 360755N 0861457W Leeville ppl 361127N 0862503W Liberty Hill ppl 360236N 0860347W Lindsayville (historical) ppl 360803N 0862455W Lindsley (historical) ppl 361653N 0863244W Linwood ppl 360928N 0861107W Lohmans Store (historical) ppl 360840N 0862803W Lynn Christie ppl 361026N 0863223W Mahone (historical) ppl 360529N 0860519W Major ppl 360449N 0862023W Maple Hill ppl 361328N 0862111W Martha ppl 361347N 0862537W Melrose (historical) ppl 361956N 0862159W Monticello ppl 361203N 0863330W Moreland Farms (subdivision) ppl 361133N 0863119W Mount Carmel (historical) ppl 360326N 0862205W Mount Juliet ppl 361200N 0863107W Mount Vernon ppl 360227N 0860815W Muncie (historical) ppl 361352N 0862254W Nonaville ppl 361607N 0863143W Norene ppl 360324N 0861433W Oak Point (historical) ppl 360340N 0861712W Oakland ppl 361615N 0862033W Oakmont (subdivision) ppl 361227N 0863050W Odum (historical) ppl 361946N 0862203W Oregon (historical) ppl 355809N 0861246W Pennville (historical) ppl 361305N 0861945W Pleasant Grove (subdivision) ppl 361052N 0863133W Prosperity ppl 355849N 0860332W Round Top ppl 360017N 0860241W Rural Hill (historical) ppl 360700N 0862845W Saint Johns ppl 355827N 0861517W Saulsbury ppl 361020N 0860727W Settlers Knob (subdivision) ppl 361146N 0863139W Sherrilltown ppl 360256N 0861210W Shop Springs ppl 360740N 0861244W Silver Springs ppl 361141N 0862712W Spring Creek (historical) ppl 360856N 0861433W Springmont ppl 361332N 0863424W Statesville ppl 360110N 0860730W Suggs Creek ppl 360707N 0862943W Tate (historical) ppl 361218N 0863200W Tater Peeler (historical) ppl 360601N 0861634W Taylorsville ppl 361632N 0861159W Tuckers Crossroads ppl 361156N 0861026W Tuckers Gap (historical) ppl 361107N 0862245W Vesta ppl 360354N 0862448W Vine ppl 360152N 0862128W Watertown ppl 360601N 0860755W Weir (historical) ppl 361617N 0861143W West End Heights ppl 361255N 0861909W Woodlake ppl 361434N 0863505W Benjamin Franklin Lake reservoir 360958N 0862831W Daniels Lake reservoir 360730N 0862248W Greenbriar Lake reservoir 361541N 0861931W Hidder Cove Lake reservoir 361005N 0863028W Prowell Lake reservoir 361415N 0862319W Putnam Lake reservoir 360954N 0862206W Twin Lakes reservoir 361253N 0863103W Abbe Institute (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Beckwith School school 361151N 0862709W Bellview School (historical) school 361936N 0861255W Bellwood Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Bellwood School school 361510N 0860749W Brevard College (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Byers Dowdy Elementary School school 361217N 0861906W Cainsville Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Caldwell Training School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Campbell Academy (historical) school 361245N 0861720W Carroll Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Carroll School school 361707N 0861623W Castle Heights Military Academy school 361247N 0861822W Cedar Groe Seminary (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Cherry Valley Institute (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Commerce School (historical) school 360822N 0860617W Conway School school 361729N 0861318W Cooks School school 361419N 0862729W Corona Female Institute (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Coronia School school 360838N 0862744W Cumberland University school 361214N 0861758W Farmers Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Flat Rock School school 360944N 0861854W Franklin Seminary of Literature and Science (historical)school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Gladesville Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Gladeville Elementary School school 360642N 0862509W Gladeville High School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Green Hill Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Greenwood Seminary (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Hamilton Hill School (historical) school 360917N 0863107W Herron School (historical) school 361129N 0862025W Highland Heights Elementary School school 361247N 0861717W Hills Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Holmes Gap School (historical) school 360734N 0860435W Hurricane School (historical) school 360315N 0861838W Jones School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Knight School (historical) school 355945N 0860907W Lagado Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Laguardo High School (historical) school 361735N 0862642W Lakeview Elementary School school 361541N 0863300W Lebanon College for Young Ladies (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Lebanon Female Institute (historical) school 361243N 0861725W Lebanon High School school 361207N 0861710W Leemans Corner School school 360755N 0861501W Leeville High School (historical) school 361123N 0862516W Liberty Hill School (historical) school 360218N 0860347W Linwood Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Linwood School (historical) school 360935N 0861129W Locust Grove School (historical) school 360953N 0861338W Mace Institute (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Major High School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Major School school 360457N 0862023W Maple Hill Seminary (historical) school 361322N 0862050W Market Street School school 361233N 0861703W Mays School school 361437N 0862802W McClean School school 361230N 0861757W Melrose School (historical) school 361950N 0862200W Mount Juliet Elementary School school 361154N 0863107W Mount Juliet High School school 361310N 0863049W Mount Juliet Junior High School school 361103N 0863035W Mount Juliet Training School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mount Vernon High School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mount View School (historical) school 360920N 0862242W Mount View School (historical) school 360920N 0862242W Munsey-Maple Hill School school 361355N 0862252W Needmore School (historical) school 361434N 0863346W Nonaville School (historical) school 361609N 0863146W Norene School school 360257N 0861422W Oak Point School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Oakland School (historical) school 361610N 0862008W Oakland School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Phoebes School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Poplar Hill School (historical) school 360855N 0860936W Prosperity School (historical) school 355846N 0860325W Rocky Springs School (historical) school 360223N 0860556W Round Lick Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Round Top School (historical) school 360019N 0860255W Rural Hill Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Rutland School school 361112N 0862814W Saint Johns School (historical) school 355829N 0861516W Sam Houston Elementary School school 361332N 0861708W Saulsbury School (historical) school 361002N 0860739W Seay School school 361242N 0861940W Shop Springs Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Shop Springs School school 360800N 0861259W Silver Springs Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Southside Elementary School school 361012N 0861817W Springdale School (historical) school 361007N 0863307W Statesville Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stoner Creek Elementary School school 361020N 0862939W Sugar Flat School (historical) school 361400N 0861137W Taylorsville Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tuckers Crossroads Elementary School school 361157N 0861033W Union Academy (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Walter J Baird Middle School school 361318N 0861742W Watertown Elementary School school 360557N 0860830W Watertown High School school 360559N 0860828W Watertown Junior High School school 360554N 0860852W West End Elementary School school 361354N 0862848W Wilson County Training School (historical) school 361231N 0861702W Wilson County Vocational Center school 361201N 0861701W Big Spring spring 361452N 0861036W Horn Spring Number Two spring 361413N 0862238W Jacksons Cave Spring spring 360507N 0861930W Shop Spring spring UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Silver Spring spring UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Anthony Branch stream 360722N 0862918W Bartons Creek stream 361828N 0862127W Beech Log Creek stream 360552N 0860750W Big Caney Branch stream 360910N 0860619W Black Branch stream 361028N 0861438W Brunley Branch stream 361832N 0862059W Cave Creek stream 360404N 0862029W Cedar Branch stream 360140N 0861546W Cedar Creek stream 361820N 0861453W Cedar Creek stream 361651N 0863028W Cleaver Creek stream 360113N 0860730W Clendenon Branch stream 361649N 0861201W Clifford Branch stream 361725N 0861228W Cooks Branch stream 361516N 0862645W Corinth Branch stream 360641N 0862908W Dedman Branch stream 360817N 0861443W Dry Branch stream 360704N 0861410W Dry Creek stream 360632N 0862403W Dry Fork stream 360054N 0861922W Dry Fork Branch stream 361715N 0862659W Dry Fork Creek stream 361136N 0860559W East Fork Hurricane Creek stream 360346N 0861849W East Prong Jennings Fork stream 361030N 0861016W Eavens Branch stream 360501N 0860344W Florida Creek stream 360132N 0861539W Goose Creek stream 360448N 0860224W Goose Creek stream 360018N 0861318W Graves Branch stream 361647N 0861745W Grissim Branch stream 361433N 0861051W Haley Branch stream 360758N 0860601W Hays Branch stream 361518N 0863337W Horn Springs Branch stream 361514N 0862052W Jackson Branch stream 362020N 0861425W Jennings Fork stream 361235N 0860545W Johnson Branch stream 361600N 0861121W Johnson Creek stream 360007N 0860243W Jug Creek stream 360158N 0861437W Kennedy Creek stream 355811N 0860429W Knight Creek stream 360036N 0860810W Link Branch stream 361528N 0861456W Little Caney Branch stream 360909N 0860701W Little Creek stream 361618N 0863019W Lone Branch stream 361658N 0863023W Marlen Branch stream 360328N 0860408W Martha Branch stream 361411N 0862522W McCarmel Branch stream 361428N 0861749W Middle Fork Cedar Creek stream 361112N 0862444W Middle Fork Spring Creek stream 360628N 0861417W Nancy Branch stream 361800N 0861322W Neal Branch stream 360548N 0860752W North Creek stream 360805N 0863208W North Fork Cedar Creek stream 361120N 0862451W North Fork Suggs Creek stream 360713N 0862940W Oakley Branch stream 360150N 0860618W Palmer Branch stream 361503N 0862059W Partlow Branch stream 360634N 0862157W Pemberton Branch stream 360525N 0861351W Purnell Branch stream 361604N 0861058W Purtle Creek stream 355930N 0860243W Rocky Branch stream 360123N 0860735W Rutland Branch stream 361139N 0862732W Saunders Fork stream 355900N 0860411W Schutes Branch stream 361426N 0863351W Shop Springs Branch stream 360902N 0861403W Silver Springs Branch stream 361357N 0863020W Sinking Creek stream 361313N 0861842W Sinking Creek stream 360540N 0862447W Smith Branch stream 361622N 0863334W South Fork Cedar Creek stream 361121N 0862451W Spencer Creek stream 361848N 0862844W Spring Creek stream 361848N 0862040W Sullivan Branch stream 361137N 0862720W Sunset Creek stream 360037N 0860810W Tarver Branch stream 361301N 0861757W Vivrett Creek stream 360823N 0863233W Walker Branch stream 361503N 0861909W Webb Branch stream 360106N 0860615W West Fork Bartons Creek stream 361013N 0862058W West Fork Spring Creek stream 360724N 0861419W West Prong Jennings Fork stream 361030N 0861018W Wilborn Branch stream 361632N 0861603W Williams Branch stream 360017N 0861317W Wilson Creek stream 361119N 0862640W Wright Branch stream 360844N 0863138W Young Branch stream 361507N 0861054W Big Hill summit 360931N 0862302W Defiance Mount summit 360427N 0860943W Edwards Hill summit 360348N 0861640W Egypt Hill summit 360701N 0861817W Fisher Knob summit 355921N 0860752W Fodderstack Knob summit 355739N 0860624W Fort Hill summit 361518N 0863410W Fourmile Hill summit 360851N 0861942W Grandfather Knob summit 355911N 0861554W Halls Knob summit 355904N 0861857W Hankins Hill summit 360835N 0861520W Hearn Hill summit 360515N 0860517W Jennings Knob summit 360853N 0861251W Lawrence Knob summit 355955N 0860734W Mason Knob summit 355917N 0861923W Pilot Knob summit 360650N 0861731W Posey Hill summit 360841N 0862555W Pultight Hill summit 360550N 0861720W Round Top Knob summit 360128N 0860321W Seay Hill summit 361217N 0862227W Spanish Needle Knob summit 361725N 0860819W Thompson Hills summit 360702N 0862105W Turney Knob summit 355917N 0860818W WCOR-AM (Lebanon) tower 361225N 0861603W WFMQ-FM (Lebanon) tower 361213N 0861801W WKOS-FM (Murfreesboro) tower 360507N 0862622W WMJT-AM (Mount Juliet) tower 361337N 0863039W WQDQ-AM (Lebanon) tower 361105N 0862019W WQDQ-AM (Lebanon) tower 361142N 0861726W WQDQ-AM (Lebanon) tower 361248N 0861928W WYHY-FM (Lebanon) tower 360507N 0862622W Anderson Hollow valley 355913N 0860144W Bug Hollow valley 360250N 0861002W Chumley Hollow valley 360106N 0860609W Fite Hollow valley 355842N 0860320W Griffin Hollow valley 360235N 0861055W Harvey Hollow valley 355950N 0860513W Johnson Hollow valley 360037N 0860836W Malone Hollow valley 360358N 0860444W Patton Hollow valley 360441N 0860808W Pugh Hollow valley 355826N 0860202W Smith Hollow valley 360241N 0860922W Talent Hollow valley 355910N 0860326W

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