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These pension abstracts were taken from copies of the original applications on file in the various state archives of states which granted pensions to Confederate Veterans. The Federal Government did not issue pensions to Confederate Veterans, their widows or orphans. Most of the Southern states started issuing pensions to Confederate Veterans residing within the state about 1900. Abstracts listed below will indicate the state of pension issue. In some cases, information has been submitted for Confederate Veterans who did not apply for a pension or died before pensions were granted.

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ALLEN, Robert (not a pension abstract)




COLE, J. W. (James Washington)

CYPERT, Jesse N.

GEAN, William Henderson

JACKSON, John A. (Co. K, 14th TN Cav.)

JACKSON, John A. (Co. B, 20th TN Cav.)


JONES, James Council

NORMAN, William Martin






WHITTEN, Charles Coleman


WHITTEN, Joel Jasper

WHITTEN, Nicholas


BRATCHER, NEWMAN W., Pvt. Ives 54th and Nixon's 48th TN Inf, C.S.A. No pension. Soldier enlisted on 5 Feb 1862, at Lawrenceburg, TN, no date of discharge. Soldier was 29 at enlistment, lived Wayne Co., TN and was a farmer. Submitter contributes the following information. Soldier was born 10 April 1832 "enroute to Wayne Co., TN" and died 24 Dec 1911, Wayne Co., TN. He was married twice: 1) to Jane________, b. ca. 1835, d. 1860-65; second to Louise Jane FOWLER. Children by first wife: Charity BRATCHER, 1852 - Dec 1920 TX; George W. BRATCHER, 28 September 1855 TN - 19 Sep 1940 TX; Anthony Wayne BRATCHER 27 Mar 1858 TN - 30 Nov 1950 TN; James L. BRATCHER, 18 Oct 1859 - died in TX. Children by second wife: Nancy BRATCHER 1866-1943; Mary BRATCHER, died young; Charles BRATCHER, 7 July 1872 - 3 July 1953; Elijah BRATCHER, 15 Sep 1874 - 26 Mar 1947; Lucinda BRATCHER 11 July 1876 - 2 Feb 1960; Leander BRATCHER, 18 Mar 1879 - 5 June 1929; Eli "Dick" BRATCHER 19 Jun 1881 - 5 Nov 1972; Leona BRATCHER 5 oct 1883 -7 Apr 1920 and McCLURE "Mac" BRATCHER 7 May 1886 - 14 Feb 1918. Soldier was brother to John B. BRATCHER and William BRATCHER (see following). Submitted by Joyce REX,

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BRATCHER, WILLIAM, Pvt. Ive's 54th and Nixon's 48th TN Inf. C.S.A. Soldier enlisted 30 Nov 1861, Lawrence Co., TN. No record of dsicharge. Soldier was 38 at enlistment. Submitter contributes the following information about soldier and family. Soldier was born 1 March 1822/1824 in Hall Co., Ga and died after the 1907 Confederate Veterans Census in Lauderdale Co., AL. He married Matilda and had the following children: Wilson BRATCHER, b. ca. 1844; James K. BRATCHER, b. ca. 1845/7; Caroline Cyrena BRATCHER, b. ca. 1846/9; Frances E. BRATCHER, b. oct 1850, m 30 Dec 1868 to Alexander SCOTT; and Archibald W. BRATCHER, b. ca. 1854. Brother to Newman W. BRATCHER (above) and John B. BRATCHER. Submitted by Joyce REX.

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WARTHEN/WORTHEN, WILLIAM, Pvt. Co. F, Martin's Regiment, Texas Cavalry (5th Partisan Rangers), C.S.A. Enlisted 22 Oct 1862, McKinney, TX by L. M. MARTIN for 3 years, last paid 31 Dec 1862 by Maj. VOVE. Submitter contributes the following information. Soldier's obituary states he was born in Wayne Co., TN 26 Feb 1829 and died 7 Sep 1907 near Mansville, Indian Territory. His father was John WORTHEN found in Wayne Co., TN census records 1840-60, but it is doubtful that the Nancy shown was his mother. W.S.WORTHEN married several times: first in 1850 to Sarah Ann (maiden name unknown) in Wayne Co., TN. Children: John Willis WORTHEN, b. Dec 1850. Soldier left Wayne Co., TN and was in Texas by 1854/5. He married second to Margaret Elizabeth COPHEN (sic) place unknown and had daughter, Margaret Elizabeth WARTHEN, b. 1856. One of the first wives died by fire before 1860, probably in Collin Co., TX. He married last in 1860 to Lettie WILKERSON (Mrs. WILKINS) Collins Co., TX. Lettie's maiden name is thought to have been COLLINS or SHELTON. She had a small son, John A. WILKINS who was born in Arkansas. Soldier and last wife had ten children: Thomas Jefferson WARTHEN, b. 1861; Sophia Anne WARTHEN, 1863-1938; William Allen WARTHEN 1864-1945; Mattie Jane WARTHEN, b. 1868; George I. WARTHEN, b. 1869; Robert Pink WARTHEN, b. 1871; I. Dealy WARTHEN, b. 1874; Jemima L. WARTHEN 1876-1961; S. Noli WARTHEN, b. 1877 and Josiah S. "Joe" WARTHEN, 1882-1963. Soldier and many family members moved into Indian Territory in 1892. Submitted by Barbara A. WARTHEN WALLACE.

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WHITTEN, Joel Jasper, Pvt. Co. B, 9th TN Cavalry, C.S.A. Soldier enlisted 10 Sep 1862 in Wayne Co., TN; discharged (paroled) Spring 1865, Eastport, AL. Soldier was b. 22 Oct 1839 at Dart, Lauderdale Co., AL and died 20 July 1924, Florence Lauderdale Alabama. He married Martha Susan BEVIS 3 Jan 1869 Florence, AL. She was b. 9 July 1847 and d. 20 Nov 1933., Florence, AL. Soldier's Alabama Conf. Pension # (not given) 4 July 1911; widow's conf. Al. pension # (not given) dated 10 Nov 1924. Additional information given by submitter: children: Sue Etta WHITTEN, 9 Oct 1869-10 Aug 1946; Minnie Frances WHITTEN 5 Sep 1871 - 6 Sep 1947; Edna WHITTEN 16 July 1874 - 27 June 1964; Jakie WHITTEN 19 Aug 1875 - 14 Nov 1877; William Tennie WHITTEN, 22 June 1877 - 14 July 1910; Ernes Randolph WHITTEN 10 Oct 1879 - 14 July 1910; Emma WHITTEN 29 Dec 1881 - 23 July 1903; Jesse Mason WHITTEN 6 July 1885 - 22 Jan 1964; Joely Early WHITTEN 29 Aug 1887 - 15 Aug 1952; Ben Coleman WHITTEN 26 Nov 1890 - 28 March 1952. Submitted by Linda BROWN.

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WHITTEN, Charles Coleman, pvt. Co. B 2nd Battalion (Biffle's) Tennessee Cavalry, C.S.A. Soldier enlisted 1 July 1861, at Hampshire, TN. Soldier was b 10 Oct 1840 Wayne Co., TN and was killed during service, location unknown. Submitted by Linda BROWN

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WHITTEN, Nicholas, pvt. Co. G, 1st TN Cavalry, C.S.A. Soldier enlisted 10 Aug 1861, Wayne Co., TN, discharged (paroled) 6 March 1865. Soldier b. 10 April 1843 and died in 1925 at the Oklahoma Confederate Soldier's Home, Ardmore, OK. Submitted by Linda BROWN

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COLE, J. W. (James Washington), 2nd Sergeant, Co. F, 27th Arkansas Infantry, C.S.A. Soldier enlisted April or May 1862 in Locust Grove, Arkansas. Was discharged "about four months later" due to disability, near Batesville, Arkansas. Later soldier reenlisted? and was assigned to work in a saltpeter work, served here for some time and then hired someone to replace him. Soldier was born in 1832 in Lincoln Co., TN. He married first, name not given, who died; married second 23 September 1880 to Elizabeth T. (Lizzie) LINEBERRY, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier had three boys and two girls. Daughters were widows in 1907, one daughter named Tennessee who married McGEE and was born 1850. Soldier had approved pension No. 17587 from State of Arkansas, 10 Aug 1905, applied under application no. 9710 to State of Tennessee,9 Nov 1907, rejected. Widow applied under application. 6307, State of Tennessee. Widow living Flatwoods, Tennessee at time of application. At time of application to State of Arkansas, soldier lived at Six Mile, Franklin Co., Arkansas. At time of application to State of Tennessee, soldier lived in Waynesboro, Wayne Co., Tennessee. Affidavits filed with State of Arkansas: J. T. PERRY, attending physician, Franklin Co., AR, 22 June 1905; W. H. COLE, Morrielton, Arkansas and Jonathan COLE, Franklin Co., AR on 20 June 1905, proof of service.; Jonathan COLE, Franklin Co., AR 20 May 1907. From Tennessee application soldier stated that "I went to Arkansas when 23 years old, lived there 18 years, returned to Tennessee and lived there until three years ago, went back to Arkansas and lived there three years and came back to Tennessee. Affidavits filed in Tennessee application: John F. MORRISON, attorney for application; H. C. BOYD, W. W. KEA and Frank BOYD witnessed original Tennessee application in 1907; James COLE, Franklin Co., AR, 14 Nov 1907; J. E. COLE and H. A. HELTON, Waynesboro Lodge, F & A M, 13 Feb 1911, Letter from J.W.JONES, Clerk & Master, Wayne Co., TN; Letter from C. BUCHANAN, Waynesboro, TN to Frank BOYD, Nashville, TN 3 April 1911, Letter from T. B. DAVID, Clyde, Arkansas, dated 6 Feb 1911 to J. W. COLE, Waynesboro, TN. Affidavit from T. B. DAVID, 4 Feb 1911, Washington Co., AR. Affidavit of Tennessee COLE McGEE, daughter, age 63, Wayne Co., TN 15 May 1913. Submitted by Margie MAPLES

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JONES, JAMES COUNCIL, Pvt., Co. C, 9th Reg. TN Vol. Cav., CSA. Enlisted Sept 1864, Wayne Co., TN, disch 10 May 1865, Gainesville, AL. At enlistment soldier lived at Clifton, TN and was a Farmer. Soldier b. 1847, Marshal Co., TN died 23 Dec 1934, Brownwood, Brown Co., TX; married Vira JONES, 6 Sept 1872, Collin Co., TX. Widow born 15 Jan 1853, Collin, TX; died 3 Oct 1946, Brownwood, Brown Co., TX. Soldier Texas pension #37316, filed 25 Apr 1921; widow Texas pension # 51541, filed 1 Feb 1935. Children: Mrs. Ernest DAVIS, 1619 Austin Ave., Brownwood, TX. Submitted by Nelle JONES BERRY.

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JACKSON, John A., Co. K, 14th Tennessee Cav. CSA, commanded by Cpt. M. H. FREEMAN and Col. RUSSELL. Soldier enlisted on 1 Sep 1862 at Cottage Grove, TN, discharged 1865. Soldier born 10 Dec 1841, Henry Co., TN., married a Mrs. LOVE, who was 58 in 1905. Soldier had a son and daughter, widow had son C. A. LOVE. Soldier resided at Puryear, Henry Co., TN in 1905, was in Battle of Chickamauga. W.P. BUMPASS and T. A. JACKSON were compatriots in Co. K. Soldier was a farmer and owned 50 acres of land; wife owned 100 acres. Records of Co. K. Russell’s 15th (20th) Cavalry show soldier deserted 24 May 1864. Soldier stated he was sick in Carroll Co., TN during the period listed as deserter. Records in file show a John A. JACKSON, private 20th TN Cav., CSA of Wayne Co., TN signed oath of allegiance at Nashville, TN 28 Jan 1865. Endorsement to oath shows that soldier had deserted 1 Dec 1864. TN Pension Application No. 6898 filed 17 April 1905 (Rejected)

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JACKSON, John A., Co. B, 20th Regiment Tennessee Cavalry. Soldier born Wayne Co., TN 15 March 1844. Soldier enlisted the latter part of November 1863 in Co. A, raised by Cpt. P. H. CRAIG and in January 1864 "we were attached to 20th Reg. TN Cav. under Col. G. H. NIXON, Lt. Col. T. R. HUGHES. Soldier claims injury sustained in "skirmish on retreat from Bainbridge to Decatur July 1864." "In skirmish near Decatur, AL, Capt. P. H. CRAIG of said Co. B was at the time detailed behind the lines and Lieut John MORRIS had charge of the company". Soldier was captured and after capture, paroled and came home. Family consisted in 1899 of wife, age 52, son, age 32, dau. 26 and dau. 17. John F. MORRISON, attorney, Waynesboro, TN was handling application. Application filed 1 Sep 1899. Tennessee Application No. 2142 Rejected; widow # 4562. Submitted by Garry BREWER, P.O. Box 184, Grand Junction, CO 81502. [The following affidavits from the application are printed complete because of their importance to the history of the county in the last year of the war]

Affidavit of John A. JACKSON, 8 Aug 1901:

"To the Board of Pension Examiners at Nashville, Tenn

"In the matter of Pension claim of John A. JACKSON filed heretofore with the board of pension examiners on the _____day of ______189_ and which has been acted upon by said board adversely to him, the said John A. JACKSON submits to said Board the following statement of facts amendatory of his former application. In said original application he stated that he had taken the oath through the influence of friends not deeming it necessary at the time to explain and fully set forth these influences and the circumstances surrounding him at the time of and prior to the taking of the oath. He states that a few days after Christmas 1864 he and his Lieutenant John MORRIS came home to Wayne County leaving their Regt, the 20th Tenn Cavalry, Co. B, at a point on the Hampshire Pike near Columbia, Tenn. G. H. NIXON was Colonel of the Regt. None of my co. Came home with me except Lieutenant MORRIS but in a few days others of the Co. Came in to wit: John S. SKILLERN, P. H. CRAIG, Patrick FLIPPO the object of all being to call by and see our families and home people and then rejoin our Co. Across the Tenn. River. With this object in view I came to my mothers a few days after xmas 1864. My mother was a widow, my father having died in Corinth Miss in 1862 - and she was without protection save the presence of 4 little children too young to contribute to her support, myself and my brothers Jim, Saint & Bill were in the Army - all of us who were old enough to enlist. I reached home and stayed a few days "dodging in and out". At this time, and in fact from the beginning of the war this immediate portion of Wayne County was conspicuous for its loyalty to the Union and for the ill will and hostile feelings towards Confederate soldiers. A few days prior to Jany 1st 1865, while in at my mothers house I was surprised by Federal troops who had surrounded the house. I ran out and succeeded in reaching the woods frequent shots having been fired at me, and was finally surrounded and captured by the troops who at once brought me back to the house. While in the house immediately after my capture, my little sister began to prepare my clothes, stating that I would need them, when the Federal officer in command stated "that is not necessary we have information that the prisoner is a regular Bushwacker & Guerilla and such as he do not need clothes". I was carried under strict Guard and kept that night at the house of one John ROBNETT a most bitter and uncompromising Union man and was not permitted to converse with my friends. During the night many Union men were present from the neighborhood and had secret conversation with the Commanding Officer which I was not permitted to hear.

"On the following morning I was carried off down the creek, believing that I would be killed. I was carried back to my mothers some time during the evening. In the meantime as I have been informed, some parties had appeared and made importunities for me, one D. S. SKILLERN having been very active in my behalf.

"On the night after I had been brought to my mothers house the General commanding stated to me that I could be discharged upon condition that I would take the oath and remain at home and care for my mother and the children, and he gave me a written guarantee against injury from the local enemies surrounding me in that community. I believe at the time that my life was in great peril. I expected to be killed upon the charge prepared by union men in that settlement that I was a Bushwacker & Guerilla. I realized that should I be killed my mother and her little children would be helpless and to avoid these calamities and as a means of saving my life from this impending danger I agreed to take the oath and for no other reason. I remained at home with my mother until the war closed - during wich time I never directly or indirectly gave aid, counsel or assistance in any way what ever to the Union cause. For the reasons herein set out the said John A. JACKSON petitions your honorable Board to reopen and rehear his application for pension under the laws of Tennessee.

"Respectfully submitted this Aug 8th 1901," //s// John A. JACKSON.

The following affidavit was filed by D. S. SKILLERN:

"State of Tennessee, Wayne County§ Personally appeared before me, J. R. CRAIG, an acting Justice of the peace for said County the undersigned D. S. SKILLERN with whom I am personally acquainted and whom I know to have been acting Lieutenant Colonel of the 48th Tenn. Infantry C. S. A. and made oath to the following matters to wit: That he was Lieutenant Colonel of the 48th Tenn. Inf. And was discharged for disability shortly after the Battle of Shiloh and came home and resided in the 14th Civil district of Wayne County and resided there at the time John A. JACKSON, claimant for pension was captured. That he has known said JACKSON from his boyhood and knows that he was a regular confederate soldier - true & loyal to the caus. That in Decr 1864 he the said JACKSON came home on his way to join his regiment near Florence or Bainbridge on the other side of the Tenn River and that while at his mothers he was captured by a squad of Federal soldiers and kept a prisoner under close guard, charged with being a Guerilla & Bushwacker. That he the said D. S. SKILLERN, at once began to work for his release; and to save his life & prevent him from being killed. That he the said SKILLERN there & then believed and realized that the said JACKSON was in great peril and in danger of speedy death at the hands of said troops. That on the evening of the day after his capture, after affiant and one Peggy LEE now deced had been incessant in their appeals and efforts in his behalf he the said JACKSON was released and given his liberty and as we then considered and realized, his life spared upon condition that he would take the oath to which he agreed [rest of line marked out and unreadable] Affiant further states that he verily believed then and now believes that had not the said JACKSON agreed to take the oath then and thre he would have been summarily dealth with and forfeited his life. The community in which the said JACKSON and Affiant then lived was largely composed of extremely bitter federal or union men and the position of said JACKSON perilous indeed. Affiant as stated above has known claimant from his boyhood and states that his record as a soldier was good and that he, affiant has never heard his loyalty to the confederate cause questioned or suspicioned. Affiant is 77 years of age. Affiant does not remember the name of the Commanding officer of the troops which captured claimant, but he states that he had several interviews and conversations with him while claimant was a prisoner and that claimant was not permitted to see or talk with his friends and that his release was conditioned upon his taking the oath and his life, affiant verily believes, was saved upon this condition.

"Affiant states that he is of no kin to claimant and that he has not interest in this claim."

//s// D. S. SKILLERN

"Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 24 day of August 1901, //s// J. R. CRAIG, J.P."

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NORMAN, WILLIAM MARTIN. First lieutenant, Company K, 54th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, CSA. Application no. 3837. Soldier enlisted December 1861; served first under Col. DEERING and Capt. MCMACKIN, then Col. George H. NIXON and Capt. J. G. FULTON. Soldier applied for pension 18 Nov 1901, due to rheumatism, saying he was "overly exposed to bad weather during the winter of 1861-62" while on picket duty and skirmishing. He had no special medical attention while in the service but grew steadily worse until he "almost entirely lost the use of my arms." In August 1863 he took the oath of allegiance to the United States Government saying he was "captured and taken to Pulaski. It was either go to prison with no hope of entering the service again even if released or take the oath and go home which I did and come back to look after my wife and four children who were being mistreated, the federal soldiers having burned my houses, barns and stables and turned them out." At the time of the application, soldier's wife was 67 years old, his children (two boys, three girls) were ages 44, 42, 38, 32 and 28. Soldier was born in Bedford County, Tennessee in 1827, was living in Lawrence County, Tennessee during the war, and was residing in Wayne County, Tennessee at the time of his application for a pension. Supporting affidavits were provided by C. BUCHANAN, M. D., saying soldier was afflicted with chronic rheumatism and was unable to earn a living at manual labor; and by P. H. CRAIG and J. H. MERRIMAN, who attested to soldier's character and veracity. Pension application was rejected. Submitted by Linda DAVIS LEDLOW, 221 Malissa Dr., Muscle Shoals, AL 35661.

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GEAN, William Henderson, Pvt. Co. F, 9th BN TN CAV. CSA. Soldier born Giles Co.,TN, date not given. Soldier died 6 Jan 1909, place not given. Soldier married 15 Nov 1903, Olive Hill, TN to Cheatham Catherine KING, b. 7 Jan 1867 at Lutts, Wayne Co., TN, or in Perry Co. as record also states. Soldier Tennessee File #9725. Widow Tennessee File #10869. filed 20 May 1935. Contributed by Mrs. Nell BERRY, 7699 Wright Ridge Road, Iron City, TN 38463

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JOHNS, A. J., Pvt. Co. C, 3rd TN Inf. CSA. Soldier enlisted 17 Apr (May) 1861 at Ft. Donalson. Soldier born 16 Dec 1840, Lawrence Co., TN. Wife's name: Nancy J, age 67 in 1909. Eight children living in 1909 - 6 boys and 2 girls, one of whom lived at Iron City, Lawrence Co., TN in 1910. Tennessee State File #11,657 (rejected), filed 1909. Affidavits by W. H. NEAL, MD, and Jno. L. GREEN & Jno. B. KENNEDY compatriots. Soldier was captured and imprisoned at Camp Douglas in Oct 1863? Address in 1909 was Topsy, Wayne Co., TN, but lived at Brace, Lawrence Co., TN. Submitted by Edgar D. BYLER, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, TN 38450

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THORNTON, M. V. [Miles V.], Co.  G, Nichols AR Reg. CSA, enlisted Spring 1864. Soldier born 22 Dec 1843, Wayne Co., TN, wife, J. E., age 57 in 1913. No children. TN State file #14,305, 16 Jan 1914. Soldier fought in Missouri 12 OCt 1864 (Burnsville, MO) was captured, incarcerated in prison at Alton, IL till close of war, 17 June 1865. M. V. THORNTON was "practicing physician", lived in Searcy Co. AR, Mississippi and Tennessee. Residence at time of pension application, Red Sulphur Spring, Hardin Co., TN. Soldier had lived in Tennessee from 1876 to 1914. Affidavits and letters of documentation by W. G. PETTY, MD, nd or place; Jesse GRIFFIN, Searcy Co., AR, 1 May 1913, Compatriot; and J. W. GRIFFIN, Marion Co., AR, 2 Apr 1913, Compatriot. Submitted by Edgar D. Byler, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, Tn 38450

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WHITE, M. L., Pvt, Cpt. J. A. RUSSELL's Co., 51 Reg. TN Inf. CSA [Co. B]. Soldier enlisted 4 Dec 1861, Henderson Station?. Residence at enlistment was Wayne Co., Tn by occupation a farmer. Soldier born 6 March 1840, Wayne Co., TN. Wife's name not given, but age 62 in 1902. 4 children: one son, age 34 (1903) one daughter age 20(1903). Had nephew M. F. BROWN who lived ˝ mile from soldier at Gillises Mills P.O. [Hardin Co., TN] in 1917. One daughter married Bluford WHITE and lived McClellan Co., TX, Lorence P.O. in March 1917. Soldier's residence in 1903 was Stout, Wayne Co., TN. Soldier captured Dec 1863 and imprisoned at Rock Island Prison, Alton, IL, left there 20 Mar 1865 and was shipped to Richmond, VA 26 Mar 1865, received parole of honor until surrender. Letters and affidavits filed by Alexander LUTTS, MD; Robert RUSSELL, 1LT, Copatriot; W. J. [last name unreadable on copy]; D. J. MORRIS, MD, Cypress Inn, TN; D. A. SHARP and J. J. CARR. Tennessee state file #4704, 9 Dec 1903, filed 31 Jan 1903.

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WHITTEN, G. W., Pvt. Co. B, 9th TN Cav. CSA. enlisted 1 Dec 1862. Soldier b. 1825, Lauderdale Co., AL, came to Tenn when 4 years old. Married, wife, name not given, age 66 in 1901. Three children: one son, age 51 in 1901 still living, two children dead. Affidavits filed by I. N. HADDOCK and J. W. BOYD, compatriots. Tennessee state file #4082, 9 Dec 1901, filed 20 Mar 1902, rejected. Submitted by Edgar D. BYLER, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, TN 38450

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WILSON, Henry, Pvt, Co. D, 3rd AL Cav, CSA, enlsited Aug 1863. Physical description, 5', complexion [unreadable] dark hair, gray eyes. Soldier born 8 May 1838, Cherokee Co., GA. Moved to Winston Co., AL in 1862. Wife, name not given, had been dead 26 yars in 1914. Tennessee State file #14560, 23 Nov 1914. Six children living, 3 sons, 3 daughters. Soldier residing with daughter. Owns 100 acres land, has lived in Tennessee since 1874. Affidavits filed by Riley CLANTON, M. S. DALTON, Naomi CLANTON. Letter if filedescribing activities during war. Original Parole dated Decatur, AL 22 May 1865 in file. Submitted by Edgar D.BYLER, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, TN 38450

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BOWDEN, Jno. W., 5th Tennessee Infantry, CSA. Enlisted Sep 1861, place not given. Soldier born 1842 in Henry Co.,TN. Had been married but wife was dead by 1905. Had four sons and three daughters, all married by 1905 except one. Tennessee State Pension No. 7583, apllicaton dated 21 Oct 1905. Affidavits filed: C. T. ALLEN & O. SNEAD, ALLEN of Carroll Co.,TN. "I served in same unit with BOWDEN until 1 Jan 1864 when BOWDEN sent to hospital with granulated sore eyes - unfit for service." Affidavit of James E. DANIEL, Paris, Henry Co., TN, served as orderly sergeant of Co. F & D, 5th TN Inf. CSA. Soldier resided McKensie, Carroll Co., TN on 21 Oct 1905. Soldier stated he was in hospital in Cuthbert, GA when Confederate Army surrendered. Hospital patients were disbanded and told to take care of themselves. Submitted by Garry BREWER, P.O. Box 184, Grand Junction, CO 81502

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CYPERT, Jesse N., Captain Shook LINDSEY's Co., Arkansas Infantry, C.S.A. Soldier was killed at Battle of Shiloh. Widow, Violet CYPERT lived Randolph Co., AR in 1901. Affidavit by L. C. KERLEY 58 and Lucinda KERLEY 58, Randolph Co., AR, 5 July 1901, brother and sister of claimant. Pension granted. Arkansas State Pension Widow # 10614, 29 Aug 1901. Submitted by Ty ASHLOCK, 3135 Comanche NE #254, Albuquerque, NM 87107-4651

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PARRISH, John A., Pvt/Sgt., Co. I, 48th [Nixon's] Tenn, Inf. CSA. Alabama State Confederate Widow's Pension. Soldier born 1840, Tennessee and died 1 or 15 March 1870. Soldier enlisted 30 Nov 1861 at Lawrenceburg (Wayland Springs) Tennessee. Promoted to SGT. 1 March 1862. Captured at Grasshopper Creek 25 Nov 1863 and imprisoned at Rock Island, Illinois. Soldier exchanged 11 Dec 1863 and returned to Florence, AL 23 May 1865. Soldier married Mary E. WESSON. Widow applied for pension on 19 May 1898. Pension No. 361999 (State of Alabama). Widow was born 24 June 1842, d. 13 Feb 1933, buried Parsonage Chapel Cem. Lauderdale Co., AL. Copy of Oath of Allegiance in file, dated 25 May 1865 Rock Island Barracks, Illinsoi. Soldier described as light compxion, auburn hair, hazel eyes, 5'10" tall and 25 years of age. Submitted by Mrs. Nell PANNELL, P.O. Nox 224, Florence, AL 35631

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WEBSTER, Joseph, Pvt, Co. G, 1st Tenn Cavalry, CSA. Soldier enlisted 29 Nov 1861 near Wayland Springs, Tennessee. Capt. Tom WHITEHEAD's Co. 9th Tenn BN. Sam GANT, LTC. "At the battle of Fort Donaldson, GANT deserted us and never heard of him afterward. Afterward made my way to Mississippi and became a soldier in Co. G, 1st Tennessee at organization in 1862. Officers were Lt. Wm. DUNCAN; 2LT Miles BURNS; Capt. James MITCHELL; Regimental officers were Col. James WHEELER; Major Joel DOBBINS; Lt. Col. James LEWIS and White FRIERSON was adj. Soldier was in the battles of Thompson's Station, Corinth, Iuke, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Soldier was never wounded or captured. Last fight was Bentonville, NC. Soldier was parolled by Gen. SHERMAN in May 1865 at Charlotte, NC. Soldier was married but wife was dead (by 1910). Had one son, age 40, with whom soldier was living in 1910. Soldier resided in Tennessee all his life. His friend Mr. T. S. HUGHES, Peoples Bank, Clifton, Tn to ast as agent. Witensses to application were K. L. COOK, T. J. CHRISTIE and W. J. MONTAGUE all of Clifton, TN. Tennessee State Pension # 12201, filed 1910. Submitted by James L. COOKE, 6235 Westgate Dr., Beaumont, TX 77706-4325

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ALLEN, Robert, PVT. Co. A & I, Nixon's 48th Reg. TN Inf. C.S.A, enl. 30 Nov 1861 Lawrence County, Tennessee. Soldier died 15 May 1862.

Additional information provided by submitter: He resided at Cypress Inn, Wayne County, Tennessee (1850-60) and was married to Sarah BRADLEY. His children were: William Thomas ALLEN (b. 1849), Berry ALLEN (b. 1852), James Shelton ALLEN (b. 1854), Sarilda Paralee ALLEN (b. 1856), Martha Ann ALLEN (b. 1857/58), Betsy Ann ALLEN (b. 1859). Submitted by Joyce A. Luna, 1505 Springboro Rd. Apt. 7, Cookeville, TN 38506-4928.

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