Wayne County, Tennessee

Last Updated 29 December 2005

On Sunday, 2 December 1990, the Wayne County Historical Society honored all the veterans of World War I. As part of the program, surviving veterans and the families of deceased veterans were asked to submit to the Society a biography of the veteran and his activities during the war.

Originally the Society had planned to place a bound copy of the biographies in the Wayne County Public Library. This will be done; but it was decided that the wealth of material submitted should also be published in the Wayne County Historian.

The biographies published here have all been previously published in the Wayne County Historian, and are the only biographies submitted. Please check the index for a complete list of known World War I Veterans from Wayne County. If anyone has additional information on any of the soldiers listed here, or if any anyone has the names of additional veterans, we welcome the submission of that information for inclusion on these pages. Information may be sent to Edgar D. Byler, III, at edby3@netease.net, or may be mailed to Wayne County Historical Society, P.O. Box 866, Waynesboro, TN 38485-0866.

The biographies are arranged alphabetically. You can browse all the biographies by clicking on the letter links below, or you may choose a specific biography by checking the index. Please be aware that some of the pages may be slow to load due to the number of photographs published.

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