JACKSON, Lester Oliver, serial number 2873278, born 24 March 1896, served in World War One in the U.S. Army as a Private in Company M, 4th Regt. and was honorably discharged 28 Dec 1918, at Camp Gordon, GA. His discharge papers list him as 5 feet 7˝ inches, blue eyes, brown hair, dark complexion. Lester married Gertie May STAGGS on 7 April 1918 in Wayne County, Tennessee. Gertie May STAGGS was the daughter of Matthew Hiram STAGGS and Nancy Elizabeth STAGGS. Matthew Hiram STAGGS was born in 1876, the son of Gideon L. STAGGS and Nancy R. E. MURPHY. Matthew married Nancy Elizabeth on 13 May 1901 and he was struck by lightning and died a short time after on 8 Aug 1910. He is buried in Rich STAGGS Grass Lot Cemetery. He and his wife Nancy Elizabeth STAGGS had four children, Gertie May, born 15 Sep 1902, Coleman, born 1903, d. 1903; Delcie, born 1906, died 19 Oct 1908; and Pearl, born 1 March 1910. Nancy Elizabeth STAGGS was the daughter of Henry L. STAGGS and Emmaline BREWER.

Lester Oliver JacksonLester Oliver JACKSON and Gertie May STAGGS had the following children: Esther Earline JACKSON, b. 13 Nov 1919, married Grady Willard BREWER 29 June 1939; Nona Monie JACKSON, b. 21 Feb 1922, married John C. BREWER 10 Aug 1940; Betty Carlie JACKSON, b. 7 Aug 1924, married Elmer Levoy BLAIR 20 Sep 1942; Chester Alvin JACKSON, b. 27 March 1927, married Pamela CAMERON 10 Nov 1952; Ima Doris JACKSON, b. 22 March 1930, married Robbie FRAZIER 27 April 1946, Robbie died later and Ima married 2) Rolland Hugh COFFEY, Jr., on 4 Nov 1969; Delcie Ann JACKSON, b. 12 July 1933, married Donald McKINNEY 15 Sep 1953; Velcie Jane JACKSON, b. 12 July 1933, d. 24 Dec 1933; Junior Landon JACKSON, b. 16 Sep 1936, married Betty May ODLE, 18 May 1963; Leggy Lucille JACKSON, b. 28 Feb 1939, married Willard McWILLIAMS 23 Sep 1961, d. 16 Jan 1993; Vivian Douglas Franklin JACKSON, b. 13 April 1941, married Patrica Odle DICKEY 25 March 1967, d. 16 July 1976; Dinah Lynn JACKSON, b. 27 Aug 1946, married Jack VANDYGRIFF, 11 Jan 1965.

Lester Oliver JACKSON, died 16 Sep 1979 in Nashville, Tennessee and is buried next to his wife, Gertie, in the Walnut Grove Cemetery, Wayne County, Tennessee.

Lester Oliver JACKSON was the son of William James "Boise" JACKSON and Mandy Jane HUNT. He was the grandson of William J. JACKSON [whose photograph in Confederate uniform appears on the front cover of this issue - editor] and Jane SURRATT. Lester was the great-grandson of Andrew JACKSON and Frances STAGGS. Submitted by Garry BREWER, P.O. Box 2025, Grand Junction, CO. 81502.

[Another biography of Lester Oliver JACKSON was also submitted and is published below.]

JACKSON, Lester O. born 24 March 1896, d. 16 Sep 1978, son of William James "Boice" JACKSON and Manda Jane HUNT. Siblings were Loveck Meredith JACKSON, died at age 17; Sallie Jane JACKSON married Hasen BREWER; William Andrew "Bill" JACKSON, married Ethel YORK; Lillian JACKSON, died when a baby; Hershall May JACKSON, married Gracie BRYANT; Ruschell Clay JACKSON (twin to Hershall May) , married Mary HASKIN; Zula Ann JACKSON, married Clifford MARTIN; Albert TAYLOR JACKSON, married Susie SKELTON. Lester O. JACKSON was the fifth child of ten born to "Boice" and "Mandy" JACKSON. He was raised in Wayne County, Tennessee in the Mt. Hope Community.

Lester JACKSON was married to Gertie Mae STAGGS daughter of Matthew and Lizzie STAGGS STAGGS on 7 April 1918 at Allens Creek. They had eleven children. They lived at Allens Creek, Dog Creek and at Wrigley, Tennessee where he worked at the Furnace. He worked at the Iron Ore Factory at Allens Creek. All this was during the first few years of raising their family. Later on they lived at Mt. Hope on Green River near Waynesboro. They made two trips to California in the '50's and worked several years on several chicken ranches, later returning to Tennessee to live in the Topsy Community for a while and finally settling back down at Mt. Hope. There they finished raising their younger children. They attended the Mt. Hope Methodist Church and were baptized in the early 1960's by Bro. LANCASTER at the Mt. Hope bridge and became members of the Mt. Hope Methodist Church. They loved their family and their friends and neighbors. They loved to make a garden and share with them. Lester O. was a person who loved to hunt, trap, fish and farm. His favorite was groundhog hunting. He had great respect for the leaders of our country. He always kept up with current world affairs and the American Legion. He loved our flag and what it stood for. He loved his fellow man, his family. He was a good man.

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John Carl JohnsonJOHNSON, John Carl, born 29 Aug 1892, d. 24 July 1947, service number 3496721. John Carl JOHNSON was born in Wayne County, Tennessee on 29 Aug 1892. His parents were Anderson "Tip" JOHNSON and Sarah Elizabeth "Lina" GREESON. He had two brothers: Alvin and Morris; and two sisters: Elizabeth "Bess" and Jewel.

John Carl JOHNSON entered active duty in the US Army on 25 June 1918. While serving at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, GA, he received an injury during training. He also had the flu and was hospitalized. While he was in Capt Gordon Hospital he had a visitor from Wayne County. Nora BERRY, who was later to become his wife, rode the train from Florence, AL to visit him. He was released from service with an honorable discharge on 6 Dec 1918.

On 13 July 1919, Carl JOHNSON and Nora BERRY were married under a weeping willow tree at the home of Rev. Joseph HOLT at Cypress Inn, Tennessee. Nora was the daughter of James E. and Essa DAVIS BERRY of Lutts. Two daughters, Mauvelene and Patsy, were born to this union.

In the early 1920's, he attended the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa for two years. He studied cabinet making and woodworking.

In the mid to late 20's he worked for Chevrolet Motor Company in Flint, Michigan. This job was lost with the depression. In September 1930, he moved his family to Florence, Alabama.

In the early 30's, he suffered a nearly fatal heart attack. In spite of the heart condition, which eventually took his life, he worked at any job he could to support his family. During those depression years he worked many different jobs including civil service in Washington, DC. He was also proud to be a Union Carpenter with the Muscle Shoals Building Trades Council.

On November 21, 1937, he and Nora, Mauvelene and Patsy moved to Wayne County. They bought a farm in Cypress Inn. He heart condition prevented him from actually farming but he rented the land out. They both worked very hard to have a comfortable home and a living. He was very proud to see both his daughters graduate from Collinwood High School.

It was in that farm home, in his own bed, that another heart attack took his life. He died 24 July 1947, when he was only 54 years old. He was buried in McGlamery Cemetery, Collinwood, Tennessee. The Waynesboro Post of the American Legion honored him with full military burial. He was very proud to be a member of that Post and a veteran of World War I.

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Jacobus F. JonesJONES, Jacobus F., born 31 Jan 1897, Clifton, TN, son of Joseph Allen and Betty Jo HELTON JONES. After discharge from service he lived in Kansas City, MO. By his first wife, Minnie, he had three children: Junion, Virginia and Ray. He drove a city bus in Kansas City until retirement.

He and his second wife, Florence, spent their winters in McAllen, Texas. He died about 1976 in Kansas City. MO.

His siblings were John Allen JONES, 1891-1964; Marshall Abner JONES, 25 Nov 1892 - 13 Feb 1972; William "Bill" Alfred JONES, 1894-1977; and Nellie Mae JONES, 1896-1922. Submitted by his niece, Mrs. Nelle Jones BERRY.

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Marshall Abner JonesJONES, Marshall Abner, born 25 Nov 1892, Clifton, Tennessee, son of Joseph Allen and Betty Jo HELTON JONES, grandson of Allen and Sarah E. AUSBIN JONES and John D. and Sarah E. BLEVINS HELTON, great-grandson of Allen and Martha JONES and John Richard and Nancy BUIE HELTON.

He enlisted in the US Navy on 8 July 1917 at Jackson, Tennessee, was inducted at Nashville, TN and served aboard the USS Gulfport. Spent some time in Cuba, France, and was discharged aboard the USS Buford on 27 Aug 1919. His mother, sister, several aunts and cousins died in the T. B. epidemic in the early 1920's. Thinking it was healthier, he moved from Clifton to a country farm. He farmed and was a carpenter by trade.

He married on 31 Dec 1919 Flora Mae COPELAND, the daughter of James D. and Leona STEELE COPELAND. To them were born six children:

1. Joseph Warren JONES, b. 1 Nov 1920, d. 5 Jan 1975
2. Nellie Mae JONES, b. 23 Sep 1922
3. Jimmy Juanita JONES, b. 17 Nov 1924
4. Vada Elizabeth JONES, b. 27 Oct 1926
5. Ova Jean JONES, b. 31 Dec 1929
6. Marshall Copeland JONES, b. 23 July 1932, d. 23 Oct 1983.

Marshall A. JONES died 13 Feb 1972 and is buried at Lutts, Tennessee. Flora Mae COPELAND JONES died 23 Jan 1983 and is also buried at Lutts.

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KEETON, Flake, born Aug 1894, d. 1965, buried Buchanan Cemetery, Mt. Hope Community, Wayne Co., TN. He was the son of John F. (Jan 1850 - 3 Sep 1918) and Mary E. KEETON (20 July 1859-Sep 1944). His siblings were Mildred KEETON, b. Jan 1883, married Joe WILSON; Florida P. KEETON, b. March 1889, married Mr. BUCHANAN; Oscar KEETON, b. July 1878, d. 1956, m. Clara MAX, (1884-1946); Charles KEETON, b. May 1892; Harry KEETON; and Bruce KEETON. No other information available.

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KEETON, Lannie, was born on Sweetwater Creek in Wayne County, Tennessee on 19 July 1894. His parents, Newton J. and Dora Jane COPELAND KEETON were hard working, God fearing folk and made their living farming. Later his Lannie Keetonparents bought a farm in the Mt. Hope Community where they built a home and resided the remainder of their lives.

Lannie enlisted in the Army on 26 June 1918 and was assigned to Co. B, 161 Infantry at Camp Zackary Taylor, Kentucky. His training concentrated on protecting the machine gunner. There were ten men in his company who received this specialized training. Soon after completion of training, his company was sent to France. The day before he was to engage in battle, he became ill with mumps and was quarantined in the infirmary. When he recovered the war was over. He attributed his life to the timing of his illness, as the other nine men did not survive the battle.

Soon afterward he returned to the United States and was honorably discharged on 1 March 1919 at Camp Zackary Taylor, Kentucky with excellent character and good physical condition.

Prior to his marriage, Lannie bought a house and farm adjoining his parents in Mt.Hope Community. On 23 December 1923, he married Mary Lula MORGAN, the daughter of John and Gertrude MORGAN. They were the parents of six children: Charles Cleemon who died at the age of eleven months; Dora Nadine; Marshall; Marcella; N. J. and Lannie, Jr.

In April 1935, Lannie encountered misfortune while upgrading the family cemetery. He was trying to complete the concrete work when he lifted too much sand and was seriously injured, resulting in an aneurysm of the aorta. He miraculously lived for 34 years in this condition but was unable to operate the farm.

Lannie was a devout Christian, devoted father and family oriented. He greatly influenced the lives of his children, encouraging a good education and high moral standards.

Lannie died on 14 Aug 1969 after a long illness. He was buried in the Keeton Cemetery in the Mt. Hope Community.

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KEETON, Robert, born July 1892, son of John T., (b. Jan 1850) and Mary E. (July 1859 - 1944) KEETON. His siblings were Mildred KEETON, b. Jan 1883, married Joe WILSON; Florida P., KEETON, b. March 1889, married Mr. BUCHANAN and lived in Giles Co., TN; Oscar KEETON, b. July 1878, d. 1956, married Clara and had two children: Luree and Townsend[?]; Charlie KEETON, b. May 1881; Flake KEETON (see sketch above); Harry KEETON, who married Aileen DICKEY; Walter KEETON, Oct 1896-1987; and Bruce KEETON.

Quoting Robert's niece, Mary WILSON, daughter of Mildred and Joe, as she had heard her Grandma KEETON say often "I'd go OVER THERE to fight any time rather than have them fight on OUR soil; they did not respect the women and children - were very cruel to them.

Robert never saw anyone he knew over there until the Germans surrendered. Rob and his company were pulling out of Germany when a jeep [sic] passed by with someone waving and yelling "Bob, Bob!"; it was Bob Pointer from Waynesboro who recognized KEETON."

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KEETON, Robert Cecil, service number 748582, Pvt. Co. F, 3rd Am Trn. Enlisted 1 Aug 1917 at Ft. Oglethorpe, GA, honorable discharge 3 Sep 1919, Camp Gordon, GA. Per discharge, soldier was born at Waynesboro, TN and was 25 and 10/12 years old at discharge, had blue eyes, light brown hair, fair complexion and was 5' 10˝" in height. Served in the Chateau Marne Defensive from July 15-18, 1918, Assue Morne Offensive July 18 - Aug 6 1918, Mikill Offensive from Sep 12 - 16 1918 and the Muse Argonne Offensive from 9-26 to 11-11 1918.

Soldier was born 3 Oct 1891 in Wayne County, Tennessee the son of Newton J. KEETON (9 Dec 1864-26 June 1931) and Dora Jane COPELAND (30 Dec 1872 - 4 July 1951). Soldier married Izora Treadwell and had two children: Norma and Robert Cecil KEETON, Jr.

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KILBURN, Chester, born Dec 1895, Wayne County, Tennessee, son of Carroll and Lydia Jane COPELAND KILBURN. He married on 7 April 1918, to Emma BERRY, daughter of James E. and Essa Amanda DAVIS BERRY. They lived for a time in Wayne County, Tennessee farming and working in the lumber industry. Later they moved to Flint, Michigan where Chester was employed at Chevrolet and Emma worked at Fisher Body Div. They had sex children: James Carroll KILBURN 1920-1983, Chester Leon KILBURN born 22 Dec 1921; Edgar Berry KILBURN, born 16 Dec 1923; Freddie L. KILBURN, 10 Sep 1926 - 6 July 1928; Richard Boyd KILBURN and Donna Jean KILBURN.

After retirement they moved back to Wayne County, Tennessee but were unhappy since most of their family was still in Michigan. They returned to their old home in Michigan and both died there.

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LAKEY, James H. was born November 1889, son of William M. and Amanda LAKEY. His siblings were Edward H. LAKEY, b. Feb 1891; John N. LAKEY, b. Oct 1893; Willis B. LAKEY, born Aug 1895; Jessie M. LAKEY, b. Nov 1897; and Mary L. LAKEY, b. Nov. 1899. No other information available.

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LAWSON, DeWitt Talmadge, Co. C, First Field Sig. BN, American Expeditionary Forces. The following letter was printed in the "Wayne Countian" in 1918.

"Dear Father and Folks at Home:

"This leaves me happy and well everything just going fine. I am very sorry because I have delayed in writing so long but have been impossible to write without beaucop trouble in getting our letters mailed.

"Well, dad, we are near the German line now taking a few days' rest. We came through Belgium which was held by the Germans and also near through Luxemburg. The people sure are glad to see us. In all towns they meet us with a hand and say, "Welcome to our country."

"It won't be very long until we will look upon the Rhine, and then on our way home. You can bet on me being with you by spring if nothing happens.

"Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I won't have the dinner like I had last year in New Jersey with my girl. We will have corn bill or slum, not much better for Christmas, but I will make it up when I come back. I will have to have to some time when I get back for I have been through so much hardship, I have went without food and sleep, have slept in the mud night after night while the shrapnel is flying through the air. Well I am proud I am through with it safe. I begun with the first and stayed with it unto the last hour. I was near the last shell that come over from the Hun. Will tell you all about it when I get back.

"That was too bad about Mr MENTON, but there is a time we all have to go.

"Trusting this will find you well will close, Your son,

DeWitt Talmage LAWSON
Co. C, First Field Sig. Bn. A.E.F.
Biegelback, Luxemburg, Nov 27, 1918."

Submitted by Ancil Balentine, Collinwood, TN.

Obituary from the Wayne County News, Wednesday, 12 May 1999
Funeral services for Dewitt Talmadge (D. T.) Lawson, 103 of Seminole County, OK were conducted Tuesday, Mary 2 [1999] at Stout Funeral Home Chapel with Claude Bohannon officiating. Burial followed in Oakwood Cemetery. / Mt. Lawson died Friday, February 26 [1999]. He was a native of Waynesboro, a son of the late John and Kate (King) Lawson. He worked as a rural mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service for many years before his retirement. He served in the U.S. Army with the Signal Corp., 2nd Division during World War I and served with teh 45th Division during World War II. He was he last World War I veteran in Seminole County. He was a first cousin to the late Waymon Skillern and Lorene Caudle of Collinwood.  / Survivors include two daughters, Betty Barb of Midland, TX and Pamela A. Lawson of the home; four grandchildren; eleven great-grandchildren and three great-great-granadchildren. He also has several other cousins in Wayne County.

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LAY, Harvey, born March 1890, 4th Civil District, Wayne Co., TN. son of Frank M. (b. June 1865) and Mathey (b. Dec 1867) LAY. Siblings: Frederick LAY, b. May 1892; Parker LAY, b. Oct 1895; Dewey LAY, (1899-1964). Inducted into service at Waynesboro, Tennessee.

Additional information submitted by Mrs. Margaret Freemon

Harvey Lucas Lay, born March 15, 1889, 4th Civil District, Wayne County, Tennessee, Son of Franklin M. Lay (1865-1929) and Martha Harriet (Mattie) (1867-1925) Siblings: Fredrick 1893-1930, Parker 1895-1926, Dewey 1899-1964, Cordelia Elizabeth (Lizzie) 1904-1939 and Rhoda Katherine 1909.

Married first Etna McClain (1891-1914) December 14, 1912 in Wayne County Tennessee. She died in childbirth. Married second Alice Greer sometime in 1920. Harvey died August 18, 1966 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and is buried in the Milton Cemetery in Milton Tennessee. Harvey had no children.

He as a farmer and severed on the Jury sometime in the 1950’s in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. He was a Constable of Lawrence County, Tennessee, as remembered by niece Josephine Freemon Clifton and nephew Bobby Freemon.

Also remember by Murray Marston of Leoma, Tenn., who said some folks call Harvey Lay “Two Gun Lay” for he carried two guns.

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LAY, Frederick "Fred", born May 1892, Wayne Co., TN., d. 27 May 1930, buried Ray Cemetery, Wayne Co., TN., brother to Harvey LAY above. Inducted into the US Army at Waynesboro, TN.

Additional information submitted by Mrs. Margaret Freemon

Fredrick Lay, born May 19, 1892, Wayne County, Tennessee, son of Franklin M Lay (1865-1929) and Martha Harriet (Mattie) Griggs Lay (1867-1925) brother of Harvey, Parker, Dewey, Lizzie, and Rhoda Lay.

Married Cynthia Ella Moser. Their children were Marvin 1920, Aileen 1922, Marshall 1923-1939,Virigil 1925-1982, Buford 1926 and Earlene 1929.

Fred died in Memphis, Tennessee at the VA. Hospital He was there nine days. He died of Pellagra (a nutritional disorder) with Psychosis (a severe mental disorder). Also listed on this death certificate is C-none, Pvt.Co S. Dev. Bn. SPB&W. Fred died May 27, 1930.

Fred is buried in the Ray Cemetery in Wayne County, Tennessee.

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LAY, William John "Johnnie", born 11 May 1891, Wayne Co., TN, died 17 Oct 1918 in France. He was the son of John Sampson "Sam" LAY and Sarah Alice DIXON. Johnnie's siblings were Martha Lona LAY, b. 30 Jan 1893, married James E. COPELAND; Walter Edmund LAY, b. 10 Oct 1894, married Rachel MERRIMAN; Carrie Elizabeth LAY, b. 14 Aug, 1900, married W. Mack BREWER; Roxey Ethel LAY, b. 27 Sep 1903, married first to Robert FAGAN, second to James SHELTON, third to J. Paul KIMBRELL; and Lillie Elender LAY, b. 30 July 1906, who married Roy Calvin BREWER. Service information not available.

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Clifford LeeLEE, Cliford, service number 186478, Private, Company H, 128th Infantry. Born Allens Creek, Tennessee and was 21 years old at enlistment and a farmer. Enlisted 2 Oct 1917, Waynesboro, TN. Described with brown eyes, light hair, fair complexion and was five feet, 10 inches in height. Discharged at Camp Zachary Taylor, KY on the 28th of February 1919. Was a member of the American Expeditionary Force from 6 April 1918 until 23 Nov 1918, having served in the Chateau Thierry Campaign.

Cliford LEE was the son of Henry and Martha Jane CREECY LEE. He was born December 29, 1895 at Allens Creek in Wayne County, TN. He had four brothers: Cullie, Homer, Hobert and Arthur; two sisters: Delia and Ida; and a foster sister, Artie KEETON. He was farmer and was married to Rosie RAY. They were expecting their first child when he received his call to go to the army. He was inducted on October 2, 1917 at the age of 21.

On April 6, 1918, Cliford entered the trench warfare in France at Chateau Thierry as a member of the A. E. F. He was engaged there until November 23, 1918. During this time, he suffered almost unbelievable hardships and dangers. He was reluctant to discuss this time, especially before his children. He said it was too awful to recall. But occasionally he did describe some of the events. One of his daughters and a cousin listened in as much as they could. Some of these accounts recalled follow.

At one time, he spent six weeks in a trench without changing clothes. His socks were stuck to his feet. The trenches would fill with water and human waste. Dead bodies could not be removed immediately and the odor was strangling at time. Once, after firing had stopped and it was quiet, his buddy decided to peep out of the trench and he was shot immediately. His body could not be removed for four days. Cliford helmet was grazed. Trucks would unload food, which was hard tack or black biscuits, on the ground. The soldiers would have to wait for a time to go to the pile, and many times they were molded. They were so hard that Cliford front teeth were worn off from gnawing on them. As they had a chance, they would wade through the dead bodies, removing their identification tags and driving them between the teeth so as many of the bodies as possible could be identified later.

Poison gas was introduced during the time Cliford was over there and he was gassed. When he returned his hair was soon white and he suffered a type of seizure as a result for the rest of his life.

After peace was signed, he was sent back to Camp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky where he was honorably discharged on February 28, 1919, receiving a bonus of $60. His discharge states this his character was excellent.

He returned to his family in Wayne County, where his baby son, Clyde, who was born soon after he left, was afraid of him for a time. He and Rosie settled down on Fishtrap to a life of farming and raising a family of thirteen children. There were five boys, Clyde, Barney Ray, James Edward, Marshall and Frank; and eight girls, Lillie Mae, Bertha, Mamie, Kathryn, Dello, Rachel, Pauline and Mattie Marie. As of today, November 29, 1990, only seven survive. They are Bertha, Mamie, Kathryn, Dello, Rachel, Mattie Marie and Frank.

Cliford died on April 1, 1892 at the age of eighty-six and was buried at Fishtrap Cemetery. Rosie died on March 7, 1989 and was buried beside him.

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LEE, Henery, service number 3490999, Private, Co. M, 101 Infantry, US Army. enlisted at Waynesboro, Tennessee 10 June 1918, served in the American Expeditionary Forces from 30 July 1918 to 24 May 1919, was discharged at Fort Oglethorpe Georgia on 10 June 1919. He was described as having brown eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5'11" tall and a farmer at the time he entered service.

Henery LEE was born in Wayne County, Tennessee on 20 March 1894 the son of Solon E. LEE (27 June 1854 Henery Lee- 18 Sep 1928) and Bettie Elizabeth RIGSBEE, who was born in Texas on 16 Aug 1857 and died 14 June 1922. Both parents are buried at Bethlehem Cemetery, Wayne Co., Tennessee. Solon E. LEE was the son of Captain Henry Newton Lee (Co. A, 10th Tennessee Infantry, USV, Civil War) and Polly Ann MORRISON.

Henery LEE's siblings were Eulis LEE, James A. "Jim" LEE, Benton LEE, Collie LEE KILBURN, Roxie LEE SMITH, and Minnie LEE FRANKLIN.

Henery married Bethel HILL on 2 December 1917. She was born 24 Feb 1892 in Wayne Co., Tennessee. They were the parents of eight children, three of whom died as infants. Children: Lillie Lucille, Velma Lurlean, Lillis Oneida, James Lawrence, and Rubby Lois.

Henery Lee died 31 Dec 1967 and was buried at McGlamery Cemetery, Collinwood, Tennessee.

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LINDSEY, Robert Allison, was born at Martins Mills, Wayne County, Tennessee on 15 August 1887, the second son of Jeremiah Elliott LINDSEY and Sarah Elizabeth MacMILLAN. He was educated in the schools of Wayne County, and by 1915 had begun his career as a merchant in Leighton, Alabama.

Mr. LINDSEY was inducted into the US Army on 3 October 1918, at Chicago, Illinois, and was honorably discharged from the Sub-Medical Supply Depot on 9 March 1919, having reached the rank of corporal.

Returning to Leighton to resume his work in retail merchandising, Mr. LINDSEY met and married Edith Hopkins JONES of Leighton. Three children were born to this union: Robert Allison, Jr.; Gaynelle (both deceased) and Barbara Ann LINDSEY RODGERS, surviving, now of Florence, Alabama and Lexington, Kentucky.

In the early 20's Mr. LINDSEY and his family moved to Texas, the Rio Grande Valley, and the town of Donna, where he and his brother, Hugh LINDSEY, operated a men's clothing store and a citrus fruit grove. Around 1930, however, ill health from a service-connected condition forced Mr. LINDSEY to give up his business and enter a veteran's hospital at Legion, Texas, where he remained until his transfer to the veteran's hospital at Heinz, Illinois where he died February 1940. He is buried at the city cemetery, Sheffield, AL in the Veterans Circle.

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Pleas LineberryLINEBERRY, Pleas, was born on 20 April 1896 in the Little Beech Creek area of Wayne County, Tennessee. His parents were Jeff David (J.D.) and Mary Elizabeth HOWELL LINEBERRY. Pleas was one of seven children: five boys and two girls. Three of the boys served in World War I: Jasper Newt was in the medical corps and spent his time in various hospitals in the states. William H. and Pleas went "Across the waters" and fought in the trench warfare until the war ended at the 11th hour on the 11th day in the 11th month, 1918.

Pleas married Bertha May PIGG in April 1923. They had five sons: John Ralph, b. June 1924; Jeff David (named after his grandfather) in Feb 1927; twins Ray and Rex, born on 21 Oct 1932; and J. R. born 15 Nov 1937.

Three of their sons served in the army, all on active duty at the same time, between 1951 and 1952. Jeff spent seven-and-a-half years, most of it on occupation duty in Germany. He attained the rank of corporal. Ray had a tour of duty in Korea in 1952-53 with the famous 2nd Infantry Division, the same unit that his father served with during World War I. Ray was discharged as a Sergeant. The third son, Rex, spent 22 years in the army with two tours in Korea, two years in West Germany, and two one-year tours of duty in Vietnam. Rex retired in 1973 as a Master Sergeant.

Pleas had two things in common with Hitler: they were both in World War I; and they were born on 20 April. He used to get teased about this.

To carry on the LINEBERRY Military tradition, Mr. Pleas has two grandsons on active duty now [1991]. Terry Lynn LINEBERRY, son of Ray and Frankie LINEBERRY, is a Master Sergeant on duty with the Air Force in London, England; and Sergeant Rex LINEBERRY, son of Rex,William H. Lineberry is on duty in Fort Erwin, California. Rex Jr is married to a WAC from Kansas.

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LINEBERRY, William H. "Buck", born 10 Aug 1893, d. 20 Sep 1979, buried at White Oak Cemetery, Perry Co.,Tennessee. He was a brother to Pleas LINEBERRY above. Served as a private in France during World War I. No other information.

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LITTLETON, Jasper J., born 4 July 1893, d. 25 Nov 1969, buried Railroad Cemetery, Wayne County, Tennessee. No other information available.

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LONG, Ralph "Newt", was born 9 February 1896 on Forty Eight Mile Creek. He was the son of Sylvester LONG, born April 1865 and Emily KEETON, who was born 7 Oct 1866, and died 1946, buried Keeton Cemetery. His siblings were Louis T., b. April 1893, William D., b. Jan 1898; Taylor, born 11 April 1893, d. 2 Nov 1967, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Waynesboro, TN.; Ada LONG FLIPPO; and Pearl LONG KOLTHOFF.

He was inducted in 1918 and discharged in 1918. He served as a cook in the Officer's Mess in Arkansas. He married Martha Ann IRVIN on 26 Dec 1920. They had three children: Robert Garland LONG, deceased; Grover Curtis LONG; and Nadine LONG. Newt LONG died in Wayne County Nursing Home, Waynesboro, Tennessee on 20 April 1985.

Mr. LONG had five grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Grover's children are Ann MULFORD and Kaye SMITH of Jacksonville, FL; and Peggy MILLS of Oregon.

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LOYD, George Washington, service number 544939W, Enlisted 16 Aug 1912, Fort Thomas KY, Served in the following organizations: Co. H, 9 Inf until 1 June 1917; Co. H, 48th Inf, from June 1917 - Aug 1917; Co. H, 9th Inf, from Aug 1917 - Sep 1917; and Co. K, 30th Inf, from Sep 1917 - Nov 1917. Served with the 30th Inf. from Nov 1917 until discharge. Honorably discharged 12 Aug 1920

George Washington LOYD was born 30 June 1879 at Briceville, Tennessee; died 3 March 1963 at Waynesboro, Tennessee, buried Shields Cemetery. He was the son of William James "Bill"LOYD, born Clifton, TN on 17 Feb 1854, d. 27 Nov 1928, buried Shields Cem.; and Harriet Amanda IRWIN, born 22 July 1854, probably Briceville, TN; died 5 Feb 1950, Waynesboro, TN, buried Shields Cemetery. William James LOYD and Harriet Amanda IRWIN were married 20 Nov 1873. After the birth of the second child in 1876, they moved to Briceville, TN and remained there until after George's birth in 1879. Later in 1879 or 1880 they returned to Waynesboro to make their home. All their children except George, were born in Waynesboro. Loyd Street was named in honor of George's father.

William James and Harriet Amanda IRWIN LOYD had the following children:

1. Frances, born 9 Sep 1874, d. 9 Nov 1942, married Robert SMITH.
2. Dehlia, born 26 April 1876, d. 18 Oct 1964, Florence, AL, married John ALEXANDER.
3. George Washington, b. 30 June 1879
4. Lou, born 18 July 1881, d. 28 Dec 1910, buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, married Bruce KEETON.
5. Albert, b. 18 Jan 1884, d. 3 March 1920, unmarried.
6. Arthur , b. 12 Oct 1886, d. 8 Sep 1903 of typhoid fever.
7. Nora Bell, b. 5 Nov 1890, d. 19 Nov 1983, buried Gallaher Cemetery, married Dolph GALLAHER.

George's first marriage was to Tennie BECKHAM of Lawrenceburg about 1900. After a year of marriage, Tennie and their newborn son died from complications of childbirth. No reference has been located as to where they were buried. They were probably buried together in Lawrence County.

George's second marriage was to Dehlia SMITH on 26 Sep 1902. Six children were born to them:

1. Marvin LOYD, b. 19 July 1903, died, buried Shields Cem.
2. Lera Mae LOYD, b. 21 Aug 1904, married George ROAT, buried Shields Cem.
3. Hardy Norvel LOYD, b. 12 Dec 1907, d. 31 Oct 1980, buried Lawrence Memorial Gardens.
4. Melva Laura LOYD, b. 16 Sep 1911, buried Shields Cemetery.
5. Hubert Byron LOYD, b. 4 June 1906
6. Lou Mae LOYD, b. 4 July 1913, d. 24 Sep 1990, Toledo, Ohio, married George ELLWOOD.

Hubert LOYD is the only surviving child of this marriage and resides at Wayne Care Nursing Home [1991]. Dehlia LOYD, died in 1918 and is buried at Shields Cemetery.

Annie Lee and George W. LoydGeorge's third marriage was to Annie LEE of Olive Hill, TN on 20 Aug 1922. Annie was born 8 Sep 1895 and died 11 May 1951, buried at Shields Cemetery.

George's fourth marriage was to Mary TREADWELL HASSELL on 28 June 1951. She was born 9 July 1898 and died 13 Jan 1987, buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Immediate survivors of George W. LOYD are a son Hubert LOYD; three grandsons: William LOYD of Santa Fe, TN; Larry LOYD of Lawrenceburg, TN; and Loyd ELLWOOD of Toledo, OH; a daughter-in-law, Reva LOYD, Lawrenceburg, TN; eight great-grandchildren; 2 nieces: Alice BROWN and Alma MELSON of Waynesboro, TN; two nephews: Lonnie GALLAHER of Savannah, TN and Roy GALLAHER of Columbia, TN.

This material was compiled by Alma G. MELSON of Waynesboro, Tennessee

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LYNN, Ray F., born 18 Dec 1889, died 11 March 1919, buried Shields Cemetery, Wayne County, Tennessee. Son of Isaac I. LYNN, 1866-1949 and Mary E. _____ 1864-1944. No other information submitted.

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