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Contributed by Theresa MASSAT, 907 Monks Ave., Peru, IL 61354

JOHNSON, J.W. CPT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
HARDIN, B.S. 1LT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
(promoted to 1LT, Feb 63)
ROSS, A. H. 2LT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
(promoted to 2LT, Feb 63)
HARDIN, Robt. 3LT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
(promoted to 2nd Brevet LT, 15 Apr 63)
DICKSON, H.A. 1SGT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
WITHERSPOON, J.G. 2SGT 10-Jan-63 Ashland
GILL, C.J. 3SGT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
HUDIBURGH, S.S. 4SGT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
MONTAGUE, A.H. 5SGT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
THOMPSON, J.L. 1CPL 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
DAVIS, N.C. 2CPL 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
DAVIS, M.W. 3CPL 10-Jan-63 Clifton
KYLE, Edmond 4CPL 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
BRACKENRIDGE, David Bl. Smith 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
COOK, J.L. Farrier 10-Dec-62 Clifton
ARNETT, B.F. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
ALLISON, R.G. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
ANGLING, Cornelius PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
AUSTIN, J.J. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
BARKER, G.W. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
BRIGANCE, J.D. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
BLACKSHARE, A.W. PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
BIRD, John PVT 22-Sep-62 Clifton
BARNETT, J.W. PVT 22-Sep-62 Spring Creek
CADE, L.D. PVT 22-Sep-62 Clifton
CATENS, R.H. PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
CRAVINS, R.R. PVT 22-Jan-63 Lexington
CRAVINS, G.R. PVT 22-Jan-63 Lexington
CRAVINS, A.M. PVT 15-Jun-63 Lexington
CARR, T.S. PVT 9-Jun-63 Waynesboro
CLEAMEY, B.H. PVT 10-Jun-63 Waynesboro
DUDLEY, A.L. PVT 22-Jan-63 Ashland
DUNCAN, Joseph PVT 10-Aug-63 Ashland
DUNNAHOO, Robt. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
DAVIDSON, S.S. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
DOWNING, J.M. PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
DICKY, Thomas PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
DAVIS, H.W. PVT 15-Jul-63 Clifton
ELLIOT, J.P. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
EDMARSTON, Milton PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
EMBERSON, B.H. PVT 25-Jun-63 Clifton
GILL, G.F. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
GILL, E.G. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
GILL, W.P. PVT 1-Jun-63 Clifton
GILL, M.T. PVT 1-Jul-63 Lexington
GALBRETH, I.J. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
GRIMES, W.A. PVT 9-Jun-63 Waynesboro
GORFORTH, Danniel PVT 14-Jul-63 Clifton
HOLLINGSWORTH, Lanerthan PVT 9-Jun-63 Waynesboro
HARDIMAN, J.M. PVT 1-Mar-63 Mt. Pleasant
HARDIMAN, B.J. PVT 1-Mar-63 Mt. Pleasant
HASSELL. R.F. PVT 15-Nov-62 Clifton
HENNARD, T.H. PVT 15-Nov-62 Clifton
HUGHES, J.W. PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
HUGHES, J.E. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
HELTON, Frank PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
HALL, J.W. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
HERRON, T.A. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
HERRON, J.H. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
HULEN, J.A. PVT 25-Jun-63 Clifton
JACKSON, John PVT 22-Sep-63 Leatherwood
JACKSON, Richard PVT 1-Aug-63 Bainbridge
JOURNEY, J.F. PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
JOBE, F.M. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
JOBE, J.J. PVT 1-Jul-63 Clifton
JOHNSON, W.A. PVT 19-Feb-63 Mt. Pleasant
JOHNSON, M.M. PVT 1-Mar-63 Mt. Pleasant
KENDUCK, H.C. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
KEATON, B.D. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
KYLE, H.C. PVT 20-Jul-62 Clifton
KYLE, M.B. PVT 20-Jul-63 Clifton
KING, F.P. PVT 20-Jul-63 Clifton
LEE, S.C. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
MOORE, J.E. PVT 15-Nov-62 Clifton
MARTIN, J.G. PVT 10-Aug-62 Ashland
McCULLEY, E.F. PVT 10-Aug-62 Ashland
MIDDLETON, A.A. PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
McCLAREN, Robt. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
MONTAGUE, N.A. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
MONTAGUE, J.A. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
MARCHISON, G.V. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
McBRIDE, James PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
NESBIT, T.M. PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
PITTS, J.F. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
POWEL, James PVT 10-Dec-62 Clifton
PEACOCK, E.D. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
PHILLIPS, W.J. PVT 1-Feb-63 Columbia
PHILLIPS, C.C. PVT 25-Jul-63 Clifton
PARKER, A.B. PVT 10-Jan-63 Clifton
RICKETTS, W.L. PVT 22-Sep-62 Leatherwood
RICKETTS, T.R. PVT 15-Feb-63 Mt. Pleasant

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