The following list of 242 Cemeteries in Williamson County, Tennessee, are found on USGS maps.
This listing has been abstracted from the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) site.

This is not a complete listing of all Cemeteries in Williamson County but a
listing only of those cemeteries whose locations are marked on the USGS maps.

Links to sites offering map viewers are provided from the USGS Mapping
Service Home Page to enable geographical display of the cemetery's exact
location. Use the GNIS Query feature to locate these and other features of interest.
Other features noted on the USGS maps include populated areas, streams and
rivers, lakes, schools, churches, post offices and another 50 or so items.
There is location information about each feature as well as a link to a map showing its exact location.
There are over 1,400 such feature locations that can be found in Williamson County.

You can also use the GNIS QUERY form to find sinilar features of interest in all Tennessee counties.

The maps indicated below are the standard 7.5 minute X 7.5 minute USGS Topographic Maps.

THIS PAGE contains those cemeteries in the "A" thru "G" range.

GO HERE for cemeteries in the "H" thru "M" range.

GO HERE for cemeteries in the "N" thru "Z" range.

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map Name
Alexander Cemetery 354522N 0864924W Bethesda
Alexander Cemetery 354726N 0865018W Bethesda
Allen Cemetery 355236N 0865532W Leipers Fork
Anderson Cemetery 354944N 0865131W Bethesda
Andrews Cemetery 354754N 0864959W Bethesda
Andrews Cemetery 354810N 0865056W Bethesda
Andrews Cemetery 354957N 0864517W Bethesda
Andrews Cemetery 355510N 0865355W Leipers Fork
Anglin Cemetery 355458N 0871019W Craigfield
Barker Cemetery 354852N 0865627W Spring Hill
Baugh Cemetery 354808N 0865116W Bethesda
Beal Cemetery 355107N 0864603W Bethesda
Beard Cemetery 355330N 0871039W Craigfield
Bennett Cemetery 354737N 0864643W Bethesda
Bingham Cemetery 355449N 0865854W Leipers Fork
Bond Cemetery 354621N 0864623W Bethesda
Bond Cemetery 355417N 0865921W Leipers Fork
Boxley Cemetery 355451N 0865701W Leipers Fork
Boyd Cemetery 355500N 0864832W Franklin
Boyd Cemetery 355552N 0865658W Leipers Fork
Boyd Cemetery 355529N 0865757W Leipers Fork
Brooks Cemetery 355800N 0864829W Franklin
Brooks Cemetery 355829N 0864243W Nolensville
Brown Cemetery 354305N 0864437W Chapel Hill
Buchanan Cemetery 355629N 0864833W Franklin
Buford Cemetery 354810N 0865151W Bethesda
Burnett Cemetery 354704N 0870018W Theta
Butt Cemetery 355844N 0864227W Nolensville
Campbell Cemetery 354634N 0863950W College Grove
Caperton Cemetery 354513N 0865342W Spring Hill
Capley Cemetery 355310N 0871208W Craigfield
Carlisle Cemetery 355005N 0870514W Theta
Carothers Cemetery 355526N 0865007W Franklin
Carothers Cemetery 355653N 0864825W Franklin
Carroll Cemetery 355731N 0865917W Leipers Fork
Carter Cemetery 354707N 0865745W Spring Hill
Carter Cemetery 355704N 0865858W Leipers Fork
Chester Cemetery 355757N 0870717W Fairview
Childress Cemetery 355205N 0864519W Bethesda
Chrisman Cemetery 355812N 0863742W Nolensville
Christman Cemetery 354721N 0864800W Bethesda
Coleman Cemetery 355328N 0863747W Nolensville
Comstock Cemetery 354354N 0864652W Rally Hill
Confederate Cemetery 355416N 0865139W Franklin
Cool Springs Cemetery 354802N 0864611W Bethesda
Core Cemetery 355002N 0865127W Bethesda
Corner Cemetery 355407N 0871215W Craigfield
Cotton Cemetery 355312N 0865549W Leipers Fork
Cowles Cemetery 354847N 0865037W Bethesda
Crafton Cemetery 354943N 0864536W Bethesda
Craigfield Cemetery 355453N 0871120W Craigfield
Creswell Cemetery 354428N 0864526W Rally Hill
Crockett Cemetery 355838N 0864634W Franklin
Cunningham Cemetery 355820N 0870949W Craigfield
Daniel Cemetery 354443N 0864641W Rally Hill
Dodson Cemetery 354652N 0865839W Spring Hill
Donelson Cemetery 355311N 0865107W Franklin
Duplex Cemetery 354501N 0865019W Bethesda
Edgmon Cemetery 355038N 0865140W Bethesda
Elliot Cemetery 354832N 0865114W Bethesda
Evans Cemetery 354617N 0865036W Bethesda
Evergreen Cemetery 354740N 0865611W Spring Hill
Farrar Cemetery 354413N 0864400W Chapel Hill
Fly Cemetery 355741N 0863753W Nolensville
Franklin City Cemetery 355542N 0865220W Franklin
Garrison Cemetery 355229N 0870321W Theta
Gee Cemetery 355407N 0865548W Leipers Fork
Gentry Cemetery 354954N 0864614W Bethesda
Giles Cemetery 354415N 0864444W Chapel Hill
Gillespie Cemetery 355227N 0865217W Bethesda
Glass Cemetery 355613N 0865535W Leipers Fork
Gosey Cemetery 355142N 0864708W Bethesda
Gray Cemetery 355536N 0865630W Leipers Fork
Green Cemetery 355713N 0871105W Craigfield
Green Hill Cemetery 355916N 0864513W Franklin
Greenbrier Cemetery 355044N 0870831W Primm Springs
Guthrie Cemetery 355300N 0864838W Franklin


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