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Natives or Residents of

Wayne County, Tennessee

The abstracts or transcriptions of pension applications on the following pages are taken from copies of the actual pension applications on file at the National Archives or, for Confederate Veterans, on file at the various states granting pensions. Some of the pension files used are partial files while others are the complete file. The name of the person submitting either the copy of the pension application or the abstract will appear at the end of the entry. In same cases additional information on the applicant has been supplied by the submitter.

If you have a copy of a pension application relating to a Wayne County, Tennessee native or resident, or the application of any of the soldiers who served in the 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, USV, we would like to receive an abstract of that file. Or if you prefer, you can send a xerox copy of the file to the Wayne County Historical Society, P.O. Box 866, Waynesboro, TN 38485-0866.  Credit will be given on all submissions. All abstracts or copies of files received will be published on this page and in the Wayne County Historian. For your convenience a copy of the Pension Abstract Form is available at http://www.netease.net/wayne/penabins.htm Go to the page and when the image loads, simply print the page.  We are working on an automated submission form, but it is not yet ready for use.

If you have a question concerning any of the pension records appearing on the following pages, please contact either Edgar D. Byler, III; or Jerry W. Murphy.

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