Reverend E. T. Childress, M.D Obit

Unknown Cemetery 

Williamson Co. Tennessee

Submitted by Melanie/Glen McClain


The Reverend E. T. Childress, M.D., was born in Goochland County, Virginia, October 15, 1812, removed to Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1815; joined the Methodist Church at Douglas Camp Ground in Williamson County September 1828; was married to Miss Angelian Barnett December 19, 1844; graduated in medicine in March 1845, was ordained Deacon by Bishop Soule September 14, 1850, and was elected to Elders Orders in 1857, but owing to feeble health, was not ordained. From 1857 to the time of his death, he was a subject of deep affliction- a great part of the time not able to turn himself in the bed, yet he was patient and confiding.

On August10, 1875 he exchanged his suffering on earth for a crown in Heaven. Dr. Childress was a good man and true in all his relations- on of the best local preachers of our church; a faithful steward, a kind husband, tender father; an excellent physician, a good poet, a true friend- a man universally loved. Although he was for long times unable even to sit up, yet he was ever ready to give advice in matters of religion, and instruct those who were about him. He was ever willing to assist the pastors in preaching and visiting the poor and sick, while he was able. I never was acquainted with a better man than Dr. Childress. I think every preacher whose privileged it was to be associated with him will say the same. He leaves an afflicted wife and three children.

J. J. Comer