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These Union Pension Abstracts are taken from copies of the actual pension applications on file at the National Archives, Washington, DC. Copies of these pension records may be had by ordering them from the General Reference Branch (NNRG-P), National Archives and Records Administration, 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20408. NATF Form 80 must be used to order copies of pension, service and bounty land records. These forms may be ordered from the National Archives and Records Administration. This site has additional information on records availability.


AYLER, Anthony

BATTLES, Hartwell



BERRY, Henry

BERRY, William Alderson

BOYD, Eli T.


BREWER, George M.

BREWER, George W.

BREWER, James H.

BREWER, John Robert

BREWER, Josiah

BREWER, Richard M.


BROMLEY, Jasper P.

BROWN, Reuben G.

BROWN, William H.

BUTLER, Patrick Henry

CASH, Henry J. (C.?) "Pony"

CASH, Merritt C.


CODY, John B.

COOPER, Newton


CROMWELL, Henry Hill


CYPERT, Thomas J.


DAVIS, James Jackson

DAVIS, Joseph Noah

DAVIS, William B.

DAVIS, William H.

DEFOE, John W/M.




FOWLER, Lorenzo D.

FRANKS, William



GIST, James

GIST, Levi

GOBBLE, James D. F.

GORDON, David P.


HALE, Bennett

HALE, Granville M.

HALFORD, William

HAM, John Dickerson

HAMM, Capt. Henry D.

HARDIN, James Nathaniel

HARPER, Robert

HAYES, Benjamin


HELTON, George Tucker


HENSLEY, Presley W.

HILL, Ambros

HILL, James H.

HILL, James M.

HOLLIS, James M.

HOLT, Ambrose

HOLT, Austin M.

HOLT, John

HOLT, Joseph

HOLT, William



JOHNSON, Zachariah T.

JORDAN, Robert H. (alias Robert H. JOURDIN)


KELLEY, John Wesley

KELLY, Samuel S.

KIMBRO, William W.  


LEE, Henry Newton

LUKER, William James

MARTIN, Benjamin

MARTIN, Benjamin

MARTIN, Samuel H.

McFALL, Daniel N.

McFALL, James

McFALL, James M.

McFALL, Joshua M.


MELTON, Aaron G. (Gip)

MEWBORN, Francis J.

MEWBORN, John Pinkey



MOORE, James M.

MURPHY, Eul [Ewell] Sanford

MURPHY, Sylvester

MURRY, Silas

NEWBORN, Carlisle C.


PIERCE, William, alias William PEARCE

RAY, Thomas S.

RICH, William F.


ROBERTS, Andrew J.



SCOTT, James I.

SHANDS, William M. (Matterson)

SHIPMAN, Charles W.

SHUTT, William T.

SIMS, Robert H. C.

SMOTHERMAN, James W. (Washington)


STAGGS, Willis D.



SWEANEY, William M.

TACKETT, Joseph W.

TEAS, Francis Marion, alias Francis M. TEES

THROGMORTON, John Culpepper


WADE, Andrew J.


WALLACE, George W.

WEBB, James J.

WHITE, George Henderson

WHITE, Samuel


WILBANKS, William Henry

WORTHEN, Isaiah, alias Isaiah WORTHING

BRATCHER, JOHN B. Pvt. Co. B, 2nd Tenn. Mtd. Inf. USA. Enlisted 15 Oct 1863, disch. 17 Oct 1864, Nashville, TN. Soldier was 60 years old in 1883, 5'6", dark complexion, black hair and gray eyes. Soldier died 8 Apr 1892, Weatherford, TX. Married Polly Caroline STULTZ 29 Nov 1839, near Waynesboro, TN. In 1883 soldier resided 10 miles northeast of Weatherford, TX. Pension #475615, dtd. 1885. No children listed in files, but had 8 children.G.H.PILAND and C.M.MORRIS witnessed application on 7 Feb 1883. John W.MORGAN and John FREEMAN, both of Austin, Parker Co., TX witnessed application for accrued pension in May 1892. Affidavits by L.H. STEVENSON, 45, Austin, Parker Co., TX 27 Nov 1894, W.A.MORGAN, 52, family physician, Adel, parker Co., TX 5 Jan 1893, Geo. H.BRATCHER, Johnston Co., TX 10 Oct 1885 "compatriot"; Elijah H.BRATCHER, 5 Oct 1885, Parker Co.,TX, "compatriot" "waited on BRATCHER for 3 weeks after injury". Letter in file from John BRATCHER dtd. 16 Feb 1885 to pension office "lived in Wain Co. TN; in the fall of 1865, I moved to Hardin Co., TN; in the year 1879, I moved to Jackson, Madison Co., TN; in the fall of 1879 or 1880. I moved to Parker Co., TX and have remained. People remembered from unit: LT Elias THRASHER, CPT MARTIN "died in the spring"; Francis M. HOLLY [HOLLIS], G.H.BRATCHER, CPT. CYPERS or CIPERS of Co. A, 2 Tennessee Mounted Infantry. Medical report stated that BRATCHER was absent sick in Wayne Co., Aug - Oct 1864. He was injured while on scouting trip 15 miles north of Florence, AL when horse he was riding fell on him. Widow applied for pension, but original application and papers not included in file. Submitted by Edgar D.BYLER, III,

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CROMWELL, HENRY HILL, Pvt./LT, Co. A, 10th TN Regt. Vol. USA, enlisted Victory, TN on 16 Apr 1862, disch. 26 Aug 1862, Nashville, TN. At enlistment, soldier lived Wayne Co., TN and was a farmer. He was 38, 5'11", fair complexion, black hair and blue eyes. Soldier born 20 May 1836, Mt. Pleasant, TN and died 25 Feb 1914, Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL. He married Frances Catherine MELSON on 5 June 1856, Wayne Co., TN by Jno. J.PORTER, Esq. Widow born 5 Apr 1836, Martins Mills, TN and died 28 Apr 1919, Florence, AL. Soldier was disabled by disease of eyes resulting in total loss of sight of left eye, partial loss of sight of right eye also rheumatism from exposure while on march from Nashville. Treated in hospital at Savannah, TN about 12 June 1862. Resided in Wayne Co., TN until Dec 1889 when moved to Florence, AL Soldier pension # 717284, 4 Aug 1898; widow's pension # 777801. Children: Nancy Elizabeth CROMWELL, b. 7 May 1857; William Henry CROMWELL, b. 26 Aug 1858; Callie Done CROMWELL, b. 9 June 1867; George Thomas CROMWELL, b. 16 Jan 1870; John Sidney CROMWELL, b. 12 Jul 1872; Minnie Louise CROMWELL, b. 8 Feb 1880; Mattie May CROMWELL, b. 15 Feb 1875. Affidavits filed by W.S.MOORE, Florence, AL, 25 Feb 1907; J.A.DOWDY, Florence, AL, 31 May 1911; F.G.LAMBERT, Florence, AL 20 Feb 1907; A.D.LEWIS, Florence, AL 31 May 1911; M.MALONE, Florence, AL 23 May 1912; W.J.FUQUA, Florence, AL 23 May 1912; D.W.HOWELL, Florence, AL 9 Apr 1914; and B.B.GARNER, Florence, AL 9 Apr 1914. Submitted by Marie L. MELODY

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FOWLER, LORENZO D. Pvt. Co. B, 2nd Tenn. Mtd. Inf. USA and Co. E, 8th Tenn Mtd Inf. Enlisted Co. B 15 Oct 1863, disch. 17 Oct 1864, Nashville, TN; enlisted Co E, 1 March 1865, disch. 1 Sept 1865, Nashville, TN. Soldier was 5'11", light hair, gray eyes. Born 10 Jan 1846, Pleasant Valley, Tenn. Died 23 March 1926. Death certificate not in file. Married Hetty Caroline HAYS 16 Dec 1869, Wayne Co., TN by J.H.McCORKLE. Pension # 763.219, dated 1 Sep 1891. Children: John H. b., 6 Jan 1871; Mack L., b. 14 Oct 1872; James M., b. 4 Oct 1874; William R., b. 4 Sept 1877; and Sarah A., b. 26 Feb 1882. Original application witnessed by Columbus FOWLER and S. BREWER, 1891. Increase application witnessed by J.B.CODY and W.A.WRIGHT both of Cypress Inn, TN on 31 Aug 1908. Soldier lived about 18 months in Lewis Co., TN no dates given. Affidavits filed by W.J.SCOTT,neighbor, 46, Wayne Co., TN 6 Apr 1896; W.A.BERRY, 66, neighbor, Wayne Co., TN, 17 March 1896; G.SCOTT, neighbor, 74, Wayne Co., TN 18 March 1896; G.SCOTT, 75, Wayne Co., TN Pleasant Valley, 21 June 1897; Eli A.SPAIN, 54, Pleasant Valley, Wayne Co., TN, 21 June 1897; S.L.WHITTEN 38, and Ela A.SPAIN, 49, Pleasant Valley, Wayne Co., TN, neighbors, 26 Sept 1891; W.J.SCOTT, 46, Pleasant Valley, TN 13 Aug 1897. Submitted by Edgar D.BYLER, III.

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JOHNSON, ZACHARIAH T., Pvt. Co. E, 8th TN Mtd. Inf. U.S.A. Enlisted 1 Feb 1865, Clifton, TN, disch. 1 Sept 1865, Nashville, TN. Residence at enlistment was Wayne Co., TN, occupation: Farmer. He was 6', dark complexion, black hair and blue eyes, born Houston P.O., Wayne Co., TN 6 Apr 1832, died 3 Sept 1921, Mt. View, Stone Co., Ark. at the home of his dau. Cora E. MORRISON. Soldier married first 15 Sep 1857 Wayne Co., TN to Elizabeth Jane COPELAND, died 2/7 July 1872 Hardin Co., TN; married second to Margaret Malissa Copeland on 17 Sep 1872/3 Hardin Co., TN by Parson GLISPY[GILLESPY?]. Second wife had been previously married to Kindrick SISK in April 1862. He died [April?] 8th, 1862. Second wife died 1 March 1915 (probably in Crisp, Ellis Co., TX.). Soldier listed the following children: Thomas F. JOHNSON, b. 29 July 1858; Edney L. JOHNSON, b. 9 April 1860, d. 1 Aug 1903; M. Icyphine JOHNSON, b. 5 Apr 1862; Richard A. JOHNSON, b. 9 June 1870, d. 29 Jan 1902; Kenneth R. JOHNSON, b. 7 May 1874; and Cora E. JOHNSON, b. 18 Jan 1876, m. Nealy M. MORRISON. Soldier's pension no. 792.124 filed 1891. Affidavits filed by soldier on 27 July 1891, age 59, Timbo, Stone Co., AR; John H. MAXEY, age 52, Timbo, Stone Co., AR, 7 April 1892; John H. MAXEY 50, Timbo, Stone Co., AR and J. M. GAMMILL 38, Timbo, Stone Co., AR on 1 Dec 1896; E. J. BROYLES 30, Timbo, Stone Co., AR 4 Feb 1891. Hugh T. MORRISON and Jane A. MORRISON witnessed claim for reimbursement 24 Sep 1921; W. O. EDMONSON and N. M, MORRISON witnessed 1920 declaration. Additional information: Soldier lived in Tennessee until 1877 when he moved to Arkansas. In 1911 he moved to Crisp, Ellis Co., TX. Soldier had two grandsons who served in World War I, neither of whom was killed. Submitted by Edgar D.BYLER, III.

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MARTIN, SAMUEL H. 1LT/CPT Co. B, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, USA. Enlisted 13 Nov 1863, Wayne Co., TN, soldier died 10 Aug 1864, Clifton, TN as a result of a gunshot in the thigh received in the line of duty. Minor children pension # 110.074, filed 20 March 1867, second application 18 Feb 1879. Widow pension #973.113, 4 Oct 1911. Soldier married Nancy E.CYPERT 28 Nov 1861, Wayne Co., TN by Wm. SINCLAIR, J.P. Widow born 1 March 1833. One child: Martha Elizabeth MARTIN, b. 28/29 August 1862. Widow married subsequently to Wm. F. TURNLEY on 3 Dec 1865, Wayne Co., Tn by W.B.EDWARDS, MG. She divorced TURNLEY who later died 17 July 1883. Widow married third to Henry D.PURYEAR 18 Jan 1883, Wayne Co., TN by David H.DAVIS, MG. PURYEAR died 9 Jan 1907. Affidavits filed by Thomas J.CYPERT, late CPT Co A 2nd Tn Mtd inf. USA 15 Jan 1868, certified death of MARTIN; copy of Guardianship papers in file for minor; Z.Taylor BUNDY and Joseph M.PHILLIPS, both of Waynesboro, Tn 18 Feb 1879, Mrs. Mary A.WRIGHT & W.C.BURNS, both of Pulaski, TN 4 Oct 1911, wit widow's application. 1916 app. for increase wit by Annie PURYEAR & R.N.PURYEAR, both of Pulaski, TN. Widow was living Gravelly Springs, Lauderdale Co., AL in 1867. Pulaski, TN in 1911. Submitted by Edgar D.BYLER, III.

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MELSON, JOHN A. Pvt. Co. F, 6th TN Cav. USA, enlisted 16 No 1862, Bethel Springs, TN; disch. 26 Jul 1865, Pulaski, TN. Soldier lived Wayne Co., TN at enlistment and was a farmer; he was 20, 5'7", fair complexion, light hair, and blue eyes. Soldier b. 10 Apr 1842, Wayne Co., TN, d. c. 1915, Paragould, AR. Soldier married first to Karen McMULLEN who died according to file in 1868 [this is incorrect]. Soldier married Elizabeth COLLEY in Obion Co., TN on 15 Apr 1874. she died in 1888. Children by second marriage: Adam, b. 11 Apr 1867; David Henry, b. 13 Aug 1868; and Ethel Perley, b. 13 Oct 1884. Soldier apparently left his first wife but had two children according to submitter, John F., b. 2 Nov 1866 and a twin brother, b. & d. same day. Soldier's pension # 720.904. It is obvious that the pension application was filed in 1883 or earlier but none of these documents were submitted or abstracted. Soldier also served in Co. A, 10th TN Inf, USA (originally known as the 1st.) and received a disability discharge on 13 Aug 1862. Copy of discharge in file. Soldier moved to Kentucky in 1878, back to Tennessee in 1892 and then to Arkansas in 1893. Submitted by Robert RAINS.

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MURPHY, EUL [EWELL] SANFORD, Pvt. Co. A, 2nd Tn. Mtd. Inf. USA. Enlisted 2 Oct 1863, Nashville, TN. Soldier killed in action at Centerville, TN 28/29 Sept 1864. Married Lavina C. HOPSON 25 Aug 1857, Lauderdale Co., AL by Thomas H.REYNOLDS, JP. Widow was 33 in May 1866, died between 4 Nov 1896 and 1 Apr 1901, place unknown. Widow's pension #127.259 and 101.479, 7 May 1866. Children: Sarah E., b. 9 June 1858; Margaret R., b. 11 April 1861. C.M.THOMPSON and M.F.PORTER witnessed widow's application on 26 March 1867. Elizabeth SMITH and Elizabeth TILLER certified name of husband 28 June 1867; Affidavit from Jennie HOBSON, midwife, certifying birth of children, dtd, 18 March 1867, Lauderdale Co., AL. Copy of file received from Archives incomplete: Maj. James M.DICKERSON affidavit is referenced but was not included in copy. David I. DICKERSON and Louis H.TILLER witnessed original application in 1866. Widow resided Waynesboro, Tn in 1866. Robert P.CYPERT was agent. Submitted by Edgar D.BYLER, III.

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RAY, THOMAS S. Pvt., Co. H, 2nd Tn Mtd. Inf. USA, enlisted 20 March 1864, Clifton, TN; disch, 17 Apr 1865, Nashville, TN. Soldier resided Wayne Co., TN at enlistment and was a farmer. At enlistment, soldier was 30, 6', fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes. Soldier born 20 Feb 1834, Bedford Co., TN and died 17 Feb 1908, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier married first to Rebecca Jane MITCHELL who d. 7 June 1888; married second 4 Aug 1889 Wayne Co., TN by G.E.HUCKABA, MG to Tamer Catherine COLE, born 22 May 1866 and died 26 Dec 1899, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier married third to E.W.MORRIS on 2 July 1902, Hardin Co., Tn by B.N.MARTIN MG. Third wife survived. Soldier's pension no 777.291, 25 Feb 1907. Children: by 1st wife: Jennie, b. 1 Jan 1874, d. 12 Oct 1906; Lizzie, b. 18 May 1875, d. 20 Aug 1904; Nannie, b. 25 May 1878, Mettie, b. 9 Feb 1881; children by second wife: Willie, b. 8 July 1890 and Vera Cole RAY, b. 17 Oct 1892. On 9 April 1908, Declaration for Children under 16 was made for Vera Cole RAY by H.A.HELTON, her guardian, witnessed by William A.LYNN and W.T.DICUS. W.P.COLE and W.L.BELEW witnessed soldier's original. Submitted by Robert RAINS.

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WEBB, JAMES J. Pvt. Co. H, 6th Tn Cav. U.S.A. Enlisted 22 Sep 1862, Bethel, TN, disch. 26 July 1965, Pulaski, TN. At enlistment soldier resided Wayne Co., TN and was a farmer. He was 5'10" tall, dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes. Soldier was born 1838 Wayne Co., TN and died 18 Sep 1883 at Clifton, TN. He married on 16 March 1861 Wayne Co., TN to Mahulda Caroline ROSE, who was born 16 June 1843, Wayne Co., TN and died 18 Dec 1924,(Drop report says died 24 Dec 1924), Stanton, TX. Soldier's pension no. 428.495 dated 3 Aug 1881; widow's pension no. 307.781, 1 May 1890. Soldier had children: Andrew Jackson WEBB, b. 29 Apr 1866; James W. WEBB, b. 4 May 1868; Amos Elmore WEBB, b. 4 June 1872; Lonzo G. WEBB, b. 12 Oct 1879; and George Washington WEBB, b. 12 March 1863. Additional information provided by submitter: James J. WEBB was brother to Wm. Riley WEBB also soldier (see Wayne County Historian Vol. 5, No. 3, September 1992, p. 120). After the war widow of WEBB moved to Texas with other members of the WEBB and ROSE families. Submitted by Barbara BROWN.

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WILBANKS, WILLIAM HENRY, Pvt., Co. A, 1 GA Vol. Inf., U.S.A., Enlisted 23 Sept 1864, Mareitta, GA for 3 years; disch. 19 July 1865, Chattanooga, TN. Residence at enlistment: Pickens Co., GA, occupation: School Teacher/Farmer. At enlistment soldier was 54 years old, 5'7", had gray hair, blue eyes, and fair complexion. Soldier was born 7 Dec 1810, Spartenburg Co., SC and died 12 Feb 1902, Omaha, Morris Co., TX. Married twice: first wife unknown, 2nd wife: Phoebe YOUNG TOWNSEND, b. 3 Apr 1835, Dalton GA; d. 2 Sep 1900, Searcy Co., AR, married 3 May 1852, Cherokee Co., GA. Soldier also served in Co. E, 23rd GA Vols., C.S.A. disch. 16 Aug 1862. Children: Bird WILBANKS, b.ca. 1835; Elizabeth WILBANKS, b. ca. 1837; Sarah WILBANKS, b. ca. 1839; Martha WILBANKS, b. ca. 1842; Edgar WILBANKS, b. ca. 1847, d. 1907 OK. Andrew Wayne WILBANKS, b. 2 Dec 1870; Oscia or Oscar WILBANKS, b. 1855; Albert WILBANKS, b. 1858; Susan Cleopatra WILBANKS, b. Nov 1858; Louisa Sarah WILBANKS, b. 2 Sep 1865 and Virgil Abraham WILBANKS, b. 1868. Affidavits filed by Thomas A. CANTRELL, age 54, Mineral Springs, GA, 30 Apr 1886; Andrew J. ENGLE, 66, Double Springs, Winston Co., AL 1886; Joseph L. McALLISTER, 66, Cypress Inn, Wayne Co., TN; Henry WILSON, 49, Pleasant Valley, Wayne Co., TN 18 Dec 1886; and James TURNER, 58, Mineral Springs, Pickens Co., GA, 20 Apr 1886. Additional information: Soldier resided in Pickens Co., Ga 4 years previous to volunteering. His occupation was farming. After the war taught school. Moved to Winston Co., AL and taught school, was Justice of the Peace and Circuit Court Clerk for about 1 year, moved to Wayne Co., Tn about 1873/4 taught school one year, farmed and moved to Searcy Co., AR about 1881. Moved to Texas about 1901. Addtional information from submitter: Soldier was son of John WILBANKS and Martha SMITH, grandson of William WILBANKS and Phoebe SMITH. Submitted by Joyce REX.

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SHANDS, William M. (Matterson), Co. F, 6th Tenn Cav., USA. Soldier enlisted 13 Nov 1862, Bolivar, TN; discharged 26 Jul 1865, Pulaski, TN. At enlistment soldier was 19, 5'7", fair complexion, light hair and grey eyes. Soldier b. 4 Jan 1838, Giles Co., TN; d. 21 Feb 1918, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier married 1) Martha L. J. BALLARD, in the fall of 1865, Graves Co., KY. Wife died 2 March 1902, Carlisle Co., LY. Children: Mary Ella SHANDS, b. 6 Nov 1866, (d. 13 Oct 1928); Ider Jane SHANDS, b. 25 Aug 1870, (d. 20 April 1915); and George W. SHANDS, b. 7 Feb 1881, (d. 12 Sep 1902). It would appear that SHANDS married second on 4 Oct 1871, Hardin Co., TN to Nancy BIVENS, but abandoned her. No record of divorce from first wife exists. Soldier married third to Nancy GOODMAN, date not given, who died. Soldier married 4th to Rose Ann (DARBY) HAYES, who died 16 Aug 1917, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier married fifth to Miss E. L. HAYES, 17 Sep 1917 Lauderdale Co., AL who survived him Widow living Waterloo, Alabama in 1924 when she made application for pension. No children by 3rd, 4th and 5th wives. It is not certain that William M. SHANDS was the same person who married Nancy BIVENs in Hardin Co., TN in 1871, althought as Nancy A. SHANDS she applied for half of SHANDS pension in 1900. At that time she was living at Sardis, Henderson Co., TN. Affidavits: J. L. COOPER and W. S. PRIM both of Waterloo, AL witnessed widows application in 1924. Ella CARTER, 39, near Cunningham, Carlisle Co. , KY 11 May 1897; Larra SCOTT, 33 near Cunningham, Carlisle Co., KY 11 May 1897; Moses McCALLISTER. 52, near Cunningham, Carlisle Co., KY 26 March 1897; B. F. BONE, 52, near Cunnhingham, Carlisle Co., KY, 26 March 1897; C. H. JONES, 53, Cunningham District , Carlisle Co., KY 28 July 1897; John JONES, 56, Cunningham District, Carlisle Co., KY, 28 July 1897; Soldier lived in Sardis, Henderson Co., TN in May of 1904 when he filed for an increase in his pension. Pension # 779.965. Affidavit filed by Darious POWERS, Rudd, Carlisle Co., KY no date. Submitted by Bobby G. SHANDS.

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MARTIN, Benjamin, PVT. Co. F, 7th Vol. Cav., USA, and Co. H., 6th KY Vol. Cal. U.S.A. Enclisted 24 Nov 1863, discharged 6 Sep 1865, at Louisville, KY. Soldier was 5'10", light complexion, grey eyes, light hair and a farmer at enlistment. Soldier was born 4 Jan 1838 Wayne Co., TN and a "Resident of Wayne Co. ever since Discharged" Soldier lived Pleasant Valley, Wayne Co., TN in 1907. [this information is taken from an unsigned Declaration for Pension that was included in the William M. SHANDS file)

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HORTON, John E. Pvt. Co. F, 6th Tenn. Cav. U.S.A. commanded by CPT David I. DICKERSON. Soldier enlisted 21 Sep 1862 at Bethel, TN and was discharged 26 July 1865, Pulaski, TN. At enlistment soldier was 5'11", dark complexion, Black hair, and Black eyes, and a farmer residing in 8th Civil District, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier b. 4 April 1836, Lutts, Wayne Co., TN and d. 11 Nov 1927, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier married Otha Catherine Cromwell on 10 Aug 1858 in Wayne Co., TN. by Bill POLARD, Esq. Soldier's pension numbers 470.327 Jan 1883 and 965.564 1901. Children were William James HORTON, b. 10 Sept/Oct 1859 dead by 1915; Abraham Lincoln HORTON, b 20 Jan 1861; John E. HORTON, b. 21 Oct 1864; Saly Elisabeth HORTON, b. 4 Apr 1866(or 1877); Polly and Josiah HORTON, b. 10 Feb 1869 (1879); and Georiga Anna HORTON, b. 11 Nov 1884 or Feb 1871 [ both dates listed were listed in soldier's response at different times.] Affidavits filed: W. H. HORTON, age 56, Light, Wayne Co.,TN, 19 Aug 1897; James A. TOLLE and Micajah SPRINKLE witnessed 1892 application; James A. McWILLIAMS 59 and A. J. McWILLIAMS, 56, Sims P.O., Wayne Co., TN 19 Feb 1891; Dr. Thomas J. JOHNSON, 18 Feb 1884, Waynesboro, TN; William M. ATKINSON, Martins Mills, TN 1897; George W. LAWSON 56 and John M. LAWSON 54, Lutts, Wayne Co., TN 13 May 1897; George W. HORTON 57 and John S. CROMWELL 72, Victory, Wayne Co., TN 4 Jan 1901. Additional information: Soldier stated that in 1857 he was a resident of the 8th C.D. Wayne Co., TN. That in 1875, he moved to the 12th C.D. Wayne Co., TN and in 1883 moved to the 4th C. D. Wayne Co., TN. In 1900 he was living in the 8th C.D. Soldier stated that in 1865 in Pulaski, TN he was treated in Army Hospital by Dr. WILLIAMS who was last heard of in Florida. Submitted by Grace HOLT.

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LEE, Henry Newton, Captain, Co. A, 10th Reg. Tenn Infantry Vol., U.S.A., enlisted 16 April 1862, Waynesboro, TN; discharged 25 May 1865, Greenville, Tenn. Residence at enlistment was Waynesboro, TN and he was a farmer. He was 35 years old, 5'9", and had fair complexion, auburn hair, black eyes. Soldier born 7 Dec 1826, Wayne Co., TN., died 31 May 1897, Wayne Co., TN. m. 1) Polly Ann MORRISON, on 14 May 1846, Wayne Co., TN. She was b. 22 May 1829, Wayne Co., TN. and died 3 April 1864, Wayne Co., TN. married second Elizabeth Ann HARDIN on 18 March 1868, Wayne Co., TN. She was born 14 Jan 1833, Wayne Co., TN, d. 3 Dec 1910, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier's pension # 419688, dated 22 Nov 1882; Widow's Pension # 452986, dated 8 June 1897. Other pertinent information in file: Copy of Special Order No. 61, Adjutant General's Office, State of Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee April 11, 1864: Extract: VI, Capt. Henry N. LEE, Co. A 10th Tennessee Infantry will proceed without delay with a detachment of fifteen men from his company to Wayne Co. Tennessee for the purpose of arresting deserters from the 10th Tennessee Infantry. He will report at this office with his command by April 29, 1864. By Order, Brig. Genl. Alvan C. GILLEM, Adjt. Genl. Tenn. Edward RICHARDS, Lt & AAAG. Additional information supplied by submitter: Children: by first wife: Edward LEE, b. 10 Oct 1847, Wayne Co., TN d. 1917; Wayne Co., TN; Dorcas Tennessee LEE, b. 23 Aug 1849, Izard Co., AR, d. 26 Feb 1897, Wayne Co., TN.; Anderson LEE, b. 4 Oct 1850, Izard Co., AR; Solon E. LEE, b. 27 June 1852, Izard Co., AR, d. 18 Sep 1928, Lawrenceburg, TN; Henry N. LEE, b. 29 Feb 1856, Izard Co., AR; Lucy LEE, b. 2 March 1857, Izard Co., AR; Nancy Jane LEE, b. 12 Sep 1859, Wayne Co., TN; William P. K. LEE, b. 13 March 1861, Wayne Co., TN. Children by second wife: David LEE, b. 27 Dec 1868, Wayne Co., TN, d. 3 Dec 1902, Wayne Co., TN; Harriett LEE, b. 23 April 1871, Wayne Co., TN, d. Dec 1874; and Joseph LEE, b. 17 Oct 1873, Wayne Co., TN, d. 13 Dec 1956, Wayne Co., TN, m. Laura Ann HELTON. Submitted by David N. LEE .

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HELTON, GEORGE TUCKER, Sgt., Co. F, 6th Tenn. Cav. USA. Soldier enlisted 21 Sep 1862 at Bethel, Tennessee and was discharged 26 July 1865 at Pulaski, TN. Soldier resided Waynesboro, Tennessee at enlistment and was a farmer. He was 22 years old, 6'2", fair complected, light hair and blue eyes. Soldier born 17 Feb 1843, Wayne Co., TN, and died 10 Feb 1925, Wayne Co., TN. Married 1) Nancy I. OLD, August 1866. She was born 10 Nov 1845, Wayne Co., Tn and died 3 Nov 1969, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier married 2) Nancy Catherine MORROW on 26 Dec 1872. She was born 21 Feb 1852, Wayne Co., TN and died 9 May 1901, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier married 3) Bette Lavina REEVES, on 23 Dec 1901. She was born 28 April 1853, and died 27 Jan 1925. By first wife, soldier had three children: James A. HELTON, b. 26 July 1867 Wayne Co., TN and Jesse and Martha HELTON, b. 7 Sep 1869, Wayne Co., TN. By second wife, soldier had children: William Joseph HELTON, b. 20 Jan 1874, Wayne Co., TN; Laura Ann HELTON, b. 14 July 1876; George Wayne HELTON, b. 31 Mar 1881; and John Daniel HELTON, b. 19 Feb 1886. No children by third wife. Pension No. 760509, dated 4 Aug 1898, supplementary applications 27 Feb 1907, 21 May 1912 and 15 April 1915.

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LUKER, WILLIAM JAMES, Pvt., Co. A, 2nd TN Mtd. Inf. USA, Claim of Widow with minor children (incomplete file) Widow: Martha E. LUKER. Minor children were William N., b. 3 July 1851, James C., b. 17 Aug 1853; George J., b. 6 Feb 1856, Mary C., b. 8 Feb 1858, John B., b. 28 Feb 1861, and Thomas C., b. 19 June 1864. Pension no. 125.814.dated 9 March 1869. [Complete file not submitted]

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BASKINS, Eli, Pvt., Co. A, 10th TN Inf. USA. Soldier enlisted 15 April 1862 Waynesboro, TN and was discharged 6 June 1863 in Nashville, TN (disability discharge). Per discharge, soldier was 22 at enlistment, 5'11" tall, dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes and had been a farmer. Soldier born in Wayne Co. TN, died 8/12 March 1899 near New castle, St. Francis Co., AR. Soldier married first to Mary ADAMS (who had been previously married), who died 9 March 1889 Gravelly Spring, AL; married second to Mrs. Betty STONES "married July 1893 in Tishomingo Co., MS by a preacher don’t remember his name. I didn’t live with her but 4 weeks. She was not vurchis [virtuous]." Soldier applied under No. 500.055. After his death, minor children applied with I. B. TAMPLEY of Newcastle, St. Francis Co., AR as their guardian. All children by first wife: Will BASKINS, b. 1871; Jim BASKINS, b. 1872; Mattie BASKINS, b. 1873; John BASKINS, b. 1875; Jinnie BASKINS, b. April 1879; Bob BASKINS, b. Aug 1882; Walter BASKINS, b. 15 Sep/Nov 1885; Lula BASKINS, b. 9 Mar 1887; and Zula BASKINS, b. 10 Mar 1889 [or should this be 9 March 1889?]. Affidavit filed by Jos. [or Jas.] F. KELLEY, 49 Gravelly Spring, AL on 20 Oct 1888 who had been a member of Co. 2, 2nd TN Mtd. Inf. USA. Soldier lived after discharge in Hickman Co., TN (post office Williamsport, Maury Co., TN); Gravelly Spring, Lauderdale Co., AL in 1888; Tishomingo Co., MS in 1893; Coffey Landing, Hardin Co., TN in 1897; Newcastle, St. Francis Co., AR. Submitted by Edgar D. BYLER, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, TN 38450

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CODY, John B. Pvt., Co. A, 10th TN Inf. USA. Enlisted 16 April 1862, mustered our 25 May 1865 Greenville, TN discharged 5 July 1865. Residence at enlistment: Whitten’s Stand, Tennessee, occupation Farmer. Described as 5'4" tall, with fair complexion, light hair and gray eyes. Soldier born 22 Oct 1844 in either Lawrence Co., TN or Wayne Co., TN (both locations given), and died 4 Jan 1916/1917 near Cypress Inn, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier married Elizabeth Jane BERRY on 23 Aug 1865 near Cypress Inn, Wayne Co., TN by John Martin SCOTT, J.P. Widow was born 11 Sep 1845, near Cypress Inn, Wayne Co., TN. Children: K. R. CODY, b. 14 Oct 1866; J. B. CODY, b. 15 Feb 1869; M. L. CODY, b. 22 Oct 1871; G. W. GOCY, b. 31 May 1874; M. J. CODY, b. 30 Oct 1876; J. H. CODY, b. 23 Feb 1880; F. E. CODY, b. 13 Aug 1883 d. b. 1898; W. C. CODY, b. 2 June 1886. Affidavits filed by W. T. DOWDY, 36 Wayne Co., TN 20 Nov 1899 and K. R.. DOWDY, 33, Wayne Co. TN 20 Nov 1899, stating that they have lived near J. B. CODY and had moved with him to Hamilton Co., TX about 10 June 1897 and then back to TN. Soldier stated in 1912 that since discharge he had lived in TN, AL, and TX. Pension No. 996.318. Submitted by Edgar D.BYLER, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, TN 38450

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HAMM, Henry D., Capt, Co. E, 2nd TN Mtd. Inf. USV. Soldier killed by enemy on 31 Aug 1864 near Clifton, TN. Soldier married Francis W. HENSLEY on 7 July 1859, Wayne Co., TN, by J. M. REYNOLDS, JP. Widow was 47 in 1888. Widow married second to James E. BERRY on 6 Feb 1866, Wayne Co., TN by W. H. BROADSTREET. Children of Henry D. HAMM: Mildred S. HAMM, b. 6 Aug 1860; Mary "Molly" E. HAMM, b. 23 Sept/Oct 1863; and Nancy E. HAMM, b. 11 Sep 1861. Children’s application no. 155.438, 13 Sep 1888. Affidavit by James E. BERRY 28, 25 Jan 1869, 5th CD, Wayne Co., TN, Guardian of children. Copy of commission in file to Captain, Co. E, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, signed by Andrew JOHNSON, Governor. Submitted by Garry BREWER, P.O. Box 2025, Grand Junction, CO 81502.

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HAM, John Dickerson, Capt. 2nd TN Mtd Inf. Enlisted 1864, killed 1864. Soldier married Salle MITCHELL in 1860 at Laurel Hill Factory by Rev. Carlisle VANDIVER. Two children: Mary HAM, b. 7 Sep 1859 Cedar Creek TN; and Monroe HAM, b. 1861, Cedar Creek TN. Application for accrued pension filed by Mary NORMAN, 19 May 1905 of Decaturville, TN. Application interfiled with Henry D. HAMM file above. Check of 2nd TN Mtd. Inf. resulted in no information on this man. Possible CSA.

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HARDIN, James Nathaniel, Co. G and Co. A, 10th TN Inf. USA. enlisted 14 May 1862, Waynesboro, TN, mustered in 4 July 1862 Nashville, TN. Transferred to Co. A March 1863, discharged 29 May 1865, Knoxville, TN. Soldier died 14 July 1865 from complications of measles, etc., contracted in service. Soldier died Wayne Co., TN [buried old Morrow Cemetery, Greeson Hollow, south of Waynesboro, TN]. Soldier married Nancy J. [CLAY] on 20 Nov 1857. Widow remarried 21 March 1869 Waynesboro, TN to Stephen M. BEDFORD who died 15 Jan 1908, Waynesboro, TN. Widow died 29 Nov 1917, Waynesboro, TN. Two children of HARDIN: William Franklin HARDIN, b. 24 Oct 1858; and Lewis A. HARDIN, b. 12 Dec 1860. Affidavits filed by Rhoda Y. HUCKABA "a reputable old lady" 2 Oct 1880, (birth of children); Sarah E. FOWLER, 36, Wayne Co., TN, 29 Oct 1880 (birth of children); Jane MORGAN, 59, 15 Oct 1880, Wayne Co., TN "her son James L. MORGAN was in same unit as James Nathaniel HARDIN. James MORGAN came home 9 days before Mr. HARDIN died" "Remembered Wm. F. and Lewis A. HARDIN’s birth because her son John N. MORGAN was born 22 April 1858 and Joseph C. MORGAN was born 25 Aug 1860. Benjamin Greenberry HUCKABA, "fall of 1864 HARDIN took measles at Fort Gillem, Nashville and went to Hospital No. 10. Was in hospital in Knoxville 20/25 April 1865. On 26 May 1865 saw him ... our company had been discharged at Greenville, TN a day or two before." Merida MORRISON, 54, Wayne Co., TN 5 Dec 1881; James L. MORGAN, 40, Wayne Co., TN, 5 Dec 1881; Stephen M. BEDFORD 63, 5 Dec 1881, Wayne Co., TN, guardian of children. Children’s application no. 252.728. Submitted by Edgar D. BYLER, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, TN 38450

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HENSLEY, Presley W., Pvt, Co. E, 2nd TN Mtd. Inf., USV, enlisted 10 Dec 1863 Clifton, TN, mustered in 12 April 1864 Nashville, TN. Soldier killed 22 Feb 1865 Wayne Co., TN while guarding polling place on Butlers Creek. Soldier married Elizabeth MAY 11 July 1839, Wayne Co., TN by Solomon BREWER, JP. Widow was 47 in 1866. Only child listed was Nancy D. HENSLEY (youngest child) b. 25 Dec 1855. Affidavits filed by Nancy McBRIDE, 27 Aug 1867, Wayne Co., TN midwife; M. J. SIMS, Wayne Co., TN; James A. McWILLIAMS, Wayne Co., TN. Long affidavit filed by Daid I. DICKERSON, Capt, Co. F, 6th TN CAV, USV "HENSLEY was killed while guarding the poles of election. Soldier killed instantly was shot by one Thomas BREWER who was afterwards arrested and carried to Pulaski, TN where he was court marshaled and shot for the above named crime." Submitted by Garry BREWER, P.O. Box 2025, Grand Junction, CO 81502.

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JORDAN, Robert H., alias Robert H. JOURDIN, Pvt. Co. H, 6th TN Cav. USV, enlisted 18 Sep 1862 at Bethel, TN and was discharged 26 July 1865 at Pulaski, TN. Soldier was a saddler at enlistment and was described as 5'6", fair complexion, red hair and dark eyes. Soldier was 28 in 1962, 56 in 1890, born in Hartford, NC. Soldier committed suicide by hanging on 15 March 1896 Wayne Co., TN. Soldier married Mary TURNBO on 22 Dec 1867 near Clifton, Wayne Co., TN by Wm. HAINES. Widow was 54 in 1903, d. 1 July 1925, Rt. 5, Waynesboro, TN. Widows application no. 637.350. Soldier had been captured or forced enlisted by Confederates and carried off to Clarksville, TN prior to his enlistment in the Union army. Children of soldier: Emeline, b. 26 April 1869; Sophania, b. 19 Aug 1870; James H., b. 26 Aug 1873; Adabelle, b. 22 July 1877; Mary Alice, b. 30 June 1883; and Aretha, b. 23 July 1889. Affidavits by Andrew COLE, 59, 5 miles south of Waynesboro, TN 1898; and Benjamin N. MARTIN, 56, 6 miles south of Waynesboro, TN 1898. Submitted by Mrs. James (Carline) MARTIN, Collinwood, TN.

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MARTIN, Benjamin, Pvt., Co. C, 6th TN Cav. USV, enlisted 16 Sep 1862 at Bethel, TN, discharged 26 July 1865, Pulaski, TN. Soldier resided at Saltillo, TN at enlistment and was a farmer. He was 18, 5'7", light complexion, dark hair and blue eyes. Soldier was born 4 Mar 1844, Wayne Co., TN, and died 5 Nov 1917, Paducah, McCracken Co., KY. Soldier married first to Charlotte "Lottie" VICKERY on 30 Nov 1865, Hardin Co., TN. She was born 1846, TN and died 2 Aug 1882, McCracken Co., KY. Soldier married second to Malissa HOUSTON on 9 Nov 1882 in McCracken Co., KY. Second wife was born April 1853 in Vienna, IL; d. 12 May 1919, Paducah McCracken Co., KY. Soldier’s pension no. 564.873, filed 13 April 1907; widow filed 8 Jan 1918, #853.078. Children of soldier: Mary Hannah, b. 25 Nov 1866; John Wesley, b. 15 July 1868; Lucy Jennie, b. 1 Jan 1870; Annabell, b. 18 Oct 1871; William Edgar, b. 13 May 1876; Martha Ann, b. 12 April 1878; Eugenie Bertha, b. 14 July 1880; Benjamin Levi, b. 10 May 1882; Henry Clinton, b. 9 Oct 1883; and Annie May, b. 27 July 1886. While on duty, soldier was disabled by a fracture of left elbow during the battle of Helena, Arkansas on 4 July 1864. Submitted by Mrs. Shirley L. MOSS, 621 N. 6th St., Paragould, AR 72450-2802.

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MELTON, Aaron G. (Gip), Pvt./SGT. Co. H, 2nd TN Mtd Inf, USV, enlisted 4 Dec 1863, Waynesboro, TN, discharged 21 Jan 1865, Gallatin, Tennessee. Soldier was born 10 Nov 1837 Factory Creek, Wayne Co.,TN. Described as 5'10", fair complexion, light hair and blue eyes. Married C. A. WELCH (called Tibby or Sibbie) 27 Oct 1858. Sibby died about April 1867. Soldier married 2) Mary Caroline TOLE 4 Feb 1869. Children of soldier and first wife: Thomas W. b. ca. 1860; Francis, b. ca. 1862/3; James M., b. ca. 1865; Fannie A., b. ca. 1867. Children of soldier by second wife: Helen Elizabeth, b. 30 March 1870; Anna Eliza (Babe), b. 23 Mar 1874; Charles Wesley, b. 23 Aug 1877; Robert E. Lee, b. 14 April 1880; Elbert Franklin, b. 3 June 1884; Stella Ethel, b. 15 April 1888; Henry Crockett, b. 18 Mar 1890. Soldier died 3 Aug 1925, widow died 30 Nov 1926. Buried Banks Cemetery, Lewis Co., TN. Submitted by JoAnn PICKENS, 50504 S. Tyler Dr., Plymouth, MI 48170-2377.

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PIERCE, William, alias William PEARCE, Co. M, 3rd Ark Cav. USA, enlisted 1 Jan 1864, Little Rock, AR, discharged 22 May 1865, Lewisburg, AR. Residence at enlistment: Searcy Co., AR, a farmer. Age 45, 5'10", fair complexion, dark hair, gray eyes. Soldier born Wayne Co., TN died Searcy Co., AR. Soldier married twice; name of first wife not given, second wife Mrs. Stacy SIKES COTTON, widow of Martin Van Buren COTTON. She was born North Carolina. Children by second wife: Edna M. b.ca. 1866; Sarah E. J., b. ca. 1868 and Nancy E. Abstract submitted by Betty A. BRADY, 1017 W. Oriole Cir., Barefoot Bay, FL 32976.

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ROBERDS, Jesse, Pvt., 2LT, 1LT, CPT, Co. H, 31 IL Vols, USA. Enlisted on or about 18 Sep 1861 from Union Co., IL. Promoted to 2LT, the 1LT and at the battle of Vicksburg, MS was promoted to Captain of Co. H after the death of CPT. BOWERS who was killed. Discharged 16 Sep 1864, East Point, GA. Soldier is described as fair complexion, auburn (dark) hair and blue eyes. Soldier born 11 Dec 1820, Wayne Co., TN and died 28 Jan 1906, near Mt. View, Howell Co., MO. Soldier married Mary SELLS on 1 Oct 1891 at Hutton Valley, MO by F. A. ASHLEY. She was 58 in 1906 and died 22 Jan 1933, Mt. View, MO. No children listed. Solders application no. 384.457, cert. No. 261.497, 28 May 1881; widows no. 816.950, 9 Feb 1906. Affidavits from William JEAN, 64, Lick Creek, IL 9 Mar 1881; and John W. COLE, hand written letter from Mt. View, Howell Co., MO, dated 1883. Submitted by George T. MOORE, 5535 S. Main, Joplin, MO 64804.

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STAGGS, Willis D., Pvt. Co. A, 2nd TN Mtd Inf. USV, enlisted 2 Oct 1863, discharged 4 Oct 1864, Nashville, TN. Soldier was 59 9/12 years old on 17 June 1890, described as 5'10", fair complexion, dark hair and gray eyes, 145#. Soldier died 26/28 Oct 1904, Brush Creek, Wayne Co., TN. Married Malinda BREWER 28 Sep 1851 by Samuel L. POAG, Minister, on 48 Creek Wayne Co., TN. Widow was 76 in 1905 and died 27 Dec 1905. Soldier pension no. 674.975. Widow no. not given, but filed 19 Jan 1905. There were children but none named in either application. Affidavits filed by S. B. BREWER, 71, Allens Creek P.O., Wayne Co., TN, 1905; Bud STAGGS, 24, Allens Creek P.O., Wayne Co., TN, 1905; Henry N. LEE, 46(66), Strathmore, Lewis Co., TN, 22 June 1901, member of Co. A, 2d TMI., W. J. STOCKARD MD, Strathmore, Lewis Co., TN; Thomas J. CYPERT, over 60, Cypress Inn, TN 21 Oct 1891. Widow was living Riverside P.O., Lewis Co., TN in 1905. Submitted by Garry BREWER, P.O. Box 2025, Grand Junction, CO 81502.

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STRICKLIN, Samuel H., Pvt, Co. B, 2nd TN Mtd Inf., USV, enlisted 15 Oct 1863, Nashville, TN, discharged 17 Oct 1864, Nashville, TN. Soldier born 28 Oct 1838, Lincoln Co., TN, died 1 Oct 1922, Adair, OK. Soldier married Sarah Elizabeth Jane BREWER on 8th January 1862, Wayne Co.,TN by A. J. NEWMAN. Wife born 22 Oct 1847, d. 30 Mar 1926 Adair, OK. Children: Thomas H. STRICKLIN, b. 24 July 1863; Samuel C. STRICKLIN, b. 31 July 1864; Matthew P. STRICKLIN, b. 14 Dec 1866; William Z. STRICLIN, b. 17 Feb 1869; John W. STRICKLIN, b. 22 Sep 1871; James G. STRICKLIN, b. 6 Aug 1873; Josephine P. STRICKLIN, b. 18 Jan 1876; and Coleman A. STRICKLIN, b. 11 Dec 1881. Soldier applied 1890 and was living Moon P.O. on Double Branches, north west of West Point, TN. Widow applied 2 Nov 1922, from Mayes Co., (Adair) Oklahoma. Two witness reports states he had heard Samuel STRICKLIN preach several times. He was a clergyman and witness stated his voice was broken. Pension No. 688.115. Submitted by Billy J. DARNELL, P.O. Box 516, Savannah, TN 38372-0516.

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WALDRIP, John W., Pvt./Cpl. Co. E & Co. K, 2nd TN Mtd Inf. USV, enlisted 1 April 1864, Clifton, TN, discharged April 1865, Nashville, TN. Soldier resided Wayne Co.,TN at enlistment and was a farmer. Described as 5'10" or 6'" [both given], light complexion, light hair and blue or dark eyes. Soldier stated he was about 65 in 1891 and 72 in 1907, but didn’t know exactly when he was born. In 1891 and 1907 stated he as born in Lauderdale Co., AL, but in 1912 questionnaire stated he was born Wayne Co., TN. Soldier died 1 Jan 1915, Sardis, Henderson Co., TN. Soldier married four times. First wife, Hannah STULTZ; second wife not given; married third to Jane TINGLE in Wayne Co. TN by Jno KELLEY, MG. She died 22 April 1900, Lexington, TN. Married 4) to Lou (Sibby) KING, on 12 Sep 1900 Hardin Co., TN by T. G. NEWMAN, J.P. Lou KING WALDRIP was born about 1854 and died 16 April 1924 at home near Sardis TN, buried Spring Hill Cemetery. Widow had remarried on 13 May 1921 to James E. KELLEY Hardin Co.,TN, Sardis P.O. Soldier Pension No. 820.551; widow pension no. 1081421, filed 1916. Children of soldier: S. W.; R. E.; P; Evan; Fannie; Derindy P.; Jimmie; Jessie; Robert; and Elisha. Affidavits filed by T. G. NEWMAN, Hardin Co., TN 19 July 1919; and J. C. HAMM and Frank KENT of Hardin Co., TN witnessed widow’s 1916 application. Soldier lived Wayne Co., TN, Henderson Co., TN and Hinkle P.O., Hardin Co., TN (1907).

Additional information provided by submitter: John WALDRUP/WALDRIP listed as 24 in 1860 Wayne Co. TN census. Still in Wayne Co., TN 1880, but not found on 1870. John married 1) Hannah STULTS, b. 1841, dau. of Alexander "Sandy" W. STULTS and Mary "Polly" BASKINS, about 1855 Wayne Co., TN. Two children: Sandy W., b. 1856; and Rachel E., b. 1858/9. Hannah died and John WALDRIP married second to Cynthia BRATCHER on 22 May 1864, dau.of John R. and Mary STULTS BRATCHER, four children: Polly A., b. 1866; Marquis Evan, b. 1868; Frances E., b. 1871; and Derinda P., b. 1876. Cynthia died and John married third on 29 July 1876, Wayne Co., TN to Eliza Jane TINGLE, b. 1848 AL. Children: James S. "Jimmie" b. 1878; Jessie, Robert and Elisha. Eliza Jane died and John married fourth to Lou KING 12 Sep 1900 Hardin Co., TN.

Submitted by Edgar D. BYLER, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, TN 38450

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WORTHEN, Isaiah L. alias Isaiah Worthing, Pvt. Co. A, 10th TN Inf. USV, enlisted 1 April 1862, discharged May 1865. Soldier died 11 Dec 1890, Ballard Co., KY. Soldier married to two women at same time. Married first to Melvina WILSON on 27 August 1878, Hardin Co., TN, whom he abandoned 1884; married second 1 Jan 1889 Massac CO., IL to Mrs. Mariah Evaline PHILLIPS, widow of William PHILLIPS, who died 9 May 1888 Massac Co., IL (death certificate in file). Both women applied for a widow’s pension on Isaiah L. WORTHEN. Melvina had prior claim and got the pension. Widow no. 519.547 (cert. 544.501). Melvina WORTHEN living in Waynesboro, TN 1902. Soldier had son Jasper N. WORTHEN , b. 14 Aug 1890 by second wife. Melvina WILSON WORTHEN died 29 April 1911, Wayne Co., TN. Affidavits filed by Mc. D. FERGUSON, 82? Ballard Co., KY 13 Feb 1891; Mrs. C. A. ASHCRAFT, 45, Ballard Co., KY, 13 Feb 1891; G. H. BURNETT, 26, Ballard Co., KY 13 Feb 1891; Hiram STAGGS, 65, Waynesboro, TN 1902, "had known Mrs. WORTHING since 1865"; C. BUCHANAN, 60, Waynesboro, TN 25 July 1902; H. C. BOYD, MD, 37, Waynesboro, TN 25 July 1902; Hiram STAGGS, 52, 21 April 1891.

Additional information by submitter: Isaiah L. WORTHEN was living Perry Co.,TN in 1870 listed on census as Isaiah WARTHEN, 29, M. Farm worker, b. TN. And wife Martha, 22, and two children: William, age 2 and John H., age 3 months, born Feb. From this it would appear that Isaiah was married three times: 1) first to Martha; then second to Melvina WILSON; and third (while still legally married to Melvina) to Mrs. Mariah Eveline PHILLIPS. Complete file not received from Archives. Additional information may yet be found in the other papers in the file..

Submitted by Edgar D. BYLER, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, TN 38450

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DAVIS, JAMES JACKSON. 1st Sgt. Co. H, 6th Tenn Cav. USA. (Soldier's certificate no. 514321) Enrolled 18 Sep. 1862 at Bethel, Tennessee and honorably discharged 3 August 1865 at Nashville, Tenn. Soldier's physical description at time of enlistment "height five feet ten inches; complexion fair; color of eyes blue; color of hair brown." Soldier was born 11 April 1836 at Westpoint, Lawrence County, Tennessee. At time of enlistment he was a blacksmith. Soldier, writing in his own hand, declares he married Margaret Jane STRICKLIN 17 August 1856 in Savannah, Tennessee, and they had 12 children: a son b. 25 July 1857, a daughter b. 17(?) Oct. 1858; David b. 5 Feb 1861; daughter b. 6 Oct d. 14 Oct 1864; James b. 14 Jun 1866; Emily b. 8 Mar 1868; John b. 24 Dec 1869; Sarah b. 11 Oct 1871; William b. 16 Apr 1873; Nancy b. (?) Mar 1875; Gus b. 4 Dec 1878; Virginia b. 27 Aug 1881. Letter from soldier's company leader states soldier was "sound and in good health" November 1862 but in the winter following they were "exposed a great deal" and "poorly provided for" and during that winter soldier was at times not able to ride due to piles and he suffered from rheumatism. In June 1864, soldier's left ankle was crushed by a log on a railroad car at Collierville, Tennessee. Soldier's company commander also states that at Nashville in December 1864, the company was dismounted and "went into the fight with Hood on foot," but that Davis "gave out in his left ankle" and he was sent back to Nashville. Affidavit indicates that soldier was "a man of more than ordinary physical strength" prior to his "service of the U.S." (Andrew LUTTS, M.D.). Soldier lived with his son-in-law and daughter, J. W. and Sarah MIDDLETON, about ten miles west of Waynesboro at the time of his death on 30 August 1920. Letter in file from J. W. MIDDLETON to Commissioner of Pension states soldier was "age 84 yr 4 months and 19 days" at his death. He was totally disabled and helpless since 12 July 1918 when he fell and was so badly crippled that he was confined to his bed until his death two years later. At that time, he was drawing a service pension of $50 per month. Submitted by Linda DAVIS LEDLOW, 221 Malissa Dr., Muscle Shoals, AL 35661.

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DAVIS, JOSEPH NOAH, Pvt., Co. B, 2nd TN Mtd. Inf; SGT, Co. E, 8th TN Mtd. Inf. U. S. A. Enlisted first 15 Oct 1863, discharged 17 Oct 1864; enlisted second 1 Mar 1865 Hardin Co., TN; discharged 1 Sep 1865, Nashville, TN. Residence at enlistment not given; was a farmer. Description: 5'10", fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes. Soldier born 6 Mar 1844, Lawrence Co., TN; married 16 Jan 1867, Wayne Co., TN to Nancy J. COPELAND. Children: Elihu G., b. 7 Jun 1868; Joseph J. H. , b. 19 Apr 1871; Camilla E., b. 23 Aug 1873; Thomas R., b. 30 Dec 1875; Rebecca A., b. 6 Feb 1878; John F., b. 10 Jun 1880; Harvey W., b. 31 Oct 1882; Matilda E., b. 30 May 1885; Mary B., b. 27 Aug 1887; and Walter b. 20 May 1890. Affidavits by S. SIMS, 57, & H. C. SIMS, 52, Sims P. O., Wayne Co., TN 10 Dec 1898; Pensioner of Houston P. O. TN; James J. DAVIS, 29, Houston, Wayne Co., TN; E. R. YEISER, Houston, TN, 7 Dec 1893; Joseph N. DAVIS, 70, Waynesboro, R.R. #2, TN, 14 Mar 1914; Watt YEISER, 72, Columbia, Maury Co., TN, 23 Oct 1959; D. G. COPELAND, 27, Sims P. O., Wayne Co., TN, n.d. Affidavit from Watt YEISER relates to pension of Matilda Elizabeth DAVIS (daughter of J. N.) no other information on dependent pension in file. Soldier Pension # 942.150. Submitted by Mitzi W. THORNELL, 449 Dry Creek Road, Waynesboro, TN 38485.

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