A Short History Of
Memorial Baptist Church

Compiled by Edgar D. Byler, III
from notes made by Mrs. Sarah LAY COLE.

Memorial Baptist Church was founded in September 1902. The land for the church was donated by Joseph Noah DAVIS, a son of Rev. David Harrison DAVIS, one of the founders of the Indian Creek Baptist Association. The first church building was built in 1902 by J. N. DAVIS, Elihu DAVIS and others. While this building was under construction, the congregation met in the Parker School Building which sat on the opposite side of the road. The following is taken from the minutes of the Memorial Baptist Church.

"Sept. 21, 1902 Eleven oclock A.M.
A number of members, whose names are here by recorded, J. N. DAVIS, N. J. DAVIS, Belle DAVIS, Lizzie DAVIS, Alice R. DAVIS, Emily YEISER, Mearl T. YEISER, Sarah BOSWELL, Leona BRATCHER, Lou BRATCHER, Louisa BRATCHER, Will MORGAN, Nancy MORGAN, William MORGAN, Lucy MORGAN, Harvy DAVIS, Frank DAVIS, Fannie DAVIS, T. Riley DAVIS, J. J. DAVIS, M. J. DAVIS, Jasper REAVES, John MIDDLETON, Luther MIDDLETON, Lula MIDDLETON, Osie WILBANKS, Emmie WILBANKS, Willie WILBANKS, M. J. SIMS, Camillla SIMS, John YOUNG, Sallie YOUNG, W. S. WHITE, Samuel WHITE, Jim WHITE, Georgie WHITE, Fannie COPELAND, J. W. WATSON, Mary WATSON, Elihu WATSON, Osie BUNDRANT, Berth BEKHAM, R. J. PATTERSON, S. A. REAVES and holding letters from Indian Creek Church, met according to previous arrangement at the New Church House. Brethern R. J. WOOD and W. H. MOSIER as ordained ministers and S. SIMS and T. S. RAY ordained Deacons, were called as a Presbytery of which S. SIMS was selected moderator and W. H. MOSIER, Clerk

"The letters were then read and passed upon by the Presbytery and when all have voluntarily declared it to be their desire to enter into organization and all and each having agreed to willingly fellowship each and everyone whose names were read, in the love and the service of God They were pronounced a church by the Presbytery."

The first church building burned sometime in the 1920's and was rebuilt on the exact spot. It stands today, much as it did seventy-odd years ago. The church building was built with school proviledges. After the church was built, the old Parker School was no longer used. Children from the surrounding community on Indian Creek attended school here. Mrs. COLE stated she spent all of her school days in the church building, as well as attending Sunday School on Sundays.

On the hill to the west of the church is Memorial or Davis Cemetery

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