The following list of 242 Cemeteries in Williamson County, Tennessee, are found on USGS maps.
This listing has been abstracted from the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) site.

This is not a complete listing of all Cemeteries in Williamson County but a
listing only of those cemeteries whose locations are marked on the USGS maps.

Links to sites offering map viewers are provided from the USGS Mapping
Service Home Page to enable geographical display of the cemetery's exact
location. Use the GNIS Query feature to locate these and other features of interest.
Other features noted on the USGS maps include populated areas, streams and
rivers, lakes, schools, churches, post offices and another 50 or so items.
There is location information about each feature as well as a link to a map showing its exact location.
There are over 1,400 such feature locations that can be found in Williamson County.

You can also use the GNIS QUERY form to find sinilar features of interest in all Tennessee counties.

The maps indicated below are the standard 7.5 minute X 7.5 minute USGS Topographic Maps.

GO HERE for cemeteries in the "A" thru "G" range.

THIS PAGE contains those cemeteries in the "H" thru "M" range.

GO HERE for cemeteries in the "N" thru "Z" range.

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map Name
Haffner Cemetery 355329N 0865351W Leipers Fork
Haleacre Cemetery 355053N 0864953W Bethesda
Halfacre Cemetery 355244N 0864659W Franklin
Halfacre Cemetery 355227N 0864754W Bethesda
Hamor Cemetery 355947N 0864403W Nolensville
Hardeman Cemetery 355044N 0865051W Bethesda
Hargrove Cemetery 354356N 0864613W Rally Hill
Harrison Cemetery 355127N 0865308W Spring Hill
Harrison Cemetery 355955N 0870745W Craigfield
Hartley Cemetery 354517N 0864603W Bethesda
Hassell Cemetery 355439N 0871207W Craigfield
Haynes Cemetery 355420N 0865621W Leipers Fork
Herbert Cemetery 355544N 0864528W Franklin
Hill Cemetery 355547N 0864728W Franklin
Hillsboro Cemetery 355400N 0870003W Fairview
Hodge Cemetery 355604N 0865001W Franklin
Holland Cemetery 354733N 0864537W Bethesda
Holt Cemetery 355104N 0870344W Theta
Holt Cemetery 355837N 0864545W Franklin
Holt Cemetery 354907N 0865017W Bethesda
Hood Cemetery 355112N 0865159W Bethesda
Hood-Holt Cemetery 354932N 0865013W Bethesda
House Cemetery 355240N 0864815W Franklin
Hudgins Cemetery 355602N 0870911W Craigfield
Hughes Cemetery 355738N 0870717W Fairview
Hughes Cemetery 355618N 0865820W Leipers Fork
Hughes Cemetery 355357N 0865740W Leipers Fork
Hunter Cemetery 355202N 0864513W Bethesda
Hunter Cemetery 355301N 0865958W Leipers Fork
Inman Cemetery 355457N 0870423W Fairview
Irvin Cemetery 354554N 0864718W Bethesda
Johnson Cemetery 354909N 0865941W Spring Hill
Johnson Cemetery 355517N 0865746W Leipers Fork
Johnson Cemetery 354721N 0864738W Bethesda
Johnson Cemetery 355532N 0863909W Nolensville
Johnson Cemetery 355046N 0864635W Bethesda
Johnson Chapel Cemetery 360209N 0864923W Oak Hill
Jones Cemetery 354831N 0864508W Bethesda
Jones Cemetery 355235N 0870917W Craigfield
Jones Cemetery 354945N 0865822W Spring Hill
Jones Cemetery 355918N 0871012W Craigfield
King Cemetery 354914N 0864648W Bethesda
King Cemetery 355657N 0870451W Fairview
Knott Cemetery 354540N 0864823W Bethesda
Ladd Cemetery 355230N 0864533W Franklin
Ladd Cemetery 355244N 0864553W Franklin
Laine Cemetery 355826N 0865857W Leipers Fork
Lampley Cemetery 355934N 0870530W Fairview
Lavender Cemetery 354756N 0865422W Spring Hill
Lawrence Cemetery 354728N 0865903W Spring Hill
Lester Cemetery 354357N 0864344W Chapel Hill
Long Cemetery 355118N 0863801W College Grove
Lynn Cemetery 354938N 0870613W Theta
Mallory Cemetery 355722N 0864911W Franklin
Mangrum Cemetery 355810N 0870836W Craigfield
Mangrum Cemetery 355854N 0870657W Fairview
Marlin Cemetery 355012N 0870138W Theta
Martin Cemetery 354755N 0865748W Spring Hill
Martin-Hughes Cemetery 355202N 0865013W Bethesda
Matthews Cemetery 355520N 0863750W Nolensville
Maury Cemetery 355606N 0865348W Leipers Fork
McCall Cemetery 354437N 0864500W Rally Hill
McCanless Cemetery 355353N 0863735W Nolensville
McCanless Cemetery 355317N 0863827W Nolensville
McConnico Cemetery 355437N 0864902W Franklin
McEwen Cemetery 355652N 0865014W Franklin
McGavock Cemetery 355415N 0865133W Franklin
McGavock Cemetery 355844N 0865439W Leipers Fork
McKee Cemetery 355002N 0865803W Spring Hill
McKnight Cemetery 355513N 0864406W Nolensville
McPherson Cemetery 355826N 0870049W Fairview
McPherson Cemetery 355919N 0865934W Leipers Fork
Meek Cemetery 354955N 0864512W Bethesda
Merritt Cemetery 355056N 0864907W Bethesda
Montgomery Cemetery 355124N 0870756W Primm Springs
Moore Cemetery 355738N 0865421W Leipers Fork
Morton Cemetery 355920N 0864052W Nolensville
Moss Cemetery 355609N 0865745W Leipers Fork
Mount Hope Cemetery 355545N 0865242W Leipers Fork
Mount Zion Cemetery 355516N 0871053W Craigfield
Murfree Cemetery 354958N 0865729W Spring Hill
New Town Cemetery 354514N 0865455W Spring Hill
Newton Cannon Cemetery 354859N 0863858W College Grove
Nicholson Cemetery 354604N 0865415W Spring Hill
Nicholson Cemetery 354611N 0865400W Spring Hill
Nolen Cemetery 355325N 0864806W Franklin
Nolen Cemetery 355452N 0864705W Franklin
Nolen-Hyde Cemetery 355437N 0864750W Franklin
Nolensville Cemetery 355658N 0864013W Nolensville
North Cemetery 355043N 0865412W Spring Hill
Oak Grove Cemetery 355332N 0870830W Craigfield
Osborne Cemetery 355434N 0864551W Franklin
Overbey Cemetery 355600N 0870817W Craigfield
Owen Cemetery 355839N 0864631W Franklin
Ozburn Cemetery 355417N 0864041W Nolensville
Page Cemetery 355400N 0864015W Nolensville
Parrish Cemetery 355721N 0865000W Franklin
Patton Cemetery 354842N 0865531W Spring Hill
Perkins Cemetery 355807N 0865527W Leipers Fork
Pewitt Cemetery 355529N 0870543W Fairview
Pinkerton Cemetery 360102N 0870918W White Bluff
Pointer Cemetery 354652N 0865228W Bethesda
Pointer Cemetery 354603N 0865247W Spring Hill
Poteete Cemetery 354756N 0864937W Bethesda
Potts Cemetery 355240N 0870956W Craigfield
Primm Cemetery 355842N 0864528W Franklin
Rest Haven Cemetery 355541N 0865225W Franklin
Reynolds Cemetery 354248N 0864610W Rally Hill
Richardson Cemetery 355717N 0871027W Craigfield
Riggs Crossroads Cemetery 354247N 0864151W Chapel Hill
Rivers Cemetery 355243N 0864505W Franklin
Roberson Cemetery 354340N 0864740W Rally Hill
Russell Cemetery 355914N 0870248W Fairview
Satlerfield Cemetery 354707N 0870047W Theta
Scruggs Cemetery 355358N 0865458W Leipers Fork
Sedberry Cemetery 354812N 0870035W Theta
Sedberry Cemetery 354843N 0870156W Theta
Shannon Cemetery 355522N 0864349W Nolensville
Short Cemetery 355720N 0865720W Leipers Fork
Short-Poynor Cemetery 355520N 0865844W Leipers Fork
Shuemate Cemetery 354944N 0865054W Bethesda
Simmons Cemetery 354942N 0864628W Bethesda
Slave Cemetery 355738N 0865537W Leipers Fork

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