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Company E of the Eighth Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment was organized at Clifton, Tennessee and mustered into Federal service at Nashville during the late winter and early spring of 1865. The company was composed largely of men from Wayne and Hardin Counties. Company E served at Clifton and later at Savannah, Tennessee. The company was mustered out of service 1 September 1865.

On comparing Company E's roster with that of the rosters of the Second Tennessee Mounted Infantry, it is found that several of Company E's members were veterans of prior Federal service.

The roster of the company follows. The enlistment and muster dates are not included.

SHIPMAN, Charles W.Capt.Appointed to fill original vacancy
TURMAN, Elijah V.1 Lt27ditto
STRIBLING, Ch. C.A.E.T.2 Ltditto
LUTTS, Jacob S.1 Sgt.23Appt. 1st Sgt. 17 May 65
PATTERSON, William A.Sgt.27Appt. Sgt. 17 May 1865
McCARN, Daniel G.Sgt.36Appt. Sgt. 17 May 1865
DAVIS, Joseph N.Sgt.21Appt. Sgt. 17 May 1865
GILLIS, Thomas J.Sgt.18Appt. Sgt. 17 May 1865
NEELY, Samuel L.Corpl.18Appt. Corpl 17 May 1865
OLIVER, SalemCorpl.18ditto
COSEY, John H.Corpl.24ditto
HENSLEY, JoelCorpl.21ditto
NORTHCUT, William T.Corpl.18ditto
COBURN, George W.Corpl.18ditto
BURNS, Columbus C.Corpl.20ditto
MOORE, WallisCorpl.21ditto
SHERWOOD, Jos. G. M.Musc.19Appt. Musician 17 May 1865
TIDWELL, JobWag.45
ALLISON, Andrew K.Pvt.24
ANDERSON, ElijahPvt.19
BRADY, Joseph J.Pvt.37
BANKS, JamesPvt.18
BROWN, WilliamPvt.18
BASKINS, MarionPvt,18
BANKS, RobertPvt.18
BASKINS, EliPvt.22
BARBER, WilliamPvt.19
BUTLER, James M.Pvt.18
COUCH, Ezekial J.Pvt.19
CREASEY, John P.Pvt.18
CASEY, LukePvt.18
DAVIS, William H.Pvt.18
DIXON, James T.Pvt.18
DUNNIGAN, AndrewPvt.18
DOWNING, John A.Pvt.34
DIXON, Peter F.Pvt.20
FALLS, Alfred R.Pvt.19
FALLS, William T.Pvt.31
FALLS, William A.Pvt.21
FOWLER, Lorenzo D.Pvt.19
GORDON, William B.Pvt.18
GOODMAN, RobertPvt.20
GRAY, Thomas J.Pvt.18
GRAY, Owen B.Pvt.18
HORTON, Geo. W., 1stPvt.21
HORTON, Geo. W., 2ndPvt.19
HORTON, Levi W.Pvt.19
HORTON, ElihuPvt.18
HIRES, James D.Pvt.23
HAYNES, AlfredPvt.19
HOLT, GilesPvt.23
HOBBS, JamesPvt.43
HARRISON, John G.Pvt.21
HENSON, George W.Pvt.21
HAYS, JohnPvt.44
HAYS, BenjaminPvt.18
JENKINS, WilliamPvt.18
JOHNSON, Zachariah T.Pvt.33
LAMB, ArchibaldPvt.19
LANGSFORD, Perry L.Pvt.13
LINDSEY, John T.Pvt.20
MARSEY, James D.Pvt.18
McINVOE, JamesPvt.18
MIDKIFF, John H.Pvt.18
McFALLS, JamesPvt.18
PATTERSON, RileyPvt.20
PRICE, William A.Pvt.38
PARKER, SamuelPvt.20
QUALLS, AlexanderPvt.18
QUALLS, FranklinPvt.22
QUALLS, RobertPvt.19
QUALLS, Robert H.Pvt.19
RISNER, WilliamPvt.19
ROSE, Alexander A.Pvt.29
REAVES, ElihuPvt.18
RUSS, John W.Pvt.27
RIGHT, JamesPvt.20
ROSS, IsaacPvt.25
ROSS, Jacob F.Pvt.22
RIGHT, MarionPvt.18
ROSE, WilliamPvt.33
ROBERTSON, William K.Pvt.24
ROSE, ThomasPvt.18
SPEARS, DanielPvt.18
SPEARS, LeviPvt.19
SWINDLE, George W.Pvt.23
TOLE, Jonathan M.Pvt.18
TACKETT, Stephen P.Pvt.18
TULLY, Green B.Pvt.18
WORTON, James M.Pvt.35
WOODY, JohnPvt.18
WOODY, JacobPvt.18
WILLIAM, JamesPvt.18
WOODWARD, Abel W.Pvt.35
WORTON, Joseph M.Pvt.20
MARTIN, BenjaminPvt.20
PULLY, John D.Pvt.18Died 17 Aug 1865
CROSSNOE, GeorgePvt.19Deserted 1 Jul 1865
MARTIN, John W.Pvt.31Deserted 10 Aug 1865

----------End of Roster----------


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