Wayne County Tennessee
Bible Records


Some of these Bible records have been previously published in The Wayne County Historian. If you have a Bible record which does not appear on these pages, please send us a copy. We will publish the record on these pages and in The Wayne County Historian. Please include all publication data for the Bible if available, as well as a complete transcription of the family data contained therein. Please note that if you do not own the Bible, we must have permission from the owner in order to publish the information. So please include permission from the owner to publish the Bible record. Send all records to Edgar D. Byler, III or Jerry W. Murphy.

These pages are divided into two separate pages: Works Progress Administration (WPA) Bible Record Transcripts; and original transcripts. Please check both pages. Happy Hunting!!!!

NOTICE: The Bible records appearing on the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Bible Records Transcripts were transcribed in 1936 by Miss Jenny Jones. No effort has been made to verify the information presented on these pages. They are transcripts from the typed information prepared as part of the WPA Records Project. The information appearing on the Original Bible Records Page should also be checked where possible against the original as it is possible that errors occurred in the transciption of these records. Always verify, where possible, with the original.

WPA Bible Record Transcripts

Original Bible Record Transcripts

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