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The census records for 1890 were destroyed when a federal warehouse burned. In early 1891, probably because of this fire, the Tennessee legislature authorized a new census of the adult male citizens of Tennessee. The act was passed on Jan. 15, 1891 and approved on Jan. 28; the census occurred in February. In 1992, the original handwritten records were compiled, indexed, and published by Sue S. Reed of Houston, Texas as “Enumeration of male inhabitants of 21 years of age and upward, citizens of Tennessee on Jan. 1, 1891." The State Archives in Nashville and a few public libraries in Tennessee have copies. One of the volumes includes records for Cheatham, Dickson, Hickman, Humphreys, Lawrence, Lewis, Perry (data missing), Wayne, and Williamson Counties.

The hand-written records for Wayne County have now been copied, transcribed as a computer file, and indexed. These data show name, age, color, and census district. Most entries include a family name plus a short form of a given name or one or two initials.

Federal census records show the order in which families were visited by the census taker, and families close to each other in the records usually lived near each other at the time of the census. This order is useful for genealogical research because families having the same last name and living in the same neighborhood usually have a common ancestry. Unfortunately, the hand-written records for six of the civil districts in the 1891 census of Wayne County were arranged alphabetically. Also race or color was not clear for some entries because of ditto marks below previously written letters in the columns for white (“W”) or colored (“C”); a few entries have ditto marks in both columns. On the transcript for this census, a “C” means that an African ancestry is clearly indicated on the handwritten record.

There are a few other problems with the census records for 1891. First, a total 2,290 names were certified by the Wayne County Court Clerk on Feb. 25, 1891, but there are 2,313 names in the surviving records; a few names were apparently added after the main group had been certified. In all of the civil districts, some names and ages are hard to read. Also, the spelling of some names is inconsistent, and some letters are not completely formed or distinct. If you find a mistake, please notify the historian’s office in the Wayne County Courthouse. Regardless of these problems, the 1891 records should proved useful for genealogy research.

Civil District 1 (A1-A157) Civil District 6 (F1-F205) Civil District 11 (L1-L219)
Civil District 2 (B1-B291) Civil District 7 (G1-G209) Civil District 12 (M1-M156)
Civil District 3 (C1-C116) Civil District 8 (H1-H129) Civil District 13 (N1-N98)
Civil District 4 (D1-D255) Civil District 9 (J1-J124) Civil District 14 (P1-P81)
Civil District 5 (E1-E136) Civil District 10 (K1-K137) County Index

Civil District 1 (A1-A157)

Name	 	        Age    Color     ID#
Hill, John D.		32	W	A1
Barnes, J. H.		45	W	A2
Pulley, Jess		21	W	A3
Pulley, John		37	W	A4
Goodman, Dane		45	W	A5
Gilford, Thomas		35	W	A6
Davis, J. R. 		68	W	A7
Whorley. A. 		38	W	A8
Davis, J. R.		65	W	A9
Davis, Bill		24	W	A10
Odan, T. M.		41	W	A11
Kindrick, John		56	W	A12
Davis, J. B.		48	W	A13
Riley, William		50	W	A14
Holt, Cal		37	W	A15
Holt, W. B.		33	W	A16
Holt, J. C.		28	W	A17
Newborn, J. H.		45	W	A18
Davis, W. C.		53	W	A19
Davis, J. A.		31	W	A20
Goforth, H.		21	W	A21
Batles, Henry		51	W	A22
Davis, J. J. R.		27	W	A23
Davis N. A.		54	W	A24
Davis, Tom		23	W	A25
Hill, Moses		26	W	A26
Davis, James A.		24	W	A27
Ray, John		22	W	A28
Turnbo, Bud		43	W	A29
Ray, Sy			46	W	A30
Boyd, Eli		45	W	A31
Boyd, Joseph		47	W	A32
Boyd, J. H.		21	W	A33
Hill, W. J.		24	W	A34
Hill, Tom		34	W	A35
Hardin, Neut L.		55	W	A36
Boyd, Wes		52	W	A37
Hill, William		45	W	A38
Ray, J. M.		21	W	A39
Queen, William		38	W	A40
Queen, J. C.		71	W	A41
Buoy, J. C.		37	W	A42
Phillips, S. R.		35	W	A43
Queen, Charley		35	W	A44
Grimes, John		74	W	A45
Grimes, Nate		44	W	A46
Aley, John		45	W	A47
Culp, John		35	W	A48
Nedlen, Jack		37	W	A49
Riley, Peter		24	W	A50
Riley, J. A.		25	W	A51
Parker, Bob		28	W	A52
Riley, John		31	W	A53
Gordon, John		28	W	A54
Gordon, Tom		22	W	A55
Mayberry, T. J.		25	W	A56
Riley, W. C.		56	W	A57
Lisby, William		32	W	A58
Warren, Sam		46	W	A59
Riley, Sam		44	W	A60
Crosno, G. T.		33	W	A61
Graham, John		41	W	A62
Webster, J. C.		32	W	A63
Culp, Alen		54	W	A64
Pevahous, Roy		30	W	A65
Pevahous, Carel		45	W	A66
Killen, John		50	W	A67
Lineberry, Wheeler	27	W	A68
Culp, Teney		36	W	A69
Culp, Buck		34	W	A70
Smith, Alf.		23	W	A71
Warren, Ben		27	W	A72
Lineberry, Tom		41	W	A73
Briley, Bud		26	W	A74
Williams, Frank		57	W	A75
Turnbo, Jim		30	W	A76
Warren, James		67	W	A77
Warren, Joe		34	W	A78
Culp, Jack		26	W	A79
Culp, Whit		21	W	A80
Smith, James		30	W	A81
Gordon, Will		25	W	A82
Turnbo, Hugh		31	W	A83
Gifford, Tom		24	W	A84
Turnbo, Claborn		31	W	A85
Steel, Jesse		45	W	A86
Steel, E.		57	W	A87
Steel, B.		82	W	A88
Burch, Henry		23	W	A89
Steel, J. T.		28	W	A90
Steel, J. A.		45	W	A91
Steel, A. J.		40	W	A92
Gordon, D. P.		40	W	A93
Lineberry, Sam		35	W	A94
Hendrix. Bill		34	W	A95
Devers, John		37	W	A96
Jobe, Wesley		35	W	A97
Turnbo, Bill		21	W	A98
Flippo, Henry		35	W	A99
Gordon, Charley		47	W	A100
Richardson, Luther	30	W	A101
Flippo, Tom		30	W	A102
Churchwell, John	34	W	A103
Ivins, Henry		63	W	A104
Nunley, Bill		25	W	A105
Carell, Bill		35	W	A106
Bruce, Morow		22	W	A107
Brooks, Dutch		24	W	A108
Thompson, Charley	82	W	A109
Thompson, George	45	W	A110
Bosh, Garison		25	W	A111
Baker, Andy		40	W	A112
Bennett, Ed		30	W	A113
Foreshee, Eliza		53	W	A114
Culp, Wayne		50	W	A115
Davis, Liles		41	W	A116
Conway, Joe		30	W	A117
Robinson, Jim		24	W	A118
Brooks, Shade		48	W	A119
Creasy, John		34	W	A120
Carell, John		68	W	A121
Carell, Jim		24	W	A122
Carell, Bill		27	W	A123
Carell, Ambers		35	W	A124
Crosno, Henry		50	W	A125
Morgan, John		32	W	A126
Morgan, Bill		23	W	A127
McDonal, James		34	W	A128
Alford, Bud		30	W	A129
Alford, Whit		35	W	A130
Buoy, Clark		71	W	A131
Turnbo, John, Jr.	30	W	A132
Turnbo, John, Sr.	45	W	A133
Mathes, George		33	W	A134
Ray, Eaton		40	W	A135
Ray, Bill		34	W	A136
Rose, Cab		52	W	A137
Flippo, John		27	W	A138
Prayton, Holey		45	W	A139
Prayton, France		24	W	A140
Woodard, Tom		48	W	A141
Sarrat, Neft		47	W	A142
Bevis, John		30	W	A143
Newborn, Frank		65	W	A144
Walker, Aaron		47	W	A145
Prayton, Arch		71	W	A146
Pulley, Bill		30	W	A147
Pulley, Jim		82	W	A148
Prayton, L.		27	W	A149
Griffin, Dug		50	W	A150
Davis, W. R.		35	W	A151
Prayton, Tode		21	W	A152
Crossno, Will		60	W	A153
Warren, Joseph		35	W	A154
Overton, W. O.		50	W	A155
Ibair, John		42	W	A156
Warren, Sam		39	W	A157

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Civil District 2 (B1-B291)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Smothermore, James	52	W	B1
Jeeter, N. S.		44	W	B2
Jeeter, Tom		52	W	B3
Smith, J. H.		45	W	B4
King, John		34	W	B5
Jones, Joe		30	W	B6
Ivins, John		33	W	B7
Ivins, Jim		37	W	B8
Helton, John D.		48	W	B9
Warington, Tom		36	W	B10
Montague, J. C.		31	W	B11
Floyd, Albert		76	W	B12
Floyd, Alen		92	W	B13
Riley, James		33	W	B14
Newborn, T. J.		50	W	B15
Newborn, Tobe		22	W	B16
Shipman, Edward		81	W	B17
Shipman, D. W.		52	W	B18
Burns, W. T.		25	W	B19
Witherspoon, Alen	26	C	B20
Mayberry, Mort.		40	W	B21
Churchwell, Marv.	25	W	B22
Churchwell, Nelson	21	W	B23
Young, B. M.		35	W	B24
Benham, J. M.		63	W	B25
Lancaster, Gus		30	W	B26
McAnaly, Davis		41	W	B27
Roberts, Calvin		47	W	B28
Roberts, John		27	W	B29
Roberts, Will		24	W	B30
Hardin, Henry		25	C	B31
Hall, Jim		61	W	B32
Grimes, A.		32	W	B33
Brown, J. W.		28	W	B34
Woods, G. W.		40	W	B35
Cole, A. O.		55	W	B36
Dicus, James, Jr.	24	W	B37
Dicus, James, Sr.	62	W	B38
Shipman, W. H.		22	W	B39
McCuly, Will		21	W	B40
Roberts, Amos		42	W	B41
Dicus, Porter		22	W	B42
Prayton, Sam		24	W	B43
Parker, Sam		51	W	B44
Battles, Hart		39	W	B45
Walker, Tim		21	W	B46
Walker, Hord		45	W	B47
Dicus, Jess		32	W	B48
Grimes, Bud		30	W	B49
Morgan, James		48	W	B50
Hughs, Tom		49	W	B51
Morrow, Elbert		60	W	B52
Staggs, Henry		48	W	B53
Cole, Babe		29	W	B54
Walker, O.		62	W	B55
Walker, Bill		25	W	B56
Dicus, Oliver		24	W	B57
Brown, Will		55	W	B58
Brown, C. C.		24	W	B59
Grimes, Buck		65	C	B60
Grimes, Morow		32	W	B61
Churchwell, Joe		35	W	B62
Montague, Sy		65	W	B63
Witherspoon, Joe	40	W	B64
Witherspoon, Tom	27	W	B65
Bolen, Bill		55	W	B66
Johnson, Bill		54	W	B67
Johnson, John		22	W	B68
Moore, Ed		48	W	B69
Walker, Nate		24	W	B70
Clay, Ben		58	W	B71
Grimes, Bill		35	W	B72
Keeton, B. D.		61	W	B73
Cook, John		31	W	B74
Sharp, George		30	W	B75
Cooper, J.		31	W	B76
Grimes, Bery		68	W	B77
Haynes, John		20	W	B78
Burns, Miles		52	W	B79
Walker, Jess		68	W	B80
Walker, George		26	C	B81
Warren, Sam		30	W	B82
Walker, Charley		42	C	B83
Dillon, Romel		60	W	B84
Dillon, Will		22	W	B85
Speers, Sam		31	W	B86
Allison, J.		50	W	B87
Helton, Wash.		30	W	B88
Walker, Bruce		28	W	B89
Walker, Tim		22	W	B90
Witherspoon, Bill	25	C	B91
Griggs, Isaac		69	W	B92
Griggs, Bill		26	W	B93
Hardin, Ed		33	W	B94
Dicus, John Bell	35	W	B95
Warington, Gill		56	C	B96
Montague, Pink		32	W	B97
Ivins, John		33	W	B98
Warington, Lester	21	C	B99
Hardin, Mort.		35	W	B100
Scott, Vegatble		50	W	B101
Pointer, Sonny		70	C	B102
Warington, Gill		55	W	B103
Stricklin, A. T.	45	W	B104
Stricklin, Tom		43	W	B105
Choat, Andy		65	C	B106
Haggard, Kinden		49	W	B107
McNeal, Ison		30	C	B108
Hughes, John		60	W	B109
Hughes, John		28	C	B110
Hughes, Green		35	W	B111
Prater, James		25	W	B112
Wilbanks, James		60	W	B113
Ninon, Bill		35	W	B114
Lanchester, Mike	33	W	B115
Stafford, L. R.		50	W	B116
Stafford, Bud		24	W	B117
Baker, Bob		38	W	B118
Baker, Ross		35	W	B119
Hughes, G. S.		29	W	B120
Edman, J. E.		36	W	B121
Tyree, John		31	W	B122
Rickets, T. R.		46	W	B123
Rickets, S. B.		43	W	B124
Lancaster, Sam		27	W	B125
Youngblood, Joe		34	W	B126
Hill, Sam		39	W	B127
Brown, Tom		35	W	B128
Brown, George		39	W	B129
Everett, James		45	W	B130
Lawson, Joe		37	W	B131
Blashere, Dave		30	W	B132
Stribling, C. C.	46	W	B133
Stribling, Jim		21	W	B134
Smith, Bob		21	W	B135
Griggs, J. E.		27	W	B136
Hassell, Tom		24	W	B137
Hughes, Will		24	W	B138
McCollough, John	22	W	B139
Turman, C. M.		60	W	B140
Sears, John		22	W	B141
Boon, Bill		56	W	B142
Miller, R.		46	W	B143
Cook, William		48	W	B144
Ryan, Dick		36	W	B145
Haggard, Arch		30	W	B146
Alley, Will		27	W	B147
Ryan, John		38	W	B148
Alford, Dock		40	W	B149
Stockard, S. G.		43	W	B150
Russ, Sam		39	W	B151
Montague, W. T.		50	W	B152
Weeks, C.		70	W	B153
Stull, Bill		29	W	B154
Self, T. W.		60	W	B155
Self, Hyden		32	W	B156
Hardin, Wad		32	W	B157
McCall, A. B.		57	W	B158
Warren, W. P.		72	W	B159
Dolrell, Frank		33	W	B160
Ricketts, J. A.		34	W	B161
Tinnon, Bill		56	W	B162
Roberts, Jerry		28	W	B163
Osment, J. C.		30	W	B164
Osment, B.		27	W	B165
Sevill, S.		25	W	B166
Gordon, F.		50	W	B167
Gordon, James		27	W	B168
Gordon, E.		30	W	B169
Owen, M. L.		53	W	B170
O'Neal, Dick		32	W	B171
Roberts, E. S.		48	W	B172
Tinnon, F.		30	W	B173
Johnson, Sam		28	W	B174
Youngblood, Mat		34	W	B175
Howard, Will		23	W	B176
Parr, W. H.		40	W	B177
Mathew, Will		36	W	B178
Cook, R. L.		36	W	B179
Berry, Joe		56	W	B180
Berry, Bill		35	W	B181
Copeland, Joe G.	32	W	B182
Watkins, N. E.		47	W	B183
Ricketts, Charley	27	W	B184
Lee, C.			40	W	B185
Christie, T. J.		55	W	B186
Love, O., Sr.		56	W	B187
Love, O., Jr.		25	W	B188
Love, Will		21	W	B189
Sherrell, Jack		35	W	B190
Cook, Tom		34	W	B191
Hendrix, J.		43	W	B192
Chambers, B.		41	W	B193
Lancaster, Tom		24	W	B194
Bennett, John		35	W	B195
Middleton, Jack		47	W	B196
Kutch, Herman		48	W	B197
Hartwell, W.		27	W	B198
Hartwell, B.		48	W	B199
Stockard, W. J.		32	W	B200
Floyd, John		34	W	B201
Walker, E.		30	W	B202
Ross, W. P., Jr.	49	W	B203
Mathis, J.		52	C	B204
Mathis, Sam		40	W	B205
McLassen, Dave		40	W	B206
Short, Walter		21	W	B207
Choat, Mat		27	W	B208
Toles, Jim		33	W	B209
Whitaker, Steve		30	W	B210
Rock, Cal		29	W	B211
Walker, Isham		35	W	B212
Jackson, Bob		37	W	B213
Robinson, Gil		35	W	B214
Tyree, Henry		55	W	B215
Wells, Tom		32	W	B216
Coats, Alex		36	W	B217
Maberry, Joe		31	W	B218
Davie, Brad		33	W	B219
Davie, Bud		36	W	B220
Roach, Blount		85	W	B221
Martin, Tom		26	W	B222
Hughes, Dick		40	W	B223
Hunter, John		63	W	B224
Hubbard, Berry		28	W	B225
Churchwell, Isham	25	W	B226
Porter, George		60	W	B227
Moody, Ben		45	W	B228
Pointer, Tom		30	W	B229
Robertson, John		38	W	B230
Stamps, T.		40	W	B231
Lynes, Jim		50	W	B232
Johnson, Ed		27	C	B233
Webb, Dan		38	W	B234
Geines, G.		45	W	B235
Montague, N.		46	W	B236
Franks, E.		25	W	B237
McLane, H.		35	W	B238
Hassell, J. F.		26	W	B239
Lancaster, W. F.	34	W	B240
Ray, J.			38	W	B241
Bradley, Butch		28	W	B242
Thomas, Monroe		33	W	B243
Yokeley, I. N.		31	W	B244
Osteles, D.		27	W	B245
Webb, Bill		45	W	B246
Luna, L.		65	W	B247
Luna, Sam		25	W	B248
Speers, Sam		32	W	B249
McMahan, Jim		48	W	B250
Davidson, Will		35	W	B251
Haggard, John		23	W	B252
Newcomb, W. M.		34	W	B253
Wilbanks, J. L.		60	W	B254
Boyd, J. J.		28	W	B255
Arnold, T. W.		30	W	B256
Linem, S. T.		32	W	B257
Franks, E. A.		32	W	B258
Bryant, Tom		33	W	B259
Franks, Jack		27	W	B260
Franks, John		25	W	B261
Franks Jim		61	W	B262
Franks, Will		50	W	B263
Beckham, Bill		55	W	B264
Beckham, John		60	W	B265
Burns, John		35	W	B266
Burns, Jim		29	W	B267
Beckham, Lihew		22	W	B268
Napier, Al		32	C	B269
Webb, Monroe		29	W	B270
Lindsey, Jim		25	W	B271
Hughes, Gus		35	W	B272
Hughes, Henry		30	W	B273
Middleton, Saul		60	W	B274
Davis, Bill		45	W	B275
Mabery, Mart		32	W	B276
Robertson, Jim		65	W	B277
McBride, I.		55	W	B278
Dixon, Will		23	W	B279
Robinson, H.		70	C	B280
Deal, Isham		39	W	B281
Weatherspoon, Joe	54	W	B282
Pitts, Lewis		27	W	B283
Montague, Lewis		21	W	B284
Johnson, W. W.		27	W	B285
Hardin, Amos		34	W	B286
Moore, R. M.		59	W	B287
Moore, Thomas		73	W	B288
Newcomb, B.		25	W	B289
Willbanks, J. L.	39	W	B290
Young, Bob		26	W	B291

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Civil District 3 (C1-C116)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Adkins, L. L.		24	W	C1
Anderson, W. C.		29	W	C2
Adkins, William		23	W	C3
Buchanan, William	25	W	C4
Bell, W. L.		42	W	C5
Bell, J. R.		35	W	C6
Bell, T. A.		37	W	C7
Bivins, Robert		28	C	C8
Bromley, J. J.		52	W	C9
Bromley, W. E.		29	W	C10
Bromley, J. A.		24	W	C11
Bromley, J. L.		22	W	C12
Beaty, Abe		56	W	C13
Coosenberry, E. N.	57	W	C14
Chappell, Ben		25	W	C15
Chappell, Bob		23	W	C16
Culp, Hal		40	W	C17
Cook, Tim, Dr.		44	W	C18
Choat, J. M.		45	W	C19
Choat, G. T.		46	W	C20
Chappell, Altimon	55	C	C21
Chappell, Jesse		60	W	C22
Chappell, W. B.		63	W	C23
Chappell, Amos		27	C	C24
Chappell, Terry		24	W	C25
Chappell, Henry		26	W	C26
Carter, P. E.		30	W	C27
Deavers, Elijah		70	W	C28
Deavers, Frank		23	W	C29
Dobbs, Nat		25	W	C30
Dobbs, Joseph		30	W	C31
Dobbs, William		25	W	C32
Duren, Ed		22	W	C33
Edwards, Wm. L. T.	30	W	C34
Edwards, J. W.		25	W	C35
Edwards, D. L.		69	W	C36
Edwards, Amos		30	W	C37
Edwards, John		23	W	C38
Edwards, Lewis		21	W	C39
Fraley, Charley		30	W	C40
Fraley, Andrew		41	W	C41
Fraley, Bud		33	W	C42
Goodwin, J. L.		37	W	C43
Grinder, Robert		55	W	C44
Graves, Jesse		21	W	C45
Graves, J. H.		65	W	C46
Graves, Doc		60	W	C47
Graves, Thomas		35	W	C48
Graves, Samuel		23	W	C49
Graves, John		33	W	C50
Graves, Andrew		28	W	C51
Gillem, Willie		21	W	C52
Graves, Lawrence	30	W	C53
Hollabaugh, L.		22	W	C54
Hollabaugh, Jcb., Sr.	68	W	C55
Hollabaugh, William	30	W	C56
Hollabaugh, Isham	24	W	C57
Hill, James		40	W	C58
Ham, Isaac		35	W	C59
Hickman, Geoge		52	W	C60
Holt, James A.		35	W	C61
Hickman, John		24	W	C62
Hollabaugh, Jcb., Jr.	29	W	C63
Ivins, Linus		35	W	C64
Ivins, W. H.		25	W	C65
Jackson, Andrew		33	W	C66
Jones, Samuel		57	W	C67
King, J. D.		52	W	C68
Long, John		40	W	C69
Luna, J. T.		35	W	C70
Luna, Willis		21	W	C71
Lynch, Jacob		22	W	C72
Lockard, Thomas		60	W	C73
Meredith, L. R.		64	W	C74
Meredith, W. W.		25	W	C75
Meredith, Lee R.	30	W	C76
Meredith, L. T.		32	W	C77
Meredith, F. C.		40	W	C78
Meredith, James T.	59	W	C79
Meredith, John T.	50	W	C80
Meredith, A. M.		55	W	C81
Meredith, J. L. 	25	W	C82
McLemore, James		63	W	C83
Moore, J. T.		28	W	C84
Moon, William		60	W	C85
McLemore, R. M.		30	W	C86
McLane, Jasper		32	W	C87
Morgan, S. N.		45	W	C88
Morgan, James		21	W	C89
McLemore, J. C.		21	W	C90
Nowlen, Carl		22	C	C91
Nowlen, ?		30	C	C92
Pope, Bud		22	W	C93
Pope, Lemuel		72	W	C94
Pope, Edward		45	W	C95
Pitts, Joseph		65	W	C96
Pope, Wiliam		21	W	C97
Pope, John		30	W	C98
Pitts, Andrew		30	W	C99
Phillips, J. D.		52	W	C100
Phillips, Lewis		29	W	C101
Ricketts, William	47	W	C102
Ricketts(?), W. P.	 ?	W	C103
Ricketts, Samuel	21	W	C104
Riley, J. A.		56	W	C105
Stockard, T. A.		30	W	C106
Shaw, William		60	W	C107
Sikes, E. J.		26	W	C108
Shaw. William		25	W	C109
Smith, Edward		25	W	C110
Smith, Wirter		60	C	C111
Smith, M. N.		33	C	C112
Smith, Henry		22	C	C113
Smith, Allen		21	C	C114
Stone, W. S.		50	W	C115
Stone, S. H.		23	W	C116

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Civil District 4 (D1-D255)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Smith, J. C.		23	W	D1
Stutts, J. C.		25	W	D2
Helton, G. T.		47	W	D3
Taylor, J. H.		30	W	D4
Taylor, W. F.		37	W	D5
Walker, J. W.		47	W	D6
Jones, W. R.		57	W	D7
Jones, S. R.		28	W	D8
Jones, G. W.		25	W	D9
McNally, T. F.		34	W	D10
Kea, W. W.		58	W	D11
Kea, W. A.		24	W	D12
Barrett, J. C.		26	W	D13
Barrett, J. H.		24	W	D14
Whitley, T. J.		36	W	D15
Luna, E. H.		61	W	D16
Buckanan, C.		48	W	D17
Turman, Will		57	W	D18
McGlamery, E. D.	58	W	D19
Chilsap, James		33	W	D20
Phillips, James		52	W	D21
Sullivan, Sam		60	W	D22
Turman, John		44	W	D23
Scott, G. W.		56	W	D24
Scott, Tom		21	W	D25
Hollis, W. B.		25	W	D26
Boyd, H. C.		25	W	D27
Robnett, James		46	W	D28
Vick, T. C.		50	W	D29
Kimbro, Jeff		35	W	D30
Morrow, D. N.		35	W	D31
Boyd, Frank		31	W	D32
Beckham, A. B.		40	W	D33
Beckham, Sam		65	W	D34
Haggard, R. A.		30	W	D35
Cole, A. B.		35	W	D36
Collier, Jim		29	W	D37
Morrow, John		38	W	D38
Keeton, Levi		32	W	D39
Young, T. D.		37	W	D40
Greeson, D. T.		22	W	D41
Greeson, John W.	24	W	D42
Greeson, George		22	W	D43
Huckaba, T. J.		39	W	D44
Burns, John		38	W	D45
Bromley, W. L.		63	W	D46
Martin, R. C.		61	W	D47
Weaver, J. R.		38	W	D48
Springer, Bill		34	C	D49
Whitaker, Bill		51	C	D50
Cook, Arthur		24	C	D51
Pointer, Brister	55	C	D52
Pointer, John		25	C	D53
Lane, A. F.		38	C	D54
Hicks, Westly		23	C	D55
Bell, Andy		56	C	D56
Jordan, Alexander	59	C	D57
Counce, Jim		23	C	D58
Wiley, J. A.		40	C	D59
Armstrong, Manard	58	C	D60
Hassell, Allen, Jr.	30	C	D61
Hassell, Alex		21	C	D62
Hassell, Allen, Sr.	70	C	D63
Pointer, Bob		69	C	D64
Wigfall, Elias		53	C	D65
McLane, Anse		59	C	D66
Saunders, Bud		29	C	D67
Wigfall, Tom		29	C	D68
Gullick, Ned		35	C	D69
Craig, P. H.		54	W	D70
Cole, J. H.		56	W	D71
Casteel, W. H.		35	W	D72
Casteel, J. A.		43	W	D73
Hardin, L. A.		30	W	D74
Copeland, Isaac		45	W	D75
Copeland, Robert	48	W	D76
Morrison, J. F.		26	W	D77
Hardin, J. W.		56	W	D78
Rhodes, G. F.		55	W	D79
Helton, H. A.		45	W	D80
Helton, Daniel		79	W	D81
Boyd, G. W., Jr.	33	W	D82
Hunt, T. K.		48	W	D83
Ellison, Tom		23	W	D84
Morris, Jonathan	75	W	D85
Collier, Mathew		81	W	D86
Lutts, W. M. W.		37	W	D87
Lutts, Alexander	63	W	D88
Huckaba, B. G.		56	W	D89
Irvin, Sam		42	W	D90
Irvin, Robert		40	W	D91
Gallaher, J. L.		33	W	D92
Gallaher, Amos		70	W	D93
Sims, J. N.		38	W	D94
Cole, George		22	W	D95
Griffin, Jim		33	W	D96
Howell, Will		28	W	D97
Howell, E.		65	W	D98
Burns, W. P.		36	W	D99
Jackson, W. J.		24	W	D100
Grimes, Henry		40	W	D101
Hunt, H. L.		40	W	D102
Smith, James		24	W	D103
Deavers, Bryant		38	W	D104
Christian, E. M.	36	W	D105
King, B. M.		64	W	D106
Burns, Lytle		32	W	D107
Shaw, James		22	W	D108
Phillips, S. B.		39	W	D109
Phillips, William	21	W	D110
Luna, Henry		38	W	D111
Phillips, Jack		54	W	D112
Meredith, Lon		24	W	D113
Deavers, T.		28	W	D114
Deavers, Elijah		22	W	D115
Coosenberry, Cass	51	W	D116
McClellen, William	48	W	D117
Keeton, J. F.		42	W	D118
Hardin, Jehew		33	W	D119
Kilburn, Jess		27	W	D120
Artise, G. W.		45	W	D121
Belew, John J.		45	W	D122
Keeton, Josiah		52	W	D123
Keeton, Newton		26	W	D124
Keeton, John		27	W	D125
Vandiver, Jack		32	W	D126
Rutledge, E. F.		39	W	D127
Taylor, Robert		65	W	D128
Fagan, Bruce		33	W	D129
Smith, Robert		22	W	D130
Morris, J. G.		53	W	D131
Minton, J. E.		55	W	D132
Minton, John		26	W	D133
Minton, Robert		29	W	D134
Rutledge, Lovick	25	W	D135
Reaves, D. E.		24	W	D136
Reaves, Dave		58	W	D137
Lafferty, Will		23	W	D138
Brewer, Saunders	63	W	D139
Caton, D. S..		41	W	D140
Brewer, Peter		23	W	D141
Long, A. J.		35	W	D142
Keeton, J. D.		37	W	D143
Merriman, E. G.		41	W	D144
Keeton, J. A.		55	W	D145
Keeton, Buddy		24	W	D146
Keeton, Sidney		21	W	D147
Shields, John		56	W	D148
Merriman, J. H.		56	W	D149
Beckam, W. T.		48	W	D150
Olds, Tom		28	W	D151
Brady, W. A.		37	W	D152
Walker, William		49	W	D153
Loyd, William		38	W	D154
Lowery, James		45	W	D155
Lowery, Henry		81	W	D156
Lowery, Oliver		23	W	D157
Keeton, David		22	W	D158
Woods, Cas		42	W	D159
Woods, Bill		24	W	D160
Long, Sylvester		25	W	D161
Carson, Peter		50	W	D162
Risener, E.		52	W	D163
Risener, Macy		24	W	D164
Risener, George		28	W	D165
Shields, J. T.		65	W	D166
Morrison, W. J.		52	W	D167
Armstrong, H.		56	W	D168
McLane, E.		54	W	D169
Greeson, W. D.		30	W	D170
Kyle, D. A.		26	W	D171
Brady, J. W.		33	W	D172
Huckaba, S. M.		36	W	D173
Young, James		38	W	D174
Cypert, , I. N.		49	W	D175
Pinson, Frank		51	W	D176
Pinson, Robert		37	W	D177
McGill, Joe		29	W	D178
Whitworth, William	32	W	D179
Morrison, Merida	64	W	D180
Moore, Tom		41	W	D181
Collier, Tom		39	W	D182
Collier, L. P.		25	W	D183
Casteel, S. M.		42	W	D184
Norman, William		62	W	D185
Norman, C. L.		36	W	D186
Melton, Bud		24	W	D187
Kelly, James		40	W	D188
Owen, Andy		25	W	D189
Rinks, James H.		55	W	D190
Staggs, Howell		25	W	D191
Owen, Tom		38	W	D192
Dickey, Robert		22	W	D193
Dickey, John		27	W	D194
Odle, David		45	W	D195
Pryor, Rufus		40	W	D196
Odle, Alex		22	W	D197
Copeland, William	45	W	D198
Copeland, Jacob		40	W	D199
Gallaher, James		28	W	D200
Bedford, Thomas		38	W	D201
Foster, William		42	W	D202
Morgan, Frank		25	W	D203
Morgan, John		30	W	D204
Huckaba, J. E.		35	W	D205
Adkins, James		30	W	D206
Morgan, J. L.		47	W	D207
O'Neal, John 		56	W	D208
O'Neal, Andrew		22	W	D209
Bedford, Stephen	72	W	D210
Morrison, W. D.		41	W	D211
Burns, Robert		35	W	D212
Old, H. S.		40	W	D213
Grimes, Henry		38	W	D214
Morrison, J. L.		38	W	D215
Horton, Link		28	W	D216
Ray, George		28	W	D217
Gallaher, John		28	W	D218
Lee, Henry		30	W	D219
Ray, Carry		55	W	D220
Ray, Tom		32	W	D221
Langford, Dock		44	W	D222
Wilbanks, R. D.		38	W	D223
Lee, H. N.		60	W	D224
Lee, David		21	W	D225
Huckaba, J. F.		45	W	D226
Frazier, W. N.		23	W	D227
Thompson, G. W.		40	W	D228
Thompson, J. R.		36	W	D229
Staggs, Neal		30	W	D230
Staggs, Carroll		62	W	D231
Staggs, Hiram		60	W	D232
Thompson, John, Sr.	63	W	D233
Copeland, Henry		23	W	D234
Hanback, Thomas		30	W	D235
Moore, William		21	W	D236
Jackson, Buck		34	W	D237
Pulley, Elisha		24	W	D238
Peacock, Marion		27	W	D239
Helton, William		59	W	D240
Saunderson, Frank	46	W	D241
Pulley, Lyne		24	W	D242
Pulley, Leonard		33	W	D243
Throgmortin, John	34	W	D244
Morgan, John		48	W	D245
Morgan, Samuel		23	W	D246
Alley, J. A.		55	W	D247
Alley, Ben		23	W	D248
Alley, F. L.		57	W	D249
Holt, Garrison		71	W	D250
Stowe, Dick		24	W	D251
Burkeen, J. B.		52	W	D252
Cothran, William	67	W	D253
Edwards, C. D.		36	W	D254
Staggs, Bill		60	W	D255

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Civil District 5 (E1-E136)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Talley, J. A.		64	W	E1
Crow, B. S.		32	W	E2
Gallaher, D. M.		41	W	E3
Gallaher. J. M.		26	W	E4
Gallaher, W. J.		21	W	E5
Ray, Alen		38	W	E6
Grimes, John		50	W	E7
Morrison, Willie	26	W	E8
Copeland, Jake		45	W	E9
Huckaba, Sylvester	39	W	E10
Dixon, Will		23	C	E11
Clay, Dock		39	W	E12
Morrison, H. L.		27	W	E13
Cole, Sam		56	W	E14
Grimes, J. W.		23	W	E15
Shull, Andy		28	W	E16
Ray, T. S.		56	W	E17
Arnett, S. C.		50	W	E18
Shull, Frank		62	W	E19
Diclane, Taylor		45	C	E20
Prince, John		35	W	E21
Smith, L. B.		30	W	E22
Smith, J. H.		45	W	E23
Fraser, J. M.		28	W	E24
McMullens, J. M.	63	W	E25
Ricketts, W. G.		23	W	E26
Holensworth, J.		60	W	E27
Grimes, J. C.		68	W	E28
Tole, James		45	W	E29
Barnett, James		30	W	E30
Grimes, J. A.		27	W	E31
Webster, Joseph		51	W	E32
Morris James		30	W	E33
Brown, R. C.		48	W	E34
Brown, John		60	W	E35
Biffle, T. C.		33	W	E36
Biffle, J. M.		46	W	E37
Helton, J. W.		58	W	E38
Pitts, John		25	W	E39
Pitts, George		30	W	E40
Grimes, Wilson		24	W	E41
Arnett, Jason		59	W	E42
Wiley, Sam		21	C	E43
Wiley, Jury		74	C	E44
Grimes, Ike		35	C	E45
Shelton, A. H.		36	W	E46
Gore, Albert		50	W	E47
Hill, Elac		55	C	E48
Hill, J. B.		65	W	E49
Davis, William		25	W	E50
Davis, George		40	W	E51
Davis, Joe		21	C	E52
Mack, James		35	W	E53
Cook, Joe		36	W	E54
Franks, Eli		36	C	E55
Franks, Bill		41	C	E56
Beckham, Joe		43	W	E57
Beckham, Elihu		21	W	E58
Love, Joe		25	W	E59
Montague, A. O.		53	W	E60
Brown, J. B.		28	W	E61
Love, Henry		29	W	E62
Moser, John		50	W	E63
Moser, James		25	W	E64
Anderson, Peter		59	W	E65
Morrison, Joe		26	W	E66
Reeves, J.		45	W	E67
Bundrant, O. H.		36	W	E68
Berry, Elerson		56	W	E69
Rutledge, S. J.		23	W	E70
Grimes, John		33	W	E71
Moser, G. W.		40	W	E72
Haggard, James		73	W	E73
Olds, John		30	W	E74
Pulley, J. S.		35	W	E75
Reeves, Buddy		22	W	E76
Hill, W. C.		33	W	E77
Grimes, J. A.		69	W	E78
Lynn, W. A.		21	W	E79
Morris, W. M.		55	W	E80
Hollensworth, James	23	W	E81
Young, J. C.		48	W	E82
Bromley, Squire		24	W	E83
Hendy, Andy		65	C	E84
Bromley, Joe		70	C	E85
Walker, Dan		22	C	E86
Walker, W. L.		21	W	E87
Yeiser, C. C.		37	W	E88
Carr, T. S.		36	W	E89
Willison, George	51	W	E90
Ledbetter, Tom		28	C	E91
Fraser, Bud		38	W	E92
Kimbro, Amos		24	W	E93
Harlow, H.		41	W	E94
Dickerson, W. J.	21	C	E95
Grimes, Dallas		30	W	E96
Hughes, John		24	C	E97
Morris, C. L.		100	C	E98
Morris, John		43	W	E99
Grimes, George		60	W	E100
Signer, John		36	W	E101
Morris, W. F.		43	C	E102
Morris, Jonathan	48	W	E103
Bundrant, John		50	W	E104
Melson, Frank		24	W	E105
Ray, H.			65	W	E106
Ham, Manuel		35	W	E107
Huckaba, G. E.		75	W	E108
Linume, George		35	W	E109
Pilkington, J. P.	38	W	E110
Bundrant, Dallis	45	W	E111
Bundrant, Frank		30	W	E112
King, Ben		32	W	E113
King. Will		28	W	E114
Arnett, Tom		49	W	E115
Huckaba, Frank		48	W	E116
Henry, Tom		28	W	E117
Morris, Frank		22	W	E118
Helton, J. F.		38	W	E119
Cole, J. E.		28	W	E120
Helton, Abe		34	W	E121
Thompson, H. C.		27	W	E122
Chambers, J. C.		23	W	E123
Helton, J. B.		28	W	E124
Cole, Andrew		54	W	E125
Jordan, Bob		55	W	E126
Parker, J. C.		52	W	E127
Parker, S. M.		41	W	E128
Fitts, Bud		39	W	E129
Cole, Frank		41	W	E130
Cole, Mark		24	W	E131
Shull, John		27	W	E132
McCullum, J. T.		36	W	E133
Shell, Ellison		25	W	E134
Claton, J. L.		59	W	E135
Parker, W. L.		30	W	E136

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Civil District 6 (F1-F205)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Akers, M.		36	W	F1
Alford, C. I.		23	W	F2
Alford, J. B.		25	W	F3
Akers, N.		36	W	F4
Brewer, N. S.		28	W	F5
Brewer, C. H.		35	W	F6
Brewer, J. W.		40	W	F7
Bell, Bud		21	C	F8
Brown, W. G.		28	W	F9
Brewer, D. E..		31	W	F10
Brewer, Isham		58	W	F11
Brewer, Wesley		35	W	F12
Brewer, Charley		31	W	F13
Brewer, Rag		60	W	F14
Brewer, John		28	W	F15
Brewer, J. W.		28	W	F16
Bates, James		35	W	F17
Barker, G. A.		41	W	F18
Ballard, N. E.		21	W	F19
Bromley, Sam		50	W	F20
Bromley, J. T..		23	W	F21
Barber, William		60	W	F22
Banks, T. J.		50	W	F23
Biffle, J. F.		40	W	F24
Brown, William		24	W	F25
Burns, J. B.		58	W	F26
Frank, R. H.		63	W	F27
Brown, E. W.		26	W	F28
Bell, L. R.		30	W	F29
Beatty, Joshua		23	W	F30
Bush, John		42	W	F31
Clendenin, F. A.	24	W	F32
Counce, Henry		58	C	F33
Counce, C.		36	C	F34
Coats, Ned		25	C	F35
Counce, J.		24	C	F36
Clay, Thomas		27	W	F37
Craig, Young		52	C	F38
Carter, John		33	C	F39
Cothran, W. H.		28	W	F40
Clay, L. E.		25	W	F41
Cromwell, J. C.		37	W	F42
Cox, G. W.		60	W	F43
Cothran, Off		40	W	F44
Craig, Irwin		38	W	F45
Cole, J. E.		28	W	F46
Carter, Dan		35	W	F47
Cothran, Zeke		40	W	F48
Churchwell, G. A.	22	W	F49
Craig, W. P.		44	W	F50
Craig, J. R.		46	W	F51
Choat, Dock		30	C	F52
Churchwell, A. L.	27	W	F53
Duren, J. M.		36	W	F54
Dudley, Allen		22	C	F55
Dicus, S. J.		25	W	F56
Durham, L. A.		44	W	F57
Durham, J. M.		55	W	F58
Dalles, S. V.		56	W	F59
Durham, William		40	W	F60
Devasier, Henry		33	W	F61
Durham, Robert		70	W	F62
Devasier, Henry		24	W	F63
Douglas, James		70	W	F64
Douglas, H. M.		23	W	F65
Douglas, R. H.		21	W	F66
Durham, S. D.		35	W	F67
Durham, James		76	W	F68
Defoe, J. W.		40	W	F69
Edward, Pleasant	37	W	F70
Edward, J. D.		35	W	F71
Etter, Sam		24	C	F72
Eastland, Silas		45	W	F73
Eastland, John		50	W	F74
Edward, W. P.		25	W	F75
Edward, M. C.		57	W	F76
Edward, J. F.		29	W	F77
Edward, J. L.		40	W	F78
Ferguson. H. L.		25	W	F79
Fulton, Derry		68	C	F80
Fitts, Leroy		40	W	F81
Frazier, Thomas		35	W	F82
Flippo, Henry		41	W	F83
Grimes, Arthur		32	C	F84
Graham, T. J.		24	W	F85
Green, Jeff		22	W	F86
Gulick, George		32	C	F87
Gulick, Anthony		68	C	F88
Gilbert, J. A.		22	W	F89
Gulick, Alex		70	W	F90
Galloway, Jeff		30	W	F91
Galloway, R. N.		32	W	F92
Hardin, John		25	W	F93
Hines, W. B.		28	W	F94
Hall, John		23	W	F95
Henson, John		35	W	F96
Harris, Hank		30	W	F97
Hollabaugh, M. J	31	W	F98
Hollabaugh, B. B	36	W	F99
Harris, Ham 		53	W	F100
Iven, T. S.		43	W	F101
Joseph, Jacob		32	W	F102
Jackson, D. S.		42	W	F103
Jackson, J. A.		46	W	F104
Jackson, C. A.		24	W	F105
Jackson, D. S.		38	W	F106
Jackson, Eli		36	W	F107
Jackson, Joe		44	W	F108
Jackson, G. A.		45	W	F109
Jones, James		29	W	F110
Jackson, Jeff		60	W	F111
Jackson, D.		23	W	F112
Jackson, Thomas		34	W	F113
Johnson, F		36	W	F114
Johnson, J. J.		45	C	F115
Kilpatrick, James	38	W	F116
Koutch, William		50	W	F117
Koutch, John		47	W	F118
Koutch, Sol		46	W	F119
Koutch, P. A.		77	W	F120
Langford, Forest	32	W	F121
Lyle, W. W.		26	W	F122
Lyle, J. W.		50	W	F123
McDougle, Robert	40	W	F124
Meredith, Jacob		68	C	F125
Martin, Jessie		29	C	F126
Michael, E. D.		31	W	F127
Mitchell, Joseph	25	W	F128
Mathis, John		25	W	F129
Mann, H. N.		22	W	F130
McAfee, George		23	W	F131
McAnanny, E. D.		60	W	F132
McLean, william		55	W	F133
McLean, L.		24	W	F134
Nutt, H. S.		29	W	F135
Nutt, J. A.		47	W	F136
Napier, John		24	C	F137
Nichols, George		30	C	F138
Neely, Griff		35	W	F139
Nichols, G. A.		51	W	F140
Nixon, E. L.		21	W	F141
Nutt, Jess		46	W	F142
Pollack, R. A.		30	W	F143
Pointer, William	23	C	F144
Porter, William		35	W	F145
Perry, J. A.		34	W	F146
Perry, Ed		45	C	F147
Ragsdale, G. W.		24	W	F148
Ross, I. A.		37	C	F149
Richie, Henry		55	W	F150
Richie, Rube		52	W	F151
Rice, J. E.		34	W	F152
Robertson, J. P.	30	W	F153
Rogers, John		35	W	F154
Reaves, J. J.		56	W	F155
Reaves, J. B.		24	W	F156
Ricketts, Dave		45	W	F157
Rasbury, A. C.		73	W	F158
Rasbury, A. M.		38	W	F159
Rasbury, W. L.		38	W	F160
Rasbury, J. C.		44	W	F161
Sneed, E. L.		21	W	F162
Stockard, C. F.		23	W	F163
Stockard, Pete		21	W	F164
Stowe, O. M.		31	W	F165
Satterfield, W. T.	33	W	F166
Staggs, George		23	W	F167
Staggs, J. B.		35	W	F168
Smith, Henry		26	C 	F169
Smith, George		50	W	F170
Sisco, Sam		34	C	F171
Sharp, A. D.		24	W	F172
Sharp, S. R.		33	W	F173
Sharp, J. L.		36	W	F174
Skillern, J. S.		60	W	F175
Skillern, D. S.		65	W	F176
Skillern, W. N.		31	W	F177
Sprinkle, M.		53	W	F178
Totty, Z. C.		29	W	F179
Thornton, D. M.		60	W	F180
Thornton, Ben		23	W	F181
Thornton, Andrew	33	W	F182
Tharp, Babe		22	W	F183
Turner, W. H.		50	W	F184
Tharp, James		55	W	F185
Vincent, Frank		22	C	F186
Voorhies, Rube		63	C	F187
Voorhies, William	45	W	F188
Voorhies, James		35	W	F189
Voorhies, A.		27	W	F190
Voorhies, B. M.		30	W	F191
Washington, George	50	C	F192
Wall, H. J.		21	W	F193
Walker, W. B.		29	W	F194
Whitwell, J. F.		36	W	F195
Whitehead, J. R.	42	W	F196
Whitehead, L. D.	24	W	F197
Whitehead, T. J.	22	W	F198
Walker, J. A.		48	W	F199
Walker, J. F.		26	W	F200
Walker, W. H.		37	W	F201
Wisdom, A. B.		62	W	F202
Wisdom, John		30	W	F203
Wisdom, A. M.		25	W	F204
Walker, Ed		21	W	F205

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Civil District 7 (G1-G209)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Alexander, John		51	W	G1
Mulsey, Andrew		33	W	G2
Lindsey, J. E.		36	W	G3
Sinclair, S. W.		52	W	G4
Beckham, John		56	W	G5
Eaton, Daniel		64	W	G6
Davis, Sam		25	W	G7
Bevis, Bud		49	W	G8
Beckham, Fice		28	W	G9
Beckham, Zack		34	W	G10
Pannels, William	27	W	G11
Smith, Henry		32	W	G12
Beckham, Tom		51	W	G13
Beckham, Samuel		25	W	G14
Beckham, Lincoln	27	W	G15
Beckham, Jack		32	W	G16
Burns, John		24	W	G17
Phillips, George	23	W	G18
Burns, Bill		27	W	G19
Harwell, Robert		50	W	G20
Copas, George		27	W	G21
Kirby, Beary		37	W	G22
Kindrick, Isham		45	W	G23
Beckham, Tom		25	W	G24
Johnson, W. W., Jr.	26	W	G25
Paulk, R. D.		58	W	G26
Davis, J. J.		59	W	G27
Estes, T. W.		27	W	G28
Combs, William		46	W	G29
Williams, Hick		40	C	G30
Smith, Dick		29	C	G31
Speers, Harry		35	C	G32
Broyles, Willis		32	C	G33
Arnett, Isham		22	C	G34
Montague, Lewis		40	C	G35
Franks, Jack		33	C	G36
Yeiser, E. R.		40	W	G37
Parker, J. Y.		58	W	G38
Bratcher, W. W.		53	W	G39
Morgan, John		25	W	G40
Morgan, Will		22	W	G41
Morgan, Levi		62	W	G42
Anderson, Robert	55	W	G43
Cypert, J. B.		43	W	G44
Banks, E. F.		34	W	G45
Farris, G. A.		36	W	G46
Shull, Mat		45	W	G47
Brown, John		70	W	G48
Melson, John		27	W	G49
Estes, Calvin		31	W	G50
Townsend, B. T.		25	W	G51
Martin, D. N.		32	W	G52
Copeland, W. B.		29	W	G53
Miller, J. D.		27	W	G54
Thompson, C. M.		63	W	G55
Farris, Joe		38	W	G56
Robertson, John		49	W	G57
Horton, Henry		51	W	G58
Robertson, William	27	W	G59
Sandusky, John		47	W	G60
Sandusky, Andrew	23	W	G61
Melson, John, Sr.	65	W	G62
Horton, Dock		26	W	G63
Melson, William		29	W	G64
Horton, G. W.		24	W	G65
Melson, John, Jr.	23	W	G66
Phillips, Sherman	26	W	G67
Nichols, Isaac		54	W	G68
Nichols, Clark		30	W	G69
Brown, Bill		26	W	G70
Porter, John		75	W	G71
Melson, James		38	W	G72
Greeson, H. C.		51	W	G73
Greeson, John		24	W	G74
Stricklin, Jeff		38	W	G75
Lawson, T. J.		40	W	G76
Lawson, W. P.		24	W	G77
Beckham, Buck		32	W	G78
Lawson, John		47	W	G79
Kelly, Richard		38	W	G80
Gant, Tom		23	W	G81
Lawson, G. W.		58	W	G82
Lawson, J. A.		29	W	G83
Atkinson, Bud		37	W	G84
Godwin, Gip		23	W	G85
Robbins, Jess		35	W	G86
Martin, W. A.		38	W	G87
Martin, A. J.		29	W	G88
Martin, W. H.		27	W	G89
Martin, H.		25	W	G90
Shepard, John		41	W	G91
Adkins, J. C.		44	W	G92
Lawson, S. M.		61	W	G93
Lawson, W. J.		29	W	G94
Copeland, J. N.		41	W	G95
Copeland, J. D.		39	W	G96
Hall, P. D.		42	W	G97
Hall, W. D.		22	W	G98
Copeland, D. G.		24	W	G99
Lewis, J. L.		25	W	G100
Berry, J. H.		25	W	G101
Berry, J. W.		29	W	G102
Foster, H. A.		34	W	G103
Holt, A. H.		41	W	G104
Melson, P. D.		52	W	G105
Cole, William		28	W	G106
Reaves, Calvin		32	W	G107
Reaves, G. W.		42	W	G108
Porter, S. C.		65	W	G109
Horton, William		24	W	G110
Foster, J. G.		41	W	G111
Horton, G. W.		26	W	G112
Stribling, J. M.	48	W	G113
Stribling, Will		28	W	G114
Whitaker, David		29	W	G115
Stribling, J. C.	70	W	G116
Lawson, J. M.		31	W	G117
Copeland, J. D.		24	W	G118
Daniels, J. P.		28	W	G119
Adkinson, John		43	W	G120
Sinclair, M. H.		62	W	G121
Sinclair, Hal		31	W	G122
Hinton, James		28	W	G123
Whitaker, E. A.		43	W	G124
Alexander, S. L.	38	W	G125
Sinclair, Frank		32	W	G126
Weaver, William		40	W	G127
Weaver, John		38	W	G128
Tilley, Thomas		24	W	G129
Tilley, Henry		22	W	G130
Sinclair, William	70	W	G131
Clanton, John		28	W	G132
Thornton, J. W.		56	W	G133
Stricklin, J. D.	39	W	G134
Whited, E. W.		60	W	G135
Whited, J. R.		28	W	G136
Stricklin, J. N.	65	W	G137
Morrow, F. E.		26	W	G138
Moore, W. T.		32	W	G139
Hill, Robert		21	W	G140
Hill, J. M.		70	W	G141
Foster, F. M.		60	W	G142
Sinclair, B. P.		41	W	G143
Lutts, J. A.		36	W	G144
Lutts, J. M.		43	W	G145
Whited, W. J.		50	W	G146
Franks, J. W.		35	W	G147
Foster, J. M.		29	W	G148
Copeland, J. B.		44	W	G149
Stricklin, B. F.	26	W	G150
Wells, W. R.		50	W	G151
Perry, Frank		34	W	G152
Alexander, J. R.	61	W	G153
Sinclair, Ad.		27	W	G154
Sinclair, Frank		29	W	G155
Gean, Bill		38	W	G156
Risener, Henry		27	W	G157
Linville, Otis		48	W	G158
Woody, J. S.		50	W	G159
Roach, Hal		36	C	G160
Frazier, J. H.		41	W	G161
Frazier, Ed		55	W	G162
Sinclair, John		34	W	G163
Martin, Will		39	W	G164
Sinclair, J. H.		60	W	G165
Paulk, S. O.		52	W	G166
Paulk, Pugh		28	W	G167
Paulk, Ed		26	W	G168
Paulk, John		36	W	G169
Copeland, T. N.		39	W	G170
Murphy, William		42	W	G171
Clark, Jim		29	W	G172
Cypert, R. J.		70	W	G173
Cypert, N. B.		43	W	G174
Payton, Bill		34	W	G175
Rose, J. G. B.		68	W	G176
Rose, John		26	W	G177
Rose, Neal		28	W	G178
Horton, Joe		39	W	G179
Eaton, George		33	W	G180
Adkinson, Neuton	39	W	G181
Adkinson, David		70	W	G182
Martin, John W.		45	W	G183
Sutton, R. L.		27	W	G184
Martin, Buck		26	W	G185
Rainey, S. B.		40	W	G186
Rodes, Jessie		40	W	G187
Crouch, Mort		37	W	G188
Martin, Bill		40	W	G189
Beckham, Thomas		26	W	G190
Lynch, Dick		38	W	G191
Alexander, W. W.	24	W	G192
Greer, James		27	W	G193
Alexander, John		32	W	G194
Grimes, Till		26	W	G195
Lynch, James		29	W	G196
Mulsey, T. O.		31	W	G197
Murphy, Sylvester	42	W	G198
Melsen, Sam		21	W	G199
Phillips, G.		29	W	G200
Casey, G.		37	W	G201
Porter, J. J.		30	W	G202
Beckham, J. C.		28	W	G203
Murphy, Sam		50	W	G204
Caine, Jacob		35	W	G205
Caine, D.		23	W	G206
Pounders, A.		45	W	G207
Boswell, Jasper		28	W	G208
Bobbins, Bill		26	W	G209

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Civil District 8 (H1-H129)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Sherrill, Joe		24	W	H1
Sherrill, W. J.		22	W	H2
Weaver, N. W.		38	W	H3
Downing, A. L.		41	W	H4
Sims, S.		52	W	H5
Sims, Joe		22	W	H6
McWilliams, James	22	W	H7
McWiliams, Andy		29	W	H8
Cromwell, W.		40	W	H9
Shaw, Sol		56	W	H10
Lakey, Dick		70	W	H11
Brewer, John		46	W	H12
Brewer, Joe		25	W	H13
Goodman, John		60	W	H14
Lakey, Wiliam		44	W	H15
Lawson, J. R.		23	W	H16
Horton, Bill		23	W	H17
King, S. A.		61	W	H18
Hicks, Buck		30	W	H19
Wright, G. W.		35	W	H20
Horton, William		45	W	H21
McWilliams, D. M.	28	W	H22
Sims, A. F.		67	W	H23
Sims, H. C.		26	W	H24
Bryant, H. P.		29	W	H25
Copas, James		30	W	H26
Sims, A. M.		45	W	H27
Martin, Ben		54	W	H28
Ponders, Buck		22	W	H29
Ponders, William	46	W	H30
Hurd, James		37	W	H31
Arnett, Henry		40	W	H32
Scott, Henry		26	W	H33
Lindsey, Will		23	W	H34
Cobb, W. S.		32	W	H35
Berry, W. A.		22	W	H36
Berry, Manuel		24	W	H37
Wright, James		49	W	H38
Wright, Johnson		21	W	H39
Wright, John		21	W	H40
Martin, Buck		27	W	H41
Martin, Henry		22	W	H42
Martin, Scott		22	W	H43
Martin, Tom		21	W	H44
Martin, James		58	W	H45
Scott, Cam		35	W	H46
Cromwell, Lonnie	30	W	H47
Martin, Tom		35	W	H48
Cromwell, Sidney	65	W	H49
Cromwell, Charley	21	W	H50
Horton, Pink		38	W	H51
Reaves, N. T.		30	W	H52
Davis, Mat		30	W	H53
Bryant, Bill		24	W	H54
Horton, Bud		26	W	H55
Horton, Ben		22	W	H56
Horton, Billy		30	W	H57
Horton, P. G.		60	W	H58
Rutherford, Mat		23	W	H59
King, Joe		26	W	H60
Stooksberry, Bob	44	W	H61
Stooksberry, Sherm.	23	W	H62
Horton, Joe		38	W	H63
Horton, Bud		21	W	H64
Bryant, Right		26	W	H65
Sims, W. C.		26	W	H66
Youngblood, Tom		25	W	H67
Johnson, James		25	W	H68
Wright, James		38	W	H69
Wright, John		22	W	H70
Boyd, Charley		28	W	H71
Clanton, J. C.		44	W	H72
Clanton, R.		21	W	H73
Davis, Levi		24	W	H74
Davis, Iradell		22	W	H75
Paulk, Josh		70	W	H76
Horton, Z. J.		36	W	H77
Nowlin, James		33	W	H78
Nowlin, William		34	W	H79
Nowlin, Ira		22	W	H80
Cypert, Bob		35	W	H81
Dickerson, Ken		72	W	H82
Dickerson, Tom		32	W	H83
Watson, John		36	W	H84
Nowlin, Ben		32	W	H85
Corbin, J. N.		43	W	H86
Lay, Frank		25	W	H87
Roberson, John		40	W	H88
Parker, Frank		46	W	H89
Scott, Bud		28	W	H90
White, John		32	W	H91
Cole, Pogue		31	W	H92
Anderson, Jess		22	W	H93
Townsend, Jeff		35	W	H94
Lay, J. B.		35	W	H95
Lindsey, John		46	W	H96
White, Sam		53	W	H97
White, Tom		26	W	H98
White, Scott		38	W	H99
Copeland, J. M.		72	W	H100
Clay, Kerry		46	W	H101
Davidson, Bill		24	W	H102
Lay, Sam		22	W	H103
Young, Johnson		32	W	H104
Davis, Bud		49	W	H105
Davis, L.		22	W	H106
Arnell, Joe		28	W	H107
Bundrant, George	46	W	H108
Bundrant, Oscar		21	W	H109
Schull, Buck		34	W	H110
Basset, Jasper		27	W	H111
Shull, Mat		35	W	H112
Nowlin, Steve		55	W	H113
Pigg, Jerry		36	W	H114
Murry, Silas		68	W	H115
Murry, Ray		24	W	H116
Hall, Walter		36	W	H117
Hall, Billie		74	W	H118
Hall, Cason		79	W	H119
Ellis, George		34	W	H120
Sinclair, George	27	W	H121
Shelton, Tom		23	W	H122
Tackett, Bob		35	W	H123
King, Al		60	W	H124
Lawson, Will		22	W	H125
Horton, Gale		33	W	H126
Anderson, Bob		38	W	H127
Martin, James		38	W	H128
Lindsey, Jerry		35	W	H129

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Civil District 9 (J1-J124)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Ayers, J. T.		24	W	J1
Adams, Thomas		76	W	J2
Adams, G. B.		51	W	J3
Adams, R. T.		45	W	J4
Adams, R. W.		33	W	J5
Beavers, A. J.		30	W	J6
Brown, J. C.		40	W	J7
Brown, A.		68	W	J8
Brown, W.		30	W	J9
Beatty, R. S.		40	W	J10
Brown, T. A.		58	W	J11
Beavers, W.		40	W	J12
Ballentine, J. H.	31	W	J13
Bennett, S. C.		31	W	J14
Copeland, W. T.		39	W	J15
Curtis, Wade		37	W	J16
Cecil, D. F.		45	W	J17
Cannon, Pugh		35	W	J18
Curtis, J. N.		24	W	J19
Curtis, S. A.		54	W	J20
Chambers, S.		47	C	J21
Dodd, D.		24	W	J22
Dodd, L.		68	W	J23
Dodd, A. B.		26	W	J24
Eaton, J. N.		40	W	J25
Eaton, Pleas		75	W	J26
Eaton, J. P.		28	W	J27
Farris, R. A.		65	W	J28
Farris, D. M.		28	W	J29
Gean, W. H.		51	W	J30
Gean, J. H.		40	W	J31
Henson, W.		57	W	J32
Henson, J.		22	W	J33
Henson, B. M.		27	W	J34
Henson, T.		70	W	J35
Henson, J. K.		33	W	J36
Huffine, Phillip	57	W	J37
Henson, J. H., Jr.	22	W	J38
Henson, J. H., Sr.	60	W	J39
Henson, T. J.		28	W	J40
Henson, G.		29	W	J41
Hinton, T.		24	W	J42
Higgins, D. B.		45	W	J43
Hinton, C. C.		38	W	J44
Heathcoat, J.		25	W	J45
Horton, C. C.		37	W	J46
Hinton, W. W.		35	W	J47
Hinton, W. S.		28	W	J48
Hinton, O. O.		21	W	J49
Hinton, T. H.		73	W	J50
Harbor, M.		50	C	J51
Johnson, J. A,, Sr.	54	W	J52
Johnson, W. W.		55	W	J53
Johnson, J. A., Jr.	33	W	J54
Johnson, J. T.		24	W	J55
Johnson, S. H.		22	W	J56
Johnson, G. W.		30	W	J57
Johnson, E. C.		43	W	J58
Johnson, W.		58	W	J59
Johnson, J.		30	W	J60
James, J. C.		35	W	J61
Johnson, C. W.		50	W	J62
Johnson, Z. M.		50	W	J63
Johnson, J.		26	W	J64
Johnson, M.		23	W	J65
Kilburn, J. C.		25	W	J66
Liles, S. M.		38	W	J67
Lines, B.		30	C	J68
Moore, R. H.		40	W	J69
Moore, J. R.		34	W	J70
Martin, Robert		29	W	J71
Martin, W. W.		44	W	J72
McFall, W. W.		24	W	J73
McFall, J. N.		48	W	J74
McFall, J. E.		26	W	J75
Moore, J. C.		30	W	J76
McFall, T. J.		38	W	J77
McFall, S. M.		28	W	J78
Martin, H.		54	W	J79
McFall, J. N.		45	W	J80
McFall, W. B.		38	W	J81
McFall, J. N.		27	W	J82
McFall, J. H.		28	W	J83
McFall, J. D.		30	W	J84
McFall, J. S.		50	W	J85
McFall, Sam		65	W	J86
McFall, E.		21	W	J87
McFall, Pugh		38	W	J88
McFall. M.		40	W	J89
McFall, B.		31	W	J90
Morris, William		47	W	J91
Morris, Carroll		42	W	J92
McGee, J. L.		35	W	J93
Newman, J. M.		45	W	J94
Parker, W. L.		83	W	J95
Parker, B. A.		41	W	J96
Poag, J. M.		58	W	J97
Poag, S. P.		45	W	J98
Patterson, J. B.	21	W	J99
Ransom, L. A.		38	W	J100
Ransom, G.		40	W	J101
Rose, Sol		30	W	J102
Robertson, W. W.	35	W	J103
Reaves, H.		40	W	J104
Ransom, R. H.		66	W	J105
Ransom, H. A.		37	W	J106
Shepard, T. A.		25	W	J107
Stricklin, W. T.	30	W	J108
Stout, A. M.		48	W	J109
Sweeney, W. R.		29	W	J110
Tidwell, W. S.		40	W	J111
Tackett, Dick		27	W	J112
Tingle, B.		24	W	J113
Weaver, W. T.		23	W	J114
White, J. C.		31	W	J115
White, R. J.		58	W	J116
White, N. M.		61	W	J117
White, A. F.		38	W	J118
White, H. C.		29	W	J119
White, E. L.		21	W	J120
Weaver, T.		84	W	J121
Williams, G. H.		25	W	J122
Wallis, James		75	W	J123
Reaves, T.		27	W	J124

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Civil District 10 (K1-K137)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Ayers, Bud		28	W	K1
Ayers, Bill		25	W	K2
Ayers, Charley		21	W	K3
Balentine, J. S.	40	W	K4
Balentine, R. H.	35	W	K5
Barker, G.		28	W	K6
Bryant, C.		45	W	K7
Bates, P.		46	W	K8
Bates, J. M.		28	W	K9
Barnett, J.		27	W	K10
Balentine, D.		37	W	K11
Bevis, James		51	W	K12
Bevis, John		26	W	K13
Berry, John		58	W	K14
Berry, J. E.		26	W	K15
Berry, J, Jr.		24	W	K16
Berry, J. Sr.		55	W	K17
Berry, J. T.		33	W	K18
Cooper, A.		28	W	K19
Creasy, J.		30	W	K20
Cypert, T. J.		55	W	K21
Cypert, M.		22	W	K22
Cromes, M.		26	W	K23
Cooper, S.		45	W	K24
Cooper, J., Sr.		72	W	K25
Cooper, J., Jr.		30	W	K26
Clemmons, A. D.			W	K27
Darby, D. J.		42	W	K28
Doolin, D. G.		61	W	K29
Doolin, C. B.		23	W	K30
Darby, J. T.		49	W	K31
Doolin, A. B.		26	W	K32
Darby, D. L.		24	W	K33
Davis, B.		67	W	K34
Darby, J.		38	W	K35
Davis, J. R.		41	W	K36
Phillips, J.		35	W	K37
Phillips, B.		45	W	K38
Gillis, James		79	W	K39
Gillis, John		22	W	K40
Gray, R. T.		42	W	K41
Gillcrest, Jim		40	W	K42
Gillcrest, A. D.	43	W	K43
Gillcrest, D.		45	W	K44
Gillcrest, M.		50	W	K45
Gillcrest, John		22	W	K46
Gailing, H.		75	W	K47
Hays, J.		42	W	K48
Holt, J.		83	W	K49
Hays, H.		45	W	K50
Hays, J. L.		29	W	K51
Hanback, J.		28	W	K52
Hanback, S.		30	W	K53
Hinton, Z.		35	W	K54
Hanley, G.		34	W	K55
Holt, J.		23	W	K56
Holt, E.		38	W	K57
Henson, C.		35	W	K58
Holt, John		54	W	K59
Holt, Eli		31	W	K60
Hays, Ben		40	W	K61
Hays, John		63	W	K62
Hays, H.		38	W	K63
Hays, W.		36	W	K64
Hays, A.		34	W	K65
Hays, J. D.		31	W	K66
Holt, J. 		50	W	K67
Holt, J. B.		25	W	K68
Heard, Hairce		70	W	K69
Henson, Isom		52	W	K70
Henson, B.		50	W	K71
Henson, A. L.		29	W	K72
Holt, A. M.		45	W	K73
Jackson, J. A.		24	W	K74
Keeton, I.		45	W	K75
Lawson, W. T.		35	W	K76
Lawson, J. A.		27	W	K77
Lawson, J. B.		38	W	K78
Lawson, S. H.		23	W	K79
Lawson, T. J.		63	W	K80
Martin, J.		26	W	K81
Martin, W. S.		29	W	K82
McAlester, J. L.	70	W	K83
Martin, H.		26	W	K84
Martin, W. G.		47	W	K85
Martin, Bobby		22	W	K86
Moon, J. M.		25	W	K87
Moon, G. M.		33	W	K88
McCorkle, W. J.		33	W	K89
McFall, John		30	W	K90
Paulk, E.		25	W	K91
Patterson, Neal		47	W	K92
Pigg, J. N.		29	W	K93
Pigg, W. H.		32	W	K94
Pigg, G. M.		43	W	K95
Pigg, J. N., Jr.	27	W	K96
Pigg, J. H.		36	W	K97
Pigg, F. M.		25	W	K98
Pigg, M. D.		22	W	K99
Wright, F.		27	W	K100
Robinson, W.		28	W	K101
Robinson, J.		22	W	K102
Rich, Fred		50	W	K103
Rich, John		35	W	K104
Rich, J. F.		27	W	K105
Rich, Tom		40	W	K106
Rich, H.		25	W	K107
Rich, Phil		22	W	K108
Wright, Tate		23	W	K109
Stall, T. H.		25	W	K110
Strait, G. W.		27	W	K111
Shepard, W. A.		30	W	K112
Scott, Z.		35	W	K113
Scott, J. J.		52	W	K114
Scott, D. E.		24	W	K115
Scott, Sam		61	W	K116
Scott, C.		45	W	K117
Suege, W.		25	W	K118
Sparkman, J. T.		68	W	K119
Weaver, S.		40	W	K120
Whitworth, A.		56	W	K121
Whitlow, James		41	W	K122
Whitlow, Phil		33	W	K123
Waharton, T. F.		65	W	K124
Warton, Will		33	W	K125
Warton, John		24	W	K126
Holt, J. H.		24	W	K127
Holt, Will		22	W	K128
Holt, Ben		85	W	K129
Holt, D. E.		41	W	K130
Holt, John, Jr.		23	W	K131
Holt, Will		35	W	K132
Holt, M.		28	W	K133
Holt, John, Sr.		56	W	K134
Hays, Joe		52	W	K135
Holt, C. E.		29	W	K136
Hanley, George		35	W	K137

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Civil District 11 (L1-L219)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Arnold, J. D.		40	W	L1
Arnett, M.		38	W	L2
Bromley, T. S.		35	W	L3
Bromley, T. R.		30	W	L4
Blackburn, W. R.	24	W	L5
Barker, J.		28	W	L6
Bradley, J.		48	W	L7
Butler, Henry		32	W	L8
Bromley, J. A.		38	W	L9
Brewer, R. S.		32	W	L10
Brewer, J. R.		30	W	L11
Brewer, John		26	W	L12
Brewer, J. P.		24	W	L13
Brewer, R. M.		44	W	L14
Borley, B. C.		23	C	L15
Brewer, J. C.		23	W	L16
Button, W. W.		27	W	L17
Button, J. A.		34	W	L18
Bromley, John		45	W	L19
Brewer, T. J.		52	W	L20
Bymer, G. L.		25	W	L21
Brown, J. M.		62	W	L22
Blackwell, M. N.	43	W	L23
Brewer, B. A.		40	W	L24
Blackwell, M. C.	26	W	L25
Brewer, Y.		34	W	L26
Briggs, H.		30	W	L27
Belew, C.		43	W	L28
Creasy, S.		32	W	L29
Capleton, J.		37	W	L30
Cole, Mat		33	W	L31
Cole, C. C.		35	W	L32
Brewer, H. J.		65	W	L33
Brewer, W. G.		42	W	L34
Button, James		23	W	L35
Brewer, W. W.		31	W	L36
Brewer, J. B.		25	W	L37
Brewer, J. J.		37	W	L38
Douglas, M.		60	W	L39
Defoe(?), John		53	W	L40
Darnel, John		25	W	L41
Daniels, L.		28	W	L42
Franklin, C.		26	W	L43
Franklin, L. P.		34	W	L44
Franklin, J.		60	W	L45
Fowler, J. W.		50	W	L46
Fox, Jack		24	W	L47
Gray, John		37	W	L48
Gibson, H. G.		28	W	L49
Green, W.		30	W	L50
Green, A.		28	W	L51
Gamble, Y. J.		26	W	L52
Greeson, John		37	W	L53
Greeson, James		37	W	L54
Gamble, S.		28	W	L55
Gollor, George		26	W	L56
Holt, A.		32	W	L57
Horton, John		40	W	L58
Hines, H. E.		30	W	L59
Hays, John		35	W	L60
Hays. J. M.		38	W	L61
Heathcoat, J. W.	45	W	L62
Hollis, F. M		65	W	L63
Hollis, T. T.		21	W	L64
Hensley, T.		40	W	L65
Hensley, A. D.		70	W	L66
Hensley, W. G.		52	C	L67
Hensley, W. A.		25	W	L68
Hardwick, W. J.		34	W	L69
Holder, J. R.		51	W	L70
Hollis, J. C.		58	W	L71
Hardwick, James		30	W	L72
Hardwick, George	23	W	L73
Haddox, A. J.		33	W	L74
Heathcoat, James	26	W	L75
Haddox, J. R.		45	W	L76
Haddox, James		24	W	L77
Horton, J. W.		70	W	L78
Johnson, A.		30	W	L79
Kelley, Tom		45	W	L80
Kelley, C. M.		39	W	L81
Kelley, J. R.		24	W	L82
Kelley, J. A.		40	W	L83
Kelley, R.		70	W	L84
Kelley, W. M.		27	W	L85
Kelley, J. R.		26	W	L86
Kelley, John		24	W	L87
Linnville, B.		45	W	L88
Luna, L.		26	W	L89
Lauermore, S. W.	28	W	L90
Moton, Z. R.		30	W	L91
Moore, A. D.		25	W	L92
Moore, R.		23	W	L93
McDonald, James		30	W	L94
Marshall, M.		55	W	L95
Marshall, J. C.		27	W	L96
Marshall, J.		22	W	L97
Martin, E. A.		28	W	L98
Martin, A. J.		46	W	L99
Martin, W.		42	W	L100
Newman, Y. A.		69	W	L101
Newman, J. C.		62	W	L102
Newman, W.		28	W	L103
Nelson, A. J.		36	W	L104
Olive, W. A.		60	W	L105
Olive, J. D.		37	W	L106
Olive, J. M.		28	W	L107
Phillip, J. E.		42	W	L108
Phillip, W. W.		29	W	L109
Prince, J. S.		50	W	L110
Prince, John		22	W	L111
Prince, J. L.		58	W	L112
Prince, W. M.		33	W	L113
Prince, W.		28	W	L114
Prince, J.		60	W	L115
Pigg, G. W.		30	W	L116
Robinson, A. L.		60	W	L117
Robinson, W.		32	W	L118
Robinson, W. J.		34	W	L119
Risner, John		35	W	L120
Robinson, W. S.		57	W	L121
Renfro, B.		40	W	L122
Rinks, John		37	W	L123
Stutts, J. W.		36	W	L124
Stutts, W. W.		23	W	L125
Stutts, W. L.		42	W	L126
Stutts, C. M.		25	W	L127
Sharp, C.		26	W	L128
Smith, H. R.		25	W	L129
Scott, E. Z.		41	W	L130
Staggs, A. L.		28	W	L131
Staggs, C.		25	W	L132
Swiney, W. M.		46	W	L133
Smith, R.		60	C	L134
Smith, Henry		25	W	L135
Smith, Gill		26	W	L136
Spencer, H.		32	W	L137
Shepard, Lige		56	W	L138
Swiney, L. W.		44	W	L139
Swiney, W. S.		22	W	L140
Trimmer, M.		27	W	L141
Whitten, W.		34	W	L142
Whitten, Henry		35	W	L143
Willis, John		25	W	L144
Williams, M.		53	C	L145
Whitworth, J. P.	26	W	L146
Whitten, W.		38	W	L147
Willis, W.		21	W	L148
Williams, J. S.		54	W	L149
Williams, W.		31	W	L150
Williams, J.		24	W	L151
Williams, T.		30	W	L152
Wigginton, John		56	W	L153
Wigginton, R.		24	W	L154
Daniels, P.		23	W	L155
Daniels, R. C.		56	W	L156
Martin, Lige		24	W	L157
Butler, Joseph		48	W	L158
Butler, Joshua		22	W	L159
Daniels, W. E.		29	W	L160
Luker, Bill		40	W	L161
Daniels, J. P.		21	W	L162
Williams, Mit		50	C	L163
Hensley, A.		59	W	L164
Barber, Ben		21	W	L165
Robertson, W. W.	34	W	L166
Brewer, J. W.		23	W	L167
Reynalds, J. W.		45	W	L168
Stooksberry, Frank	45	W	L169
Craig, S. P.		43	W	L170
Brewer, W. T..		40	W	L171
Brewer, G. M.		48	W	L172
Martin, S. M.		35	W	L173
Mown, W. M.		48	W	L174
Horton, Henry		45	W	L175
Martin, Abe		34	W	L176
Brewer, W. D.		36	W	L177
Risner, A. J.		27	W	L178
Martin, Taylor		41	W	L179
Brewer, E. G.		35	W	L180
Broadstreet, W. H.	73	W	L181
Haithcoat, W. J.	26	W	L182
Broadstreet, J. A.	21	W	L183
Brewer, Sol		76	W	L184
Danley, D. D.		50	W	L185
Danley, S.		40	W	L186
Murry, John		46	W	L187
Martin, John		35	W	L188
Daniels, John		30	W	L189
Martin, J. M.		30	W	L190
Brewer, J. D.		31	W	L191
Hubb, Joe		22	W	L192
Kelley, John		22	W	L193
Hollis, D.		21	W	L194
Swiney, James		23	W	L195
Blackwell, James	21	W	L196
Brown, W. L.		21	W	L197
Prince, E.		26	W	L198
Prince, John		28	W	L199
Bryant, Ned		30	W	L200
Scott, W. M.		45	W	L201
Brewer, E.		27	W	L202
Bryant, N. B.		31	W	L203
Hunt, James		37	W	L204
Hunt, W. M.		56	W	L205
Hunt, J. M.		22	W	L206
Thompson, C. R.		38	W	L207
Thompson, T. J.		41	W	L208
Thompson, C.		74	W	L209
Thompson, C. W.		35	W	L210
Thompson, J. H.		45	W	L211
Stutts, Joe		38	W	L212
Daniels, W. W.		36	W	L213
Daniels, J. R.		37	W	L214
Daniels, John		45	W	L215
Dickey, Lee		23	W	L216
Martin, Lige		24	W	L217
Common, Jack		30	W	L218
Downs, M.		25	W	L219

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Civil District 12 (M1-M156)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Kilburn, Josiah		48	W	M1
Kilburn, Carroll	25	W	M2
Kilburn, Elijah		30	W	M3
Bryant, Thomas		28	W	M4
Bryant, John		40	W	M5
Hardin, L. R.		35	W	M6
Kilburn, John		32	W	M7
Gallaher, Joe N.	28	W	M8
Gambrel, D. C.		60	W	M9
Clack, W. R.		38	W	M10
Gallaher, W. J.		41	W	M11
Lindsey, L. C.		25	W	M12
Cannon, Henry		30	W	M13
McGee, James		40	W	M14
Moore, R. C.		23	W	M15
Turman, J. P.		48	W	M16
McGee, John		32	W	M17
McGee, Hardy		37	W	M18
Gallaher, R. A.		26	W	M19
Dial, A. R.		50	W	M20
Dial, Joe		22	W	M21
Adams, D. H.		25	W	M22
Gallaher, William M.	55	W	M23
Woodard, W. K.		30	W	M24
Woodard, J. L.		65	W	M25
Woodard, J. P.		25	W	M26
Fox, J. H.		35	W	M27
Crews, Will		40	W	M28
Kilburn, W. A.		45	W	M29
Kilburn, Will R.	22	W	M30
Wisdom, L. L.		30	W	M31
McGee, Will		27	W	M32
Gobble, James		50	W	M33
Gobble, Joe		23	W	M34
Prince, John		30	W	M35
Adams, G. S.		42	W	M36
Adams, John		40	W	M37
Eads, Elijah		40	W	M38
Adams, Dave		24	W	M39
Gallaher, J. L.		40	W	M40
Nunley, Will		21	W	M41
Austin, George		21	W	M42
McGee, John		60	W	M43
McGee, G. W.		25	W	M44
McGee, Dan		22	W	M45
Dixon, J. B.		25	W	M46
Gambrel, James		25	W	M47
Dixon, Joseph		25	W	M48
Prince, Laborn		55	W	M49
Prince, Robert		22	W	M50
Dixon, E. F.		62	W	M51
Coker, J. D.		40	W	M52
Dixon, J. S.		35	W	M53
Avery, N. A.		30	W	M54
Smith, J. H.		25	W	M55
Smith, T. R.		23	W	M56
Morgan, F. M.		40	W	M57
Hanback, Eli		50	W	M58
Hollis, A. M.		30	W	M59
Darnell, G. W.		23	W	M60
Tainner(?), W. G.	62	W	M61
Tainner, John		24	W	M62
Caperton, Robert	22	W	M63
Moore, Blake		50	W	M64
McCane(?), C. H.	35	W	M65
Hollis, D. F.		30	W	M66
Hollis, W. N.		25	W	M67
Moore, William		23	W	M68
Luker, J. B.		35	W	M69
Hollis, J. H.		25	W	M70
Hollis, Frank		30	W	M71
Hollis, J. B.		44	W	M72
Johnson, D.		25	W	M73
Johnson, T. J.		35	W	M74
Johnson, R. N.		25	W	M75
Gallaher, J. W.		35	W	M76
Smith, Robert		22	W	M77
Dixon, J. W.		35	W	M78
Rochelle, Thomas	26	W	M79
Hunt, George		30	W	M80
Bennett, B. F.		31	W	M81
McClellen, Will		40	W	M82
Bennett, B.		23	W	M83
Brown, Jim		26	W	M84
Dixon, Thomas		21	W	M85
Todd, W. J.		23	W	M86
Hollis, Jack		44	W	M87
Todd, A.		57	W	M88
Todd, S. B.		23	W	M89
Darnell, Will		34	W	M90
Nelson, James		40	W	M91
Wilson, Will		55	W	M92
Wilson, Ben		22	W	M93
Wilson, Jim		21	W	M94
Story, James		37	W	M95
Wilson, Andrew		30	W	M96
Gambrel, George		25	W	M97
Gambrel, Jack		38	W	M98
Kelly, Rich		40	W	M99
Gray, W.		35	W	M100
Gambrel, James		38	W	M101
Gambrel, Joseph		32	W	M102
Hanback, Lee		25	W	M103
Shelton, D. L.		45	W	M104
Risener, G. W.		24	W	M105
Hagerty, T,		52	W	M106
Hagerty, W. H.		23	W	M107
Daniels, Clay		23	W	M108
Brewer, Will		39	W	M109
Horton, John		55	W	M110
Lindsey, Dan		21	W	M111
Horton, T.		25	W	M112
Lindsey, Herman		55	W	M113
Hanback, Lenny		21	W	M114
Todd, Sam		50	W	M115
Clayton, Frank		26	W	M116
Clayton, Bill		30	W	M117
Clayton, Steve		60	W	M118
Gallaher, Joe		35	W	M119
Daniels, Sol		36	W	M120
Brewer, Henry		25	W	M121
Moore, T.		43	W	M122
Grishan, Jeff		38	W	M123
Cole, John		26	W	M124
Clay, I.		45	W	M125
Cole, Wayne		32	W	M126
Fowler, T. M.		45	W	M127
Wooley, John		35	W	M128
Ray, Bud		34	W	M129
Morgan, W. T.		36	W	M130
Long, Taylor		36	W	M131
Matney, John		45	W	M132
Moore, Dick		24	W	M133
Dugger, James		43	W	M134
Matney, Bill		21	W	M135
McGee, Keave		40	W	M136
Lay, Will		47	W	M137
Cole, Wash		57	W	M138
Haislet, John		40	W	M139
Griggs, George		30	W	M140
Moore, James		32	W	M141
Penington, G.		38	W	M142
Creasy. Bill		55	W	M143
Moore, Burl		54	W	M144
Creasy, Jim		23	W	M145
Creasy, Dock		32	W	M146
Kimbro, John A.		38	W	M147
Creasy, G.		22	W	M148
Morgan, George		42	W	M149
Morgan, Will		23	W	M150
Griggs, James		49	W	M151
Atkins, James		33	W	M152
Moore, Cisroe		32	W	M153
Lee, Sol		37	W	M154
Barnett, J.		23	W	M155
Smith, B.		46	W	M156

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Civil District 13 (N1-N98)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Boyd, Jasper		48	W	N1
Boyd, Perry		40	W	N2
Beacher, A. W.		31	W	N3
Bailey, J. W.		36	W	N4
Brown, Tom		44	W	N5
Burns, John		43	W	N6
Belew, James		38	W	N7
Burns, D.		43	W	N8
Bailey, D.		34	W	N9
Bates, P.		62	W	N10
Bryant, J.		50	W	N11
Cody, C.		22	W	N12
Collins, J. W.		60	W	N13
Daniels, J. D.		79	W	N14
Davis, S. P.		22	W	N15
Davis, J. B.		30	W	N16
Dalton, W. A.		35	W	N17
Fowler, H. D.		45	W	N18
Fowler, J. E.		40	W	N19
Fowler, J. L.		49	W	N20
Fowler, L. B.		23	W	N21
Fowler, L.		28	W	N22
Fowler, C.		46	W	N23
Guthrie, W. E.		43	W	N24
Greeson, D. H.		79	W	N25
Gallian, J.		52	W	N26
Gallian, J. W.		25	W	N27
Harbor, A.		36	W	N28
Hays, J. M.		61	W	N29
Hays, J. R.		22	W	N30
Hughes, W. M.		63	W	N31
Howell, W. C.		61	W	N32
Hanback, W. P.		51	W	N33
Holt, John		22	W	N34
Hanley, J. M.		30	W	N35
Haddox, W. R.		33	W	N36
Haddox, J.		50	W	N37
Haddox, J. R.		21	W	N38
Kiddy, J. H.		55	W	N39
Kelley, S. A.		22	W	N40
Kelley, S. S.		54	W	N41
Kelley, John		50	W	N42
Kelley, S. F.		40	W	N43
Cagle, L.		65	W	N44
Cagle, V.		35	W	N45
Kelley, R.		48	W	N46
Kelley, J.		23	W	N47
Lancaster, W. M.	65	W	N48
Lancaster, E.		23	W	N49
Lancaster, Samuel	22	W	N50
Linville, P. E.		40	W	N51
McClanahan, Y. P.	44	W	N52
McClanahan, G. R.	24	W	N53
McClanahan, Y. A.	21	W	N54
Marks, E. L.		34	W	N55
McCorkle, Perry		23	W	N56
McCorkle, H.		25	W	N57
Montgomery, Y. L.	48	W	N58
Montgomery, G. W.	42	W	N59
Montgomery, A. L.	76	W	N60
May, Jerry		45	W	N61
Olive, H. R.		45	W	N62
Olive, J. R.		40	W	N63
Phillip, B.		40	W	N64
Philer, Levi		73	W	N65
Rogers, J. H.		39	W	N66
Robinson, H.		54	W	N67
Robinson, B. R.		24	W	N68
Robinson, Y. A.		28	W	N69
Robinson, L. R.		53	W	N70
Robinson, H. C.		50	W	N71
Spain, E. A.		45	W	N72
Spain, C. A.		29	W	N73
Saxon, G. R.		32	W	N74
Smith, W. M.		65	W	N75
Sims, J. W.		48	W	N76
Sperry, C.		25	W	N77
Simmons, A.		68	W	N78
Simmons, A. D.		50	W	N79
Sims. L. R.		40	W	N80
Scott, G. B.		60	W	N81
Scott, D.		30	W	N82
Wilson, J. H.		35	W	N83
Wilson, T. S.		30	W	N84
Whitten, G. W.		65	W	N85
Whitten, S. L.		38	W	N86
Wilson, G.		30	W	N87
Wilson, T.		25	W	N88
Wilson, James		35	W	N89
Wilson, B.		40	W	N90
Wilson, H.		50	W	N91
Wilson, S.		23	W	N92
Wilson, Dock		28	W	N93
Whitten, J.		38	W	N94
Whitten, J. M.		60	W	N95
Whitten, D.		23	W	N96
Whitten, A. R.		35	W	N97
Whitten, G.		30	W	N98

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Civil District 14 (P1-P81)

Name	 	       Age    Color     ID#
Boyd, G. W.			W	P1
Pollack, J. W.		64	W	P2
Poag, James		29	W	P3
Poag, R. M.		45	W	P4
Gobbell, John		38	W	P5
Gobbell, James		61	W	P6
Barnett, J. M.		55	W	P7
Barnett, W. R.		59	W	P8
Grimes, Willis		30	W	P9
Denern, Jonathan	45	W	P10
Gobbell, J. H.		55	W	P11
McAnally, J. A.		62	W	P12
Hardin, C.		34	W	P13
Lee, J. A.		45	W	P14
Wooly, Henry		30	W	P15
Murphy, Ned		68	W	P16
Poag, W. J.		46	W	P17
Poag, J. M.		22	W	P18
Dixon, Bud		49	W	P19
Kilburn, Robert		46	W	P20
Long, Henry		60	W	P21
Long, William		39	W	P22
Long, Sylvestor		24	W	P23
Jackson, John		70	W	P24
Jackson, J. W.		9	W	P25
Jackson, W. J.		33	W	P26
Carrol, T. H.		27	W	P27
Carrol, W. E.		63	W	P28
Murphy, A. P.		27	W	P29
Gobble, W. R.		34	W	P30
Skilern, James		22	W	P31
Skilern, W. A.		46	W	P32
Haggard. J. G.		25	W	P33
Churchwell, J. R.	37	W	P34
Churchwell, F.		73	W	P35
Skilern, Dave		25	W	P36
Robnett, John		86	W	P37
Robnett, H. S.		43	W	P38
Robnett, Joe		63	W	P39
Howard, C. B.		43	W	P40
Staggs, E. B.		50	W	P41
Staggs, F. M.		22	W	P42
Staggs, W. J.		25	W	P43
Brewer, M.		80	W	P44
Brewer, Brown		26	W	P45
Staggs, G.		26	W	P46
Staggs, R. E.		30	W	P47
Lee, G. W.		70	W	P48
Staggs, A.		24	W	P49
Robnett, J. R.		50	W	P50
Robnett, John		22	W	P51
Brewer, C.		28	W	P52
Lee, Hick		48	W	P53
West, Isam		63	W	P54
West, James		25	W	P55
Staggs, H. L.		48	W	P56
Brewer, George		24	W	P57
Brewer, C.		21	W	P58
Staggs, Henry		25	W	P59
Staggs, G. W.		61	W	P60
Staggs, Peter		21	W	P61
Staggs, John		50	W	P62
Staggs, Ellis		22	W	P63
Staggs, Levi		24	W	P64
Duggar, Ivac		78	W	P65
Duggar, John		30	W	P66
Duggar, Silas		27	W	P67
Robnett, W. J.		28	W	P68
Carroll, Amos		37	W	P69
Carroll, John		29	W	P70
Scott, James		43	W	P71
Morrow, Sam		27	W	P72
Morrow, Rich		25	W	P73
Staggs, R. A.		34	W	P74
Staggs, W. A.		29	W	P75
Gobbell, E. W.		67	W	P76
Gobbell, J. H.		33	W	P77
Robnett, John		35	W	P78
Burns, David		50	W	P79
Jackson, Jake		36	W	P80
Jackson, Claborn	26	W	P81

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Name			ID#
Adams, Dave		M39
Adams, D. H.		M22
Adams, G. B.		J3
Adams, G. S.		M36
Adams, John		M37
Adams, R. T.		J4
Adams, R. W.		J5
Adams, Thomas		J2
Adkinson, David		G182
Adkinson, John		G120
Adkinson, Neuton	G181
Adkins, James		D206
Adkins, J. C.		G92
Adkins, L. L.		C1
Adkins, William		C3
Akers, M.		F1
Akers, N.		F4
Alexander, John		G1
Alexander, John		G194
Alexander, J. R.	G153
Alexander, S. L.	G125
Alexander, W. W.	G192
Aley, John		A47
Alford, Bud		A129
Alford, C. I.		F2
Alford, Dock		B149
Alford, J. B.		F3
Alford, Whit		A130
Alley, Ben		D248
Alley, F. L.		D249
Alley, J. A.		D247
Alley, Will		B147
Allison, J.		B87
Anderson, Bob		H127
Anderson, Jess		H93
Anderson, Peter		E65
Anderson, Robert	G43
Anderson, W. C.		C2
Armstrong, H.		D168
Armstrong, Manard	D60
Arnell, Joe		H107
Arnett, Henry		H32
Arnett, Isham		G34
Arnett, Jason		E42
Arnett, M.		L2
Arnett, S. C.		E18
Arnett, Tom		E115
Arnold, J. D.		L1
Arnold, T. W.		B256
Artise, G. W.		D121
Atkinson, Bud		G84
Atkins, James		M152
Austin, George		M42
Avery, N. A.		M54
Ayers, Bill		K2
Ayers, Bud		K1
Ayers, Charley		K3
Ayers, J. T.		J1
Bailey, D.		N9
Bailey, J. W.		N4
Baker, Andy		A112
Baker, Bob		B118
Baker, Ross		B119
Balentine, D.		K11
Balentine, J. S.	K4
Balentine, R. H.	K5
Ballard, N. E.		F19
Ballentine, J. H.	J13
Banks, E. F.		G45
Banks, T. J.		F23
Barber, Ben		L165
Barber, William		F22
Barker, G.		K6
Barker, G. A.		F18
Barker, J.		L6
Barnes, J. H.		A2
Barnett, James		E30
Barnett, J.		K10
Barnett, J.		M155
Barnett, J. M.		P7
Barnett, W. R.		P8
Barrett, J. C.		D13
Barrett, J. H.		D14
Basset, Jasper		H111
Bates, James		F17
Bates, J. M.		K9
Bates, P.		K8
Bates, P.		N10
Batles, Henry		A22
Battles, Hart		B45
Beacher, A. W.		N3
Beatty, Joshua		F30
Beatty, R. S.		J10
Beaty, Abe		C13
Beavers, A. J.		J6
Beavers, W.		J12
Beckam, W. T.		D150
Beckham, A. B.		D33
Beckham, Bill		B264
Beckham, Buck		G78
Beckham, Elihu		E58
Beckham, Fice		G9
Beckham, Jack		G16
Beckham, Joe		E57
Beckham, John		B265
Beckham, John		G5
Beckham, J. C.		G203
Beckham, Lihew		B268
Beckham, Lincoln	G15
Beckham, Sam		D34
Beckham, Samuel		G14
Beckham, Thomas		G190
Beckham, Tom		G13
Beckham, Tom		G24
Beckham, Zack		G10
Bedford, Stephen	D210
Bedford, Thomas		D201
Belew, C.		L28
Belew, James		N7
Belew, John J.		D122
Bell, Andy		D56
Bell, Bud		F8
Bell, J. R.		C6
Bell, L. R.		F29
Bell, T. A.		C7
Bell, W. L.		C5
Benham, J. M.		B25
Bennett, B.		M83
Bennett, B. F.		M81
Bennett, Ed		A113
Bennett, John		B195
Bennett, S. C.		J14
Berry, Bill		B181
Berry, Elerson		E69
Berry, Joe		B180
Berry, John		K14
Berry, J, Jr.		K16
Berry, J. E.		K15
Berry, J. H.		G101
Berry, J. Sr.		K17
Berry, J. T.		K18
Berry, J. W.		G102
Berry, Manuel		H37
Berry, W. A.		H36
Bevis, Bud		G8
Bevis, James		K12
Bevis, John		A143
Bevis, John		K13
Biffle, J. F.		F24
Biffle, J. M.		E37
Biffle, T. C.		E36
Bivins, Robert		C8
Blackburn, W. R.	L5
Blackwell, James	L196
Blackwell, M. C.	L25
Blackwell, M. N.	L23
Blashere, Dave		B132
Bobbins, Bill		G209
Bolen, Bill		B66
Boon, Bill		B142
Borley, B. C.		L15
Bosh, Garison		A111
Boswell, Jasper		G208
Boyd, Charley		H71
Boyd, Eli		A31
Boyd, Frank		D32
Boyd, G. W.		P1
Boyd, G. W., Jr.	D82
Boyd, H. C.		D27
Boyd, Jasper		N1
Boyd, Joseph		A32
Boyd, J. H.		A33
Boyd, J. J.		B255
Boyd, Perry		N2
Boyd, Wes		A37
Bradley, Butch		B242
Bradley, J.		L7
Brady, J. W.		D172
Brady, W. A.		D152
Bratcher, W. W.		G39
Brewer, Brown		P45
Brewer, B. A.		L24
Brewer, Charley		F13
Brewer, C.		P52
Brewer, C.		P58
Brewer, C. H.		F6
Brewer, D. E..		F10
Brewer, E.		L202
Brewer, E. G.		L180
Brewer, George		P57
Brewer, G. M.		L172
Brewer, Henry		M121
Brewer, H. J.		L33
Brewer, Isham		F11
Brewer, Joe		H13
Brewer, John		F15
Brewer, John		H12
Brewer, John		L12
Brewer, J. B.		L37
Brewer, J. C.		L16
Brewer, J. D.		L191
Brewer, J. J.		L38
Brewer, J. P.		L13
Brewer, J. R.		L11
Brewer, J. W.		F7
Brewer, J. W.		F16
Brewer, J. W.		L167
Brewer, M.		P44
Brewer, N. S.		F5
Brewer, Peter		D141
Brewer, Rag		F14
Brewer, R. M.		L14
Brewer, R. S.		L10
Brewer, Saunders	D139
Brewer, Sol		L184
Brewer, T. J.		L20
Brewer, Wesley		F12
Brewer, Will		M109
Brewer, W. D.		L177
Brewer, W. G.		L34
Brewer, W. T..		L171
Brewer, W. W.		L36
Brewer, Y.		L26
Briggs, H.		L27
Briley, Bud		A74
Broadstreet, J. A.	L183
Broadstreet, W. H.	L181
Bromley, Joe		E85
Bromley, John		L19
Bromley, J. A.		C11
Bromley, J. A.		L9
Bromley, J. J.		C9
Bromley, J. L.		C12
Bromley, J. T..		F21
Bromley, Sam		F20
Bromley, Squire		E83
Bromley, T. R.		L4
Bromley, T. S.		L3
Bromley, W. E.		C10
Bromley, W. L.		D46
Brooks, Dutch		A108
Brooks, Shade		A119
Brown, A.		J8
Brown, Bill		G70
Brown, C. C.		B59
Brown, E. W.		F28
Brown, George		B129
Brown, Jim		M84
Brown, John		E35
Brown, John		G48
Brown, J. B.		E61
Brown, J. C.		J7
Brown, J. M.		L22
Brown, J. W.		B34
Brown, R. C.		E34
Brown, Tom		B128
Brown, Tom		N5
Brown, T. A.		J11
Brown, Will		B58
Brown, William		F25
Brown, W.		J9
Brown, W. G.		F9
Brown, W. L.		L197
Broyles, Willis		G33
Bruce, Morow		A107
Bryant, Bill		H54
Bryant, C.		K7
Bryant, H. P.		H25
Bryant, John		M5
Bryant, J.		N11
Bryant, Ned		L200
Bryant, N. B.		L203
Bryant, Right		H65
Bryant, Thomas		M4
Bryant, Tom		B259
Buchanan, William	C4
Buckanan, C.		D17
Bundrant, Dallis	E111
Bundrant, Frank		E112
Bundrant, George	H108
Bundrant, John		E104
Bundrant, Oscar		H109
Bundrant, O. H.		E68
Buoy, Clark		A131
Buoy, J. C.		A42
Burch, Henry		A89
Burkeen, J. B.		D252
Burns, Bill		G19
Burns, David		P79
Burns, D.		N8
Burns, Jim		B267
Burns, John		B266
Burns, John		D45
Burns, John		G17
Burns, John		N6
Burns, J. B.		F26
Burns, Lytle		D107
Burns, Miles		B79
Burns, Robert		D212
Burns, W. P.		D99
Burns, W. T.		B19
Bush, John		F31
Butler, Henry		L8
Butler, Joseph		L158
Butler, Joshua		L159
Button, James		L35
Button, J. A.		L18
Button, W. W.		L17
Bymer, G. L.		L21
Cagle, L.		N44
Cagle, V.		N45
Caine, D.		G206
Caine, Jacob		G205
Cannon, Henry		M13
Cannon, Pugh		J18
Caperton, Robert	M63
Capleton, J.		L30
Carell, Ambers		A124
Carell, Bill		A106
Carell, Bill		A123
Carell, Jim		A122
Carell, John		A121
Carroll, Amos		P69
Carroll, John		P70
Carrol, T. H.		P27
Carrol, W. E.		P28
Carr, T. S.		E89
Carson, Peter		D162
Carter, Dan		F47
Carter, John		F39
Name			ID#
Carter, P. E.		C27
Casey, G.		G201
Casteel, J. A.		D73
Casteel, S. M.		D184
Casteel, W. H.		D72
Caton, D. S..		D140
Cecil, D. F.		J17
Chambers, B.		B193
Chambers, J. C.		E123
Chambers, S.		J21
Chappell, Altimon	C21
Chappell, Amos		C24
Chappell, Ben		C15
Chappell, Bob		C16
Chappell, Henry		C26
Chappell, Jesse		C22
Chappell, Terry		C25
Chappell, W. B.		C23
Chilsap, James		D20
Choat, Andy		B106
Choat, Dock		F52
Choat, G. T.		C20
Choat, J. M.		C19
Choat, Mat		B208
Christian, E. M.	D105
Christie, T. J.		B186
Churchwell, A. L.	F53
Churchwell, F.		P35
Churchwell, G. A.	F49
Churchwell, Isham	B226
Churchwell, Joe		B62
Churchwell, John	A103
Churchwell, J. R.	P34
Churchwell, Marv.	B22
Churchwell, Nelson	B23
Clack, W. R.		M10
Clanton, John		G132
Clanton, J. C.		H72
Clanton, R.		H73
Clark, Jim		G172
Claton, J. L.		E135
Clayton, Bill		M117
Clayton, Frank		M116
Clayton, Steve		M118
Clay, Ben		B71
Clay, Dock		E12
Clay, I.		M125
Clay, Kerry		H101
Clay, L. E.		F41
Clay, Thomas		F37
Clemmons, A. D.		K27
Clendenin, F. A.	F32
Coats, Alex		B217
Coats, Ned		F35
Cobb, W. S.		H35
Cody, C.		N12
Coker, J. D.		M52
Cole, Andrew		E125
Cole, A. B.		D36
Cole, A. O.		B36
Cole, Babe		B54
Cole, C. C.		L32
Cole, Frank		E130
Cole, George		D95
Cole, John		M124
Cole, J. E.		E120
Cole, J. E.		F46
Cole, J. H.		D71
Cole, Mark		E131
Cole, Mat		L31
Cole, Pogue		H92
Cole, Sam		E14
Cole, Wash		M138
Cole, Wayne		M126
Cole, William		G106
Collier, Jim		D37
Collier, L. P.		D183
Collier, Mathew		D86
Collier, Tom		D182
Collins, J. W.		N13
Combs, William		G29
Common, Jack		L218
Conway, Joe		A117
Cook, Arthur		D51
Cook, Joe		E54
Cook, John		B74
Cook, R. L.		B179
Cook, Tim, Dr.		C18
Cook, Tom		B191
Cook, William		B144
Cooper, A.		K19
Cooper, J.		B76
Cooper, J., Jr.		K26
Cooper, J., Sr.		K25
Cooper, S.		K24
Coosenberry, Cass	D116
Coosenberry, E. N.	C14
Copas, George		G21
Copas, James		H26
Copeland, D. G.		G99
Copeland, Henry		D234
Copeland, Isaac		D75
Copeland, Jacob		D199
Copeland, Jake		E9
Copeland, Joe G.	B182
Copeland, J. B.		G149
Copeland, J. D.		G96
Copeland, J. D.		G118
Copeland, J. M.		H100
Copeland, J. N.		G95
Copeland, Robert	D76
Copeland, T. N.		G170
Copeland, William	D198
Copeland, W. B.		G53
Copeland, W. T.		J15
Corbin, J. N.		H86
Cothran, Off		F44
Cothran, William	D253
Cothran, W. H.		F40
Cothran, Zeke		F48
Counce, C.		F34
Counce, Henry		F33
Counce, Jim		D58
Counce, J.		F36
Cox, G. W.		F43
Craig, Irwin		F45
Craig, J. R.		F51
Craig, P. H.		D70
Craig, S. P.		L170
Craig, W. P.		F50
Craig, Young		F38
Creasy, Dock		M146
Creasy, G.		M148
Creasy, Jim		M145
Creasy, John		A120
Creasy, J.		K20
Creasy, S.		L29
Creasy. Bill		M143
Crews, Will		M28
Cromes, M.		K23
Cromwell, Charley	H50
Cromwell, J. C.		F42
Cromwell, Lonnie	H47
Cromwell, Sidney	H49
Cromwell, W.		H9
Crosno, G. T.		A61
Crosno, Henry		A125
Crossno, Will		A153
Crouch, Mort		G188
Crow, B. S.		E2
Culp, Alen		A64
Culp, Buck		A70
Culp, Hal		C17
Culp, Jack		A79
Culp, John		A48
Culp, Teney		A69
Culp, Wayne		A115
Culp, Whit		A80
Curtis, J. N.		J19
Curtis, S. A.		J20
Curtis, Wade		J16
Cypert, Bob		H81
Cypert, J. B.		G44
Cypert, M.		K22
Cypert, N. B.		G174
Cypert, R. J.		G173
Cypert, T. J.		K21
Cypert, , I. N.		D175
Dalles, S. V.		F59
Dalton, W. A.		N17
Daniels, Clay		M108
Daniels, John		L189
Daniels, John		L215
Daniels, J. D.		N14
Daniels, J. P.		G119
Daniels, J. P.		L162
Daniels, J. R.		L214
Daniels, L.		L42
Daniels, P.		L155
Daniels, R. C.		L156
Daniels, Sol		M120
Daniels, W. E.		L160
Daniels, W. W.		L213
Danley, D. D.		L185
Danley, S.		L186
Darby, D. J.		K28
Darby, D. L.		K33
Darby, J.		K35
Darby, J. T.		K31
Darnell, G. W.		M60
Darnell, Will		M90
Darnel, John		L41
Davidson, Bill		H102
Davidson, Will		B251
Davie, Brad		B219
Davie, Bud		B220
Davis N. A.		A24
Davis, Bill		A10
Davis, Bill		B275
Davis, Bud		H105
Davis, B.		K34
Davis, George		E51
Davis, Iradell		H75
Davis, James A.		A27
Davis, Joe		E52
Davis, J. A.		A20
Davis, J. B.		A13
Davis, J. B.		N16
Davis, J. J.		G27
Davis, J. J. R.		A23
Davis, J. R.		A7
Davis, J. R.		A9
Davis, J. R.		K36
Davis, Levi		H74
Davis, Liles		A116
Davis, L.		H106
Davis, Mat		H53
Davis, Sam		G7
Davis, S. P.		N15
Davis, Tom		A25
Davis, William		E50
Davis, W. C.		A19
Davis, W. R.		A151
Deal, Isham		B281
Deavers, Bryant		D104
Deavers, Elijah		C28
Deavers, Elijah		D115
Deavers, Frank		C29
Deavers, T.		D114
Defoe(?), John		L40
Defoe, J. W.		F69
Denern, Jonathan	P10
Devasier, Henry		F61
Devasier, Henry		F63
Devers, John		A96
Dial, A. R.		M20
Dial, Joe		M21
Dickerson, Ken		H82
Dickerson, Tom		H83
Dickerson, W. J.	E95
Dickey, John		D194
Dickey, Lee		L216
Dickey, Robert		D193
Diclane, Taylor		E20
Dicus, James, Jr.	B37
Dicus, James, Sr.	B38
Dicus, Jess		B48
Dicus, John Bell	B95
Dicus, Oliver		B57
Dicus, Porter		B42
Dicus, S. J.		F56
Dillon, Romel		B84
Dillon, Will		B85
Dixon, Bud		P19
Dixon, E. F.		M51
Dixon, Joseph		M48
Dixon, J. B.		M46
Dixon, J. S.		M53
Dixon, J. W.		M78
Dixon, Thomas		M85
Dixon, Will		B279
Dixon, Will		E11
Dobbs, Joseph		C31
Dobbs, Nat		C30
Dobbs, William		C32
Dodd, A. B.		J24
Dodd, D.		J22
Dodd, L.		J23
Dolrell, Frank		B160
Doolin, A. B.		K32
Doolin, C. B.		K30
Doolin, D. G.		K29
Douglas, H. M.		F65
Douglas, James		F64
Douglas, M.		L39
Douglas, R. H.		F66
Downing, A. L.		H4
Downs, M.		L219
Dudley, Allen		F55
Duggar, Ivac		P65
Duggar, John		P66
Duggar, Silas		P67
Dugger, James		M134
Duren, Ed		C33
Duren, J. M.		F54
Durham, James		F68
Durham, J. M.		F58
Durham, L. A.		F57
Durham, Robert		F62
Durham, S. D.		F67
Durham, William		F60
Eads, Elijah		M38
Eastland, John		F74
Eastland, Silas		F73
Eaton, Daniel		G6
Eaton, George		G180
Eaton, J. N.		J25
Eaton, J. P.		J27
Eaton, Pleas		J26
Edman, J. E.		B121
Edwards, Amos		C37
Edwards, C. D.		D254
Edwards, D. L.		C36
Edwards, John		C38
Edwards, J. W.		C35
Edwards, Lewis		C39
Edwards, Wm. L. T.	C34
Edward, J. D.		F71
Edward, J. F.		F77
Edward, J. L.		F78
Edward, M. C.		F76
Edward, Pleasant	F70
Edward, W. P.		F75
Ellison, Tom		D84
Ellis, George		H120
Estes, Calvin		G50
Estes, T. W.		G28
Etter, Sam		F72
Everett, James		B130
Fagan, Bruce		D129
Farris, D. M.		J29
Farris, G. A.		G46
Farris, Joe		G56
Farris, R. A.		J28
Ferguson. H. L.		F79
Fitts, Bud		E129
Fitts, Leroy		F81
Flippo, Henry		A99
Flippo, Henry		F83
Flippo, John		A138
Flippo, Tom		A102
Floyd, Albert		B12
Floyd, Alen		B13
Floyd, John		B201
Foreshee, Eliza		A114
Foster, F. M.		G142
Name			ID#
Foster, H. A.		G103
Foster, J. G.		G111
Foster, J. M.		G148
Foster, William		D202
Fowler, C.		N23
Fowler, H. D.		N18
Fowler, J. E.		N19
Fowler, J. L.		N20
Fowler, J. W.		L46
Fowler, L.		N22
Fowler, L. B.		N21
Fowler, T. M.		M127
Fox, Jack		L47
Fox, J. H.		M27
Fraley, Andrew		C41
Fraley, Bud		C42
Fraley, Charley		C40
Franklin, C.		L43
Franklin, J.		L45
Franklin, L. P.		L44
Franks Jim		B262
Franks, Bill		E56
Franks, Eli		E55
Franks, E.		B237
Franks, E. A.		B258
Franks, Jack		B260
Franks, Jack		G36
Franks, John		B261
Franks, J. W.		G147
Franks, Will		B263
Frank, R. H.		F27
Fraser, Bud		E92
Fraser, J. M.		E24
Frazier, Ed		G162
Frazier, J. H.		G161
Frazier, Thomas		F82
Frazier, W. N.		D227
Fulton, Derry		F80
Gailing, H.		K47
Gallaher, Amos		D93
Gallaher, D. M.		E3
Gallaher, James		D200
Gallaher, Joe		M119
Gallaher, Joe N.	M8
Gallaher, John		D218
Gallaher, J. L.		D92
Gallaher, J. L.		M40
Gallaher, J. W.		M76
Gallaher, R. A.		M19
Gallaher, William M.	M23
Gallaher, W. J.		E5
Gallaher, W. J.		M11
Gallaher. J. M.		E4
Gallian, J.		N26
Gallian, J. W.		N27
Galloway, Jeff		F91
Galloway, R. N.		F92
Gamble, S.		L55
Gamble, Y. J.		L52
Gambrel, D. C.		M9
Gambrel, George		M97
Gambrel, Jack		M98
Gambrel, James		M47
Gambrel, James		M101
Gambrel, Joseph		M102
Gant, Tom		G81
Gean, Bill		G156
Gean, J. H.		J31
Gean, W. H.		J30
Geines, G.		B235
Gibson, H. G.		L49
Gifford, Tom		A84
Gilbert, J. A.		F89
Gilford, Thomas		A6
Gillcrest, A. D.	K43
Gillcrest, D.		K44
Gillcrest, Jim		K42
Gillcrest, John		K46
Gillcrest, M.		K45
Gillem, Willie		C52
Gillis, James		K39
Gillis, John		K40
Gobbell, E. W.		P76
Gobbell, James		P6
Gobbell, John		P5
Gobbell, J. H.		P11
Gobbell, J. H.		P77
Gobble, James		M33
Gobble, Joe		M34
Gobble, W. R.		P30
Godwin, Gip		G85
Goforth, H.		A21
Gollor, George		L56
Goodman, Dane		A5
Goodman, John		H14
Goodwin, J. L.		C43
Gordon, Charley		A100
Gordon, D. P.		A93
Gordon, E.		B169
Gordon, F.		B167
Gordon, James		B168
Gordon, John		A54
Gordon, Tom		A55
Gordon, Will		A82
Gore, Albert		E47
Graham, John		A62
Graham, T. J.		F85
Graves, Andrew		C51
Graves, Doc		C47
Graves, Jesse		C45
Graves, John		C50
Graves, J. H.		C46
Graves, Lawrence	C53
Graves, Samuel		C49
Graves, Thomas		C48
Gray, John		L48
Gray, R. T.		K41
Gray, W.		M100
Green, A.		L51
Green, Jeff		F86
Green, W.		L50
Greer, James		G193
Greeson, D. H.		N25
Greeson, D. T.		D41
Greeson, George		D43
Greeson, H. C.		G73
Greeson, James		L54
Greeson, John		G74
Greeson, John		L53
Greeson, John W.	D42
Greeson, W. D.		D170
Griffin, Dug		A150
Griffin, Jim		D96
Griggs, Bill		B93
Griggs, George		M140
Griggs, Isaac		B92
Griggs, James		M151
Griggs, J. E.		B136
Grimes, Arthur		F84
Grimes, A.		B33
Grimes, Bery		B77
Grimes, Bill		B72
Grimes, Buck		B60
Grimes, Bud		B49
Grimes, Dallas		E96
Grimes, George		E100
Grimes, Henry		D101
Grimes, Henry		D214
Grimes, Ike		E45
Grimes, John		A45
Grimes, John		E7
Grimes, John		E71
Grimes, J. A.		E31
Grimes, J. A.		E78
Grimes, J. C.		E28
Grimes, J. W.		E15
Grimes, Morow		B61
Grimes, Nate		A46
Grimes, Till		G195
Grimes, Willis		P9
Grimes, Wilson		E41
Grinder, Robert		C44
Grishan, Jeff		M123
Gulick, Alex		F90
Gulick, Anthony		F88
Gulick, George		F87
Gullick, Ned		D69
Guthrie, W. E.		N24
Haddox, A. J.		L74
Haddox, James		L77
Haddox, J.		N37
Haddox, J. R.		L76
Haddox, J. R.		N38
Haddox, W. R.		N36
Hagerty, T,		M106
Hagerty, W. H.		M107
Haggard, Arch		B146
Haggard, James		E73
Haggard, John		B252
Haggard, Kinden		B107
Haggard, R. A.		D35
Haggard. J. G.		P33
Haislet, John		M139
Haithcoat, W. J.	L182
Hall, Billie		H118
Hall, Cason		H119
Hall, Jim		B32
Hall, John		F95
Hall, P. D.		G97
Hall, Walter		H117
Hall, W. D.		G98
Ham, Isaac		C59
Ham, Manuel		E107
Hanback, Eli		M58
Hanback, J.		K52
Hanback, Lee		M103
Hanback, Lenny		M114
Hanback, S.		K53
Hanback, Thomas		D235
Hanback, W. P.		N33
Hanley, George		K137
Hanley, G.		K55
Hanley, J. M.		N35
Harbor, A.		N28
Harbor, M.		J51
Hardin, Amos		B286
Hardin, C.		P13
Hardin, Ed		B94
Hardin, Henry		B31
Hardin, Jehew		D119
Hardin, John		F93
Hardin, J. W.		D78
Hardin, L. A.		D74
Hardin, L. R.		M6
Hardin, Mort.		B100
Hardin, Neut L.		A36
Hardin, Wad		B157
Hardwick, George	L73
Hardwick, James		L72
Hardwick, W. J.		L69
Harlow, H.		E94
Harris, Ham 		F100
Harris, Hank		F97
Hartwell, B.		B199
Hartwell, W.		B198
Harwell, Robert		G20
Hassell, Alex		D62
Hassell, Allen, Jr.	D61
Hassell, Allen, Sr.	D63
Hassell, J. F.		B239
Hassell, Tom		B137
Haynes, John		B78
Hays, A.		K65
Hays, Ben		K61
Hays, H.		K50
Hays, H.		K63
Hays, Joe		K135
Hays, John		K62
Hays, John		L60
Hays, J.		K48
Hays, J. D.		K66
Hays, J. L.		K51
Hays, J. M.		N29
Hays, J. R.		N30
Hays, W.		K64
Hays. J. M.		L61
Heard, Hairce		K69
Heathcoat, James	L75
Heathcoat, J.		J45
Heathcoat, J. W.	L62
Helton, Abe		E121
Helton, Daniel		D81
Helton, G. T.		D3
Helton, H. A.		D80
Helton, John D.		B9
Helton, J. B.		E124
Helton, J. F.		E119
Helton, J. W.		E38
Helton, Wash.		B88
Helton, William		D240
Hendrix, J.		B192
Hendrix. Bill		A95
Hendy, Andy		E84
Henry, Tom		E117
Hensley, A.		L164
Hensley, A. D.		L66
Hensley, T.		L65
Hensley, W. A.		L68
Hensley, W. G.		L67
Henson, A. L.		K72
Henson, B.		K71
Henson, B. M.		J34
Henson, C.		K58
Henson, G.		J41
Henson, Isom		K70
Henson, John		F96
Henson, J.		J33
Henson, J. H., Jr.	J38
Henson, J. H., Sr.	J39
Henson, J. K.		J36
Henson, T.		J35
Henson, T. J.		J40
Henson, W.		J32
Hickman, Geoge		C60
Hickman, John		C62
Hicks, Buck		H19
Hicks, Westly		D55
Higgins, D. B.		J43
Hill, Elac		E48
Hill, James		C58
Hill, John D.		A1
Hill, J. B.		E49
Hill, J. M.		G141
Hill, Moses		A26
Hill, Robert		G140
Hill, Sam		B127
Hill, Tom		A35
Hill, William		A38
Hill, W. C.		E77
Hill, W. J.		A34
Hines, H. E.		L59
Hines, W. B.		F94
Hinton, C. C.		J44
Hinton, James		G123
Hinton, O. O.		J49
Hinton, T.		J42
Hinton, T. H.		J50
Hinton, W. S.		J48
Hinton, W. W.		J47
Hinton, Z.		K54
Holder, J. R.		L70
Holensworth, J.		E27
Hollabaugh, B. B	F99
Hollabaugh, Isham	C57
Hollabaugh, Jcb., Jr.	C63
Hollabaugh, Jcb., Sr.	C55
Hollabaugh, L.		C54
Hollabaugh, M. J	F98
Hollabaugh, William	C56
Hollensworth, James	E81
Hollis, A. M.		M59
Hollis, D.		L194
Hollis, D. F.		M66
Hollis, Frank		M71
Hollis, F. M		L63
Hollis, Jack		M87
Hollis, J. B.		M72
Hollis, J. C.		L71
Hollis, J. H.		M70
Hollis, T. T.		L64
Hollis, W. B.		D26
Hollis, W. N.		M67
Holt, A.		L57
Holt, A. H.		G104
Holt, A. M.		K73
Holt, Ben		K129
Holt, Cal		A15
Holt, C. E.		K136
Holt, D. E.		K130
Holt, Eli		K60
Holt, E.		K57
Holt, Garrison		D250
Holt, James A.		C61
Holt, John		K59
Holt, John		N34
Holt, John, Jr.		K131
Holt, John, Sr.		K134
Holt, J.		K49
Holt, J.		K56
Holt, J. 		K67
Holt, J. B.		K68
Holt, J. C.		A17
Holt, J. H.		K127
Holt, M.		K133
Holt, Will		K128
Holt, Will		K132
Holt, W. B.		A16
Horton, Ben		H56
Horton, Bill		H17
Horton, Billy		H57
Horton, Bud		H55
Horton, Bud		H64
Horton, C. C.		J46
Horton, Dock		G63
Horton, Gale		H126
Horton, G. W.		G65
Horton, G. W.		G112
Horton, Henry		G58
Horton, Henry		L175
Horton, Joe		G179
Horton, Joe		H63
Horton, John		L58
Horton, John		M110
Horton, J. W.		L78
Horton, Link		D216
Horton, Pink		H51
Horton, T.		M112
Horton, William		G110
Horton, P. G.		H58
Horton, William		H21
Horton, Z. J.		H77
Howard, C. B.		P40
Howard, Will		B176
Howell, E.		D98
Howell, Will		D97
Howell, W. C.		N32
Hubbard, Berry		B225
Hubb, Joe		L192
Huckaba, B. G.		D89
Huckaba, Frank		E116
Huckaba, G. E.		E108
Huckaba, J. E.		D205
Huckaba, J. F.		D226
Huckaba, Sylvester	E10
Huckaba, S. M.		D173
Huckaba, T. J.		D44
Huffine, Phillip	J37
Hughes, Dick		B223
Hughes, Green 		B111
Hughes, Gus		B272
Hughes, G. S.		B120
Hughes, Henry		B273
Hughes, John		B109
Hughes, John		B110
Hughes, John		E97
Hughes, Will		B138
Hughes, W. M.		N31
Hughs, Tom		B51
Hunter, John		B224
Hunt, George		M80
Hunt, H. L.		D102
Hunt, James		L204
Hunt, J. M.		L206
Hunt, T. K.		D83
Hunt, W. M.		L205
Hurd, James		H31
Ibair, John		A156
Irvin, Robert		D91
Iven, T. S.		F101
Ivins, Henry		A104
Irvin, Sam		D90
Ivins, Jim		B8
Ivins, John		B7
Ivins, John		B98
Ivins, Linus		C64
Ivins, W. H.		C65
Jackson, Andrew		C66
Jackson, Bob		B213
Jackson, Buck		D237
Jackson, Claborn	P81
Jackson, C. A.		F105
Jackson, D.		F112
Jackson, D. S.		F103
Jackson, D. S.		F106
Jackson, Eli		F107
Jackson, G. A.		F109
Jackson, Jake		P80
Jackson, Jeff		F111
Jackson, Joe		F108
Jackson, John		P24
Jackson, J. A.		F104
Jackson, J. A.		K74
Jackson, J. W.		P25
Jackson, Thomas		F113
Jackson, W. J.		D100
Jackson, W. J.		P26
James, J. C.		J61
Jeeter, N. S.		B2
Jeeter, Tom		B3
Jobe, Wesley		A97
Johnson, A.		L79
Johnson, Bill		B67
Johnson, C. W.		J62
Johnson, D.		M73
Johnson, Ed		B233
Johnson, E. C.		J58
Johnson, F		F114
Johnson, G. W.		J57
Johnson, James		H68
Johnson, John		B68
Johnson, J.		J60
Johnson, J.		J64
Johnson, J. A,, Sr.	J52
Johnson, J. A., Jr.	J54
Johnson, J. J.		F115
Johnson, J. T.		J55
Johnson, M.		J65
Johnson, R. N.		M75
Johnson, Sam		B174
Johnson, S. H.		J56
Johnson, T. J.		M74
Johnson, W.		J59
Johnson, W. W.		B285
Johnson, W. W.		J53
Johnson, W. W., Jr.	G25
Johnson, Z. M.		J63
Jones, G. W.		D9
Jones, James		F110
Jones, Joe		B6
Jones, Samuel		C67
Jones, S. R.		D8
Jones, W. R.		D7
Jordan, Alexander	D57
Jordan, Bob		E126
Joseph, Jacob		F102
Kea, W. A.		D12
Kea, W. W.		D11
Keeton, Buddy		D146
Keeton, B. D.		B73
Keeton, David		D158
Keeton, I.		K75
Keeton, John		D125
Keeton, Josiah		D123
Keeton, J. A.		D145
Keeton, J. D.		D143
Keeton, J. F.		D118
Keeton, Levi		D39
Keeton, Newton		D124
Keeton, Sidney		D147
Kelley, C. M.		L81
Kelley, John		L87
Kelley, John		L193
Kelley, John		N42
Kelley, J.		N47
Kelley, J. A.		L83
Kelley, J. R.		L82
Kelley, J. R.		L86
Kelley, R.		L84
Kelley, R.		N46
Kelley, S. A.		N40
Kelley, S. F.		N43
Kelley, S. S.		N41
Kelley, Tom		L80
Kelley, W. M.		L85
Kelly, James		D188
Kelly, Rich		M99
Kelly, Richard		G80
Kiddy, J. H.		N39
Kilburn, Carroll	M2
Kilburn, Elijah		M3
Kilburn, Jess		D120
Kilburn, John		M7
Kilburn, Josiah		M1
Kilburn, J. C.		J66
Kilburn, Robert		P20
Kilburn, Will R.	M30
Kilburn, W. A.		M29
Killen, John		A67
Kilpatrick, James	F116
Kimbro, Amos		E93
Kimbro, Jeff		D30
Kimbro, John A.		M147
Kindrick, Isham		G23
Kindrick, John		A12
King, Al		H124
King, Ben		E113
King, B. M.		D106
King, Joe		H60
King, John		B5
King, J. D.		C68
King, S. A.		H18
King. Will		E114
Kirby, Beary		G22
Koutch, John		F118
Koutch, P. A.		F120
Koutch, Sol		F119
Koutch, William		F117
Kutch, Herman		B197
Kyle, D. A.		D171
Lafferty, Will		D138
Lakey, Dick		H11
Lakey, Wiliam		H15
Lancaster, E.		N49
Lancaster, Gus		B26
Lancaster, Sam		B125
Lancaster, Samuel	N50
Lancaster, Tom		B194
Lancaster, W. F.	B240
Lancaster, W. M.	N48
Lanchester, Mike	B115
Lane, A. F.		D54
Langford, Dock		D222
Langford, Forest	F121
Lauermore, S. W.	L90
Lawson, G. W.		G82
Lawson, Joe		B131
Lawson, John		G79
Lawson, J. A.		G83
Lawson, J. A.		K77
Lawson, J. B.		K78
Lawson, J. M.		G117
Lawson, J. R.		H16
Lawson, S. H.		K79
Lawson, S. M.		G93
Lawson, T. J.		G76
Lawson, T. J.		K80
Lawson, Will		H125
Lawson, W. J.		G94
Lawson, W. P.		G77
Lawson, W. T.		K76
Lay, Frank		H87
Lay, J. B.		H95
Lay, Sam		H103
Lay, Will		M137
Ledbetter, Tom		E91
Lee, C.			B185
Lee, David		D225
Lee, G. W.		P48
Lee, Henry		D219
Lee, Hick		P53
Lee, H. N.		D224
Lee, J. A.		P14
Lee, Sol		M154
Lewis, J. L.		G100
Liles, S. M.		J67
Lindsey, Dan		M111
Lindsey, Herman		M113
Lindsey, Jerry		H129
Lindsey, Jim		B271
Lindsey, John		H96
Lindsey, J. E.		G3
Lindsey, L. C.		M12
Lindsey, Will		H34
Lineberry, Sam		A94
Lineberry, Tom		A73
Lineberry, Wheeler	A68
Linem, S. T.		B257
Lines, B.		J68
Linnville, B.		L88
Linume, George		E109
Linville, Otis		G158
Linville, P. E.		N51
Lisby, William		A58
Lockard, Thomas		C73
Long, A. J.		D142
Long, Henry		P21
Long, John		C69
Long, Sylvester		D161
Long, Sylvestor		P23
Long, Taylor		M131
Long, William		P22
Love, Henry		E62
Love, Joe		E59
Love, O., Jr.		B188
Love, O., Sr.		B187
Love, Will		B189
Lowery, Henry		D156
Lowery, James		D155
Lowery, Oliver		D157
Loyd, William		D154
Luker, Bill		L161
Luker, J. B.		M69
Luna, E. H.		D16
Luna, Henry		D111
Luna, J. T.		C70
Luna, L.		B247
Luna, L.		L89
Luna, Sam		B248
Luna, Willis		C71
Lutts, Alexander	D88
Lutts, J. A.		G144
Lutts, J. M.		G145
Lutts, W. M. W.		D87
Lyle, J. W.		F123
Lyle, W. W.		F122
Lynch, Dick		G191
Lynch, Jacob		C72
Lynch, James		G196
Lynes, Jim		B232
Lynn, W. A.		E79
Maberry, Joe		B218
Mabery, Mart		B276
Mack, James		E53
Mann, H. N.		F130
Marks, E. L.		N55
Marshall, J.		L97
Marshall, J. C.		L96
Marshall, M.		L95
Martin, Abe		L176
Martin, A. J.		G88
Martin, A. J.		L99
Martin, Ben		H28
Martin, Bill		G189
Martin, Bobby		K86
Martin, Buck		G185
Martin, Buck		H41
Martin, D. N.		G52
Martin, E. A.		L98
Martin, Henry		H42
Martin, H.		G90
Martin, H.		J79
Martin, H.		K84
Martin, James		H45
Martin, James		H128
Martin, Jessie		F126
Martin, John		L188
Martin, John W.		G183
Martin, J.		K81
Martin, J. M.		L190
Martin, Lige		L157
Martin, Lige		L217
Martin, Robert		J71
Martin, R. C.		D47
Martin, Scott		H43
Martin, S. M.		L173
Martin, Taylor		L179
Martin, Tom		B222
Martin, Tom		H44
Martin, Tom		H48
Martin, Will		G164
Martin, W.		L100
Martin, W. A.		G87
Martin, W. G.		K85
Martin, W. H.		G89
Martin, W. S.		K82
Martin, W. W.		J72
Mathes, George		A134
Mathew, Will		B178
Mathis, John		F129
Mathis, J.		B204
Mathis, Sam		B205
Matney, Bill		M135
Matney, John		M132
Mayberry, Mort.		B21
Mayberry, T. J.		A56
May, Jerry		N61
McAfee, George		F131
McAlester, J. L.	K83
McAnally, J. A.		P12
McAnaly, Davis		B27
McAnanny, E. D.		F132
McBride, I.		B278
McCall, A. B.		B158
McCane(?), C. H.	M65
McClanahan, G. R.	N53
McClanahan, Y. A.	N54
McClanahan, Y. P.	N52
McClellen, Will		M82
McClellen, William	D117
McCollough, John	B139
McCorkle, H.		N57
McCorkle, Perry		N56
McCorkle, W. J.		K89
McCullum, J. T.		E133
McCuly, Will		B40
McDonald, James		L94
McDonal, James		A128
McDougle, Robert	F124
McFall, B.		J90
McFall, E.		J87
McFall, John		K90
McFall, J. D.		J84
McFall, J. E.		J75
McFall, J. H.		J83
McFall, J. N.		J74
McFall, J. N.		J80
McFall, J. N.		J82
McFall, J. S.		J85
McFall, Pugh		J88
McFall, Sam		J86
McFall, S. M.		J78
McFall, T. J.		J77
McFall, W. B.		J81
McFall, W. W.		J73
McFall. M.		J89
McGee, Dan		M45
McGee, G. W.		M44
McGee, Hardy		M18
McGee, James		M14
McGee, John		M17
McGee, John		M43
McGee, J. L.		J93
McGee, Keave		M136
McGee, Will		M32
McGill, Joe		D178
McGlamery, E. D.	D19
McLane, Anse		D66
McLane, E.		D169
McLane, H.		B238
McLane, Jasper		C87
McLassen, Dave		B206
McLean, L.		F134
McLean, william		F133
McLemore, James		C83
McLemore, J. C.		C90
McLemore, R. M.		C86
McMahan, Jim		B250
McMullens, J. M.	E25
McNally, T. F.		D10
McNeal, Ison		B108
McWiliams, Andy		H8
McWilliams, D. M.	H22
McWilliams, James	H7
Melsen, Sam		G199
Melson, Frank		E105
Melson, James		G72
Melson, John		G49
Melson, John, Jr.	G66
Melson, John, Sr.	G62
Melson, P. D.		G105
Melson, William		G64
Melton, Bud		D187
Meredith, A. M.		C81
Meredith, F. C.		C78
Meredith, Jacob		F125
Meredith, James T.	C79
Meredith, John T.	C80
Meredith, J. L. 	C82
Meredith, Lee R.	C76
Meredith, Lon		D113
Meredith, L. R.		C74
Meredith, L. T.		C77
Meredith, W. W.		C75
Merriman, E. G.		D144
Merriman, J. H.		D149
Michael, E. D.		F127
Middleton, Jack		B196
Middleton, Saul		B274
Miller, J. D.		G54
Miller, R.		B143
Minton, John		D133
Minton, J. E.		D132
Minton, Robert		D134
Mitchell, Joseph	F128
Montague, A. O.		E60
Montague, J. C.		B11
Montague, Lewis		B284
Montague, Lewis		G35
Montague, N.		B236
Montague, Pink		B97
Montague, Sy		B63
Montague, W. T.		B152
Montgomery, A. L.	N60
Montgomery, G. W.	N59
Montgomery, Y. L.	N58
Moody, Ben		B228
Moon, G. M.		K88
Moon, J. M.		K87
Moon, William		C85
Moore, A. D.		L92
Moore, Blake		M64
Moore, Burl		M144
Moore, Cisroe		M153
Moore, Dick		M133
Moore, Ed		B69
Moore, James		M141
Moore, J. C.		J76
Moore, J. R.		J70
Moore, J. T.		C84
Moore, R.		L93
Moore, R. C.		M15
Moore, R. H.		J69
Moore, R. M.		B287
Moore, Thomas		B288
Moore, Tom		D181
Moore, T.		M122
Moore, William		D236
Moore, William		M68
Moore, W. T.		G139
Morgan, Bill		A127
Morgan, Frank		D203
Morgan, F. M.		M57
Morgan, George		M149
Morgan, James		B50
Morgan, James		C89
Morgan, John		A126
Morgan, John		D204
Morgan, John		D245
Morgan, John		G40
Morgan, J. L.		D207
Morgan, Levi		G42
Morgan, Samuel		D246
Morgan, S. N.		C88
Morgan, Will		G41
Morgan, Will		M150
Morgan, W. T.		M130
Morris James		E33
Morrison, H. L.		E13
Morrison, Joe		E66
Morrison, J. F.		D77
Morrison, J. L.		D215
Morrison, Merida	D180
Morrison, Willie	E8
Morrison, W. D.		D211
Morrison, W. J.		D167
Morris, Carroll		J92
Morris, C. L.		E98
Morris, Frank		E118
Morris, John		E99
Morris, Jonathan	D85
Morris, Jonathan	E103
Morris, J. G.		D131
Morris, William		J91
Morris, W. F.		E102
Morris, W. M.		E80
Morrow, D. N.		D31
Morrow, Elbert		B52
Morrow, F. E.		G138
Morrow, John		D38
Morrow, Rich		P73
Morrow, Sam		P72
Moser, G. W.		E72
Moser, James		E64
Moser, John		E63
Moton, Z. R.		L91
Mown, W. M.		L174
Mulsey, Andrew		G2
Mulsey, T. O.		G197
Murphy, A. P.		P29
Murphy, Ned		P16
Murphy, Sam		G204
Murphy, Sylvester	G198
Murphy, William		G171
Murry, John		L187
Murry, Ray		H116
Murry, Silas		H115
Napier, Al		B269
Napier, John		F137
Nedlen, Jack		A49
Neely, Griff		F139
Nelson, A. J.		L104
Nelson, James		M91
Newborn, Frank		A144
Newborn, J. H.		A18
Newborn, Tobe		B16
Newborn, T. J.		B15
Newcomb, B.		B289
Newcomb, W. M.		B253
Newman, J. C.		L102
Newman, J. M.		J94
Newman, W.		L103
Newman, Y. A.		L101
Nichols, Clark		G69
Nichols, George		F138
Nichols, G. A.		F140
Nichols, Isaac		G68
Ninon, Bill		B114
Nixon, E. L.		F141
Norman, C. L.		D186
Norman, William		D185
Nowlen, Carl		C91
Nowlen, ?		C92
Nowlin, Ben		H85
Nowlin, Ira		H80
Nowlin, James		H78
Nowlin, Steve		H113
Nowlin, William		H79
Nunley, Bill		A105
Nunley, Will		M41
Nutt, H. S.		F135
Nutt, Jess		F142
Nutt, J. A.		F136
O'Neal, Andrew		D209
O'Neal, Dick		B171
O'Neal, John 		D208
Odan, T. M.		A11
Odle, Alex		D197
Odle, David		D195
Olds, John		E74
Olds, Tom		D151
Old, H. S.		D213
Olive, H. R.		N62
Olive, J. D.		L106
Olive, J. M.		L107
Olive, J. R.		N63
Olive, W. A.		L105
Osment, B.		B165
Osment, J. C.		B164
Osteles, D.		B245
Overton, W. O.		A155
Owen, Andy		D189
Owen, M. L.		B170
Owen, Tom		D192
Pannels, William	G11
Parker, Bob		A52
Parker, B. A.		J96
Parker, Frank		H89
Parker, J. C.		E127
Parker, J. Y.		G38
Parker, Sam		B44
Parker, S. M.		E128
Parker, W. L.		E136
Parker, W. L.		J95
Parr, W. H.		B177
Patterson, J. B.	J99
Patterson, Neal		K92
Paulk, Ed		G168
Paulk, E.		K91
Paulk, John		G169
Paulk, Josh		H76
Paulk, Pugh		G167
Paulk, R. D.		G26
Paulk, S. O.		G166
Payton, Bill		G175
Peacock, Marion		D239
Penington, G.		M142
Perry, Ed		F147
Perry, Frank		G152
Perry, J. A.		F146
Pevahous, Carel		A66
Pevahous, Roy		A65
Philer, Levi		N65
Phillips, B.		K38
Phillips, George	G18
Phillips, G.		G200
Phillips, Jack		D112
Phillips, James		D21
Phillips, J.		K37
Phillips, J. D.		C100
Phillips, Lewis		C101
Phillips, Sherman	G67
Phillips, S. B.		D109
Phillips, S. R.		A43
Phillips, William	D110
Phillip, B.		N64
Phillip, J. E.		L108
Phillip, W. W.		L109
Pigg, F. M.		K98
Pigg, G. M.		K95
Pigg, G. W.		L116
Pigg, Jerry		H114
Pigg, J. H.		K97
Pigg, J. N.		K93
Pigg, J. N., Jr.	K96
Pigg, M. D.		K99
Pigg, W. H.		K94
Pilkington, J. P.	E110
Pinson, Frank		D176
Pinson, Robert		D177
Pitts, Andrew		C99
Pitts, George		E40
Pitts, John		E39
Pitts, Joseph		C96
Pitts, Lewis		B283
Poag, James		P3
Poag, J. M.		J97
Poag, J. M.		P18
Poag, R. M.		P4
Poag, S. P.		J98
Poag, W. J.		P17
Pointer, Bob		D64
Pointer, Brister	D52
Pointer, John		D53
Pointer, Sonny		B102
Pointer, Tom		B229
Pointer, William	F144
Pollack, J. W.		P2
Pollack, R. A.		F143
Ponders, Buck		H29
Ponders, William	H30
Pope, Bud		C93
Pope, Edward		C95
Pope, John		C98
Pope, Lemuel		C94
Pope, Wiliam		C97
Porter, George		B227
Porter, John		G71
Porter, J. J.		G202
Porter, S. C.		G109
Porter, William		F145
Pounders, A.		G207
Prater, James		B112
Prayton, Arch		A146
Prayton, France		A140
Prayton, Holey		A139
Prayton, L.		A149
Prayton, Sam		B43
Prayton, Tode		A152
Prince, E.		L198
Prince, John		E21
Prince, John		L111
Prince, John		L199
Prince, John		M35
Prince, J.		L115
Prince, J. L.		L112
Prince, J. S.		L110
Prince, Laborn		M49
Prince, Robert		M50
Prince, W.		L114
Prince, W. M.		L113
Pryor, Rufus		D196
Pulley, Bill		A147
Pulley, Elisha		D238
Pulley, Jess		A3
Pulley, Jim		A148
Pulley, John		A4
Pulley, J. S.		E75
Pulley, Leonard		D243
Pulley, Lyne		D242
Queen, Charley		A44
Queen, J. C.		A41
Queen, William		A40
Ragsdale, G. W.		F148
Rainey, S. B.		G186
Ransom, G.		J101
Ransom, H. A.		J106
Ransom, L. A.		J100
Ransom, R. H.		J105
Rasbury, A. C.		F158
Rasbury, A. M.		F159
Rasbury, J. C.		F161
Rasbury, W. L.		F160
Ray, Alen		E6
Ray, Bill		A136
Ray, Bud		M129
Ray, Carry		D220
Ray, Eaton		A135
Ray, George		D217
Ray, H.			E106
Ray, John		A28
Ray, J.			B241
Ray, J. M.		A39
Ray, Sy			A30
Ray, Tom		D221
Ray, T. S.		E17
Reaves, Calvin		G107
Reaves, Dave		D137
Reaves, D. E.		D136
Reaves, G. W.		G108
Reaves, H.		J104
Reaves, J. B.		F156
Reaves, J. J.		F155
Reaves, N. T.		H52
Reaves, T.		J124
Reeves, Buddy		E76
Reeves, J.		E67
Renfro, B.		L122
Reynalds, J. W.		L168
Rhodes, G. F.		D79
Rice, J. E.		F152
Richardson, Luther	A101
Richie, Henry		F150
Richie, Rube		F151
Rich, Fred		K103
Rich, H.		K107
Rich, John		K104
Rich, J. F.		K105
Rich, Phil		K108
Rich, Tom		K106
Rickets, S. B.		B124
Rickets, T. R.		B123
Ricketts(?), W. P.	C103
Ricketts, Charley	B184
Ricketts, Dave		F157
Ricketts, J. A.		B161
Ricketts, Samuel	C104
Ricketts, William	C102
Ricketts, W. G.		E26
Riley, James		B14
Riley, John		A53
Riley, J. A.		A51
Riley, J. A.		C105
Riley, Peter		A50
Riley, Sam		A60
Name			ID#
Riley, William		A14
Riley, W. C.		A57
Rinks, James H.		D190
Rinks, John		L123
Risener, E.		D163
Risener, George		D165
Risener, G. W.		M105
Risener, Henry		G157
Risener, Macy		D164
Risner, A. J.		L178
Risner, John		L120
Roach, Blount		B221
Roach, Hal		G160
Robbins, Jess		G86
Roberson, John		H88
Robertson, Jim		B277
Robertson, John		B230
Robertson, John		G57
Robertson, J. P.	F153
Robertson, William	G59
Robertson, W. W.	J103
Robertson, W. W.	L166
Roberts, Amos		B41
Roberts, Calvin		B28
Roberts, E. S.		B172
Roberts, Jerry		B163
Roberts, John		B29
Roberts, Will		B30
Robinson, A. L.		L117
Robinson, B. R.		N68
Robinson, Gil		B214
Robinson, H.		B280
Robinson, H.		N67
Robinson, H. C.		N71
Robinson, Jim		A118
Robinson, J.		K102
Robinson, L. R.		N70
Robinson, W.		K101
Robinson, W.		L118
Robinson, W. J.		L119
Robinson, W. S.		L121
Robinson, Y. A.		N69
Robnett, H. S.		P38
Robnett, James		D28
Robnett, Joe		P39
Robnett, John		P37
Robnett, John		P51
Robnett, John		P78
Robnett, J. R.		P50
Robnett, W. J.		P68
Rochelle, Thomas	M79
Rock, Cal		B211
Rodes, Jessie		G187
Rogers, John		F154
Rogers, J. H.		N66
Rose, Cab		A137
Rose, John		G177
Rose, J. G. B.		G176
Rose, Neal		G178
Rose, Sol		J102
Ross, I. A.		F149
Ross, W. P., Jr.	B203
Russ, Sam		B151
Rutherford, Mat		H59
Rutledge, E. F.		D127
Rutledge, Lovick	D135
Rutledge, S. J.		E70
Ryan, Dick		B145
Ryan, John		B148
Sandusky, Andrew	G61
Sandusky, John		G60
Sarrat, Neft		A142
Satterfield, W. T.	F166
Saunderson, Frank	D241
Saunders, Bud		D67
Saxon, G. R.		N74
Schull, Buck		H110
Scott, Bud		H90
Scott, Cam		H46
Scott, C.		K117
Scott, D.		N82
Scott, D. E.		K115
Scott, E. Z.		L130
Scott, G. B.		N81
Scott, G. W.		D24
Scott, Henry		H33
Scott, James		P71
Scott, J. J.		K114
Scott, Sam		K116
Scott, Tom		D25
Scott, Vegatble		B101
Scott, W. M.		L201
Scott, Z.		K113
Sears, John		B141
Self, Hyden		B156
Self, T. W.		B155
Sevill, S.		B166
Sharp, A. D.		F172
Sharp, C.		L128
Sharp, George		B75
Sharp, J. L.		F174
Sharp, S. R.		F173
Shaw, James		D108
Shaw, Sol		H10
Shaw, William		C107
Shaw. William		C109
Shell, Ellison		E134
Shelton, A. H.		E46
Shelton, D. L.		M104
Shelton, Tom		H122
Shepard, John		G91
Shepard, Lige		L138
Shepard, T. A.		J107
Shepard, W. A.		K112
Sherrell, Jack		B190
Sherrill, Joe		H1
Sherrill, W. J.		H2
Shields, John		D148
Shields, J. T.		D166
Shipman, D. W.		B18
Shipman, Edward		B17
Shipman, W. H.		B39
Short, Walter		B207
Shull, Andy		E16
Shull, Frank		E19
Shull, John		E132
Shull, Mat		G47
Shull, Mat		H112
Signer, John		E101
Sikes, E. J.		C108
Simmons, A.		N78
Simmons, A. D.		N79
Sims, A. F.		H23
Sims, A. M.		H27
Sims, H. C.		H24
Sims, Joe		H6
Sims, J. N.		D94
Sims, J. W.		N76
Sims, S.		H5
Sims, W. C.		H66
Sims. L. R.		N80
Sinclair, Ad.		G154
Sinclair, B. P.		G143
Sinclair, Frank		G126
Sinclair, Frank		G155
Sinclair, George	H121
Sinclair, Hal		G122
Sinclair, John		G163
Sinclair, J. H.		G165
Sinclair, M. H.		G121
Sinclair, S. W.		G4
Sinclair, William	G131
Sisco, Sam		F171
Skilern, Dave		P36
Skilern, James		P31
Skilern, W. A.		P32
Skillern, D. S.		F176
Skillern, J. S.		F175
Skillern, W. N.		F177
Smith, Alf.		A71
Smith, Allen		C114
Smith, Bob		B135
Smith, B.		M156
Smith, Dick		G31
Smith, Edward		C110
Smith, George		F170
Smith, Gill		L136
Smith, Henry		C113
Smith, Henry		F169
Smith, Henry		G12
Smith, Henry		L135
Smith, H. R.		L129
Smith, James		A81
Smith, James		D103
Smith, J. C.		D1
Smith, J. H.		B4
Smith, J. H.		E23
Smith, J. H.		M55
Smith, L. B.		E22
Smith, M. N.		C112
Smith, Robert		D130
Smith, Robert		M77
Smith, R.		L134
Smith, T. R.		M56
Smith, Wirter		C111
Smith, W. M.		N75
Smothermore, James	B1
Sneed, E. L.		F162
Spain, C. A.		N73
Spain, E. A.		N72
Sparkman, J. T.		K119
Speers, Harry		G32
Speers, Sam		B86
Speers, Sam		B249
Spencer, H.		L137
Sperry, C.		N77
Springer, Bill		D49
Sprinkle, M.		F178
Stafford, Bud		B117
Stafford, L. R.		B116
Staggs, A.		P49
Staggs, A. L.		L131
Staggs, Bill		D255
Staggs, Carroll		D231
Staggs, C.		L132
Staggs, Ellis		P63
Staggs, E. B.		P41
Staggs, F. M.		P42
Staggs, George		F167
Staggs, G.		P46
Staggs, G. W.		P60
Staggs, Henry		B53
Staggs, Henry		P59
Staggs, Hiram		D232
Staggs, Howell		D191
Staggs, H. L.		P56
Staggs, John		P62
Staggs, J. B.		F168
Staggs, Levi		P64
Staggs, Neal		D230
Staggs, Peter		P61
Staggs, R. A.		P74
Staggs, R. E.		P47
Staggs, W. A.		P75
Staggs, W. J.		P43
Stall, T. H.		K110
Stamps, T.		B231
Steel, A. J.		A92
Steel, B.		A88
Steel, E.		A87
Steel, Jesse		A86
Steel, J. A.		A91
Steel, J. T.		A90
Stockard, C. F.		F163
Stockard, Pete		F164
Stockard, S. G.		B150
Stockard, T. A.		C106
Stockard, W. J.		B200
Stone, S. H.		C116
Stone, W. S.		C115
Stooksberry, Bob	H61
Stooksberry, Frank	L169
Stooksberry, Shrm.	H62
Story, James		M95
Stout, A. M.		J109
Stowe, Dick		D251
Stowe, O. M.		F165
Strait, G. W.		K111
Stribling, C. C.	B133
Stribling, Jim		B134
Stribling, J. C.	G116
Stribling, J. M.	G113
Stribling, Will		G114
Stricklin, A. T.	B104
Stricklin, B. F.	G150
Stricklin, Jeff		G75
Stricklin, J. D.	G134
Stricklin, J. N.	G137
Stricklin, Tom		B105
Stricklin, W. T.	J108
Stull, Bill		B154
Stutts, C. M.		L127
Stutts, Joe		L212
Stutts, J. C.		D2
Stutts, J. W.		L124
Stutts, W. L.		L126
Stutts, W. W.		L125
Suege, W.		K118
Sullivan, Sam		D22
Sutton, R. L.		G184
Sweeney, W. R.		J110
Swiney, James		L195
Swiney, L. W.		L139
Swiney, W. M.		L133
Swiney, W. S.		L140
Tackett, Bob		H123
Tackett, Dick		J112
Tainner(?), W. G.	M61
Tainner, John		M62
Talley, J. A.		E1
Taylor, J. H.		D4
Taylor, Robert		D128
Taylor, W. F.		D5
Tharp, Babe		F183
Tharp, James		F185
Thomas, Monroe		B243
Thompson, Charley	A109
Thompson, C.		L209
Thompson, C. M.		G55
Thompson, C. R.		L207
Thompson, C. W.		L210
Thompson, George	A110
Thompson, G. W.		D228
Thompson, H. C.		E122
Thompson, John, Sr.	D233
Thompson, J. H.		L211
Thompson, J. R.		D229
Thompson, T. J.		L208
Thornton, Andrew	F182
Thornton, Ben		F181
Thornton, D. M.		F180
Thornton, J. W.		G133
Throgmortin, John	D244
Tidwell, W. S.		J111
Tilley, Henry		G130
Tilley, Thomas		G129
Tingle, B.		J113
Tinnon, Bill		B162
Tinnon, F.		B173
Todd, A.		M88
Todd, Sam		M115
Todd, S. B.		M89
Todd, W. J.		M86
Toles, Jim		B209
Tole, James		E29
Totty, Z. C.		F179
Townsend, B. T.		G51
Townsend, Jeff		H94
Trimmer, M.		L141
Turman, C. M.		B140
Turman, John		D23
Turman, J. P.		M16
Turman, Will		D18
Turnbo, Bill		A98
Turnbo, Bud		A29
Turnbo, Claborn		A85
Turnbo, Hugh		A83
Turnbo, Jim		A76
Turnbo, John, Jr.	A132
Turnbo, John, Sr.	A133
Turner, W. H.		F184
Tyree, Henry		B215
Tyree, John		B122
Vandiver, Jack		D126
Vick, T. C.		D29
Vincent, Frank		F186
Voorhies, A.		F190
Voorhies, B. M.		F191
Voorhies, James		F189
Voorhies, Rube		F187
Voorhies, William	F188
Waharton, T. F.		K124
Walker, Aaron		A145
Walker, Bill		B56
Walker, Bruce		B89
Walker, Charley		B83
Walker, Dan		E86
Walker, Ed		F205
Walker, E.		B202
Walker, George		B81
Walker, Hord		B47
Walker, Isham		B212
Walker, Jess		B80
Walker, J. A.		F199
Walker, J. F.		F200
Walker, J. W.		D6
Walker, Nate		B70
Walker, O.		B55
Walker, Tim		B46
Walker, Tim		B90
Walker, William		D153
Walker, W. B.		F194
Walker, W. H.		F201
Walker, W. L.		E87
Wallis, James		J123
Wall, H. J.		F193
Warington, Gill		B96
Warington, Gill		B103
Warington, Lester	B99
Warington, Tom		B10
Warren, Ben		A72
Warren, James		A77
Warren, Joe		A78
Warren, Joseph		A154
Warren, Sam		A59
Warren, Sam		A157
Warren, Sam		B82
Warren, W. P.		B159
Warton, John		K126
Warton, Will		K125
Washington, George	F192
Watkins, N. E.		B183
Watson, John		H84
Weatherspoon, Joe	B282
Weaver, John		G128
Weaver, J. R.		D48
Weaver, N. W.		H3
Weaver, S.		K120
Weaver, T.		J121
Weaver, William		G127
Weaver, W. T.		J114
Webb, Bill		B246
Webb, Dan		B234
Webb, Monroe		B270
Webster, Joseph		E32
Webster, J. C.		A63
Weeks, C.		B153
Wells, Tom		B216
Wells, W. R.		G151
West, Isam		P54
West, James		P55
Whitaker, Bill		D50
Whitaker, David		G115
Whitaker, E. A.		G124
Whitaker, Steve		B210
Whited, E. W.		G135
Whited, J. R.		G136
Whited, W. J.		G146
Whitehead, J. R.	F196
Whitehead, L. D.	F197
Whitehead, T. J.	F198
White, A. F.		J118
White, E. L.		J120
White, H. C.		J119
White, John		H91
White, J. C.		J115
White, N. M.		J117
White, R. J.		J116
White, Sam		H97
White, Scott		H99
White, Tom		H98
Whitley, T. J.		D15
Whitlow, James		K122
Whitlow, Phil		K123
Whitten, A. R.		N97
Whitten, D.		N96
Whitten, G.		N98
Whitten, G. W.		N85
Whitten, Henry		L143
Whitten, J.		N94
Whitten, J. M.		N95
Whitten, S. L.		N86
Whitten, W.		L142
Whitten, W.		L147
Whitwell, J. F.		F195
Whitworth, A.		K121
Whitworth, J. P.	L146
Whitworth, William	D179
Whorley. A.		A8
Wigfall, Elias		D65
Wigfall, Tom		D68
Wigginton, John		L153
Wigginton, R.		L154
Wilbanks, James		B113
Wilbanks, J. L.		B254
Wilbanks, R. D.		D223
Wiley, Jury		E44
Wiley, J. A.		D59
Wiley, Sam		E43
Willbanks, J. L.	B290
Williams, Frank		A75
Williams, G. H.		J122
Williams, Hick		G30
Williams, J.		L151
Williams, J. S.		L149
Williams, Mit		L163
Williams, M.		L145
Williams, T.		L152
Williams, W.		L150
Willison, George	E90
Willis, John		L144
Willis, W.		L148
Wilson, Andrew		M96
Wilson, Ben		M93
Wilson, B.		N90
Wilson, Dock		N93
Wilson, G.		N87
Wilson, H.		N91
Wilson, James		N89
Wilson, Jim		M94
Wilson, J. H.		N83
Wilson, S.		N92
Wilson, T.		N88
Wilson, T. S.		N84
Wilson, Will		M92
Wisdom, A. B.		F202
Wisdom, A. M.		F204
Wisdom, John		F203
Wisdom, L. L.		M31
Witherspoon, Alen	B20
Witherspoon, Bill	B91
Witherspoon, Joe	B64
Witherspoon, Tom	B65
Woodard, J. L.		M25
Woodard, J. P.		M26
Woodard, Tom		A141
Woodard, W. K.		M24
Woods, Bill		D160
Woods, Cas		D159
Woods, G. W.		B35
Woody, J. S.		G159
Wooley, John		M128
Wooly, Henry		P15
Wright, F.		K100
Wright, G. W.		H20
Wright, James		H38
Wright, James		H69
Wright, John		H40
Wright, John		H70
Wright, Johnson		H39
Wright, Tate		K109
Yeiser, C. C.		E88
Yeiser, E. R.		G37
Yokeley, I. N.		B244
Youngblood, Joe		B126
Youngblood, Mat		B175
Youngblood, Tom		H67
Young, Bob		B291
Young, B. M.		B24
Young, James		D174
Young, Johnson		H104
Young, J. C.		E82
Young, T. D.		D40

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