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Audrey Westerman Sun Oct 5 13:30:07 1997
WESTERLAND (WESTERMAN?): Can anyone identify the Wm. WESTERLAND, age 70, and Milly, age 29, on 1850 Wayne Co. TN census (#1050-682)? Birthplace shown as NC & TN. Is this William WESTERMAN b. ca. 1780's, son of Charles WESTERMAN and Eleonore CLIFFORD of NC, KY & TN? What happened to Milly? Are there marriage and death records in Wayne Co.? Audrey Westerman

Ron Thompson Mon Oct 6 11:40:50 1997
Looking For Information on the persons listed. The information I have was obtained from the 1920 census from Wayne County TN. Butler Creek & Iron City Road. Collinwood TN Thomas Jefferson Thompson Age 77 Sarah JC Thompson Age 65 Amliy G Thompson Age 29 Artlera Brewer Age 7 The age of these people were at time of census.

William Weaver Mon Oct 6 19:47:42 1997
WEAVER::Trying to locate where PETER WEAVER and wife Sarah Jane Is buried at. Sarah Jane D-8-7-1882 at Victory, Wayne co. Also try to locate where WILLIAM WEAVER and wife MATILDIA CROMWELL WEAVER are buried and when they died.

Greg Simmons Fri Oct 10 23:40:43 1997
I am looking for two familes. The Thomas G Harvey Family who had seven children. Cynthia Harvey, Littleberry Harvey, H. S. Harvey and J. B. Harvey were four of the children. I am also looking for Hezekiah Erving and Polly Simmons and their children, Mary Ann Erving and Sarah Ann Ering. Thanks for any help

Gregory Simmons Fri Sep 26 23:19:58 1997
I am looking for information on the Thomas SIMMONS family. The family starts off in Bertie County North Carolina 1797 to 1810. They appear in Wayne County Tennessee in the 1820 Census. They have 5 Boys and 2 girls. In the 1830 Census we find three of the boys are Lewis Simmons, Wiley Simmons, Peter Simmons. Lewis and Wiley stay until 1832 in Wayne county when they move to Cape Giraudeau, Missouri. In 1836 they move to Johnson County Illinois where they live the rest of their lives. Peter and Thomas stay in Wayne county until about 1843 when they go to johnson county and join their sons there. They live out the rest of their lives there.

John Harrison Scott III Mon Sep 29 20:44:13 1997
I am currently looking to correspond with anyone researching any lines in Wayne County, TN. My family has been a part of the county since it's beginning. My GGG-Grandfather was John Martin SCOTT and my GGG- Grandmother was Mary Cynthis WHITE. John Martin SCOTT was a Magistrate during a part of his residence there. Mary Cynthia WHITE evetually went to McNairy County with Franklin P. SCOTT and family near the end of the 1880's. I am in the process of putting together data for a book. Any info would be appreciated. I am related to MOST families in Wayne County. I am researching the following Surnames: BERRY, BRATCHER, BRYANT, COPELAND, GABRIEL, HOLLIS, HOLT, HORTON, KING, KRIEGISCH/KRIEGISH, LUNA/LOONEY, NEWBORN, NITSCHE, PIGG, REEVES, SCOTT, SIMS, UHL, WHITE, YOUNGBLOOD and many, many more. I look forward to your response and co-operation. Thanks

Steve Fitch Mon Sep 29 21:01:57 1997
SURRATT-SERATT - ISAAC SURRATT was born in NC in 1908 and first find him in the 1840 Census for Wayne County. He had three wifes with the first one being Rebeca 1808-1844; 2nd wife Elizebeth Ann 1821-1852; 3rd wife Falissa Ann Lucinda 1835-1880. Isaac died 1879. He was my gggrandfather. A son with 3rd wife was ISSAC ANDREW LARKIN SURRATT, mr ggrandfather was born in Wayne County in 1866. Numerous children with all wifes. 2 boys that I have complete names are 1)Tennessee Marshall Gilford Dudley Dilihay Coniway Surratt and 2) Joseph H. Holbrooks Surratt. The familys were in Wayne County I believe from at least 1840 to 1880. Any information on any of the family would be greatly appreciated.

WARREN D. YOUNG Wed Oct 1 09:49:01 1997
LEROY YOUNG, Seeking information on the father and mother of one LEROY YOUNG b-1820 in TN. LEROY first shown in the 1850 BEDFORD CO., TN. census, but his father and mother is not listed in BEDFORD CO., and LEROY traveled to WAYNE CO., TN. and shows up in the 1870 census, there is no records between 1850/1870 for LEROY and his family, and no records of his parents, There is speculation that his father was WILLIAM YOUNG and his mother was SARAH IVY, anyone with any information on these people, please reply to wyoun141@concentric.net, thanks, Doug Young

Richard Brooks Fri Sep 19 08:11:30 1997
BROOKS, Dr. Cebert Martin Beauregard. Born 31 Dec 1861 in old Carrollville, TN and died 8 Feb 1929 in Bath Springs, TN. He is buried in the Red House Cem. in Decatur Co. 23 Dec 1888 he marr Cora BRUCE. Dr. Cebert was brother to my GFather, Dr. Albert S. J. Brooks. Would like info on their parents, Cebert Brooks and Eliz. Caroline THOMPSON. (re-post with new email address)

Richard Hollis Sat Sep 20 14:08:29 1997
James Hollis II, born 22 June 1759 Bedford Co., Va. married abt 1781 (Davidson Co?) Tennessee to Sarah Drake. He died July 1843 in Wayne Co., Tennessee. William Loggan, born abt 1740, died bef 3 Aug 1822 in Maury Co., Tennessee. His son Samuel Loggan died in Wayne Co, Tennessee before 1843. Samuel's daughter Nancy Loggan, born abt 1819 in Tennessee married William Allen Hollis abt 1840 in Wayne Co., Tennessee. William Allen Hollis born abt 1822 in Tennessee, died aft 1880 probably in Arkansas. William Allen is James Hollis II's grandson. William Allen Hollis' father was Stephen Hollis born abt 1788 in Tennessee, married abt 1809 Nancy and died bef 31 May 1870 in Stoddard County, Missouri.

Marquin Barrett Wed Sep 10 12:51:37 1997
Looking for parents of Lorick RASBERY/RASBURY born in North Carolina in 1781, married Jane CAMPBELL born 1780 in North Carolina. They are in Wayne Co. TN. in 1811 and have two sons born there Arthur C. RASBERYand Lott G. RASBERY.

Ken Smith Thu Sep 11 18:55:56 1997
Seeking information on Callaway, or possibly Calloway MCCOY. Supposed to have been born in Wayne County, date unknown, but living in Tishomingo County, Ms., by 1845. He was listed as head of household in Tishomingo County in 1845. If you have anything on Callaway, please e-mail me directly at: kensmith@iswt.com I'll be happy to share what information I have on this family. T I A

Robert L. Duren Fri Sep 12 13:07:54 1997
Trying to determine the father of Manon Jahue DUREN. DOB 15 Oct 1833 in Hardin County. DOD in Wayne County. Married to Susan A CHURCHWELL until her death then married America Amarillis BLANTON.rduren@texhoma.net

Barbara Brewer Mon Sep 15 18:41:54 1997
Would like any information on: James D.KILBURN and MARY WOODWARD. They married in Wayne Co. in 1893. Would like to know who their parents were.

Dane Tant Wed Sep 17 05:29:06 1997
I am looking for links on my grandfather. His name was John Jerd DARNELL. Born May 1865 in Waynesboro (probably). He, later, went to Oklahoma where my dad was born. John's dad was supposed to have been at the battle of Vicksburg and was killed in Louisiana by a sniper while on his way home. Would appreciate any help.

Evelyn Adams Wed Sep 17 23:02:01 1997
Looking for any connections to these names in Decatur Co. or possibly Wayne Co. as these people lived both places. RUEBEN KYLE - REBECCA KYLE - URSELA KYLE - WILLIAM L. KYLE- OLIVER RUFUS KYLE. You may snail mail Evelyn Adams 1264 Hopper Dr. Horn Lake, Ms. 38637 or Email. Thanks Willing to share.

Duckworth Fri Aug 29 18:30:32 1997
JOHN RUBEN COOK, JR. John Ruben Cook, Jr., b.c1796 in NC, married to Deborah Martin, c1819, children Alexander, William Anderson, David, Mary, Martin. Moved to Iuka MS. Lived in Wayne Co. south of Waynesboro. Any info?

Richard Brooks Sat Aug 30 10:47:06 1997
WARD, Carrie Josephine, b. 4 Feb 1882 in Linden, TN. d. 14 Jul 1948 in Booneville, AR. She marr Albert Sidney Johnston BROOKS on 25 Nov 1897 in Clifton TN. Appreciate any info on Grandmother Carrie, her parents, or Grandfather,Dr. A.J. Brooks.

Michael Hailey Thu Aug 14 06:20:08 1997
I am looking for the parents of my great grandfather, WILLIAM HAILEY, born in Tennessee Sept. 1861. While their names are unknown to me, census records would suggest that a MARY BURKETT with her father Absalom on the 1860 Maury county census and later shown as MARY HALEY with a William Haley age 9 on the 1870 Lewis county census with her uncle William Burkett could be his mother. My great grandfather is in Newton county Missouri on his own on the 1880 census. Please let me know if you have even a scrap of information.

Debora Tue Aug 12 20:15:54 1997
Seeking info on PAGE TALLEY b 1791. His fathers name was GEORGE TALLEY b c 1767 and his mothers name was LUCY MCDANIEL. I would like to know GEORGE's parents names. I do have the names of LUCY's parents (JOHN and MARY) but I don't know her mothers maiden name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Debora Tue Aug 12 20:10:23 1997
Seeking information on NANCY COATS b 1806-7 in TN and married PAGE TALLEY. I am trying to find her exact date of birth as well as her parents names.

Ray Tue Aug 12 11:52:44 1997
I am trying to find information on my Grandfather Geaorge H. Simmons born Jan. 21,1850 somewhere in Tenn. it could have been in Wayne, Tenn.

KEITH PITTS Sun Aug 10 17:16:11 1997
Wayne county: My grandfather ,William(Will) Pitts was born supposedly in Wayne co. in Dec. 1897. His father was Andrew Pitts. Does anyone have any info on Pitts genealogy for Wayne,Perry, and Decatur Co. My grandfather married Bessie Yarbro in Decatur Co. in and around 1920. She is a first cousin of Will .Her mother was Mary Pitts Yarbro. Mary and Andrew's mother was of Cherokee Indian decent. Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.....

Lance Davis Thu Aug 7 15:59:19 1997
I am looking for information on Henry Pollock, born ca. 1840-2 in Wayne or Lawrence Co. By 1880 he was in McDonald Co., MO.

Lloyd M Wester Thu Aug 7 10:37:57 1997
Do you have any information on Hartwell Wester's marriages and children (about 1800-1820)? Reports say that he was murdered in 1820, leaving a wife, Fannie, who later married Robert Pearce, a son, John Wester and a daughter, Malica. I am trying to find out his parents, and his wife's maiden name. They were in Lawrence County in 1820. A will was recorded in 1824, showing children, John, Willis and Sally. Was Willis and Sally from a previous marriage?

PBaker Fri Aug 1 18:30:32 1997
Looking for information on Arthur Choat family: Arthur b. 24 April, 1780 m. to Margaret b. 16 March, 1783. Sons/daughters: Isham,John,Little, Elizabeth (m. James Clemons), George Tillman, Simpson, Rebecca, Margaret, Abner, Ann and Michael. Abner P. Choat fought in Civil War, apparently died from disease. Thanks to all who respond.

Betty Guthrie McCollum Sat Aug 2 13:27:27 1997

Ruth Otto Sun Aug 3 10:43:35 1997
Would like to find out information about Scott Colier (listed below). Born in State of Tennessee in approx. 1838.

Johanna Ellis Sat Jul 26 10:02:16 1997
Would like to exchange data on the LEWIS GARNER family, Wayne Co, @1850 and after. Collateral lines: BERRY, STOUT, CARROLL and POOLE

Dan Bruce Tue Jul 29 19:07:43 1997
Searching for the PIGG family: CLAIBORNE PIGG and ANN HOLDER, and his children - JOHN CLAIBORNE, WILLIS H., and MARY ANN. and others.The family lived around the Perry/Wayne County line, in the White Oak and Beech Creek areas, from before 1850. Before settling in Perry County, the family lived in Smith and Maury County.

Dan Bruce Tue Jul 29 19:01:31 1997
Searching for the TURNBO(W) family: HUGH TURNBOUGH and MARY(POLLY) POWELL, and their children - WILLIAM C., ISOM, HUGH JR., JACKSON, ELIZABETH, SQUIRE H., MARY and AMBROS. HUGH, SR. had one daughter with his second wife, ELIZABETH PITTS ROSE. Their daughter was named NANCY. The family lived around the Perry/Wayne County line, in the White Oak and Beech Creek areas, from before 1820 to the mid 1900's.

Ralph Rodriguez Thu Jul 31 20:52:38 1997
BREWER George W.; TN, USA 1852 Can anyone give me a list of the children of George W. Brewer, who left a will in 1852, Wayne Co. TN? His wife was Harriet. Also, who were his parents? Please email Ralph mpbapt@commnections.com

Jan Philpot Wed Jul 9 19:01:11 1997
WARFIELD/WARREN. Looking for parentage of Smith Warfield b1851 Kentucky, m Alda Warren. Lived in Hickman Co. at one time. His father was possibly also Smith Warfield. Can this be the Smith Warfield showing up in Wayne County in 1850 census as 49 yrs. old? Anyone with connections to these Warfields, I would very much appreciate hearing from.

WARREN D. YOUNG Sat Jul 5 10:38:44 1997
I am looking for the decendants of Daniel C. Walker, born 1805 in SC?/VA? or TN. married to #1 Elizebeth Keeton? possibly Wilson County, Tn., and #2 Anna Parsley in Wayne County, Tn. in 1875. children born to Elizebeth, J. Newton, Marion, George, Martha, Sarah, Polly Ann, John W., Taylor, Margaret< James D., Henry, and Narcissa Emmaline and he had 9 children with Anna Parsley. anything would be appreciated, thanks Doug, Young

WARREN D. YOUNG Sat Jul 5 11:25:24 1997
WARREN D. YOUNG I am seeking the parents of ZACHARIAH KEETON born 1805, TN. married to MARGARET WALKER born 1806, Wilson County, Tn.also DANIEL WALKER born 1805, TN/SC/VA. married to ELIZEBETH KEETON born 1806 TN.any information on these relatives of mine would be greatly appreciated thanks WARREN (DOUG) YOUNG

Tom Evans Sun Jun 29 14:22:34 1997
Need parents of Wyatt Lemuel EVANS, his brothers Henry A. EVANS, Oscar EVANS, sisters Mannetta EVANS and Flora D. EVANS. I am a grandson of Wyatt Lemuel EVANS, and Mary Irma BAKER of Clifton. I have nearly all their descendants and those of Henry A. EVANS and Madge RICKETTS. I have nothing on the other siblings, nor their parents.

Wanda Brown Thu Jun 26 20:31:39 1997
Looking for other searchers in search of ANDERSON, BROWN, CYPERT and related families of Wayne county. James Anderson married Mary Cypert daug of Robert CYPERT. Mary (Polly) ANDERSON daug of James and Mary CYPERT ANDERSON married Andrew H. BROWN son of Stephen BROWN. These families removed to Izard and surrounding counties of Arkansas. Would like to exchange info. Wanda Brown

Margaret Schau Thu Jun 26 15:24:58 1997
I would like information on Daniel BOHANNON and his wife(s). His first wife, name unknown, Children by Unknown _____: William Alexander Sr b. Jan 7 1823 William Cornelius Sr #11 b. Aug 14 1826 Daniel Bohannon #12 b. 1828, TN, died in prison during Civil War.. It is possible that there was no 1st wife and the 3 sons were the children of Nipsey Murchison Bohannon, daughter of Kennith and Flora MURCHISON. 1850 Census of WAYNE COUNTY, TENN: shows DANIEL BOHANON, Age 55, Born Scotland and wife Nipsey , 45, born N.C., 1805, with children: Eliza, 18, born TN, Jane, 16, TN, James, 5, TN, and Mary, 1, TN. I would like more information about the mother of the oldest boys and any other information on Daniel and his family or the Murchison family would be appreciated.

Teresa Blackburn Mon Jun 23 18:54:19 1997
Looking for ancestors of GEORGE BLACKBURN, b. 8/28/1871 possibly in Wayne Co. d. 12/24/1931 in Carlisle Co., KY. GEORGE BLACKBURN married to NANCY MELISSA DYCUS b. 5/17/1882 d. 3/24/1954. Any leads or information appreciated.

Jim Davis Tue Jun 24 14:05:53 1997
This is in response to Beverly Sullivan's query (her return email address was not functional) Dear Beverly: I have the following information, which I quote from "Copeland: Our Branch of the Family Tree", 1992, by Marjorie Young of Grand Prarie, Texas. It may or may not be pertinent..... These events transpired in Madison Co., AL (near Wayne County...) "By spring of 1812 James #2 [Copeland - my note] had fallen in love with Catherine Gillis, the daughter of Daniel Gillis of Scotland and Nancy Patterson of North Carolina, and obtained a marriage license on March 19, 1812....... On July 21, 1812, Mary Jane Copeland, Catherine and James' first child, was born." James (1791-1866) and Catherine (1796-1883) resided in Wayne County, and had the following children: Mary Jane, Thomas S., Daniel G., James DUGAL, William J. and Joseph Matthew. While I know this doesn't, in many ways, math the info in your query, ya gotta admit the curious interplay in the above account between a Catherine Gillis and a "Dugal"...... Hope this provides an opportunity for head scratchin'. Regards,

Carolyn Lendermon Tue Jun 24 14:11:23 1997
I am searching for relatives in Perry, Hardin, Wayne and any other Middle Tennessee counties. Most may have birthdates before or around 1850. I am especially interested in the ones who came from England and possibly Ireland before the 1850's. I appreciate any help, as the earliest names are very common. Thanks,

richard hardin Fri Jun 20 09:56:08 1997
I am loking for some information on lewis hardin he was born in north carolina and he died in wayne co tennesee. his wife was name margaret harper she was also was born in north carolina and died in wayne co. tennesee

Lorraine Almsted Fri Jun 20 11:52:06 1997
Already posted my line Feb. 23 1997 and updating new e-mail address for you. Please contact me at <tallula@llano.net> if you find a connection to the Whitten or allied lines listed. Thanks.

Sat Jun 21 16:46:10 1997
James REEVES b. N.C. m. Rachael ? Lived in Wayne Co from ca1815. He died around 1828-29 then family moved to AR. What was Rachael's maiden name and who was James' father. Their children were Susannah m. Lorenzo D. BRYANT, Nathaniel m. Priscilla C. BAKER, Elizabeth m. Noah L. BAKER, John, James, and Jesse. Pleas e- mail me with any information. DHall63912@aol.com

Joseph Shands Tue Jun 17 18:38:28 1997
I would like any information on the parents of Martha Goodman. She was born ca. 1850 and reportedly from Lauderdale County, AL. She married Solomon Y. Shands in 1865 in Wayne Co. TN. She may have had a brother named "Houston".

Roberta Shelton Tue Jun 17 11:08:27 1997
I am looking for a death record for James ARNETT Sr who was born in 1804, living in Wayne Co in 1860, and must have died before 1867.

FREDERICK W. GREGG, JR. Fri Jun 13 23:48:39 1997
SCOTT, Levi Newton; born March 20, 1841 or 1842 in Wayne Co., TN. Son of Anthony T. SCOTT and Lucinda BARNES. Migrated to Missouri. Seeking other descendants to share info.

Betty Guthrie McCollum Sat Jun 14 10:19:09 1997
My Great-Great Grandfather, Robert Guthrie, Jr., born ca. 1801-1805 in Giles County, Tn. is said to have been living in Wayne Co., Tn. between 1840 & 1850. He died before the 1850 census was taken. His parents were ROBERT GUTHRIE,SR. & MARTHA JANE NORWOOD GUTHRIE. Any information on his will be deeply appreciated.

Dan Bruce Wed Jun 11 22:03:03 1997
Looking for descendants of John HOLDER, born 1800 in VA and Elizabeth SMALLWOOD HOLDER, born 1801 in NC. They moved from NC to Maury County, TN - 1830, Bedford County,TN - 1840, Wayne County, TN - 1850, and Perry County, TN - 1860. John died after 1870 in Perry County, and Elizabeth died after 1880. They probably lived around the Cedar Creek area, near the Wayne County line. Their children were William HOLDER, born 1821 in NC, L.C. HOLDER, born 1827 in TN, Glufey HOLDER, born 1833 in TN, Doak HOLDER, born 1837 in TN, Elijah HOLDER, born 1838 in TN, Noah HOLDER, born 1841 in TN, and John H. HOLDER, born 1845 in TN.

Warren D. Young Wed Jun 11 12:37:40 1997
WALKER, DANIEL C. I am looking for the father of Daniel Walker, Daniel is listed in the Wayne County Census's in 1830/40/50/60/70 but there is no records of anything except head of households, and without the fathers name I am stumped, any information on his father or grandfather would be appreciated thanks, Doug Young

Beverly Sullivan Sat Jun 7 10:47:53 1997
Need the parents of Catherine Gillis. She married Mastin (Maston) Moore 4 Dec. 1838 in Wayne Co., Tn. She was b. 18 Feb. 1820 and d. 15 Feb. 1863 in Savannah, Tn. Someone said her father was a Dougal Gillis but can not find proof of this.

Marilyn Judd Sun May 25 06:31:28 1997
ALLEN / BLACK families. I would enjoy sharing information on these families. Does anyone have information listing the burials in the BLACK cemetery in Rutherford and Wayne Counties??

Judy Oldziewski Sun May 25 15:55:31 1997
I am seeking information on Alexander (for some reason always known as Elec) HARNESS. He was born in Tennessee in 1836. I strong believe he was from Wayne County. He was in Searcy County AK by 1855 where he married Jane (Jennie) RENFROE. There was a very large migration of people from Wayne County to Searcy. Probably half the early settlers in Searcy County were from the Wayne County area. I believe Alexander was on of these people. He died in 1859 and I have not be able to find any census record of him in 1850. Any help about him or his parents would be much appreciated. If there are any of you who think their family might have gone to Searcy County I do have two Searcy County History books. They are by no means complete but are both indexed. I would be willing to do look ups in them if you will be very specific in your request. Because there are often 15 listings for one surname I will need at the least a complete name and any other information you can give.

Nadine Billingsley Fri May 23 20:31:07 1997
Searching for the parents of Melissa MARTIN. Married William H. STUBBLEFIELD, father Stephen STUBBLEFIELD. Lived Wayne Co. TN.

Barbara WARTHEN WALLACE Sat May 24 13:56:04 1997
Looking for Isaiah L. (or Josiah L.) and Melvina (MOORE) WARTHAN shown in the 1880 Wayne Co., TN census. Also in the household was Thomas MOORE age 61 assumed to be her father as children were named after him. Children listed were James W.age 11, John H. age 9 and Thomas A. age 6. Were they still in the county in 1890 or 1900? I need to trace this family line. Will trade information on the WARTHAN/WORTHEN/WARTHEN line. bwallace@startext.net

Cheryl Sun May 18 15:43:38 1997
Seeking to share info on Sisk line. My gt.grndfather was Dr.Arthur R.Sisk b.3/31/1865 in Timbo, AR. His 2nd wife was my gtgrndmother Eliza Angeline Scott, b.Wayne Co.,TN. Searching for any info on the ist wife of Arthur Sisk, also, who was Indian named Ella Ann Baxley,Barker m.1891.(Marr.Cert.difficult to decipher) Arthur Robt.Sisk's father was Samuel Arthur Sisk b.7/18/1839 in Beaver,Wayne Co.,TN d.9/6/1896. Samuel Arthur's father was Allen R. Sisk b.1800 NC & married Mary Melissa Alexander. Have info to share re Sisk line & some on Scott line, also, altho brief on Scotts.Bevill Hill @aol.com

Dan Bruce Fri May 9 20:21:44 1997
Looking for Walker, Quillen, Cade, Turnbo and Holder descendants in Decatur County. Holders lived around Perryville, and the rest lived just across the river from Clifton, TN, and have family buried in Lone Chestnut Cemetery, and other family cemeteries in the same area. All families also in Wayne County, TN, around Clifton and Beech Creek, as well as Perry County.

james r. staggs Thu May 8 23:18:19 1997
would like info on staggs.

WARREN D. YOUNG Wed May 7 09:54:17 1997
I am searching for the father and mother of Narcissa Emaline Walker, she married Bartley M. Young in 1875 in Wayne County and was listed in the 1870 census, but there was no listing of her parents, would like to here from anyone on this line, thanks.

Carolyn Black Tue May 6 04:47:15 1997
I am interested in finding information on the William WITHERSPOON family. He was born in 1801, in Franklin, TN. I believe he came to Wayne Co. in the early 1800's with his family who settled somewhere on the Duck River. He married Elvira BUMPASS, the daughter of Dr.Gabriel Bumpass, on Oct.29,1835. Their first three children (James,Catherine,William) were born in Wayne Co. They later removed to Madison Co.

Anna Bertram Fri May 2 12:57:30 1997
William Solomon BUTRAM (born c. 1825 Wayne Co., TN); married Malinda Thomas, Feb. 9, 1857 Wayne Co., TN; occupation blacksmith; fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War in two outfits; returned to Wayne Co. after the war. His parents may have been John and Sarah. I'm interested in this line and will share info. (His marriage record used the old stlye "S" for his initial & was misread as an "L".)

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