David Ralston Family Records

Williamson Co. TN

Submitted by Kenneth Ralston


According to ulsterancestry.com:

Roulston or Rolston is rare in Ireland outside Ulster, where it is most common in counties Tyrone and Antrim.  It is an English toponymic and can derive from several places called Rolleston or Rowlston in Leicestershire, Nottingham, Staffordshire, Wiltshire, or Yorkshire.  All these place names were originally spelt Rolvestun, meaning ‘Rolf’s farm’.    Most in Ulster descend from the Staffordshire Rollestons, R. Rollestone of that shire being one of the English undertakers of the Plantation.  He was granted 1000 acres in Teemore Oneilland West in Co. Armagh.  The name is also found as Rollstone and Rowlston.


This account is based on oral family history as related by Lois R. Collins, Jim Dub R., and Fender R., Juriah R. records, and documents found in the Tennessee State Archives:

      After the English civil war, Cromwell confiscated property from Irish aristocracy, (mostly in Northern Ireland), and gave it to English lords who had supported him in the rebellion.  Much of this land had to be cleared and drained before it would be productive.  The English lords ordered the Irish off these farms and offered the land at cheap rent to English tenant farmers to encourage them to relocate.  Some people named Rollestone were among those who accepted the offer.  After a hundred years or so, the land had been made productive and the landlords raised the rents to the point that their tenants had trouble making a living.  Many emigrated and came to the United States.  By this time, (mid 1700's) the name was spelled "Ralston". 

     Prior to the American War of Independence, a David Ralston, (ca.1741-1831) left two children, (Robert and Isabell), in County Tyrone and came to Pennsylvania (probably Armstrong County) where he married and started another family.  Before 1784 he was farming on White's Creek in Davidson County, Tennessee.  His son, Alexander, was a cabinetmaker with a mill on the Harpeth River in Williamson County, (later known as the Pettis Place).  Alexander wrote to his half-brother in Ireland and encouraged him to come to Tennessee.  Robert's son Andrew (1793-1863) decided to emigrate. Andrew and wife (Loveagh Wauchop 1790-1848) sent their money ahead to a bank (in New York?) and left Ireland ca. 1819.  A violent storm caused the voyage to be much longer than usual and they spent the money they had with them to buy food on the ship.  When they arrived, the bank had gone broke and they had no money to continue their journey.  Andrew lived in Pennsylvania for some time and his oldest sons Robert and David were born there.  He eventually came to Tennessee, by boat, down the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers.  Andrew rented a farm at Windrow until he bought land on Highway 99 near Eagleville.  The Ralston families who lived at Old Jefferson, Readyville, Nashville, Franklin, Pulaski, Martin, and Memphis were descended from David Ralston's large second family.  The Ralstons around Eagleville are descended from David's grandson Andrew.


David Ralston

b. Ireland 1741   d. White's Creek, Davidson County, TN 29 Aug 1831 m. ???

David Ralston's obituary stated he was a "Revolutionary patriot."  2/m  Mary Reid b. Scotland (?)   d. White's Creek, Davidson Co. TN before 1815

I.  Isabell Ralston  b. Ireland  _____ m. _____  d. _____

II  Robert Ralston b. Ireland  _____ m. ??Crawford (?) d. Ireland _____

A.     Andrew Ralston 1793 Ireland-24 Oct 1863 TN m.Loveagh Wauchop

III. Alexander Ralston 25 April 1779 PA-5 May 1861 in Weakley Co. TN m.?

Until about 1831 Alexander lived on the Harpeth River in Williamson Co. TN where he had a mill. A cabinet maker, court records show him taking apprentices. He wrote Andrew in Ireland and encouraged him to come to the US. First wife died before the move to Weakley Co. and buried at the  home place. Second wife Sarah Jordan daughter of Archer Jordan of Williamson County. See Historic Williamson County Pg. 13 and 54. Major Alexander Ralston served in Col. Pipkin's Regiment in the Tennessee militia under Andrew Jackson.  This is listed in the War of 1812 Muster Rolls & Index to War of 1812 Pension files.  This regiment of about 960 men was ordered to man the various forts of the Mississippi Territory--Forts Jackson, Williams, Strother, Claiborne, & Pierce. Alexander Ralston was a prominent figure in early West TN and the village of Ralston was an important railroad station.  He owned vast sections of land and was very prolific in land purchases and sales. 


    A.  Mary Reid R  1805 Williamson Co.-1886 Madison Co. m 1824 in Williamson

          Co  Edward “Ned” Winfield Mathews. 1. Alexander R. 1825-1852   

         2. John Winfield 1827-1878 m. Eliza (Lyde) Boykin

         3.  Martha Ann 1829-1883 m.1847 William C. Stovall 1816-‘87

             a. George Edward 1848-?m. Mollie C. Mason
            b. William Alexander  1851-? M. 1896--Elizabeth Wallace
            c. Hartwell Bascom 1852-1932 M--Ellen Ballew
            d. Samuel Madison 1855-1857
            e. Mary Florence 1858-1944 m. 1876-Daniel Webster Hudgings

               i.Thomas 1877-1939 m. Myra Midyett
              ii..D.W. Jr.1880-1964 m. 1915 Hester Sappington
             iii. Edward Reed 1882-1950 1st m. Virginia Turner 2nd m. Ada May Cooper
             iv. Samuel Alexander Pope 1884-1939 m. 1912 Florence Margaret Mellon
              v. Martha Ann 1886-1989
             vi. William Travis 1890-1954 m.1924 Margaret Ella Avent
            vii. Laura 1892-1985 m. 1922 --Norment Johnson
            viii. Robert Love Taylor H. 1895-1993 m. 1923 Gladys Woodall

                  I.  Lallie Hudgings 1929 m. 1952 Marion Hamilton Wallace Jr. 1928-1985

                      A. Marion Hamiton Wallace III  1953 m.1984 Marion Alexander Howard

                          1.   Diana Bransford Wallace
2. Marion Hamilton Wallace IV

                    B.. Anne Bransford Wallace    1957
II.  Nell Chambliss Hudgings   1934 m. John Sterling Bransford, Jr.
            f. Elizabeth Battle 1862-1936 m. 882    Marmon S. Pope
         4. Edward S. 1832-?m. Martha Smith

         5. Mary E. 1836-? m. Curren Boykin m/2 Clem or Cleon Boykin

         6. Margaret E. 1839-1917 m. Robert H.Hunt    This line moved from Weakley Co., TN to

             Crockett and  Madison Counties in TN.

   B. Martha L. b. ? d. before 1838 Williamson Co.   Married 1830 in Williamson  Co.

        Samuel J. Mathews  (brother to Edward Mathews)

          1. Thomas E. 1831-? M. Martha Ann Jordon

          2. John Alexander 1833-? M. Ann Eliza Hannings

          3. William H. 1835-1926 m. Mary F. Johnson    After the death of Martha, Samuel

             remarried twice  and had 9 children by wife number 2.

   C. Elizabeth (?-. ca. 1832/1833) married 1826 in  Williamson Co. to Nathan L. Norvell

         1. Margaret Ann  1830-1876 m. Thomas Lee Wood

         2. Alexander Wesley 1832/33-1875   Margaret and Wesley both lived in Weakley Co. and were

             raised by Alexander Ralston after their mother died when they were small children.  Nathan

            Norvell remarried and had 5 children by his 2nd wife.

   D. Margaret M. (b ca 1809-ca 1830) married 1828 Williamson  Co. to Ashley B. Rozell

        No children. See Historic Williamson County, pg 54.

   E. Catherine A. b. ? d. ca. 1840 Weakley Co. ) married by 1833 to John House. 

    1. Alexander Ralston House 1833-1898 m. Sarah M. Jordan 2/m Ruth O.  After death of

        Catherine, John House remarried and had 8 children by 2nd wife.


IV.James (middle name Reid?)Ralston . 10 April 1781  Armstrong Co.(?) PA-20 July 1837in Giles Co TN m. 7 May 1808 in Davidson Co. TN Ester Shannon 1774 in Montogomery Co.or Rockfish, Amhurst Co. VA.- 22 Jan 1853 in Giles Co  Giles Co Tax records for 1836 show James Ralston with 136 acres and David Ralston owning one lot and one slave.

 A.  Samuel Shannon R.11 May 18091 Nov. 1890 m. Mary Ann Hill 1845 

     1. Mattie  ? m. J.G. McClain  2. Mary Jane ? m. ? Wallace 3 Robert Shannon R.

     4. James  1 July 1845  2/m Sara Yeager. born ?  d. 1873 3/m  Mrs. Rebecca McGarvey.

            See S.S Ralston's Recollections **** in Tennessee State Archives, Nashville

B.  David R..  no information

C.  John R. ca 1812 or 13-1879  married Harriet Lee

      1. Susan m William Marks a Carrie, b Lutie, c John  d. Anna m Will L. English

         (Franklin TN)

      2. Esther m. Logan Harwell (Meth min) a. Harriet (Hattie) m. Henry Aymett  i.Nell,

                 ii. Henry, Jr.,  iii. Kate died just after finishing college

          b. Sallie  m. William Montgomery  i.Logan,  ii. Elsie,  iii. Esther

          c.Mamie -single-lived in Pulaski with Ms. Henry Aymett       d.Kate  - died young 

          e.Margaret  m. David Elder  i.Logan  ii. Adalaide m. Willie Winstead  aa. Martha

             bb Nell

       3.  James Alexander 1 July 1845-1909 m. Cornelia Harwell.  J.A. was a schoolteacher and

            lived around Dianna, TN in Giles County between Lewisburg and Pulaski. Both J.A. and

            Cornelia are buried at Aspen Hill about 8 miles south of Pulaski.

         a. Mary (Minnie) ?- 30 Oct 1933 m. Wirt Westmoreland  i.Hallie m.

             S. Cleveland Baird   ii. Mary Agnes  ?m. ? lived at Prospect, TN

         b. John Reed ?-30 Mar ‘07  m. Lula King

             i. Mildred ?- 20 Feb ‘79 m Lugh L. Hulme lived Nashville 

            ii.  James King 1898-? In 1980, J.K.R. was retired from the railroad and  lived at Rt. 1 Prospect

                     Tenn  1/m: aa. Muriel m. ? Gossett [1]. Carol  Muriel  (Muriel 2/m ? Wilkerson)

                   bb. Joyce m Hugh  Misho   [1]  Lynda Joyce

                  (JamesK.R.2/m: Elsie Harwell)  cc. Francis m. Richard Powell  [1].Ted Ralston P.

                   (Francis 2/m. Jack S. Jenkins) [2]. Jack Jr.  [3] Michael Terry J. m. Calleen

                  Sherry [aaa] Brian   [bbb] Michelle

                  dd. Virginia m. Mike Sary [1]. Mike Jr. [2]. Everett, [3]. Dianna,

             iii. Esther ?-‘56 m. Sam McConnell lived in Columbus, Miss. aa. Louise

            iv..Clara  m. Stemis lived in Montgomery, Ala. no children

               v. John Reed, Jr. m. Avis Speed. Feb. 1980 JRR, retired Baptist minister, operating bakery

                       Montgomery AL. aa. Jean died young bb. Elizabeth cc. Johnny

 4. James A., Jr. d. age 18           5. Hattie d. age 8             6. Clara m. Logan Beasley  d. 1902  (?)   m. Rufus Baker  lived in  Columbia,a. Logan Baker 1920-?  B. Charles Baker 1926-?

 7. Sue m. Jerre Ragsdale  8. Rosa  single,  lived with Sue

 D. Mary 1 Jan 1809-12 June 1840  m. Stephenson 

     1. James Ralston Stephenson 22 May 1860-17 Jan 1934 a. Ernest  b. Ophelia

 E.  Jane 1812-29 Nov 1838 in Giles Co. TN

 F. Katherine A.  1820-13 Aug 1857 in Giles Co. TN


V. Catherine* (Kittie) Ralston Ap 1793 -1868 m. Rev J. C. Provine.  See History of Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Catherine’s property was divided among her brothers


VI. David Ralston, Jr. 16 Feb1798-16 Nov 1875 m Nancy Bashaw Boyse 7 Sept 1804-

        15 Nov 1895

   A. Mary Ann R. 12 July 1825 m. William Cummings

         1. Martha C. m. Elice  ? Cummings?    2/m   ? Howington

         2. John C. m. Fronia ?      a. Delia C.   3. Sarah C.   4. Addie C.

         5. William C. Jr. m. Mattie Parker                  a. Bernard C.

               b. Beulah C. m. Joe Bell  i. Velma  ii. James  iii.   Felix  iv. Sybil

               c. Robin C.     d. Clarence C.

        6. Ada C. m. Dyer Sprattly  (4 children?)

   B. Serafine R. 23 Mar 1828 – 30 June 1873  C. William R. 1 Mar 1830 – 11 Sept 1833

   D. James Ralston, Dr. 27 April 1832 – 23 May 1894  unmarried

   E. Martha Jane16 April 1834–20 Dec ‘20 m 1856 Thomas Peirce Smith 

       31 May 1831–4 Jan 1871

        1. Jessie S. 11 Sept 1858 – 18 Mar 1862

        2. Josephine Ophelia 15 Jan 1860–14 July 1936 m. Harvey R. Miller

         a. Myrtie Lee b. Birdie May  (twins)

         c. Claud Ralston Miller 25 Dec 1894 m. Louise Cundell i. Joe Ann ii. Mary Francis

        3. Cora Lee S. 24 Dec 1863 – 26 Jan 1937

        4. Mattie Thomas Smith 8 Jan 1866 – 21 Nov 1933 m. Lincoln G. Curtis

             a. Grace T. C. m. Ernest Santi  i Le Ardland  ii. Maurice iii. Thomas

             b. Cora Irene C. m. Thomas H. Adams  i. Linna Irene  ii Cliffadean  10 Feb 1931

             c. Willie Dean C. m. Clifton L. Harvey

             d. Alma G. C. m. Fred Sellie  i La Netia m. Alma Marshall

             e. Josephine C. m.  Claud B. Powell i. Mattie Claudine

     5. Mary Francis S. 21 Mar 1868  (see letter to Mrs. Fleming)

     6. Roberta Ellen m.Henry Jones a.Hazel J.m. Andy Glouse i Helen ii.Andy Jr.

            iii Robert iv. Jerry

F. Tennessee White R. 12 June 1836 – 5 Oct 1879 m. Samuel Nance

     1. Sammy 2. William  3. Albert  m. Hattie Corbett  a. Oscar b. Eva  m. Bert Babcock

         i. ?daughter  c. Bessie m. Coleman Holt d. Ernest  m. ? Hertenstine  e. Lula  f. Ruby

     4. Lula Nance m. Joe Vaught  a. Clara V. m. Durwood Smith  (4 children ?)

         b. Lucy V. m. Robert Cunningham  i. Phebe ii Lula iii Robert iv Minnie v. Dorothy

         c. Maggie V. m. Ewin Wilborn  i. Annie  ii. Bettie. iii Ewin, Jr.

         d. Charile V. m. Julia Greer  i. Charlie Jr. ii Sarabeth

G. John Ralston 5 July 1838 – 18 June 1861

H. Lancendie (Len) Ralston m. Jasper Bray

     1. Thomas W. Bray m. Laura Carter

         a. Thomas W. Jr. m. Lanna Dozier  i Bettie Dozier B. ii Peggy Jane

         b. Minnie Clair B.  c. Mary Lue B.

     2. Minnie Jim Bray 18 Aug 1871

     3. William S. Bray m Annie Binkley a William Preston m. June 1934

          Mary Elizabeth Genter

I. Eleanor Ralston 6 Dec 1840 – 15 June 1841  


VII.  Samuel Ralston     b. 5 Mar. 1785       no information


VIII. John Ralston  13 Oct 1787-?   no information.  A John Ralston is found in early Memphis records and S.S Ralston writes about living there.


IX. George Ralston 10 Feb. 1790 Davidson Co. TN-6 Sept 1838 m. 1 Dec 1818 Elizabeth Steel Marshall 9 Nov 1796 Whites Creek, Davidson Co.- 5 Aug 1854 her  parents were Gilbert and Margaret Wilson Marshall.  George R. was a founding elder of Smyrna Presbyterian Church, organized 1820.

A.  James Harvey 23 Aug 1819-13 Feb 1883 m Sallie Hunter. [Rutherford Co. census 1850 lists James H. Ralston 31 born TN Mekin Sanders 21 born VA as a household. J.H.R ,J.H.R.Jr. & Icie B.R. buried Horton Cem., Marshall Co. TN]

   1. Bettie Florence  28 Sept 1868 m. Harvey V. Smith

   2. George Gilbert 7 Oct. 1870  a. Grady Gilbert  6 May 1895  m. Bettie Lee

        Lived at Spring Place near Cornersville, TN

        b. Bettie Lucile 29 Nov 1897-19 July 1899 c. Alma Kate 4 Aug 1900-17 Aug.’15

       d. Sallie Sue  8 July 1904  m. Theron Reed

            i. Joe Ralston Reed **  21 Mar 1926  Rt 3 Bx111, Petersburg, TN  37144

       e. Anna Margaret Ralston 27 May 1907 m. Ellis Finley  Lives in Lewisburg

           i. Bette Frances Finley22 Ap 1927-27 Ap 1927 ii. Billy Finley 29 Nov 1931

 3. Anna Kate Ralston18 Aug 1872 m. Albert C. Ealy  a. Sallie Forelle 16 July 1896 

       b. Dewey 1 May 1898  c. Dana 28 Jan ‘01 d. Albert Crawford Jr. 25 Aug’04

       e.  Florence Pauline31 Aug ‘08  f. Paul Shafuer 29 Sept ‘10 g. Bessie 19 Sept ‘12

 4. James Harvey Jr. 23 Jan 1877-4 April 1927 m. Icie Burgess22 Sept 1890- 16 Oct 1986

       a. Sarah Burt Ralston 7 Aug 1926

 B.   David Newton R.9 Dec 1820  Whites Creek-15 April 1885 m. 15 Sept 1842

        Isabella Albina McKnight 20 Dec.1824 - 2 Sept 1863  1. Elizabeth 1846-1854

 2.  Mary Metilda 1848-1883 m. John Foster

         a. Sarah Albina (Allie) m. H.C. Temple   i. Helen ii. Virginia  iii. John Foster

                            iv. Mary v. Harry vi. William  vii. Alice  viii. Walter

        b. Rufus (?) Foster m. Lora ____

              i. Jane m. J.T. Hall    ii.  Ruth m. Al O’Brien   iii. John   iv. Marjorie

        c. Mary Foster m. J.K. Parshall    i. Catherine  ii. John Foster Parsall

    3. Alexander McKnight R.4 Mar 1850-1902 m. Louisa Ransom  2/m. Josephine

          Bivins  28 Dec 1892  a.Ernest Neston 12 Nov 1880-25 May 1933 m Dec 1904

          Pauline Vandergrift adopted a son

       b. Lura Belle   c. William Robertson R 13 Feb 1894 m. 20 June ‘22  Faye Hopkins

            i. W.R., Jr. 18 Jan ‘24      ii Donald Ralston

       d. Anna 11 July 1895-14 Ap 1899 diptheria  e Alexander M. Jr.16 Dec 1898-l 8 Mar

           1899 diptheria      f. __________ m. July 1930 to Myrtle _____

      4.   George Clinton Ralston 1 Nov 1853-22 Aug 1930 m 31 Dec 1878  by Rev W.L.

           Rosser, Fannie Bell Mc Knight  25 April 1856-20 Mar 1937

       a. Lucinda 22 Sept 1879-17 Oct 1879       b. Albina 22 Sept 1879- 22 Sept 1879

       c. William Alexander 18 Dec 1880-1 June 1942 m. 28 Dec 1904 by Larkin E. Crouch

            to Mattie Cecilia Smith  25 Nov 1882

          i. Mary Francis 16 June ‘06 m 31 Dec ‘28 by Elder S.H.Hall to James Jackson

            (Jack) Walker 9 Feb ‘04  aa Mary Ann 16 Oct ‘29 m 16 June ‘51 Paul Nelson

            Handenrisch  25 June? bb. Betty 18 Feb ‘31 m John Curtis

           cc.Martha Sue 23 Feb ‘35 m. Roy Hutson

        ii. William Morton 27 Feb 1909 m. 9 Nov 1940 by Elder SH Hall to Clara L. Beate

      iii. Ernest Waddell 12 May ’11 m 15 June ‘40 to Mary Alice Tucker 14 Jan ‘19

        d. Charles Newton Ralston (Rev) 15 Dec 1882-? m. on 12 July 1919 by Rev. T.A.

           Patton to Lizzie Youree 29 Jan 1889.  C.N. Ralston was Presbyterian minister and

                    headmaster of a Presbyterian school at Purdy in McNairy Co., TN.

         e. Sallie Bell Ralston 14 Dec 1884 m. 19 Aug 1914 by Rev R.Q.Riley  to Samuel

             Harrison Hooper 25 Sept 1883-31 May ?

             i. Sarah Frances 4 Aug 1915 m. 20 Aug 1950 to Archie Erving Wax  24 Feb ?

            ii. Harry Ralston H 13 June ‘17 m. Jane Snide

           iii. George Alvin Hooper 18 Mar 1919 m. Donna Mary Wineland  28 July 1918

         f. Maggie Lou R. 31 Oct 1886-17 May 1973  (in Rutherford Co Nursing Home)

      5. Maggie m. ___Foster when her sister Mary died.

      6. Sarah Catherine (Sallie) 15 Jan 1858-‘40  m

             Nathan LaGrande New (Rev.) 1850-1924

           a. David Bird N. 22 Sept 1887 m. Florence Young  Aug 1889

              i. David James N. 21 Oct 1921 m. Lucille ?

              ii. Annie Catherine N. 30 Mar 1890 m. Edward L. Gibson (Rev) 4 Aug ?

                aa. Ruth Catherine  2 June ? m. Arnold Thomas  104 Greybark Lane, Greeneville, TN

                       .  Taught music at Tusculum College, Greeneville, TN  Taught Rachel R. 93-94

                bb William Edward 19 Sept 21 m. 9 May 45 by his father to

                      Julia Kristie 19 Sept 21

             iii. Ruth N. 27 Oct 1893  m. 14 Aug 1930  Clarence Victor (Bob) Goffinet

                 Aug 1896 

                 aa. adopted Don Robert 9 Mar 1937

             iv. John Ralston N. 1 Feb 1896 m. 1 Sept 1923 by his father to Frances Rodmann

                  19 Aug 1896–17 Aug 1951

               aa. Frances Kathryn N. 13 June 1925 bb. John Ralston N. 28 Sept 1935

 7. David Newton R. (Dave) 16 Feb 1860  m. Laura McBroom 29 Sept ?

       a. Mary Inez R. 21 Mar 1891 – 7 July 1909  b. Hall Clinton r. 14 Dec 1892 m.

          on 9 Nov 1922 Lola Porter  i. David R. 28 Sept 23 ii. Carol Jean R. 5 Jan 1926

        c. Alexander  4 Ap 1896 m. 28 Dec 1927 Velma Buchanan I. Betty Lou 27 Dec ‘29

        d. Gilbert R. 12 Sept 1898   e. Charles R. Nov 1901 – Jan 1902

        f. Marguerite R. 25 July 1903 g. Robert Enoch R. 13 Sept 1912 m Alice?

8. Willie Mae  1862-1863

C. Robert Lock 8 Mar 1822 Whites Creek-19 Jan 1895 m. 20 Dec 1848 Mary McEwin Stevens 20 Feb 1825 -3 June 1902.  Lived near Franklin TN

    1. Caroline Elizabeth 12 Oct 1849 -6 June  ? m. L. Knox Gillespie

         a. Craig b.Edgar c. Maud  d. Florence m. O.P. Wilson (i. Elizabeth) e.died as infant

         f. Mary

    2. George Cannon R. 24 Feb 1851 -15 Feb 1921 3. Eleanor 6 Aug 52

    4.Margaret McEwin 1Aug 1855–29 June’45

    5. Henry Stevens 18 June 1857 m Johnnie Waggoner 

   6. Robert Laplsey 12 Feb 1860-‘26 m. ?  a. Robert m. 1913 Blanche Montgomery 

      i. Blossom 1914  ii. Robert L.R. III 1918 iii. Don Linder ‘26

     b. Frank   m. ‘20 Annie Mae   Oberst

       i. Elizabeth Ann R.  ii. Frank George R. Jr. c. Louise R. m. James T. Rhea Dec 1933

     7. William Marshall R. 19 July 1863 – 29 Mar 1933

D. Alexander Hamilton R 17 June 23-17 Mar 69 m. ?Thompson.  Went to Arkansas. Died of cancer E. William Marshall R. 10 Feb1825 – 29 Aug1862 Lived in Corinth Miss. Killed in the war

F. John Clinton R. 17 May 1826 -25 Aug 1849

G. Mary Reid R. 16 Sept 1827 – 6 July 1902 m.26 May 1856 to Silas H. McKay 6 Mar.

    1807 d. 6 Sept 1884 (from Bowling Green Ky.)  lived in KY

    1. George 17 July 1859 – 20 Ap 1870  2. Sally Dean 7 July 1862 6 Sept 1862

    3. Bettie Kate 11 Mar1864–4 Ap’34 m. S.E.Swift

    4. Maggie Marshall 9 Aug 1866–16 Jan 1867

    5. Myra Gill  6 Jan 1868–23 July ‘26 m. P.L. Harned Nov. 1867 -? lived in Clarksville 

                      a. Mary Lee H. 21 May 1896 m. Maury E.Green

H. Gilbert Marshall 1829 -1867  9th Ark. Reg CSA

 I. Margaret Jane 1830-1904  m. __Newman  lived near Bethany Church, Giles Co. TN

 J. Martha Catherine 1832 – 1861m. __Lee  1. George Lee lived near Nashville

K. George Green R. 1833 – 1865   2nd Miss Reg. CSA buried Chester PA.

L. Infant born  dead       M. ***Sarah Ann    1836 –  3 June 1919 m. ___Smith 


X. WILLIAM RALSTON  25 Dec 1801 – 5 April 1870 William (Billie) Ralston, Cumberland Presbyterian minister m. Elizabeth Montgomery 30 Sept 1831.

  A. Mary.  B. Lizzie m. ? Kirkpatrick 1.Ella  2.Billie m. Harriett m. Wally 14 Nov 1933.

   C. William (Buck) D. Luther  E. Mandy F. John

William R.2/m Rhoda ?. He lived in Lebanon TN for a time and from census records it seems he then moved to Bedford C. and finally to Giles Co. 



Andrew Ralston (b. 1793 d. 24 Oct 1863) married Loveagh Wauchop, daughter of Samuel Wauchop of Goland, Ardstraw Parish County Tyrone.


I.   Robert 18 Sept 1821 PA- killed in  accident logging with oxen 1 Aug 1857) m 2 Jan 1845 Minerva Manier (11 Oct 1825-7 Sept 1888 Bk 3 pg 17 Williamson Co) Minerva’s 2/m Jim Hayes.

     1.William (Billy) 11 Sept 1847-3 Aug 1926 Farmed in Swamps

     2. Josephus (1849-1929) m. Martha Reid. Lived Manier place Hwy 99 where Manerva M.

           Ralston Hayes lived, then Jody Ralston, now Woodson

     3. David Jackson 28Dec1851-9Nov1891 4. Susannah Loveagh 15 Mar53-11 Aug 78

     5. Mary Catherine (Kitty) 6 Jan 1856 - ?


II. Catherine 18May 1824–3 Dec 1893 m 17 Jan 1850, Joe G. Reid 27 Sept 1827 -?

      1. Martha  21 Feb 1852-24 Oct 1895    2. Elizabeth 8 Dec 1855- 4 June 1858

      3. Mollie 27 July 1858–6 June 1884

      4. Elvira (Vide) 10 Aug 1860-m. R.O. Morgan Oct 25, 1856 -

          a. Martha Catherine 14 Nov 1896   b. Erie 15 Jan 1898–11 May 1972

          c. Eura 30 March 1901 -? 

          d. Richard Carter Morgan 18Oct 1903-19 Oct 1903  e. Ollie 18 Oct 1903 -(twins)


III. David Ralston 19 Dec 1830- 30 April 1913 m.18 Nov 1863 Mary S. Sutton 30 Sept 1834 – 13 July 1912 1.Henry (d. age 2) 2. Jonas (d. age 16)   3. Charlotte(Lottie) Loveage R. 31 July 1870-17 March 1953 m. Philip M. Fleming 10 May 186? –31 July 1933 

4. Alice 22 Mar 1874 – 17 June 1916 never married.

 Loveage Ralston died after 1846.  Andrew married Mary Ann (Polly) Woods 7 March 1850. (M.A.Woods mother was a Reid)


IV.  James Andrew (Jimmy) 2 Feb 1851-8 March 1937  [Aurora Ralston Powell 15 Feb 1889- Nov 1972 buried on Thanksgiving day.  Granddaughter of Andrew R.  Had chest Andrew brought from Ireland.  Lived at Chapel Hill, TN]


 V. Mary Elizabeth 7 Nov 1856–8 Sept 1935 VI. Nancy Lavina (Nannie)1859–15 Sept ‘45