Wayne County, Tennessee
Original Bible Records
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Submitted by Jo Anne BOYD CREEKMORE, 2135 Norwood Blvd., Florence, AL 35630

[Editor's note: Mrs. CREEKMORE wrote that copies of the family record pages from her grandparents Bible were sent to her several years ago by a cousin. No date of publication of the Bible was given and the Title page was not included in the copy submitted]

BIRTHS [first page]
George Washington BOYD Born at Smithfield Fayette County Va February 22 1827
Ann E SONGER Born at Marion Lawrence County Ohio June 19 1834
Albert Edward BOYD Born at Vesuvius Furnace Ohio September 1st 1854
George W BOYD Jr. Born at Vesuvius Furnace Ohio December 9th 1857
Frank BOYD Born at Vesuvius Furnace Ohio July 30th 1859
Charley BOYD Born at Vesuvius Furnace August 6th 1861
Harry BOYD Born at Bellefont Furnace Ky May 6th 1865

BIRTHS [second page]
of C H & Mary E BOYDs Children
Clyde H BOYD born at Wayne Furnace Tenn. Oct 27 1882
Nina May BOYD born at Wayne Furnace Oct 3rd 1884
Mary Ann BOYD born at Waynesboro Tenn Dec 14, 1886
Iva Estella BOYD born at Waynesboro Tenn Nov 13, 1888
Ralph M. W. BOYD born at Beech Grove Farm on Indian Creek Tenn Oct 22, 1890 Wayne Co
Blanch Alma BOYD born at Beech Grove Farm on Indian Creek Dec 17, 1892 Wayne Co.
Frank Rolland BOYD born at Beech Grove Farm on Indian Creek Tenn May 3rd 1895
Juanita Charley BOYD born at Waynesboro Tenn Wayne Co Aug 15th 1901

DEATHS [third page]
Ann E BOYD Died Friday January 4th 1901 at 11:37 O'clock A M at her home in Waynesboro, Tennessee Age 66 yrs 6 mo 15 days
G. W. BOYD Died Friday January 19th 1906 on one O'clock P.M. at his home in Waynesboro, Tenn. Age 78 years, 10 mo & 29 days
C. H. BOYD son of G. W. & Ann E. BOYD Died Nov 21, 1932 on Monday atbetween 12 & 12:30 ock P.M. 71 yrs 3 mo 15 days, near Waynesboro, Tennessee at Fairview Farm
Nina May BOYD Daughter of C H & Mary E. BOYD Dec. at Beech Grove Farm on Indian Creek in Wayne Co Tenn Nov. 28, 1894 age 10 yrs one mon & 25 days.
Blanch Alma BOYD Daughter of C H & Mary E BOYD Died at Beech Grove Farm on Indian Creek in Wayne Co., Tenn Jany 11th 1896 age 3 years & 24 days.
Dr. H. C. BOYD 72 years Died Aug 9th 1935
Frank BOYD Died Apr 18 1937 77 years

MARRIAGES [fourth page]
George W BOYD Born in Smithfield Fayette County PA February 22, 1827
Ann E SONGER Born at Marion Lawrence County Ohio June 19th 1834
G W BOYD Married to Ann E SONGER at Vesuvius Furnace Ohio November 9 1853
Ann E. SONGER Married to G W BOYD at Vesuvius Furnace Ohio November 9th 1853
C H BOYD Married to Mary E MARTIN at Waynesboro Tenn Oct 31st 1881 Married by Bro. GILLAM Pastor of Presbyterian Church at WB
Mary E MARTIN Married C H BOYD at Waynesboro, Tenn Oct 31st 1881

[blank sheet fifth page]
Mary Elizabeth MARTIN BOYD Borned Oct 31st 1863 Flatwoods, Tennessee Died Feb 28th 1958 Minniola Kansas Buried March 4th 1958 Waynesboro Tennessee

- End of Record -

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Submitted by Don G. THOMAS, 131 San Jose St., San Leandro, CA 94577

Mr. THOMAS wrote that the material submitted was photographed by John Paul KING in Waynesboro, Tennessee in 1972. At that time the Benjamin KING Bible was in the possession of Vida KING of Waynesboro. The transcription was made from slides that John Paul KING sent to Mr. THOMAS in 1974.

Attempts have been made to locate the original Bible, but as of this date, it has not been found. We are publishing the material because of its significance to the early history of Wayne County and because it provides proof of several family connections in the Three Churches area of Indian Creek.

Benjamin KING was a Methodist minister and founded the Victory Methodist Church which was located across Waterfall Branch from the King Cemetery. The church was founded in the 1820's and a building was still standing in March 1900 when it washed away. Rev. Benjamin KING, his wife and members of his family are buried in the King Cemetery on Dry Branch of Waterfall Branch. Per Mr. THOMAS's letter, Benjamin KING married Elender COLE.

The family records from the KING Bible appear on the pages between the Old and New Testaments. No date of publication is given for the old Bible.

First Page:
John MARTIN & Betsy KING his wife was married Feb. 23rd, 1837
John MARTIN was born Aprile 20th 1816
Betsy MARTIN was born January 10th 1815
Benjamin MARTIN son of above born January 4th 1838
Peggy Ann MARTIN was born August 9th 1839
Elender MARTIN was born July 21st 1842
William Thomas MARTIN was born Oct. 3rd 1843
Nancy Elizabeth MARTIN was born May 25th 1846
John Preston MARTIN was born March 27th 1849
Samuel Nathaniel MARTIN was born July 31st 1851
George Washington MARTIN was born Feb. 2nd 1853
Virginia Isabel MARTIN born April 2rd 1859
John MARTIN and Benjamin made prisoners May 22, 1863
Elizabeth MARTIN Departed this life Aprile the 25 1884 age _9 years three months and 15 days.

Second Page
The Age of Benjamin KING His Wife And His Children
Elizabeth KING was born June 10th 1772
Ben KING born the 26 of August in one? 1772
Avery KING was born June 28th? 1793
Polley KING was born January 29th 1796
John KING was born February 2nd, 1798
Samuel Allen KING was born April 5th 1800
Pulchere KING was born May 16th 1803
Ann KING was born November 21 1805
Ellender KING was born October 9th 1808
Benjamin KING was born November 20th 1811
Betsy KING was born Jan 10th 1815
Polley Ann TOMSON was born May 19th 1829 (in another handwriting)

Rev. Benj. KING departed this life Sept. 29th 1837, aged 65 y 1 mo 3 days
Elender KING departed this life Oct. 16, 1852, aged 80 y 2 mos 6 days
Pulchery KING, daughter, departed this life Dec. 4, 1825, aged 21 y 7 mos 19 days
Ann KING, daughter, departed this life Feb. 4, 1827, aged 21 y 2 mo 4 days
Elender THOMPSON departed this life Jan. 28th, 1849 aged 40 y 3 mo 19 days
Samuel Allen KING departed this life Feb. 20th 1831 aged 30 y 10 mo 15 days
Elender MARTIN departed this life August 15th, 1842 aged ... 25 days
Samuel Nathaniel MARTIN departed this September the 4, 1861 aged 10-1-4
William Thomas MARTIN departed this life September the 9, 1861 11-11-6
John Preston MARTIN departed this life Sept - 1864

Next Page
Avary KING born the 28 of June 1793
Polley KING born the 29 of January 1796
John KING born the 2 of February 1798
Samuel Allen KING born the 5 of April 1800
Pulchere KING born the 16 of May 1803
Ann KING born the 21 of November 1805
October the 9 1808 Elender KING was born

On the 16th of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven there was a great shaking of the Earth and everything thereon. Commenced about two o'clock in the morning and continued until about 12 o'clock.

Betsy KING was born the 10 of January 1815

(below items partially faded)
----------His children
----June 5th 1820
--- KING ---- 1822
William M KING born May 7th 1824

Additional information on the back end sheets and inside back cover:
Ann KING was born the .....
Consider your .....
William COLE Born the .....
Benjamin KING His hand and .....
August the 23, 1816
Ellender KING was born ....Benjamin
May the fifth .... 1772
April the 8 1815 Sent by my Lord / on you - Call the invitation is to all come / see the world Come sinners thou all things / In Crist is redy now B KING oth ... the Lor .. / April the 12 Of all I have or give me / Jesus O Lord give me Clen hart an .. / Jest? B. KING born the 16 of August in / John BROWN Sally BROWN

inside back cover:
Benjamin KING His Book December the 15 in 1804 cost 6 dollars

KING was .....
..... age forty five

- End of Record -

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Copied from History, Biography and Genealogy of George HAWK and his Family, which was transcribed and typed from the original by Peggy LOWDER BYRAM in October 1975 and submitted to the Society by her.

Record as recorded in the old Family Bible.
Henry RAYBURN was born January 4, 1776 [ed. note: tombstone says 1768]
Sarah SHANKLIN was born November 30, 1777
Henry RAYBURN and Sarah SHANKLIN were married January 24, 1794.

Children of Henry and Sarah (SHANKLIN) RAYBURN
John RAYBURN, was born oct. 11, 1795
Littitia RAYBURN was born May 13, 1797
Samuel S. RAYBURN was born Dec 22, 1799
Jenett RAYBURN was born April 14, 1801
Robert Sinclair RAYBURN was born Nov 6, 1804
Margaret RAYBURN was born Oct. 13, 1806
Davidson M RAYBURN was born Oct. 3, 1808
Nancy RAYBURN was born Oct. 12, 1810
Elizabeth RAYBURN was born Dec. 27, 1812
James M. RAYBURN was born Jan. 29, 1815
Andrew M. RAYBURN was born March 25, 1817
Henry N. RAYBURN was born Aug. 17, 1819
Elihu C. RAYBURN was born Mar. 5, 1823

Margaret RAYBURN died Oct. 13, 1806
Elizabeth (RAYBURN) STOUT died Aug. 26, 1835
James M. RAYBURN died July 19, 1840
Elihu C. RAYBURN died Sep. 3, 1845
Sarah (SHANKLIN) RAYBURN wife of Henry RAYBURN died Feb 19, 1848 and Henry RAYBURN (her husband) died March 7, 1852
Henry Newton RAYBURN died March 7, 1862
Nancy (RAYBURN) HAWK died Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1896

Birth and names of children of John RAYBURN, son of Henry RAYBURN
Louisa N. RAYBURN was born May 28, 1818
Charlotte Ann Jane RAYBURN was born April 4, 1820
Samuel Houston RAYBURN was born Februry 15, 1822

- End of Record -

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Born August 10, 1831
Was married Tuesday, September 20, 1853 to Miss Martha Louise PORTER, daughter of Robert Brownfield and Mary (JONES) PORTER and she was born on Novemerb 26, 1833.

Names and births of children:
Jonathan Henry Rayburn HAWK born November 21, 1854
Josephine Anibell HAWK born October 2, 1857
Flora Elizabeth HAWK born February 23, 1860
William Robert HAWK born November 15, 1862
John Franklin HAWK born March 23, 1867
George Andrew HAWK born Feb. 4, 1874

Record of Deaths:
Jonathan Henry Rayburn died August 24, 1855 [Jonathan Henry Rayburn HAWK]
Martha Louise (PORTER) HAWK, wife of George Washington HAWK, died Monday, July 11, 1881.
Flora Elizabeth (HAWK) COOK, wife of Burt COOK, died August 6, 1889
Minnie Myrtle COOK, daughter of Burt and Flora E. COOK died February 8, 1890
Rebecca Jane (PHILLIPS) (TIMBERLAKE) HAWK, second wife of G. W. HAWK, died Thursday August 20, 1891
John Franklin HAWK died December 9, 1902
George Washington HAWK died December 5, 1912.

-End of Record-

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William HAWK and Nancy RAYBURN married January 6, 1828 (also listed as 6 July 1827)
William HAWK, son of George and Mary McCARVER HAWK, born May 3, 1809
Nancy HAWK, wife of William HAWK, born October 12, 1810
George Washington HAWK, son of William and Nancy RAYBURN HAWK was born on August 10, 1831
John Rayburn HAWK was born September 26, 1833
Mary Adeline HAWK was born February 28, 1835
Elizabth Ann HAWK was born October 12, 1836
Christopher Columbus HAWK was born July 19, 1838
James Madison HAWK was born March 12, 1840
All in Tennessee
Tennessee Caroline HAWK was born November 4, 1841
Sarah Isabel Jane HAWK was born October 12, 1843
Kathleene Antone HAWK was born August 10, 1845

Record of Deaths:
William HAWK (father of Geo. W. HAWK) died February 2, 1878, aged 68 yrs, 8 mo., 29 days
Mrs. Nancy RAYBURN HAWK (mother of Geo. W. HAWK) died January 21, 1896 at 11 A.M., aged 85 years, 3 mo. 9 days.
Christopher Columbus HAWK died June 19, 1839
Dr. John Rayburn HAWK died December 16(?) 1891
Mary Adline HAWK MONTGOMERY SHEEKS died June 29, 1908
George Washington HANK died December 5, 1912 about 6 P.M. was unconscious for 40 hours before death, but died easy (per W. R. HAWK).
William Isaiah BARHAM, b. November 18, 1834, married to Tennessee Caroline HAWK October 14, 1860, died March 20, 1871.
Tennessee Caroline HAWK born November 4, 1841, died Nov. 29, 1920 buried in Grayson, LA
Joseph Samuel BARHAM born December 31, 1864, d. April 14, 1892
Mary Nancy BARHAM born July 23, 1861, died February 17, 1887
Newsome Rayburn BARHAM, born Feb 11, 1863, married_____ died Aug. 14, 1950
Jehu John Swift BARHAM born June 8, 1867, married _____, died Jan 10, 1928
Sarah Irene BARHAM born October 18, 1869, married May 15, 1888, died Feb. 23, 1962.
James H. CLARK and Tenny Caroline BARHAM married April 4, 1901 (Brownies Grandmother)

-End of Record-

Input by Jon Kilburn

Contributed by Mrs. Elmer (Pauline) LUTTS, Rt. 1, Box 6, Lutts, TN 38471. [editor's note: There are four pages to this record which was apparently removed from the family Bible. They are deteriorating and parts of the pages are missing.]

Page 1: Family Record
Marriages David C. GREESON/ and/ Sarah Ann Elizabeth/ BERRY/ Were Married/ August 14th 1859/ in/ Wayne County/ Tennessee.
Margaret R. E. GREESON born March 28th 1862
John C. GREESON born Aug the 24 1868
Sarah E. GREESON born Apr the ---- [page torn]

page 2 Births
David C. GREESON Born March 12 1822 in Bedford Co. Tennessee
Sarah Ann Elizabeth GREESON Born July 19th 1836 In Hardin Co. Tenn.
Lucinda Annabel GREESON Born Aug 12th 1844 In Hardin Co., Tennessee.
Catherine Elizabeth GREESON Born November llth 1846 In Hardin Co.,Tenn
Henry Clay GREESON Born March 21st 1848?[page torn] In Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mary Lucinda GREESON Born April 6th 1850 In Hardin Co., Tennessee
Neill McFadgen GREESON Born Feby 23rd 1852 In Hardin County, Tennessee
Louisa Jane GREESON Born March 2d 1854 In Hardin County, Tennessee
Flora Ann GREESON Born August 24th 1855[page torn-looks like 1855] In Hardin Co., Tennessee
----- GREESON, Born August 24th ---------- County,Tennessee[page torn]

page 3 Deaths:
Flora Ann GREESON Departed this life February 23d 1852 In Hardin County, Tennessee
Sarah Ann GREESON Departed this Life December 14th 1857 In Hardin Co., Tenn
Lucinda Annabel GREESON Departed this Life Nov 23d 1844 [rest of page torn off]

page 4 Miscellaneous
Martin C. GREESON was born Nov the 3 1866 [186- crossed out]
Laura C. GREESON was born July the 16 1868
Nancy C. GREESON was born Oct the 8 1872 Dorothy E. GREESON born July 23 1876
Please Return this Record [rest of page torn off] - - End of Record -

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Input By Jon Kilburn

Contributed by Edith McDONALD, 508-B West Frontier, Eloy, AZ 85231.
Mrs. McDONALD sent a copy of the following letter from Marie GREESON STRICKLIN of Waynesboro, TN to accompany the Josiah S. KILBURN Bible records.

Sun June 24, 1990
Dear Edith,
I have the Bible you mentioned. My son ran you copies of all the pages containing family records. There is a copy machine in our church & we went this P.M. and made the copies. Some of the writing was in pencil that was barely readable. He has printed as best as he could make out on the side of the copies.

On one of the pages it is written "this book came into the hands of C. L. KILBURN in 1892." C. L. (Carol) KILBURN was my mother's father. Cora was her name and she married Herman GREESON. Ora was Blanche's [Blanche CASTLEMAN] mother. Blanche passed away Jan. 28, 1989. After grand daddy KILBURN died, grandmother lived with mother and Blanche's mother. The Bible was at Mothers. When Mother passed away I gave it to Aunt Ora and of course Blanche had it. Blanche's son John lives in her house.

You have my permission and Blanche's son John and her daughter Barbara to use these records.

I've going to return the Bible to John CASTLEMAN Blanche's son.
Will mail them Mon. Morn -
With Christian Love, Marie GREESON STRICKLIN, 105 W. Frank Boyd St., Waynesboro, Tenn. 38485


No title page submitted

1st page Family Record Birth/Deaths
J. S. KILBURN was born in the A.D. of our Lord January the 5th 1826
Phebe Ann KILBURN was born in the AD of our lord December the 5th 1827
William A KILBURN AD October the 27th 1843
Robberson P. KILBURN Was born AD May the 30th 1845
John h KILBURN was born AD MArch the 18th 1847
Margret P. KILBURN was born AD January the 30th 1849
Sarah J. KILBURN was born AD January the 29th 1851
C. L. KILBURN Died Dec. 5, 1921
Phebe Ann KILBURN deseas this life March the 7 1891
J. S. KILBURN deseaced this life July the 4 1896
John h KILBURN dese July the 8[?] 1914
Margeret HARDIN deceased April 6, 1918

page 2 Family Record Births/ Deaths
Jammes G. KILBURN was born A.D. December the 14th 1851/2[ink smeared]
And Deceaste this life April the 14th 1856
Henry D. KILBURN Was born AD April the 14th 1853
Josiah D. KILBURN Was born AD February 24th 1856
Frances Elizabeth KILBURN was born AD December the 29th 1858
Tomis J. KILBURN Was born AD November 6th 1860
Carrel L. KILBURN Was born AD March the 9th 1863
Henry D. KILBURN deceased this life August or September/ September 18 1878
Josiah D. KILBURN deceaste this life Oct the 9th 1890

3rd page Family Record Births/Deaths
Eliga J. KILBURN Was born AD Auguste the 30th 1865
Lucrecy Ann KILBURN Was born AD March 8th 1869

Eligah G. KILBURN & Frances McDOW was married July the 2 1882
tomas G KILBURN & marthey COPLEN was maried July the 27 1882
Tomis J OIN[OWEN] and Leacreacy Ann KILBURN was maried December the 27 1885
C. L. KILBURN and Janey COPELAND mared December the 27 1887

4th page Family Record Marriages
J. S. KILBURN and Phebe Ann WARTHEN[or WORTHEN] was mared January the 12th 1843
William A. KILBURN and Elizabeth McGEE was mared August the 12th 1863
Robberson P. KILBURN and Darcres LEE was mared April the 15th 1869
lewis R. HARDIN and margret KILBURN was maried August the 6th 1868
John HARDIN and Sarah J. KILBURN was mared December the 24th 1873
John H. KILBURN and Anjeline MELTON mared August 29th 1876
John L. HARDIN and Elizabeth KILBURN was mared September the 10 1876
Josiah D. KILBURN and Lucy LEE was married September 3rd 1876

- End of Family Record Sheets -

On a separate piece of paper was written the following information:
this Book came into the hands of C. L. KILBURN 1892
C. L. KILBURN was borned in the year March the 9, 1863
L. J. KILBURN was borned October the 24, 1869
Cora E. KILBURN was Borned October the 12 1883 on 7[?] April taken
Ora E. KILBURN was Borned November the 29th 1892
Chester L. KILBURN was Borned December the 13 1896 in Wayne Co. Tenn.

C. L. KILBURN died Dec 5th 1921
Mrs. L. J. KILBURN (Janey) died Feb. 7, 1949

On another scrap of paper: Henry Josiah KILBURN was borned in the year of our lord Aprial the 7 1870
he departed this life September the 23 1870
End of Record

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Input By Jon Kilburn

Contributed by Mrs. W. B. PARSLEY, 10908 Melton View Lane, Knoxville, TN 37931.

[editor's note: only the Title page and Births page were submitted]


Births Page:
John A. WALKER Dec. 8th 1842
Eliza E. WALKER June 15th 1841
William B. WALKER Aug 22nd 1861
James F. WALKER Mar 29th 1863
Lenora J. WALKER Jan 27th 1865
Sarah E. WALKER Mar 12th 1867
George E. WALKER Feb 3rd 1869
Mary S. WALKER Jan 9th 1871
John W. WALKER Jan 18th 1873
Annie K. WALKER Sept 26th 1878
Laura W. WALKER Oct. 7th 1880
Lizabeth H. WALKER July i9th 1883
Infant son/ Born & died Sept 11 1877

- End of Record -

Family record from Elizabeth Hymer Walker as sent to Imogene R. Parsley.

John Allen Walker born Dec. 8th 1842 )father
Eliza Ellen Pollock born June 15 1841)mother
William Burl Walker born Aug. 22 1861
James Frank Walker born March 29 1863
Lenora Jane Walker born Jan. 27 1865
Sarah Ellen Walker born Mar. 12 1867
George Edward Walker born Feb 3 1869
Mary Lee Walker born Jan 9 1871
John Walter Walker born Jan 18 1873
Annie Corine Walker born Sept 26 1878
Infant son Walker born and died Sept 11 1877
Laura Wilton Walker born Oct. 7 1880
Elizabeth Hymer Walker born July 19, 1883

John A. Walker died Jan 27 1929 Sun. 7:30 P.M.)father
Ellen E. Walker died Sept 5 1886, Thurs )mother
Burl Walker died May 3 1940 Fri 8 P.M.
Lenora (Sis) Walker died Mar. 2 1908 Monday 6 A.M.
Sarah (Sallie) walker died Jan 28 1904 Thurs 10.50 P.M.
Geo. Ed Walker died April 11 1948 Sun 10.45 A.M.
Mary L. Walker died Sept 13 1919 S___ 5:30 A.M.
J. Walter Walker died June 19 1952 5.30 P.M.
infant son born and died Sept 11 1877
Annie Corine Walker died Sept 11 1879

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Input by Jon Kilburn

Contributed by Mary Jo KING BEASLEY, Rt. 3, Box 78, Linden, TN 37096

Sammye GRAHAM was born Oct 31st 1808
Jane THOMPSON GRAHAM was born May 20th 1818
D. L. (Daniel) GOODMAN was born Oct. 24th 1846
Mary Ann GRAHAM GOODMAN was born Aug. 18th 1846
Minerva Jane GOODMAN was born Aug 18 1867
Melissa Emiline GOODMAN was born Sept 29th 1870
Eliza Elmyra GOODMAN was born Feb 14th 1873
Sara Frances GOODMAN was born Dec 12th 1875
Samantha Adeline GOODMAN was born Apr 16th 1877
William Samuel GOODMAN was born Apr 10th 1879
John Elifus GOODMAN was born May 10th 1881
Charles Allen GOODMAN was born Jan 23rd 1883
George Alexander GOODMAN was born July 14th 1885
Ewin James [Jefferson - crossed out] GOODMAN was born June 29th 1889

George A. GOODMAN died May 4th 1886
Sara or Sallie F. GOODMAN died
D. L. GOODMAN died Aug 4th 1929
Mary Ann GOODMAN died Jan/ 18th 1930

W. E. BROMLEY & M. J. GOODMAN were married Dec. 23rd 1888
J. A. BROMLEY & Eliza GOODMAN were married Jan 13th 1889
J. L. BROMLEY & M. E. GOODMAN were married Dec 27th 1891
Daniel Jefferson BROMLEY was born Oct. 17th 1889
L. V. A. E. BROMLEY was born Jan Jan[sicl 22nd 1891
Mary Lee BROMLEY was born Oct 7th 1889
James Akin BROMLEY was born May 19th 1866/ died Feb 23rd 1899
Ada Bessie BROMLEY was born Mch 7th 1894/ died March 23rd 1898
Delphia Louis BROMLEY was born July 31st 1897
One baby girl born May 18th 1892/ died May 20th 1892

Written by Mary BROMLEY KING

- End of Record -

Note by Mrs. BEASLEY: Sammye GRAHAM was born Sammye GRIMES but changed his name to GRAHAM. Daniel L. GOODMAN was the son of Thomas Greene GOODMAN and Mary Ann MAYBERRY.

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Input by Jon Kilburn

Contributed by Mrs. W. B. (Imogene) PARSLEY, 10908 Melton View Lane, Knoxville, TN 37931.

Original record in the possession of Elizabeth Hymer WALKER.

William POLLOCK and Sary HYMER were married April 29th 1819 and to their union were born as follows

William POLLOCK was born Oct 3rd 1797
Sary HYMER was born May 18 1798

Their Family
Mary Stanton POLLOCK was born April 1st 1820
Susmah Wilson POLLOCK was born Sept 3rd 1821
Elisha Kirkman POLLOCK was born Sept 6th 1823
John Wesley POLLOCK was born July 5th 1825
Evely Jane POLLOCK was born April 22, 1827
Henrietta Catherine POLLOCK was born Mar 4th 1829
William Irvin POLLOCK was born Sept 4th 1830
Sary Carolina POLLOCK was born Feb 11th 1832
Alexander Newton POLLOCK was born Feb 2nd 1834
Martha Ann POLLOCK was born Dec 12 1835
Elear Jones POLLOCK was born June 17 1838
Eliza Ellen POLLOCK [Miss WALKER's mother] was born June 15 1841
James Marion POLLOCK was born Oct 20 1843

- End of Record -

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Input By Jon Kilburn

Contributed by Mrs. W. B. PARSLEY, 10908 Melton View Lane, Knoxville, TN 37931.

This record is in the possession of Miss Elizabeth Hymer WALKER

George Isom WALKER born Jan 18 1819
Eliza Ann WALKER born Jan 25 1817
Margaret Ann WALKER born Oct 30 1840
John Allen WALKER born Dec 8 1842
Mary Rebecca WALKER born Aug 18 1845
Adeline Jane WALKER born June 18 1848
Geo. Lenord WALKER born Nov 19 1850
William Henderson WALKER born July 28 1853
Eliza Josephine WALKER born Dec 24 1855
James Luther WALKER born Sept 28 1859

Margaret to John VOORHIES
John A to Eliza Ellen POLLOCK - my father
Mary R to Mark EDWARDS
Josephine to Richard (Dick) STOCKARD
James to Lenora (Sis) MEREDITH
Lenord was killed unmarried
Don't Know about Aunt Adeline
William Henderson died unmarried/was buried at Dabbs Cemetery
James L. WALKER died Nov. 12, 1940 Buried at Mansfield, Tex

- End of Record -

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Submitted by Miss Margaret M. Morrison [deceased]

This Bible record was copied from the original Bible in the possession of Mrs. Leila Huckaba Lumpinks and Mrs. Ella Huckaba Lynn of Lawrenceburg, TN on 7 Sep 1953 by John F. Morrison Jr. of Lawrenceburg, TN.

George Ellis Huckaba, born Oct 15 1814, Died Oct 20, 1892, age 78 yrs. & 5 days
Rhody Young (RAINEY) Huckaba Borned Apr 22, 1815, Died Mar. 27 1884, 68 yrs, 11 mos. 5 days

John Fletcher Huckaba and Mary Ann Morrison was married Sunday, December 8th, 1867
James Madison Moore and Fannie Elizabeth Huckaba were married January 31, 1894 (Wednesday)
James Alfred Huckaba and Carrie Meek Cypert were married Thursday, May 24, 1900
Richard Earl Lumpkins and Leila Lillian Huckaba were married Wednesday, July 29th, 1913

John Fletcher Huckaba was borned April the 25th, 1845
Mary Ann Huckaba was borned April 11th, 1853
Fannie Elizabeth Huckaba was borned Friday, June the 26th, 1874
James Alfred Huckaba was borned Tuesday, September 5th, 1876
George Merida Huckaba was borned Tuesday, September 5th, 1876
Mary Ella Huckaba was borned Friday, May the 26th, 1882
Emerson Huckaba was borned Friday, May 13th 1885
Laura Annie Huckaba was born Nov the 24th, on Thursday, 1887
Mary Caroline Lumpkins was born Dec. 16th 1922
Richard Earl Lumpkins was born Feb. 4th, 1886
Lela Lillian Huckaba was born Friday, September 4th, 1891
Lenna Ruth Lumpkins was born Thursday, Feb. 18th 1915
Frank C. Lumpkins was born Mar. 31, 1917
Edwin Fletcher Huckaba was born Monday, May 30, 1898
James M. Moore, Jr., was born Saturday, January 5th, 1895

John Fletcher Huckaba died Sunday, July 18th, 1920
James Madison Moore died Tuesday, November 27th, 1894
Fannie Elizabeth Huckaba died on Monday, Jan the 20th, 1902
James Alfred Huckaba died on Thursday, October the 4th, 1923
Emerson Huckaba died on Friday, Jan. the 17th, 1902
Laura Annie Huckaba died Nov. 28th, 1950
Lenna Ruth Lumpkins died Sat. May 8th 1920.

- End of Record -

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Submitted by Edith Holt Wood, 220 Brookwood Dr., Greer, SC 29651

Mrs. Wood writes, "The front pages of the Bible are missing, but in the New Testament section the page reads: 'The New Testament of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ Translated our of the Original Greek and with the former translations compared and revised. New York, American Bible Society, Instituted in the year MDCCCXVI 1854'.

"This Bible was owned by Viola Davis Holt, and passed down to me in a wooden, rounded top trunk. How old this trunk is, my mother didn't know."

Family Record

[First page]
James B. DAVIS & Elizabeth DAVIS was [ink blot] Maried the 30 of December 1847
Ardiler Catherine SMOTHERMAN was Bord feb the 28 1858

[second page]
J. B. DAVIS was borne May 8th 1826
Elizabeth DAVIS borne Feb 20th 1826
Nancy Anny DAVIS was borne 3 of Janary 1849
John T. DAVIS was borne the 27 October 1850
William R. DAVIS was borne the 26 of Nov 1852

[third page]
Anderson H. DAVIS was born 29 of Nov 1854

[fourth page]
Elizabeth DAVIS departed this life the 1 day of Sept the yeare of our Lord 1868

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Bible owned and submitted by Martha A. THAYER, 208 Sixteenth St. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87104.

Mrs. THAYER writes that this Bible is in her possession. The Robert FOX family lived in the area of Three Churches on Indian Creek in 1840. Mary REED FOX was the daughter of John and Lydia HOLLIS REED who are buried in the Zachariah HORTON Cemetery at Three Churches. John REED, was born 19 June 1774 and died 8 Jan 1846. Lydia HOLLIS REED, daughter of John HOLLIS of Rutherford Co., TN, was born 8 Sep 1776 and died 14 March 1844.


The family record appears on the two pages of flysheets at the back of the Bible.

First Page
Robert FOX was born the 29th day of December in the year of our Lord 1801
Mary REED was born July the 25th in the year of our Lord 1809
Robert FOX and Mary REED Was meried the 5th day of February 1827
Elizabeth FOX the first Daughter of Robert and Mary FOX was born the 12th of February 1826
Ede Mahala FOX was born the 27th day of August 1828
William Marion FOX was born the 16th of December 1830

Second Page
Polly Jane FOX was born the 24th Day of December 1832
Robert Wilson FOX was born the 13th Day of December 1834
Zachariah Jonathan FOX was born the 27th Day of December 1836
John L. FOX was born on March the 18th in the year of our Lord, 1838
Mordicai Jobe FOX was born in July on the 15th day in the year of our Lord, 1841.

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Submitted by Martha A. THAYER, 208 Sixteenth St. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87104.

Bible owned by Mrs. Paula WALLACE WHITE (address withheld by request) who gave permission for publication


John REED was born in the year of our Lord June 19th Monday 1774
John REED and Lydia HOLLIS was married the 2 day of January 1801
Lydia REED wife of John REED was born the 8th day of September in the year of our Lord 1776 and died the 14th day of March in the year of our Lord 1844
John REED died the 8th day of January 1846
Calvin C. NEUSUM was born January the 1, 1828
Elizabth NEUSUM was born Feb the 12, 1826
Green C. NEUSUM was born Feb 8, 1855
William R. NEUSUM was born Dec 9, 1852
Mary E. NEUSUM was born Dec 11, 1857
Robbert Jefson NEUSON was born July 24, 1861
C. C. NEUSUM was died Aug 14, 1862
Green C. NEUSUM died Dec 24, 1866
Elizabeth NEUSUM died June 11, 1895

On back page is written James JOHNSON was born May 17, 1834

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Submitted by Martha A. THAYER, 208 Sixteenth St. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87104.

This Bible is owned by Thornton PRIEST, a descendant, who granted permission for publication.

No Title page submitted.

Page 1 - Deaths
Mary M (H struck out) FOX Died April 25 - 1871 age 1 year 15 days
John A. FOX Died March 18, 1936
John Lihue FOX Died Nov 29 1919
Nancy Charlotta FOX Died May 18 - 1895
Lydia Jane WINTON Died Sept 29 - 1951
Henry FOX Died
Gladys G FOX-RIED Died June 19 - 1918

Page 2
Family Register
John Lihue FOX
Nancy Charlottia BROWN
Sept 1865
John Lihue FOX born March 18, 1838
Nancy Charlottia BROWN Jan 8 1839
John L FOX Died nov 29 - 1919
Nancy C. FOX Died May 8th 1895

Page 3 - BIRTHS
Lydia Jane FOX was born Sept 12 - 1866
Mary Hapock FOX was born April 10, 1870
William Robert FOX born Jan 6 - 1872
John Alex FOX born Oct 26 - 1875
Henry Wilson FOX Sept 10 - 1877
Maranda Alzena FOX Jan 7 - 1881
Sarah Elizabeth FOX born March 22 - 1882
Georgia Manervia DAVIDSON 2nd wife of John L FOX was born Oct 4 1865
Marion Malichi FOX May 3 1901
Gladys G FOX Feb 15 1901
Willie Tyre FOX Sept 7, 1903
Lydia Jane FOX and Lunia Reeves WINTON were married July 11 - 1886
Lunia Reeves WINTON born sept 3 - 1857
Frances Carrie WINTON Nov 11 1887
Lunia Atlee WINTON Nov 10 1889
Little Sister was borned & Died May 15 1901

Lydia J. FOX to Lunia Reeves WINTON July 11, 1886
John L. FOX was Married to Georgia DAVISON June 28 1896. To this union 3 children.
Lydia J. FOX and Lunia Reeves WINTONs childrens names as follows:
Married July 11 1886
Married John Franklin TAYLORSept 22 1910
Atlee married Lillie SMITH Feb 4 1914

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Submitted by Joel D. Merdith Jr.

This bible was the property of the Lovick R. MEREDITH and Annabellah E. MATTHEWS MEREDITH family. They were married in 1854.

The original covers, fly sheet and a portion of the pages are missing. The New Testament flysheet shows that the bible is a KIMBER & SHARPLESS' STEREOTYPED EDITION, published and sold by Kimber and Sharpless, and stereotyped by E. White, New York. The Kimber and Sharpless bookstore address is given as No. 8 South Fourth Street, Philiadelphia.

This bible has been restored and was once in a badly dilapidated condition. The bible contains two family records. The family record pages original to it are printed in red ink. Judging from the entries it appears the bible is circa 1860-1870.

MARRIAGES (Page one) --
L. R. MEREDITH and A. E. MATTHEWS were married August the 10th, 1854.
Wm. MATTHEWS, Saray M. AlEXANDER was married July 28th, 1831.
Andrew WHITTINGTON and Sary M. MATTHEWS was married Dec. 1837.
John SHIELDS and Sary M. WHITTINGTON was married Sept. 15th, 1847.
R. J. BOLON and Mary J. MATTHEWS was married Oct. 20th, 1850.
John ALEXANDER and Elizabeth TRAVIS was married in the year 1804.

DEATHS - (Page two) --
Elizabeth T. ALEXANDER departed this life Aprile 19th, 1855.
John ALEXANDER departed this life Oct. 23rd, 1862, Wayne Cty., Tenn.
William A. J. WHITTINGTON departed this life Oct. 1864, Georgia.

BIRTHS - (Page three) --
John ALEXANDER was born Mar. 3rd, 1777.
Elizabeth ALEXANDER was born Dec. 25th, 1786.
Wm. W. MATTHEWS was born April 21st, 1805.
Saray M. MATTHEWS was born January 14th, 1814.
Andrew WHITTINGTON was born, April (unreadable entry)
Mary Josephine MATTHEWS was born Aug. 10th, 1835.*
Almira H. WHITTINGTON was born April 28th, 1838.
W. J. WHITTINGTON was born Feb. 17th, 1841.
N. E. WHITTINGTON was born Sept. 9, 1843.
F. J. WHITTINGTON was born May 26th, 1845.
S. M. SHIELDS was born Aug 15th, 1848.

BIRTHS - (Page four) --
L. R. MEREDITH was born March 10th, 1827.
A. E. MEREDITH was born August 12th, 1832.
Mary E. MEREDITH was born Sept. 6th, 1855.
Leonidas T. MEREDITH was born April 20th, 1857.
Ledru R. MEREDITH was born Feb. 4th, 1859.
William W. MEREDITH was born Feb. 21st, 1861.
Lenora A. MEREDITH was born Aug. 27th, 1863.
Onalova MEREDITH was born Feb. 11th, 1866.
Emma Belmont MEREDITH was born Dec. 3rd, 1869.

The second family record is a single leaf from an earlier bible. It is physically a much smaller page and is printed in black ink. Judging from the entries it appears the page is from a bible circa 1830-1850.

MARRIAGES - (Front) --
William W. MATTHEWS and Sary M. ALEXANDER were married the 28th July, 1831,
     in Lawrenceburg, State of Tennessee, Lawrence County.
Andrew WHITTINGTON and Sarah M. MATTHEWS were married (unreadable entry)
     December, 1837, in Lawrence Cty.
John SHIELDS and Sarah M. WHITTINGTON were married September the 15th, 1847 in
Robert J. BOLON and Mary J. MATTHEWS were married October the 20th, 1850 in
     Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
Lovick R. MEREDITH and A. E. MATTHEWS were married August the 10th, 1854 in
     Wayne Cty., Tenn.

BIRTHS - (Back) --
W. W. MATTHEWS was born in North Carolina on the 21st April 1805.
Sarah M. MATTHEWS was born in Tennessee, Maury County, January 14th, 1814.
Annabellah Elizabeth MATTHEWS was born in Lawrenceburg, Tenn., the 12 August
Mary Josephine MATTHEWS was born August 10th, 1834, Lawrence Cty.*
Andrew WHITTINGTON was born April, 1805 in North Carolina.
Alminah H. WHITTINGTON was born April the 28th, 1838 in Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
William J. WHITTINGTON was born the 17th of February 1841 in Lawrenceburg,
Nancy E. WHITTINGTON was born on the 9th day of September, 1843, Lawrenceburg.

* The birthdate for Mary Josephine MATTHEWS is recorded as 1835 and as 1834.
  The correct date of her birth is unknown.

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J. R. Craig Bible Record

Contributed by Mrs. Bobby (Betty Joe DUNN) RAY, P.O. Box 239, Collinwood, TN 38450
Previously published in The Wayne County Historian Volume 2, Number 4 - December 1989, pages 165 and 166.

Title Page missing

Nathan BIFFLE was borned March the 17th 1792
Ursula BIFFLE was borned April the 14th 1795
J. I. BIFFLE was Borned December the 10th 1815
Margaret C. CRAIG his wife was Borned
Eliza Ann HARDIN Borned Oct the 10th 1827
J. F. BIFFLE Borned Oct the 3th 1849
Ursula A. BIFFLE was Borned Thursday Jan the 1st 1852
J. R. CRAIG was Borned Oct the 20th 1844
L. E. CRAIG was borned Feb the 21st 1874
J. F. CRAIG was Borned Feb the 2od 1876
L. G. CRAIG was Borned June the 23 thd 1878
K. L. CRAIG was Borned Oct the 25th 1880
R. W.CRAIG was Borned May the 9th 1883
S. H.CRAIG was borned March the 27th 1885
Thomey [?] CRAIG was Borned Feb the 27th 1887
W. B. CRAIG was Borned March the 5th 1889
Laura Rhdai or Rhodey BIFFLE was borned Sept 26th on MOnday 1854

Thomey CRAIG Died the 27th of Oct 1888
Annie U. CRAIG Died Feb the 4th 1895
J. R. CRAIG Died May 11th 1911
[next entry partially erased. Looks like W. T. CRAIG Died Aug 26, 1947. This entry in pencil]
R. L. COTHRAN Died Aug 8 [over 7] 1949
Kate CRAIG CLENDENIN Died December 3rd 1952
Frank A. CLENDENIN Died Oct 16 1939
W. B. "Bayo" CRAIG May 26, 1947
Robt. L. COTHRAN Aug 8, 1949
Kate CRAIG COTHRAN Dec 3 1952
Lauton Lee CLENDENIN age 66 Died Feb 11, 1970
Joe DUNN age 62 Died Dec 18 1960
Frank A. CLENDENIN Sept 16 1939
Ella CRAIG CLENDENIN March 31, 1959

This Certifies That The Rite of Holy Matrimony Was Celebrated Between John R. CRAIG of Tennessee and Annie U. BIFFLE of Tennessee on the 31st day of Oct 1872 at Ashland by Rev. Isac GILHAM. Witness: J. L. STOCKARD & Lizzie MITCHELL

J. I. BIFFLE & Margaret CRAIG Married the 29th day of January 1841
J. I. BIFFLE * Eliza Ann HARDIN Married July the 29th 1847
J. R. CRAIG & Annie BIFFLE Married Oct the 31st 1872
R. L. COTHRAN and Kate L. CRAIG married Dec. 15th 1912

[same page, different handwriting]
Birth Record Burned
Mary B. CLENDENIN Borned Jan 12 1897
Laura Boyd CLENDENIN born June [?] 20th 1898
Joe W. DUNN born Dec 25 1898 at B'ham Died 1960

- End of Record -

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