Cemeteries In The Riverside Quadrangle

Wayne County, Tennessee

Last Updated 21 March 1998

Churchwell Cemetery #227 (Lewis County)

Location: In Lewis County, on the Ashland Road just west of Riverside and near the Wayne/Lewis Countie Line. Very well kept cemetery

CHURCHWELL, George A., 17 May 1868 - 12 Oct 1911 [son of Ulysses and Mary Frances]
CHRUCHWELL, infant, 1889, only date, child of U. and M. F.
CHURCHWELL, Ulysses, 19 Aug 1837 - 2 Dec 1888, "Professed hope in Christ September 1886 and joined the Primitive Baptist Church" is inscribed on the tombstone. [son of John and Susan Duckworth Churchwell]
GRAVES, Infant, 7 Oct 1896, only date, child of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graves.
GRAVES, Lizzie Churchwell, 28 Nov 1878 - 21 July 1921, wife of Thomas [dau. of Ulysses and M. F.]
GRAVES, Moncey, 29 Jan 1909 - 5 Oct 1909
VOORHIES, Mary F., 15 July - 3 April 1905, wife of B. M. Voorhies, first the wife of Ulysses Churchwell [nee Rochelle, dau. of Henderson B. and Frances (Robertson) Rochelle from Wake Co., NC.]

Enumerated by Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Grimes, 28 May 1968, and by Marjorie Graves, May 1976. Bracketed information provided by Mrs. Imogene Parsley.

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