The following people have volunteered to do look-ups in the various sources listed with their names, addresses and email links.

Last updated 27 June 2016

Office of the County Historian

Historian's Office, Wayne County Courthouse
P.O. Box 476
Waynesboro, TN 38485-0476.

The Office of the County Historian in Wayne County is available for all inquiries concerning Wayne County, Tennessee records. At present, the office does not have email, so it will be necessary to contact them by regular mail.

John H. Scott, III

email address:  Jack75234@aol.com

Mr. Scott has volunteered to do look-ups in the following books:

"Wayne County, Tennessee Cemetery and Death Records"
"Wayne County, TN census book 1820-1920"
"Wayne County, TN Marriages 1857-1929"

Jerry W. Murphy

email address:  jwm_genealogy@hotmail.com

has volunteered to do lookups in the following books -

1820-1930 Wayne County, Tennessee Censuses
1850-1909 Wayne County, Tennessee Chancery Court Loose Paper Abstracts
1857-1929 Wayne County, Tennessee Marriage Records
1848-1920 Wayne County, Tennessee Wills & Administrations
1820-1852 Wayne County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts

Other research aids:

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Shelby County Register of Deeds - On the right of the page under "Archives" you can search the following:
Tennessee Death Records 1949-2005
Tennessee Divorce Records 1980-2005
Tennessee Marriage Records 1980-2005

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