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April, May and June 2003 Queries

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April 2003 Queries


Is there a place called Ross Grant in your county or area that was given as land grants to revolutionary soldiers? If so where would that 5000 acres described as lying west of Fishing Fork Road and extending from the top of Elks Ridge into Old Belfast be located on a current map? MCADAMS, LYNN, LINN, ROSS are family names in this area in early 1800's.
Submitted on Thu Apr 3 04:03:06 MST 2003


Looking to find any information about the parents of Greenberry Leathers, born about 1796. I have only recently found that the family was in Williamson county first before moving on to Rutherford county and later Perry county. Thank you for any direction.
Submitted on Sat Apr 5 13:33:44 MST 2003


Rachael Veach was a banjo player in Roy Acuff's band. my grandmother was a cousin to her. please write if you have info on Rachael.
Peg Cole
Submitted on Sat Apr 5 17:48:06 MST 2003


I would like to know what the term "juking" means, my mother says that she thinks it was the art of using flint-rock to start a fire; my great-great grandfather, Step (aka Stepney, Stephen)WINSTEAD's death certificate states that he died from "juking"; I would like a proper definition of this term, if available
Shandra Lewis -- 2431 Underwood Street, Nashville , TN 37208
Submitted on Thu Apr 10 08:01:48 MDT 2003


I know that my grandmother's grandmother was named Margaret Mathews, I can't find any other records of this woman, other than she was first married to Wm.Demumbrum; I also found her name in the Tn. Census of 1860 or 1880, I would like any other info that you can supply, such as her parents' names, where she was born, when and how she died. I know that she later married my great-great grandfather, Step Winstead(aka Stepney,Stephen), they had Lee,Sally, Noble,John L., and Missy Winstead. I hope that you can find more for me.
Shandra Lewis -- 2431 Underwood Street, Nashville , TN 37208
Submitted on Thu Apr 10 08:10:27 MDT 2003


Hughes, Shannon is listed in the 1910 census for Williamson Co. Is there someone who could do an index lookup for me for this man please? I also am trying to find the marriage record for Sarah Elizabeth Smithson to James I. McClure in 1853 (Dec 29.) She was from Nashville.
Carol Aldinger
Submitted on Sun Apr 13 14:24:20 MDT 2003


Seeking information/descendants of Lena J. Mays and William M. Payne, married 08 May 1897, Williamson, TN. May have moved to Nashville, Davidson County, ca. 1900. Possible child, George L. Payne, born March 17, 1904. Thanks for any information.
Joy Owens
Submitted on Mon Apr 14 14:02:49 MDT 2003


I am hunting additional information on relative Leonard WOOD, who married Sarah (Sally) DAVIS in Williamson County in 1803. I need to know where they were born and if other Williamson County records contain mention of them. I am especially interested in whether Leonard WOOD may have had a previous marriage. Any help is most appreciated.
Al Hester -- Al Hester, 184 Milledge Terrace, Athens, GA 30606
Submitted on Wed Apr 16 09:48:50 MDT 2003

May 2003 Queries


The Marriage of William Magee(McGee)and Jane King approximate date 2/26/1846 in williamson, Tenn.
Betty Walters
Submitted on Mon May 5 16:02:19 MDT 2003


I am looking for any information on marriages/parents of a Lewis Taylor Jones, who lived in Williamson County, TN. He was born about 1779 (Probably in VA) and died before 5/3/1858 in TN. His last wife was a Martha G. Vowell whom he married 4/28/1848. She was formally married to a John Vowell. It would be very helpful to determine her maiden name (probably began with a G). Lewis Taylor Jones was initially married to another woman - one Meacham record mentioned a Martha Pa?nes, however I have not been able to find any additional evidence of this in my research. A marriage to Mary Beasley in 1809 is possible. I have no info on siblings/parents. His son Barnett Jones lived in Hickman County, and an old note in a daughter's family bible states that Barnett came to TN when he was 6 (~1817). There is some evidence that his grandmother could be an Elizabeth Barnett, married to a Taylor Jones of the Revolutionary war. I am a descendant of C. O. Jones Sr.(1823), another son who lived in Williamson County.
Paul Ogle
Submitted on Thu May 8 11:31:35 MDT 2003


I am trying to find out what ultimately happened to JOHN A. R. FORGEY. He lived in the Maury County area in the mid 1800's. He then moved with his family to Mississippi County in Missouri. His son's name was GUSTAVUS HENRY FORGEY. From Mississippi County I do not know where JOHN A. R. FORGEY went or what happened to him. I am curious as to what his latter years were like and where his final resting place is. I would appreciate any info anyone might have concerning my great, great, great grandfather.
Chuck Martin
Submitted on Fri May 9 12:43:26 MDT 2003


Brad Siress
Submitted on Sat May 10 18:00:42 MDT 2003


Mandy is buried in Cool Springs Cemetary and was of Cherokee background. I am trying to find out anything of her Cherokee ancestory. She is my great-grandmother.
Jo Highsmith
Submitted on Fri May 16 20:42:05 MDT 2003


I am trying to find more information on William T. H. TAYLOR (b. about 1868) and Carrie Eudora INMAN (b.3-19-1877 d.10-28-1958) children, they had thirteen (13). They Married on 2/4/1894. Children's Names are (may not be in order): 1 - Ale Taylor 2 - George Taylor 3 - Robert Taylor 4 - Henry Taylor 5 - James M. Taylor 6 - Pearl Taylor 7 - Frances Estelle Taylor (b.3/25/1906 d.7/29/1972) - My grandmother. 8 - Clyde Taylor 9 - Clarence Taylor 10 - May Taylor 11 - Anna Taylor 12 - Louise Taylor 13 - Wilson Taylor I would love to have as much info on them as possible. Thanks, Judy
Ray & Judy
Submitted on Sat May 17 23:59:00 MDT 2003


Interestd in corresponding with anyone with info on the family of Hendley STONE. Hendley moved to Williamson Co around 1800. He died around 1830. Some children were Nicholas, William ,John, Jane Hungerford, Elizabeth. Hendley is buried in the Stone Cemt in Franklin, Tn
Larry Burns -- Larry Burns, 15224 Hwy 62 W, Viola, Ar, Viola, AR 72583
Submitted on Mon May 19 08:39:29 MDT 2003


Seeking information on the ROBINSON and CHERRY families of Williamson County. Specifically looking for those kin to William Girth Robinson and Louisa A. Cherry Robinson. They are found in the 1870 census, p.293, dist. 18. The family lists the children of William and Louisa as J.L. 11, D.B. 9, William 7, Maggie 5, and Mary 2. Also lists a Balam? 28, Rebecca Cherry 78 NC (Louisa's mother), Mary Cherry 30 TN, Carlos Hollan 36 GA, and Moses Holland 12. This family may also be found in the 1860 census, same county as Wm. Robinson 28, P. 24, and John 1. William and Louisa may have had the following children: Dora Bell Robinson married William Winston Eads, Molly Caroline Robinson who married Robert Glass, and Tom Robinson who was struck by lighting. Kate Robinson, daughter if Charley Robinson, was a cousin. She married a Salinger. Had a cousin John Cherry who did not marry. Has been stated that Rebecca Bell Robinson may have been part Indian. William Girth Robinson was said to have been a wagon master during the
Joe Mode
Submitted on Wed May 21 11:16:47 MDT 2003


My 4th great-aunt was Martha Kennedy. She married Gilbert Marshall on 3 July 1839 in Maury County. They then moved to Williamson County. I do know that their son's home is now being used as a bed and breakfast in Franklin. They had children: Ellen Frances, Elizabeth Margaret, Joseph Kennedy, Ann Bell, Laura Amanda, Andrew Budd, and Lawrence Marshall. Any info that anyone can provide on this family would be great. Thanks so much for any help in advance. Rick
Rick Gray
Submitted on Wed May 21 22:19:03 MDT 2003


My 4th great-uncle was her younger brother William Kennedy. He was born about 1832 and I believe he married Susan J. Cartwright in Williamson County in 1859. On the 1860 Census he is listed there on page 208 in the Brentwood Post Office district with wife S. J. and child W. R. In 1864 his brother James had estate papers filed in Maury County, Tennessee. When payment was made on the estate in 1868 William is listed as being deceased with 2 minor children. On the 1870 Williamson County census in District 16 there is a Jane Kennedy with the children Josephine born about 1862 and Caladona born about 1864. James Kennedy's estate had to go back to court in 1870 and disbursement was made again in 1876. In the court minutes it lists William as being deceased and two minor children Josephine and Caldonia whose guardian is S. B. Frost. I have looked in the 1880 Census and cannot find the kids. They are not living with S. B. Frost and I do not know what happened to them or Jane who was living in 1870. Any help with
Rick Gray
Submitted on Wed May 21 22:20:00 MDT 2003


Looking for the parents of James Robert SPENCER, he married Annie (Anna) LITTLE on Dec. 24, 1889 in Williamson County, Tn. Any information greatly appreciated.
Submitted on Fri May 23 14:53:16 MDT 2003


I am seeking any information about Abner Madison WALL, b. Dec.18, 1814 in Williamson County, d. Dec. 4, 1858 in Obion Co., Tn. Married Ruth Ann WRIGHT, Jan.23,1840 in Obion Co., Tn. According to information given by his son Joseph Davis Wall in a Civil War Pension Application, Abner's father was William Henry Harrison WALL. I would especially like to know the name of Abner's mother or any siblings. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Billy J. Foster
Billy J. Foster -- P.O. Box # 514, 308 West Knox St., Rutherford, TN 38369
Submitted on Sun May 25 21:35:15 MDT 2003


William Gordon (b. abt 1760) moved to Maury Co, TN from reportedly Orange Co, NC. His daughter, Sarah (b. 1796) married Hiram Campbell in June 1816 in Maury Co. I am trying to find any information on these two, so am going to the Maury Co neighboring counties to post this. If you know of these two people, please let me know. Thanks, Vic Harding
Submitted on Tue May 27 11:55:20 MDT 2003


Looking for information for the familes of John Walker who married Malinda Ann Tucker, November 25, 1841 in Williamson County. John was born on September 03, 1817 in either Virginia or TN. Malinda was born March 15, 1819 in TN. Seen mention of a town called Sweetwater TN. By 1850 they were farming in Johnson County, Illinois. John may have had three brothers Charlie, Curtis, and Alvin.
Joe Walker
Submitted on Fri May 30 20:34:10 MDT 2003

June 2003 Queries


I am searching for my gr-grandfather Morris, Augusta(us) S. I was told that he died in Williamson County, ILL. I don't have any idea when or where he died and am trying to find out. Also, there is a possibility that he was born there as well. He would have been born @ 1874. I have no idea who his parents were. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. He has been a huge BRICK WALL in researching. Thank you, Cari
Cari Bennett Rowland --, Amarillo, TX 79110-4342
Submitted on Sat Jun 7 12:33:11 MDT 2003


I am looking for information on the Childress family from Williamson County.
Ricky Smithson
Submitted on Sat Jun 7 20:09:44 MDT 2003


I am looking for information on the Hargrove family. Relatives of Howell Hargrove Sr., Bennett Hargrove.
Ricky Smithson
Submitted on Sat Jun 7 20:11:18 MDT 2003


I am searching for information on the Bennett and Smithson families from Williamson County, etc.....
Ricky Smithson
Submitted on Sat Jun 7 20:13:09 MDT 2003


Would like information on the parents of Coleman William Dixon (may be William Coleman Dixon) He was born in Williamson CO., TN in 1898. His parents I believe was Mervitt James Dixon And Josephine Kennedy who was a Indian. Thanks Judy Parsons Chapman
Judy Chapman
Submitted on Sun Jun 8 10:37:02 MDT 2003


Robert WILSON (parents Robert WILSON and Nancy HALEY) was born in Williamson County (either in 1840 or 1843). I am looking for any marriage records. I think his middle name may have been Weakley. I think his wife may have been Martha LOWE. I think he may have died as early as 1863. I think his son may have been Robert Harrison WILSON. I will be grateful for any info regarding these people.
MaryFrances Short
Submitted on Mon Jun 9 08:55:11 MDT 2003


searching for abraham(absalom)mcgee, married first to sarah morris, then to an elizabeth. he died in chester county, and was supposed to have lived also in williamson and henderson county. need to find marriage certs if possible, or census. he was born in 1788 and died in 1866. elizabeth died in 1859.
cynthia cowan
Submitted on Thu Jun 12 21:24:00 MDT 2003

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