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The following Family Histories have been taken from the book by Sue Oden titled "Hold Us Not Boastful - History of Thompson's Station, TN." This biographical collection includes 86 histories of pioneer families of Thompson's Station and Southern Williamson County. The stories are about families who are proud of their roots and their place in history. We hope that you will be able to connect your roots with ours, and become part of us

If you are just beginning your search, this will be a good place to start.

Please note the following:

"The correctness of this biographical material cannot be guaranteed. It was obtained through interviews with family members, research they had done and my own research at the Williamson County Archives. Research in such detail is always subject to error. Everyone must validate the facts for their own use."

Individual Family Histories are found on the following pages:




Robert McLemore and Margarete O. (Peggy) Dabney were married in Williamson County June 8, 1812. They had six children: Robert Weakly McLemore who married Harriett S. Figures; Atkins Jefferson McLemore (1801-1849) who married Bethenia S. Dabney (1803-1857) on September 9, 1821, daughter of John Dabney, Sr. (1749-1831) and his second wife, Margaret (Peggy) Smith; John Dabney McLemore who married Elizabeth Marr; Bethenia Anne Green McLemore who married Segar (or Sugars) McLemore; Mary (Polly Minor) who married William O. Perkins; Margaret Smith (Peggy) McLemore who married General Fount de Graffeureio.

John Dabney was born May 3, 1749 in Albermerle County, Virginia. He was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War and lived in Prince Edward County from 1777 to the end of the war. He died March 11, 1831 in Williamson County.

Atkins Jefferson and Bethenia McLemore had nine children: Barbara Ann McLemore who married Thomas B. Bond, Margaret Williams McLemore who married John T. Word, Robert Anderson McLemore who married first Mary McEwen, second Anna Fleming Kinnard and third Rebecca Frierson; William S. McLemore who married Annie Louise Wharton, John Dabney McLemore who married Lucy A. (Lesey) Pope, Sydney S. McLemore who married Eunice Ann Hobbs, Bethenia J. McLemore who married William Bond, Elizabeth Minor McLemore who married James C.Alexander and Lemuel H. M. McLemore who married a Frierson from Maury County, Tennessee.

Atkins and Bethnia McLemore are buried in the Bond Cemetery in Thompson's Station on land which is now the Cameron Farms development.

Robert Anderson McLemore married three times: first to Mary H. McEwen, daughter of C. E. McEwen and the former Narcissia F. Newsom; second to Anna Fleming Kinnard, daughter of Claiborne Holmes and Elizabeth A. Fleming Kinnard; and third, to Rebecca Frierson.

Robert A. and Mary McEwen McLemore had five children, Jefferson, Narcissia, Dora (Mrs. John T. Kesterson), Maggie A. and R. Sallie McLemore.

Robert and Anna Fleming McLemore were married July 16, 1868 and had Mary McEwen (1870-1871) and Claiborne Kinnard McLemore (1872-1944).

Claiborne married twice, first to Patti DeGraffenreid (1883-1913) who died when her daughter, also named Patti, was born and second to Nellie Greene (1885-1975) of Dover, Tennessee. Four children were born to this marriage, Margaret Moore, Ann, Claiborne Kinnard, Jr. and Jeff. The only child who lived past childhood was Claiborne, Jr.

Claiborne Kinnard McLemore, Jr. married Margaret Elizabeth Mefford, daughter of William Archdeacon Mefford (1867-1954) and the former Margaret Elizabeth Hicks (1882-1967) May 28, 1946 in Thompson's Station. Margaret Hicks was from the Burwood Community. Children of this couple are Margaret Elizabeth McLemore who married Thomas K. Pritchett March 17, 1968 in Franklin and Claiborne Kinnard McLemore, III (b. 1955) who married Suzanne S. Grand November 14, 1987 in Nashville.


Andrew Conrad Mefford, an Englishman, and his wife, who was German, came to Maryland and Virginia from Frankfort, Germany. A son, George, was born to them on the ocean about 1757 while they were enroute to America. Andrew was a captain in the Revolutionary War. After the war he and his family lived in or near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

George Mefford was among the earliest pioneers at Limestone, Kentucky, settling there in 1785. In 1787 he built a story and a half log house at Maysville, Kentucky on the Ohio River. The Mefford home was constructed a good distance from the other settlers' cabins and became known as Mefford's Fort. It became a welcome refuge for the settlers when the Indians became troublesome. This cabin was saved from destruction when it was dismantled and rebuilt as a museum honoring the pioneer. "The Boathouse" as it is called, was constructed from the timbers of the boat on which he made his journey into the new land.

George Mefford married Malinda Masters July 27, 1779. When he died Ocoober 18, 1814, she married Ennis Duncan September 25, 1816.

The children of George and Malinda Mefford were Andrew (b. 1781), Ann (b. 1783), Samuel (b. 1785), John (b. 1787) who married Jane Blair, Nathan (b. 1790), Mary (b. 1792), Elizabeth (b. 1795), George (b. 1797), Sarah (b. 1799), Lydia (b. 1800), Thomas (b. 1803), Joshua (b. 1805) and Caleb (b. 1808). All of the records of this family can be found in Mason County, Kentucky

John Mefford (1787-1872) married the former Jane Blair August 12, 1817. After her death in 1839, he married Mrs. Nancy McMillon about 1840. John and Jane Mefford had seven children: Joseph Jackson who married Elizabeth T. Bell in 1838; Phoebe; Adaline who married Samuel H. Porter in 1841; Mary Jane who married John W. Purdum; Nathan who married Nannie, last name unknown; Robert Samuel who married first, Sarah J. Archdeacon and second Martha Drusilla (Patti) Tinsley; and Analiza.

Robert Samuel and Sarah J. Mefford were the parents of William Archdeacon (1867-1954) who married first Ida W. Allen and second Margaret Elizabeth Hicks of Burwood in 1912, daughter of George Hicks and the former Margaret Elizabeth Steel. Other children of this couple were Mays, Fleming, Margaret and Jim Mefford.

William Archdeacon Mefford is the Will A. Mefford who was postmaster for ten years at Thompson's Station and was partner with Billy Williams and Sam Aaron in the general store. Mr. Mefford's children by his first wife were John Archdeacon, James Blair, Lewis Reiner, Jennie Mae who married Frank Guinn, Charley Redman who married Aurora Givens, Tom Allen who married Ruth Ware and Sara.

Will Mefford's father sold his land in Kentucky and came to Williamson County, buying a farm off the Carter's Creek Pike where the family lived for many years.

Will and Ida Mefford moved to Thompson's Station where he purchased the old Tom Bond place of 200 acres. This house was used for wounded soldiers during the Battle of Thompson's Station. Here his wife and two of his children died. At the death of the youngest child, Sara, only a year old, was taken by Mrs. Mefford's mother. When the child was about four years old, she was taken to Virginia for a visit to relatives by her grandmother. She contracted typhoid fever and did not live to return home.

After the death of his first wife, Will Mefford married Margaret Elizabeth (Bessie) Hicks of Cayce Springs near Burwood. Children by this marriage were Joe Steele who married Sara Jane Gary in 1946, Ricard Lamen who married Mary Loveless in 1940, George Hicks who married Clera Brown and had George Stanley Mefford in 1951, Frank McCutchen who married Louise, last name unknown and Margaret Elizabeth who married C. K. McLemore, Jr. Besides rearing their four sons and a daughter they had with them a three year old grandson who said his "Sunday" name was William Richard and his everyday name was "Talking Pete", the latter being well deserved.

Will Mefford and his second family lived in the house which sits between the Church of Christ and the Methodist Church on West Thompson's Station Road. He was night watchman for the Federal Chemical Company, the plant being in sight of his home.


Murfree's Fork in Thompson's Station was named for Hardy Murfree who was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War and owned large tracts of land in North Caolina and middle and west Tennessee. Murfreesboro, North Carolina was named for his father and grandfather. Murfreesboro, Tennessee was named for Hardy Murfree because he owned so much land in that area and deeded three fourths of the land on which the town was originally laid out.

After the death of his wife, Colonel Hardy Murfree remained at his home in Murfreesboro, North Carolina for five years and in 1807 he moved from there to his plantation on Murfree's Fork in Thompson's Station. He died there April 6, 1809. Some of his children had come to the area much sooner than he.

A grandson of Hardy Murfree's wrote an account of his funeral saying: "He was buried grandly with Masonic honors on the "old Plantation". Hundreds attended the interment and Judge Felix Grundy of Nashville delivered an eloquent address. That burial was talked about for more than a quarter of a century afterwards - so grand and imposing the ceremonies; so great the number that witnessed it."

Hardee Murfree was the son of William and Mary Moore Murfree. Their marriage produced three sons and four daughters: Hardy (1752-1809) who married Sally Brickell on February 17, 1780, William, James, Sarah who married Sam Cryer, Patty who married Ben Banks, Betty who married Richard Andrews and Nancy who married Jonathan Roberts.

Hardy and Sally Brickell Murfree had ten children: William Hardy Murfree (1781-1827) who married Elizabeth Maney; Fanny Noaille Murfree (1783-1843) who married Squire David Dickinson; Mary Moore Murfree (1786-1848) who married Isaac Hilliard; Matthias Brickell Murfree (1788-1853) who married Mary Roberts; Rachiel Dickinson Murfree (1790-1794); Sally Hardy Murfree (1793-1857) who married Dr. James Maney; Lavinia Bembury Murfree (1795-1881) who married Colonel Frank Burton; Martha Long Ann Coakley Murfree (1801-1868) who married William Maney and two unnamed daughters who died at birth.



John Timothy (Tim) and Kay Robinson Neal are strong supporters of Thompson's Station. Tim is an alderman for the Town of Thompson's Station and a member of the Williamson County Rescue Squad. They are members of the Thompson's Station Church of Christ where Tim serves as an elder. They work at the fund raisers sponsored by the Community Association.

The Neals have two sons, John Christopher Neal, who married Kimberly Dawn Vandiver on September 28, 1991 in Maury County and Cammie Robin Neal. Chris and Kimberly Neal have two daughters, Taylor Christine Neal and Erin Robinson Neal.

Tim's parents are John Aaron Neal who was raised in Antioch and the former Mary Pewitt of the Forrest Home Community. Besides Tim, their other sons are Michael Neal and Patrick Neal. Two daughters, Donna and Carol Neal, died in an automobile accident years ago.

John Aaron Neal's parents were Jesse Lee Neal (1881-1965) and the former Mattie Epperson, daughter of Carson and Narcissa Epperson. Mary Pewitt's parents were Oscar and Laura Burns Pewitt.

Jessie Lee and Mattie Neal were the parents of the following children: Billy who married a Quirk; Richard Haze who married Maude Hill; Marvin Terry who married a Lane; Mary Anna who married Roy Giles; Lee Benton who married Willie Mae Roberson; Edna Mai who married Bill Wiley; George Wallace who married Lettie Gray; Clara Agnes who married Jack Blalock; James Alfred who married Anna B. Hesson; John Aaron who married Mary Pewitt; Nina Irene who married Thomas Warren; and, Novie Lillian who died young.

Jessie Lee was the son of John Henry Neal and the former Annie Elizabeth Farrar, who was born in 1854, a Flat Creek native. John H. Neal and his brother, Jim, were of Scots-Irish descent and settled near Arrington, Tennessee. The homeplace is known as the Leslie Waggoner farm.

John Henry and Annie Farrar were the parents of seven children, James S., Richard H., Beulah Benton, Jesse Lee, Herbert B., Joe Taylor and John Henry, Jr.

John Henry Neal died February 4, 1895, about a month before his youngest son was born. When he died the family was living in Nashville. His widow and some of the children bought a farm near Holt's Corner in Marshall County, Tennessee where she died about 1900.

Jesse Lee Neal purchased a farm from Grover Roberson and built a house there. He lived there 13 years, then sold out and moved to Antioch, Tennessee for three years, then moved to a farm on Carter's Creek. He moved from there to a farm owned by Dee Cathey at one time.

Jesse Lee Neal then purchased the Jim Fleming farm on Flat Creek Road in Williamson County, Tennessee. Here he raised his family and attended Ash Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the school at Lee's Corner.


John Neely was born prior to 1748 in Botetourt County, Virginia. He was the son of James and Jane Grymes Neely of Philadelphia and later Botetourt County, Virginia. He married first, Susanna Evans daughter of Daniel and Rhoda Griffith Evans after 1770 and possibly second, Jane (last name unknown). Their children were: James, who married Sarah Sanders; Rhoda, who married Zachariah Drake; Jane, who married James Neely; John H., who married first Susan H. Woodbridge and second Jennet A. Dobbins; William, who married Elizabeth Reid; Charles Lynch, born July 22, 1795 who married Sarah Elizabeth Wells; and Sophia, who never married and Elijah.

The family came to Williamson County in 1806 and by 1808 bought land from James Robertson and built the brick home known as " Hilltop Manor" on Sedberry Road.

John Neely died in 1818. He and his wife were buried in a rock-walled cemetery but no trace of the graveyard can now be found. The Neely land was sold by the heirs to John Fitzgerald.

In the book, Botetourt County, Virginia Revolutionary Claims, by Anne L. Worrell, the following list was found among old papers: "A list of claims returned by the Commissary provisions law, March 1782. "A list of certificates issued, and amount". The fourth name down the list was John Neely. He is listed in Captain James Neely's Company 1783, Botetourt County, Virginia.


William Thomas Nichols (1876-1942) married Lillie Belle Marlin (1875-1961) December 29, 1895. They were the parents of nine children: Julia Lorene Nichols (1897-1984), William Thomas Nichols, Jr. (1899-1976), Joe Greer Nichols (1901-1956), Fannie Lee Nichols (1903-1988), Malcolm Patterson Nichols (1908-1977), Sunshine Nichols (1910-1965), Annie Belle Nichols (1913-1983) and Mildred and Milton Nichols, twins (1915-1933 and 1996).

Joe Greer and his brother William Thomas (Tommy) operated the livestock barn in Spring Hill, Tennessee. They were in the process of building another livestock sale barn in Thompson's Station when Joe Greer died suddenly with a heart attack. That sale barn was completed and was run by Tommy and Mrs. Joe Greer (Virginia) Nichols) for many years. Joe Greer grew up in Thompson's Station and also operated a grocery store there.

Mr. Nichols married the former Martha Virginia Huff, daughter of Robert and Hattie Stovall Huff of Burwood on April 2, 1933. They raised their family of three children in Thompson's Station: Harold Dean Nichols (b. 1934) who married Dianne Boyd first and Jackie Weiland second, Joe Donald Nichols (b. 1941) who married Donna Bush first and Elizabeth Litterer second and Barbara Faye Nichols who married William Herbert Jones.

Mr. Nichols was a steward in the Thompson's Station Methodist Church, a member of the Williamson County Farm Bureau, a member of the Masonic Order and a Shriner.


Cumby Nevils was born in 1858 in Southall and died July 2, 1920. He is buried at Mt. Hope in Franklin. His parents were Henry and C. Nevils. Cumby married Sarah Reams and they were the parents of John Nevils, also of Southall, who married Delia Scruggs.

John and Delia Nevils were the parents of Malcolm Howard Nevils of Thompson's Station who married Anna Mai Lockridge. The children of this couple were: Willie B. who married Philamenia Dixon, Malcolm Howard Jr. who married Mattie Morton, James Willard who married Robby Morton, John Edward who married Patricia Curry, Robert Lee who married Beverly Williams, Delia Ann who married George Belcher, Mary Louise who married Edward Heath, Margaret Elizabeth who married a Curry and Booker C. who died young.

Malcolm Howard Nevils, Jr. was born January 2, 1941 and married Mattie Morton born June 17, 1943. Mattie is the daughter of William and Maggie Johnson Morton of Nolensville.

Malcolm and Mattie Nevils have the following children: Sharon Ann, Janet Marie, Janice Renee and Malcolm Howard, III.

The Nevils are faithful supporters of the Connection Hill Primitive Baptist Church.



Solomon Oden (1785-1860) and his wife, the former Mildred Ann Athy (1792-1855), daughter of Hezekiah and Elizabeth Athey of Prince Georges County, Maryland were married in Loudoun County, Virginia July 5,1809. They had one son, William, born in 1812, before coming to Williamson County, Tennessee in 1813.

Solomon bought land three miles north of Franklin on the waters of the Harpeth River. This was in the Forest Home area near the Thomas Hardin Perkins house, "Meeting of the Waters". Solomon named one of his sons Thomas Hardin Oden, possibly after his friend and neighbor.

Solomon and Milly Oden had eight other children after William, who married Martha A. E. Davis. A grandson of William's was Dr. Edward Madison Oden who practiced medicine in the Bethesda community. Edward's parents were William Thomas Oden and the former Louisa Chriesman.

The other children of Solomon and Milly Oden were: Albert (1814-1849) who married Mary J. (last name unknown); Solomon, Jr. (1816-1860) who married first, Letitia Cowen and second Mary Fitts; Catherine Oden (1820-1886) who married Arthur Brown; Sarah W. (Sallie) Oden (1822-1865) who married first, Wilkins Denton and second, George Fitzgerald; Martha Oden (1823-before 1860) who married an O'Neal; Thomas Hardin Oden (1824-1887) who married Rebecca Hardaway Reams; Dr. Hezekiah Oden (1826-1863) who married Venturia A. Reams (daughter of and John E. Oden (1829-1863) who married Elizabeth F. Reams, daughter of Robert Reams and Mary Farrow Womack.

To confuse the family researcher, there were three Thomas H. Odens at the same time. The first was Thomas Hardin Oden (son of Solomon Oden, the ancestors) and his son Thomas Hardin Oden, Jr. who married Anne L. Carmack January 15, 1884. Then there was Thomas Hardeman Oden (son of Solomon Oden, Jr.). Without detailed research, it is difficult to distinguish each one.

Solomon Oden, the ancestor, had one son and three grandsons in the Civil War. His son, John E. Oden, was in Company A of Holman's Cavalry and died near Spring Hill in May of 1863. One grandson, Hezekiah A. Oden, son of William Oden, was in Company C of Barteau's 22nd Tennessee Cavalry. The second grandson, Thomas Hardeman Oden (son of Solomon Oden, Jr.) was in Company B of Barteau's 22nd Tennessee Cavalry. The third grandson, Albert B. Oden (also a son of Solomon Oden, Jr.), was in Company C of Barteau's 22nd Tennessee Cavalry. Albert B. Oden's Civil War records are filed under Albert B. "Odom".

Thomas Hardin Oden inherited land in Brentwood where Sara and Jim Wall live next to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church on Franklin Road. He and Rebecca had nine children: Dr. Solomon Fletcher Oden (1848-1942) who married Mary Sophronia Oden (1855-1934), his first cousin and daughter of John E. and Elizabeth Reams Oden; Elizabeth F. (Betty or Bessie) Oden (b. 1850) who married Charles Davis; Rebecca Anna Oden (1852-1926) who married Herbert L. Flippen; Mary McKindre Oden (b. 1854) who married Cabell Reeves Berry; Thomas Hardin Oden, Jr. (b. 1855) who married Anne L. Carmack; Julia R. (Lula) Oden (b. 1858) who married Charles Thomas Cook; Robert Ella Oden, a daughter, (1859-1860); Felix Hill Oden (1861-1921) who married P. Ella Wall; and, Robert E. Lee Oden (1864-1865).

Thomas Hardin Oden was one of the founders of Brentwood Methodist Church and donated land for the first church building on Harpeth Turnpike, later a part of Wilson Pike and still later, Frierson Street.

The eldest of Thomas Oden's children, Dr. Solomon F. and Mary Sophronia Oden had eight children: Dr. Thomas Ellsworth Oden who married Eva Grady; Buist Core Oden who died young; Lewis Hardeman Oden who married Ora Riggins; Rebecca May Oden who married Charles Andrew Howell, Sr.; Dr. John Wesley Oden who married Martha C. Grady; Solomon Oden, Jr. who died young; Robert Edward Lee Oden who married first, Katie McTigue Lanier and second Ethelwyn Davis; and Marion Francis Oden, Sr. who married Edith Massenburg, daughter of Henry Clay and Florence Bales Massenburg.

Marion Francis Oden, Sr. (1895-1974) married Edith Massenburg and had Marion F. Oden, Jr., Robert Harry Oden and John M. Oden, Sr.

In 1840 Solomon Oden bought a large, log home from James Hadley and eventually owned 640 acres where the present Riverbend Nursery is located on Thompson's Station Road, West.

The first Oden who came to America was William Odeon (the second "o" being dropped from the name at a later date) who left Ireland and came with two children, Ellen and Richard. Richard left a will in Beaufort County, North Carolina in 1708 naming his sons, William, Richard, John, Asa and Charles. Between this generation and Solomon Oden the lineage becomes confusing because of the inability to locate Solomon's parents. The marriage book in Loudoun County, Virginia containing the years of Solomon's marriage has been lost, consequently the names of his parents were lost with it.

The Athy surname originated in France in the late 12th century. The surname was taken to England in the early 13th century and into eastern Ireland in the late 13th century. George Athy, the progenitor of the family was found in St. Mary's County, Maryland in 1668. In 1696 part of St. Mary's County was formed into Prince Georges County where Mildred Ann Athy was born.

The Athy family was of French Huguenot origins and possibly the Oden family, also. The early spelling of the Oden name as "Odeon" and the fact that neighboring family groups often immigrated together point to this conclusion.


Mabel Claire Ogilvie was a resident of Thompson's Station for many years. She was the daughter of Rufus Riggs Ogilvie (1876-1953) and the former Minnie Pearl Jackson, daughter of Frances Vandervort and Henry Jackson. Rufus and Minnie Ogilvie lived on Buckner Road on the old Robert Kittrell place. They had another child, Rufus Riggs Ogilvie, Jr.

Rufus Riggs Ogilvie was the son of Overton Smith and Mary Clark Ogilvie who had six other children: Alfred Ogilvie, Cora Ogilvie, Alice Ogilvie, Lee Ogilvie, Henry Ogilvie and Eugene Ogilvie. Typhoid fever struck in the home and several of these children did not survive.

Alfred Ogilvie, son of Rufus Riggs Ogilvie, owned a stagecoach line which ran from Chapel Hill, Tennessee to Nashville and another, which ran from Nashville to Ashland City, Tennessee. Alfred married Lula Williams.

Overton Smith Ogilvie was the oldest son of Alfred S. Ogilvie and Mira Marzee Riggs Ogilvie (1816-1896). Marzee was the daughter of Gideon and Mary Reynolds Riggs. The children of Alfred and Marzee Ogilvie were: Frances Ogilvie who married Thomas B. Holt; Overton Smith Ogilvie who married Mary Clark; Sara Kinnard Ogilvie who married first, a Mr. Hatcher and second, William T. Price; Rufus Ogilvie who married Mary Chrisman; and, Alice Ogilvie who married Jim McLean. Mabel Claire Ogilvie was born in Nashville, Tennessee on March 13, 1904. She married Paul Barry Jones on May 10, 1920 but they were divorced and Mabel resumed her maiden name. Her two children, Paul Barry and Guilford Lee were adopted by their grandfather, Rufus Riggs Ogilvie.

Paul Barry Ogilvie (1921-1994) was a graduate of Battle Ground Academy and Vanderbilt University. He served in the U. S. Army from 1942 until 1946. He was the founder and president of the First Franklin Federal Savings & Loan. He was not married.

Guilford Lee Ogilvie was born November 15, 1923. He served with the U. S. Marines from 1941 until 1946. He married Hazel Dykes and had a daughter, Carolyn. Carolyn Ogilvie married Charles E. Savage. After Hazel and Guilford divorced, he married Margaret Hudson, daughter of George Calvin Hudson. Margaret died September 22, 1958 in Dublin, Ireland and is buried in Memphis, Tennessee. Guilford had three children with Margaret: Linda Cecilia Ogilvie, Charles Hudson Ogilvie and David George Ogilvie.

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