A Short History of the
Martins Mills / Lutts
Baptist Church

Submitted by Herman Lindsey Stricklin of Florence, Alabama

Page created 10 November 2003

Martins Mills, Tennessee - March 29, 1896

    Pursuant to previous appointments, the following brethern were present. Ministers, Elds. R. S. Fleming, R. J. wood, J. M. Wood, D. W. Horton, with a number of brethern from Philadelphia, Indian creek and Leatherwood Churches.   
    After prayer by Eld. R. J. Wood, Elder R. J. Fleming read the declaration of principles found in Pendleton's Manual, after which a call was made for all who wished to go into the organization of a church at this place.
    The following brethren and sisters came forward
    Bro. D. W. Horton an ordained minister of the Indian Creek Chruch
    Dan Eaton and wife M. E. of Shady Grove
    J. E. Lindsey and wife, S. E. of Shady Grove
    M. P. Horton of Indian Creek Church
    Dr. G. M. Beckham of Hillsboro, Texas
    T. G. Davis and wife of Philadelphia Church
    Will Davis and wife of Philadelphia Church
    W. T. Woody, Emma Eaton, M. S. Rose of Shady Grove. Joe N. Davis of Indian creek. Alpha Wilbanks, Matilda Lindsey of Shady Grove and N. J. Lakey of Brutons Branch.
    Elder R. S. Fleming read the church Covenant found in Pendleton's Manuyal to the above who adopted the same. The right hand of fellowship was then given to each other followed by the gioving of the right hand of fellowship of visiting brethern and sisters, the best of feelings prevailing.   
    The church then called Eld. R. S. Fleming to pastor them. The Brethren were then ordained Deacons by the laying on of hands. The presbytery composed of Elders R. S. Fleming, J. M. Wood and R. J. Wood. Bro. Fleming offered the ordaining prayer.
    The group adopted the name - Martins Mills Baptist Church. The Church agreed to hold its monthly meeting on the first Sunday in each month and on Saturday before. The meeting adjourned to meet Saturday before first Sunday in May 1896 at 2:00 o'clock P.M.  //s// Ray S. Fleming, Mod.  J. E. Lindsey C. Clk.

Martins Mills Church - May term 1896

    Met at 2:00 p.m. - After preaching by Pastor Fleming from Rom. 1 3:12, an opportunity was offered to receive members. Sisters Margaret Horton, Amanda Horton and Sallie Estes were received by letter. Hettie Wilbanks by experience. Reading the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed with. Brethren D. W. Horton, Dr. G. M. Beckham and T. G. Davis were appointed Trustees of the church house. W. T. Woody, Ida Duncan were appointed committee on F. M. Etta Davis on Associational missions. Joe Davis on state missions and Emma Eaton on Orphans Homes.
    Pastor preached at 11:00 o'clock A.M. Sun. Received Ida Duncan by recommendation and Alice Wilbanks by experience. A collection of 2.50 for State mission was taken. No further business the meeting was adjourned to meet Sat. June 6, 1896 at 2:00 o'clock P.M. //s// Ray S. Fleming Mod.  J. E. Lindsey C. Clk.

    Martins Mills Baptist Church, June term 1896, met according to previous adjournment. Preaching by Pastor from the Text "Except a man be born again and c." An opportunity was offered for joiners, called for references. Read minutes of preceeding meeting. There being no deferred business the Congregation repaired to the creek where pastor Fleming baptized sisters, Hettie and Alice Wilbanks.
    Sunday morning 11:00 o'clock. Met pursuant to adjournment. The usual devotional exercises over there was preaching by pastor after which a Communion service was held by Pastor Fleming. Visiting brethren and sisters were invited to seats. The Congregation in singing a hymn and the meeting adjourned without benediction. // Ray S. Fleming, Mod.; J. E. Lindsey, C.Clk.

    Martins Mills Church, August term 1896.
    Very good interest was manifested by the Congregation resulting in several conversions. Received three by letter during the week to wit: Sisters Sarah Harbin, Ella Rose and Janette Wilbanks.
    A letter of dismission was called for and granted. Bro. Joe Davis at the August term meeting [at the Oct term Bro. Pickney Horton and sister Amanda Horton were granted letters of dismission on Sat. and three for Baptism to wit: A. Harbin, Martha Harbin and Miss Fannie Gant. On Sunday following one by recommendation to wit: Hettie Beckham. At 3:00 o'clock P.M. Bro. A. Harbin and sisters, Fannie Gant and Martha Harbin were baptized.

[These minutes reflect the founding of the church.  This first church book continues through the September term 1907. Mr. Lindsey writes, "A second record book, which we also have, kept by John D. Morgan, Church Clerk, records the minutes of the meeting held Sept. 2, 1937, when those surviving members of the Martins Mills congregation under the leadership of Elder L. W. Carlin, voted to move its meeting place from Martins Mills, Tennessee, to Lutts, Tennessee: 'And, that, this place be recognized hereafter as the permanent location of the church.' This record book continues from about 1939 to final entry dated Sep 18, 1957. For the years 1907 to 1938, and after 1957, I do not at present have access to whatever records have been kept for those periods"]

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