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Submitted by Imogene PARSLEY

These Bible records are taken from the W.P.A. Transcripts made by Mrs. Jennie COLE JONES in 1936 and 1937. The original transcripts are in the McCLUNG Collection, Lawson-McGhee Library, Knoxville, TN. These transcripts are presented as typed by Mrs. Jennie JONES. No attempt has been made to verify the listings.

NOTICE: The Bible records appearing on the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Bible Records Transcripts were transcribed in 1936 by Miss Jenny Jones. No effort has been made to verify the information presented on these pages. They are transcripts from the typed information prepared as part of the WPA Records Project. The information appearing on the Original Bible Records Page should also be checked where possible against the original as it is possible that errors occurred in the transciption of these records. Always verify, where possible, with the original.

This is not a complete list as of 19 May 2000. More will be added later.

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Owned by Mrs. R. H. BLACK, Waynesboro, Tennessee.

Copied by Jennie C. JONES, Waynesboro, Tenn., February 8, 1937.

R. A. HAGGARD born March 2, 1860; married November 29, 1883; died January 29, 1934.
Annie C. HAGGARD (wife) born March 3, 1864, married November 29, 1883; died September 12, 1926.
Sallie Naomi HAGGARD born November 26, 1884
Edith HAGGARD born September 23, 1886
Robert Roy HAGGARD born November 23, 1889, married June 25, (1919)
Harry Halcomb HAGGARD born August 12, 1894, died October 22, 1900
Annie Lucille HAGGARD born October 23, 1921, died June 18, 1926

Grandchildren of R. A. HAGGARD
Caroline BLACK born February 15, _____
Edith H. MORROW born February 2, 1919
Richard H. BLACK born September 28, 1921
Robert Henry PASCHAL born November 7, 1922
Jean MORROW born February 26, 1923
Robert Ray HAGGARD, Jr. born _____

R. A. HAGGARD and Annie C. NORMAN Solemnized at Waynesboro, Tennessee November 29, 1883 by R. S. WALKER, M. G. Witnesses Mahulda SIMS C. L. NORMAN



Bible Record of Merida MORRISON, Wayne County, Waynesboro, Tennessee.
Copied by Jennie C. JONES, Waynesboro, Tennessee Oct. 5, 1896

Merida MORRISON, born Feby 13th 1827.
Lydia H. HARDIN MORRISON born May 20, 1820.
Margaret A. MORRISON born Dec. 17th 1847.
William D. MORRISON born Feb 11th 1850.
Mary Ann MORRISON born April 11th 1853.
Nancy Jane MORRISON born Dec 17th 1861.
John F. MORRISON born July 14th 1861.
James M. MORRISON born April 7th 1868.
Martha A. MORRISON born Nov. 21, 1855
Sefina E. MORRISON born Jan 17th 1859. Died Jan 27, 1934.



Present owner - C. L. NORMAN, Waynesboro, Tennessee
Copied by Jennie C. JONES, Waynesboro, Tennessee October 7, 1936.

William Martin NORMAN, Born in Lawrence County, Tenn. Aug. 6, 1827. Came to Wayne County in 1871.
Married Sarah J. McLEAN, who was born June 17, 1834.

Eight children were born to this union.
Mary Frances NORMAN, Born Feb. 8, 1853.
Samantha Jane NORMAN, Born July 17, 1855.
Charles Lafayette NORMAN, Born July 10, 1857.
Martha Elizabeth NORMAN, Born Sept. 18, 1859.
William Alexander NORMAN, Born Jan. 18, 1862.
Ameliza Caroline NORMAN, Born Mar. 3, 1864.
Sarah Josephine NORMAN, Born Feb. 22, 1870.
Franklin Harvey NORMAN, Born Dec. 5, 1871.



Owned by Miss Addie DEVERS, Waynesboro, Tennessee.
Copied by Mrs. Jennie C. JONES, Waynesboro, Tenn., August 17, 1937.

Redding REEVES was born February the 6, 1807
Jane REEVES was born October 17, 1812
Senea REEVES was born September 10, 1830
David REEVES was born August 18, 1832
Jonathan J. REEVES was born July 26, 1834
Caroline REEVES was born Aprial the 18 , 1836
Rebecca REEVES was born August the 8, 1838
Redding Fain REEVES was born July 25, 1843
Mary Jane REEVES was born August 11, 1848
Louiza Katherine REEVES was born June 17, 1850
V. M. REEVES was born January 28, 1852

Caroline CHURCHWELL was married to W. J. JOHNS on the ___ of Jan. 1870
Louiza K. REEVES was married to ___ L. JOHNS
_____ REEVES was married to ______ on 3rd day of Sept. _____
Senea REEVES was married to Louis HENSLEY, 15 of December 1853
Caroline REEVES was married to Brown CHURCHWELL 28th day of Nov. 1860
(Mr. CHURCHWELL killed during the Civil War) Confederate Soldier
Rebecca REEVES was marred to Seth DABBS on the 20 day of August _____
H. B. REEVES was married to A. DOWNEY on the 12 of ___ 1869

Mary Jane REEVES died _____ 1857
Caroline JOHNS died the 7th day _____1876
A_____ V. REEVES was born May 1857
Rebecca E. M. L. REEVES daughter of David REEVES, orn April 11, 1859 (mother of Addie DEVERS)
Sarah A. REEVES born February 15, _____
David E. REEVES born August 23, 1866
Lana M. was born January 5, ____
J. M. REEVES was born August 18, 1874
Thomas Jones REEVES born October 24, 1876

[secord page of the transcript]
Caroline CHURCHWELL had a son named Luther CHURCHWELL. Luther CHURCHWELL married twice the second time to a RASBERRY. He then moved to Texas.
Rebecca REEVES was married to Bryan DEVERS December 29, 1881
Bryan DEVERS died Janaury 1, 1936
Rebecca DEVERS died April 8, 1937
They were the parents of seven children



Owned by Mrs. Florence Julia MERRIMAN
Copied by Mrs. Jennie C. JONES, Waynesboro, Tenn., September 9, 1937.

T. J. WHITBY was bornd December the 20, 1854
C. H. WHITBY was bornd February the 14, 1854
Frank WHITBY was bornd October the 24, 1877
Charles G. WHITBY was bornd August the 20, 1879
Harry C. WHITBY was bornd June the 15, 1881
Florence Julia WHITBY was bornd october 6th, 1883
Willie C. WHITBY was bornd July 12, 1885
Walter B. WHITBY was bornd May 23, 1889
Mary Ednai WHITBY was born August the 26, 1891 Anna Laura WHITBY was born February 12, 1896

Charles G. WHITBY died July the 6, 1880
Charlotte Eugene WHITBY died July 30, 1915
T. J. WHITBY died January 14, 1932
Willie C. WHITBY died October 21, 1921

This certifies that the rites of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between T. J. WHITBY of Franklin and Eugene FLOYD of Lewis Co. on the 6th day of April, 1875 at the home of the Brides F- by J. W. STOCKARD, J.P.

David H. MERRIMAN and Flora WHITBY wee married September 9, 1900
Pauline MERRIMAN was born March 4, 1902
Tom Harris MERRIMAN was born February 21, 1904
Louella MERRIMAN was born May 20, 1907
Floyd S. MERRIMAN was born October 20, 1913
Florine MERRIMAN was born February 1, 1921

Ralph W. BOYD and Pauline MERRIMAN were married January 1st 1920



Present owner Arthur CATON, Waynesboro, Tennessee.
Copied by Jennie C. JONES, Waynesboro, Tenn., May 14, 1937.

Daniel Spencer CATON, born July 23, 1849
Mary Ann CATON, born August 19, 1850
William Thomas CATON, born September 26, 1872
Charlie Nathan CATON, born March 9, 1876
Arthur B. CATON, born October 19, 1877
Minnie Mollessie CATON, born June 2, 1879
Emily Loo Mittie CATON, born June 29, 1881
Alice CATON, born November 29, 1883
Joseph Louis CATON, born November 3, 1885
Lonnie Welch CATON, born January 12, 1892

Daniel Spencer CATON, died December 9, 1911
Mary Ann CATON, died March 14, 1917
William Thomas CATON, died _______
Minnie Mollissie CATON, died September 2, 1882
Emily Lou Mittie CATON, died ______

Emily CATON, born Oct. 18, 1825 - died Jan 31, 1884
Drury CATON was born Nov. 13, 1826 - died Sept. 13, 1892

Infant son died February 21st 1875

D. S. CATON of Wayne Co., Tenn. and Mary Ann PHILLIPS, Wayne Co. Tenn. were married December 23rd, 1869 by Rev. Geo. E. HUCKABA. Witness - Joe MORRIS, Rhoda PITTS.

W. T. CATON and S. E. RAY were married December 29, 1892
Arthur B. CATON and Laura E. OLD married August 29, 1897
C. N. CATON and Ella WALKER were married December 25, 1907
W. A. HELTON and Mittie E. CATON were married June 15, 1902
Tom MERRIMAN and Alice CATON were married December 28, 1904

Tom MERRIMAN died June 19, 1905



Owned by Mrs. Mary Frank TAYLOR
Copied by Mrs. Jennie C. JONES, Waynesboro, Tenn. September 9, 1937

John H. COLE was born May 17th 1834

Nancy Adaline LINN born May 29, 1838

John H. COLE was married to Nancy A. LINN December 11th, 1860, by John L. CYPERT, M.G.

Viola Almedea COLE was born October 1st 1861
Jasper Edgar COLE was born January 17th 1863
John L. COLE was born December 17th 1865
Henry Linn COLE was born July 10th 1867
Martha Virginia COLE (Jennie) was born December 21st 1868
George Hubert COLE was born March 25th 1870
Sarah Jane COLE was born July 1st 1871
Francis Joseph COLE was born February 8th, 1873
Nancy Temperance COLE was born April 23rd, 1875
William Bennett COLE was born June 16th 1876
Wallace Addison COLE was born March 13th, 1878
Mary Frank COLE was born July 11, 1879

John L. COLE died December 22nd, 1865, aged 5 days
Henry Linn COLE died October 18th 1868, aged one year, 3 months & 8 days
George Hubert COLE died August 13th 1870
Sarah Jane COLE died March 20th, 1872
Nancy Temperance COLE died August 28th, 1875
William Bennett COLE died August 5th, 1876
Francis Joseph COLE died Sept. 22nd, 1876
Wallace Addison COLE died Sept. the ____ 1878
John H. COLE died August 7th 1903
Nancy A. COLE died September 5, 1917
Jasper Edgar COLE died March 5, 1930

James H. TAYLOR was married to Mary F. COLE, February 11th, 1900

James Hayes TAYLOR was born Decembr 13, 1876
Jessie Adaline TAYLOR was born November 28, 1900
Virginia Love TAYLOR was born March 12th, 1902
James Cole TAYLOR was born August 21st, 1910
Herbert McKIBBON was -- August 25, 1899

[second page of transcript]
Herbert McKIBBON was married to Addie TAYLOR January 6, 1921
France Hill McKIBBON was born October 28, 1922
Herbert Taylor McKIBBON was born December 16, 1924

Harrie G. CORN was married to Virginia Love TAYLOR November 22nd 1927

Harry G. CORN was born November 22nd, 1894

John W. JONES was married to Jennie (COLE) JONES November 13, 1895 by Rev. J. C. ROBERTS, Pastor of the Methodist Church (South) Waynesboro, Tenn. Witnesses Laura C. SMITH & E. H. TURMAN

John W. JONES died August 7, 1923



Owned by Thomas Shields CYPERT, Waynesboro, Tennessee.
Copied by Mrs. Jennie C. JONES, Waynesboro, Tennessee, 1937.

This certified that I. N. CYPERT and V. I. SHIELDS were united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at J. T. SHIELDS on the 19, day of September in the year of our Lord 1882. In presence of the family. //s// George STOCKARD.

I. N. CYPERT born March 15, 1848
I. V. CYPERT born November 26, 1852
Ella Dandridge CYPERT born July 28, 1873
Ovah Mack CYPERT born July 18, 1875
Mary Edna CYPERT born July 25, 1880
Carrie Meek CYPERT born October 31, 1881
Tom Shields CYPERT born June 30, 1883
Ralph Newton CYPERT born February 26, 1887
Vera Virginia CYPERT born November 28, 1892

Mary Enda CYPERT died October 14, 1880
Virginia I. CYPERT died August 28, 1899

I. N. CYPERT died December 3, 1936

Tom Shields CYPERT was married to Jennie Bell BROOKS Wednesday December 10, 1924.
An infant son was born to them on September 8, 1926 - died
Virginia Bell Cypert born November 28, 1936.



Owned by Mrs. Temp ALLEY, great-granddaughter, Waynesboro, Tennessee
Copied by Mrs. Jennie C. JONES, Waynesboro, Tenn, June 9, 1937

George LINN was born 14th February 1802 in Gilford Co., NC
Temperance LINN was born 20th March 1803 in Virginia

Andrew LINN was born 9th November 1825 in Bedford Co. Tenn
Polly Ann LINN was born 26th April 1807[should be 1827] in Wayne Co. Tenn
William S. LINN was born 10th January 1829 in Wayne County, Tenn.
Elizabeth J. LINN was born 25th October 1830 in Wayne County, Tenn.
John C. LINN was born 6th June 1832 in Wayne County, Tenn.
Francis LINN was born 20th May 1834 in Wayne County, Tenn.
Leathy LUNN was born 13th April 1836 in Wayne County, Tenn.
Nancy A. LINN was born 29th May 1838 in Wayne County, Tenn.
James Henry LINN was born 16th August 1840 in Wayne County, Tenn.
Sarah Wade LINN was born 16th January 1842 in Wayne County, Tenn.
Tamer Katherine LINN was born 19th October 1846 in Wayne County, Tenn.
Temperance Leathy RUTLEDGE was born January 1st 1872

This certifies that the Rites of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between George LINN of Gilford Couty North Carolina and Temperance KIRWIN of Gilford County North Carolina on 26th September 1824 at Wm. ALBRIGHT, Chatham Co. N.C. by William ALBRIGHT a Justice of the Peace within and in said County & State. Witness Levi BROWN Witness _______WOOD.

Andrew LINN was married to Charity ARNETT on the 6th day March 1855 in Wayne County, Tennessee.
Polly Ann LINN was married to John HINKLE on the 18th day of April 1850 Wayne County,Tennessee
William S. LINN was married to Mary J. BECKHAM on ____day _____1856 in Izard County, Arkansas
Elizabeth J. LINN was married to John C. RUTLEDGE on the 16th day of February 1870 in Wayne County, Tennessee.
John C. LINN was married to Martha A. BUNDRANT on the ____day of _____, 186_ in Wayne County, Tennessee
Frances LINN was married to George W. WALKER on the 18th day of May 1858 in Wayne County, Tennessee
Nancy A. LINN was married to John H. COLE on the 11th day of December 1860 in Wayne County, Tennessee
Tamer Katherine LINN was married to George W. BUNDRANT on the 25th day of January 1860 in Wayne County, Tennessee
Andrew LINN was married the second time to Elizabeth STRIBLING on the ___day ____186_ Wayne County, Tennessee

George LINN died April 27th 1872 in Wayne County, Tennessee
Temperance LINN died August 15, 1875
Polly Ann LINN died June 21st 1893
Elizabeth J. LINN died December 12th 1908
John C. LINN died August 20th 1890
Nancy Adaline LINN died September 5, 1916
James Henry LINN died ____day of January 1841 in Wayne County, Tenn.
Tamer Catherine BUNDRANT died April 30th 1872