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In 1970, the members of the Wayne County Historical Society began a survey and enumeration of all the cemeteries and grave sites in Wayne County, Tennessee. The resulting enumerations were published in a book "Wayne County, Tennessee Cemetery and Death Records" in 1987. The book is now out-of-print. The Historical Society has decided to begin a complete resurvey of all the cemeteries since several new cemeteries and graves have been found since the original survey. The following is a list of all the cemeteries which were originally surveyed and published in the book, plus a few which were not included but which have been published in the "Wayne County Historian". Following each cemetery/grave name is a number in parenthesis. This number is the number given the cemetery in the mapping of the cemetery on the US Geodetic Quadrangle maps of Wayne County which were also published in the book. Only those cemetery names which are highlighted in blue have links to the actual enumeration of that cemetery or grave site. I will be adding additional enumerations as time permits. If anyone has a copy of the cemetery book, or access to one, and would like to volunteer to input a specific cemetery/grave listing, please contact me, Jerry W. Murphy. I will be happy to work with all volunteers who would volunteer to input a cemetery.

254 cemeteries/grave sites were enumerated in the 1987 Cemetery and Death Records book. It is estimated that another 75 to 100 were not surveyed and enumerated. . If anyone would like to volunteer to do lookups in the Cemetery and Death Records Book, please contact me and I will add you name and address to the list of volunteers.

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