Contributed by Edgar D. Byler, III. Input courtesy of Dave Lee.

The following list was extracted from Index To Tennessee Civil War Veterans & Widows Pensions published by the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37219. Only those residents of Wayne County, Tennessee have been extracted.

The name of the applicant is given first, then the application number and the unit in which the veteran served. For widows, the widow's name is listed first, followed by her application number and then the name of her husband. The fact that an individual appears in this list does indicate that a pension was actually granted; many were rejected.

To order copies of these application files, contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37219 or email

Only those name which are highlighted have links to pension abstracts.





ARNETT, T. J., 15097, 9th BN Cav.

BELL, John W., 7017, 6th (Wheelers) Cav.

BENHAM, John M., 5112, 19th Biffle's Cav.

BOYD, J. W., 4076, 9th Cav.

BREWER, John J., 4135, 10th Inf.

BREWER, R. F., 3070, 23rd Inf.

BROMLEY, S. C., 3153, 9th Cav.

BURNS, J. B., 7078, 19th (Biffle's) Cav.

BUSH, William, 11395, 19th (Biffle's) Cav.

CARR, J. J., 3094, 27th Ala. Inf.

CARTER, J. L., 6194, 23rd Inf.

CHAPPEL, N. P., 16420, 48th Inf.

CHRISTIE, Thomas J., 6860, 6th (Wheeler's) Cav.

CLAY, W. S., 15658, 45th Inf.

COLE, J. W., 9710, 27th Ark. Inf.

COOSENBERRY (GOOSENBERRY), Ephriham N., 501, 1st Mo. Inf.

CRAIG, P. H., 14408, 20th (Nixon's) Cav.

CRAIG, S. F., 16548, 48th (Nixon's) Inf.

DABBS, Joseph, 15940, 48th (Voorhies) Inf.

DABBS, Stephen V., 455, 9th Cav.

DANIELS, William, 15403, 16th Inf.

DAVIS, John R., 11150, 19th (Biffle's) Cav.

EVANS, Jesse E., 1200, 2nd Inf.

EWING, Martin L., 3255, 1st Ark. Cav.

FARRIS, John C., 13349, 4th Ala. Inf.

FRANKLIN, James, 4318, 8th Inf.

GEAN, W. H., 9725, 9th BN (Gantt's) Cav.

GORDON, Charley E., 860, 11411, 48th (Nixon's) Inf.

GRAHAM, J. G., 14725, 19th (Biffle's) Cav.

GRINDER, R. W., 4077, 9th Cav.

HADDOCK, I. N., 4078, 9th Cav.

HAGGERTY, Thomas, 3649, 13th Ark. Inf.

HAMPTON, Carey D., 12080, 20th Inf.

HARDIN, J. N., 3110, 9th Cav.

HARDIN, Thomas J., 16302, 1st Confederate Cav.

HUTTON, J. W., 4079, 9th Cav.

JACKSON, Jeff, 5430, 9th BN (Gantt's) Cav.

JACKSON, John A., 2142, 20th Cav.

JONES, W. R., 2307, 45th Inf.

KEA, W. W., 2408, 9th Cav.

KILLPATRICK, James A., 1854, 48th Inf.

KUTCH, W. H., 2989, 9th Cav.

LOWERY, James R., 16044, Undetermined

LYNCH, W. M., 1833, 20th Inf.

McLEAN, E. J., 2990, 9th Cav.

McMAHAN, James J., 8098, 5th Ark. Inf.

MERRIMAN, James H., 13484, 54th Inf.

MINTON, John E., 2694, 45th Inf.

MITCHELL, Thomas E., 16532, 50th Ala. Inf.

MONTAGUE, W. Y., 11396, 6th (Wheeler's) Cav.

MOORE, Benjamin F., 6531, 2nd Ark. Inf.

MOORE, R. M. (Dick), 15858, 48th (Nixon's) Inf.

MORRIS, B. R., 3179, 11674, 2nd Miss. Inf.

MORRIS, C. L., 15083, 9th Cav.

MORRIS, Jonathan, Jr., 15098, 9th BN Cav.

NORMAN, W. M., 3837, 54th Inf.

NUTT, J. A., 1865, 48th Inf.

ODLE, Dave, 7439, 4th (McLemore's) Cav.

POPE, Edwin, 13690, 1st (Field's) Inf.

RANEY, S. B., 3258, 37th Inf.

RASBURY (RASBERRY), John C., 14890, 19th (Biffle's) Cav.

REEVES, David, 4080, 48th Inf.

RICKETTS, David N., 11281, 9th Inf.

SHIELDS, John H., 3390, 48th Inf.

SMITH, James H., 15461, 19th (Biffle's) Cav.

STEEL, Elijah, 13739, 15604, 19th (Biffle's) Cav.

STEWART, J. S., 5661, 48th (Nixon's) Inf.

TATUM, Isaac, 5735, 9th Cav.

TATUM, S. A., 1903, 24th Cav.

THORP, C. M., 4081, 9th Cav.

TURNER, William, 8141, 1st Cav.

TYREE, T. J., 5131, 19th (Biffle's) Cav.

WALKER, W. A., 3622, 1st Cav.

WALKER, William A., 6366, 6th (Wheeler's) Cav.

WARREN, Milton B., 12227, 1st Cav.

WARREN, S. B., 14782, 19th (Biffle's) Cav.

WATERS, Thomas J., 16658, 4th Ala. Cav.

WEAVER, A. W., 1963, 9th BN (Gantt's) Cav.

WEBSTER, Joseph, 12201, 1st Cav.

WHITE, M. L., 4704, 51st Inf.

WHITTEN, G. W., 4082, 9th Cav.

WILSON, Henry, 14566, 3rd Ala. Cav.

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ALLEY, Ann P., 3043, ALLEY, Frederick Leroy

BELL, Carrie, 9596, BELL, William Levi

BELSHA, Martha Catherine, 5578, BELSHA, James Calvin

BENHAM, Miriam, 7431, BENHAM, John Vincent

CLAY, Rebecca M., 7722, CLAY, W. S.

CRAIN, Mary Frances, 5211, CRAIN, Henry Stratton

DOWDY, Eliza, 5275, DOWDY, Joe

EDWARDS, Nancy C., 4981, EDWARDS, R. A.

EWING, Fannie Lewis, EWING, Martin Luther

FORSHEE, Lottie Emaline, 4343, FORSHEE, Elijah

FRANKLIN, Martha Ann, 5422, FRANKLIN, James

GEAN, Cheatham Catherine, 10869, GEAN, William Henderson

GRIMES, Margaret E., 4388, GRIMES, John Calvin

GRINDER, Polly Ann, 659, GRINDER, R. M.

HAGERTY, Sarah Caroline, 5751, HAGERTY, Thomas

HIGGENS, Bettie, 5352, HIGGENS, Taylor Chamberlain


HORTON, Mary A., 8089, HORTON, George Riley

HUGHES, Martha Cordelia, 3097, HUGHES, James Edmond

JACKSON, Martha Ann, 4562, JACKSON, John Alexander

JETER, Levena Elizabeth, 10031, JETER, Neal

JOHNSON, Cornelia Ann, 5193, JOHNSON, Fredric Valentine

JOICE, Cynthia S., 1266, JOICE, John

JONES, Elizabeth Ann, 1871, JONES, William Riley


McLEAN, Lucinda Ann, 5814, McLEAN, E. J.

McLEAN, Nancy Lucinda, 7198, McLEAN, William Williams

McMAHON, Eliza Ann, 9111, McMAHON, James Franklin

MEREDITH, Mary Minerva, 5164, MEREDITH, Andrew Medows

MINTON, Martha Jane, 6206, MINTON, J. E.

MONTAGUE, Marietta, 4015, MONTAGUE, William Young

MORRIS, Priscilla, 9788, MORRIS, Charlie Lee

NUTT, Sallie, 4922, NUTT, James Alexander

PHILLIPS, Sallie, 3523, PHILLIPS, James Irvin

POPE, Rosa Ann, 9571, POPE, Edwin

RICKETTS, Isabella, 2828, RICKETTS, Tennessee Roper

RICKETTS, Mary F., 10251, RICKETTS, David

THARP, Mary Jane, 2964, THARP, Cary Morris

WARREN, Mary Catherine, 9082, WARREN, Sam Burns

WELLS, Sarah Jane, 4898, WELLS, Elias

WHITTAKER, Mary A., 459, WHITTAKER, William Lion

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BURNS, Dave, 123, 8th Cav.

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