Petition Of Elkins Hand - 1821

Submitted by Edgar D. Byler, III

Originally published in the Wayne County Historian, Volume 1, Number 2 - June 1988, page 71.

    The original of this legislative petition is located in the Tennessee State Archives and Library, Nashville, Tennessee. A xerox copy will be placed in the Wayne County Room, Wayne County Public Library, Waynesboro, Tennessee.

The Memoriel of Elkis Hand of Wayn County
To the Honorable the general Essembly of the State of Tennessee umbly sheweth that your Memorielest in the 1821 --
Did make two small Entrys of land (to wit) of 20 acres Each founded on a Certificate Nov 1039 for 640 acres issued by the Commissionors of west Tennessee Dated the 2nd September 1817 in the 7th District in Harden County Range 11 and Section 2 on the head waters of Horse Creek, your Memorielest not being acquainted with the science of Mathematricks made a mistake in his locations and missed the land he Intended to take Run a contrary course in to the pine Hills where the land is not worth anything your Memorielest farther Represents that he has a large family of Children and is But in Moderate Circumstances, your Memorielest therefore prays that your Honorable Body would take his Case into consideration and grant him Relief By passing a Law to authorise him to withdraw or lift the two Entrys above Recited and Lay them on other vacant and unappropriated land and your Memorielest as in Duty Bound will Ever Pray &c. //s// Elkins Hand

- End of Petition -

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