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Near Triune
Williamson County

The old Joseph Henry Scales farm is located southwest of Triune (Williamson County), Tennessee, just northwest of US Highway 31-A and Patton Road.

The farm was sold after Joseph Henry Scales' death in 1856, but as per the instructions in his will, the 30 yard square cemetery was retained by the Scales family in perpetuity.

The cemetery was originally surrounded by an apple orchard, but is now in the middle of a cultivated field. It contains the remains of twelve members of the family, and is surrounded by a low stone wall thought to have been built by slaves in the 1840's or 1850's.


On February 27, 1842, Ann Eliza Nelson died. She was the four year old daughter of Elizabeth S. Scales and her husband Joseph H. Nelson, and a grandchild of Joseph Henry and Jemima Scales. She was the first member of the family to die, and she was buried in a grave in the apple orchard about 75-100 yards northwest of Joseph Henry's house. Her headstone reads, in part, "After a short illness of twenty seven hours, the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away..."

In a few days, Ann Eliza was followed in death by her 30 year old aunt, Theodocia Gentry Scales (Henderson). Theodocia died on March 3, 1842, and was also buried in the apple orchard.

The clearing in the apple orchard soon became the family burial area, and Joseph Henry set aside a grave yard measuring 30 yards square. He had a small stone wall built around it measuring 40 by 50 feet, and it wasn't long before more family members began to occupy the graveyard.

On October 6, 1845, another grandchild died. Eleven year old Samuel M. Clark, son of Anne B. Scales and her husband, Rev. William Clark.

Within thirteen days, on October 19, 1845, tragedy struck again, as Joseph Henry's wife Jemima Gentry Scales died at age 60.

For five years there were no burials in the apple orchard. Then, on December 1, 1850 came the death of one year old Samuel D. Scales, the firstborn infant son of Dr. Joseph William Scales and wife Tabitha Gentry Scales. Samuel was a grandchild of Joseph Henry Scales. Samuel's was the next grave in the cemetery. Samuel's headstone has been broken into small pieces, and only fragments remain.

A year later, on February 10, 1851, fifteen year old William Lawson Henderson was accidentally killed in a hunting accident. It appears that his rifle accidentally discharged while he was climbing over a fence, striking him near the eye. William was a son of Theodocia Gentry Scales (who died in 1842) and James Gibson Henderson, and a grandson of Joseph Henry Scales.

Clearly a tragic and epidemic sickness attacked the family of Joseph Henry Scales' daughter Anne Beck Scales and her husband, the Rev. William Clark, in early 1853. Within a seventeen day period in March of 1853, they lost three daughters. Mary Jemima (age 4), Sarah E. "Sallie" (age 2), and Theodocia Josephine (age 8) were all buried in the family graveyard.

On August 9, 1854, nineteen year old Isaac C. Nelson died. He was the son of Joseph Henry Scales' daughter Elizabeth S. "Betty" Scales and her husband, Joseph H. Nelson.

Another small headstone in the cemetery reads simply, "JHN" and is thought to be a marker for Joseph Henry Nelson, husband of Elizabeth S. "Betty" Scales.

Joseph Henry Scales, patriarch of the family, died on October 31, 1856. He was 76 years old.

August 20, 1871, 61 year old Mary Henley Russell Campbell died. She was the second wife of Ellsworth Poindexter Scales (Joseph Henry's eldest son). Hers was the last burial in the Joseph Henry Scales Family Cemetery.

(NOTE: Mary Henley Russell Campbell Scales was Joseph and Jemima Scales' daughter-in-law, she was the first wife of son Ellsworth Poindexter Scales. She was a sister of William Bowen Campbell, who was governor of Tennessee from 1851-53, hero of the Seminole and Mexican wars, and Brigadier General in the Union Army during the Civil War. He was a serious candidate for vice-presidency of the United States under the ticket of Gen. George McClellan in 1864, in an effort to unseat Lincoln, and later served as an adviser to President Andrew Johnson. Mary also has a headstone along with her husband Ellsworth P. Scales in the Triune Methodist Church Cemetery. It is generally assumed that she was probably originally buried in the Joseph henry Scales Family Cemetery, and when her husband died years later her body was removed and reburied next to him.)


Joseph Henry Scales

In memory of JOSEPH H. SCALES, Our Father
Who Was born November 20th, 1779
Died October 31st, 1856
Aged 76 years, 11 Mo and 11 days

Jemima Gentry Scales

SACRED to the memory of Jemima Scales
wife of Jo. H. Scales
who died Oct the 19, 1845 age 60 Years 4 Months & 12 Days

Mary Jemima Clark and Theodocia Josephine Clark

Daughters of Wm. & Ann B. Clark
Mary born May 4th, 1848
died March 25th, 1853
Theodotia born Sept 14th,1850,
died March 27th,1853

Samuel M. Clark

SACRED to the memory of Samuel M. Clark
Son of Wm. & Ann Beck Clark
who was born Nov the 12, 1833 & died Oct the 6, 1845

Sarah E. "Sally" Clark

In memory of S.E. CLARK
daughter of Wm. & Ann B. Clark
born March 19th 1844
died March 10th 1853

Theodocia Gentry Scales Henderson

In memory of Theodocia G. Henderson
daughter of Joseph H. & Jemima Scales
Born Feb 11th, 1812
Died March 3rd, 1842

William Lawson Henderson

In memory of Wm. Lawson Henderson
Born Oct. 12th, 1835
Died Feb. 8th, 1851

Ann Eliza Nelson

SACRED to the memory of ANN ELIZA NELSON
eldest daughter of Joseph H. and Elizabeth S. Nelson
who was born March the 4, 1837 and departed this life Feb 27 1842
After a short illness of twenty seven hours,
the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Isaac S. Nelson

Sacred to the memory of ISAAC S. NELSON
Son of Joseph H. & Elizabeth S. Nelson
born Nov 3d 1834
died Aug 9th 1854.

Mary Hensley Russell Campbell Scales

Wife of E.P. SCALES
BORN May 21, 1810
DIED Aug. 20, 1871.

Samuel D. Scales

SACRED to the memory of Samuel D. Scales
Infant son of R.W. & T.G. Scales
born Feb 4th 1849
died Dec 1st 1850.

Joseph H. Nelson


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