Pension Abstract Form

To obtain a copy of the Pension Abstract Form for submitting pension abstracts to the Wayne County, Tennessee page and to the Wayne County Historical Society for publication in the Wayne County Historian, please click on the image below. This will take you to a scan of the pension abstract form which you can print out once the image has loaded.

Once you have printed out the abstract form, please make as many copies of it as you need. When you have abstracted a pension application, please send the completed form to --

A. If you have a scanner you can scan in the completed form, then attach the resulting image file to an email message and send to Edgar D. Byler, III at

B. If you do not have a scanner, please send the completed form via regular mail to the following address.

Wayne County Historical Society
Pension Abstract
P.O. Box 866
Waynesboro, TN 38485-0866

Instructions for completing the abstract form.

1. Record on the abstract form only information which is recorded in the pension application file. If you have additional information about the pensioner/applicant and his/her family, that information may be submitted as additional information on a separate sheet or at the bottom of the form. Please do not include information on the form which was not in the original application file.

2. Abstract all dates, names, and places as they appear in the application file. If two or more dates or places are given for a single event, list all varients. The same applies to names of individuals, units of service and locations.

3. Please list the names, ages, residences and dates of all affidavits filed in connection with the application.

For a sample of the an abstract of a pension application file, see any of the Civil War pension abstracts already posted to the Civil War Pension Abstracts Page. Some application files, especially Union Civil War Pension Application files, will contain a great deal of personal and genealogical information. Others may contain little or no genealogical information.

Click on the image to download the Pension Abstract Form image to your browser.

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