1860 Mortality Schedule
Wayne County, Tennessee


Reprinted from The River Counties, Volume 2, Number 1, January 1973. Originally transcribed and submitted by T. P. Hughes, Jr., Memphis, TN.  Published in the Wayne County Historian, Volume 5, Number 1, March 1992, pages 20-21..



Name Age Sex Marital
Cause Of
Isaac Hollandsworth 57 M M Va. Aug. Unknown
Bethea Rutledge 35 F W N. C. Jan. Consumption
William A. Montague 1/12 M   Tenn. June Croup
Mary Gore 70 F W N.C. Jan Liver Complaint
Bennett Cole 58 M W N.C. Oct. Consumption
Peter Stubblefield 1 M   Tenn. Nov. Croup
Susan Rolls 14 F   Tenn. Nov. Pneumonia
Inf. son of R. J. Cypert 1/12 M   Tenn. July Consumption
Malcolm Gilchrist 56 M M Tenn. Apr. Pneumonia
Martha A. Moses 1 F   Tenn. Aug. Flux
Margaret Moore 21 F   Tenn. Jan. unknown
James M. White 7/12 M   Tenn. Sep. unknown
William Moon 2/12 M   Tenn. Aug. Bronchitis
Rebecca J. Beckham 12 F   Tenn. Sept. unknown
Philip Rose 66 M M N.C. Jan. Rheumatism
Ann Green 39 F M Ga. Oct. Bowel Complaint
Joseph Short 11/12 M   Tenn. Apr. Croup
Sarah Roberts 46 F W Tenn. Mar. Consumption
Rebecca Rose 44 F M N.C. Aug. Dropsy
Elizabeth Hinton 48 F   Tenn. Sept. Croup
John W. White 8 M   Tenn. Aug. Accident
Sarah H. White 3/12 F   Tenn. July Inflam. of Brain
Henry B. Faris 9/12 M   Tenn Jan. Croup
Nancy Harlow 2 F   Tenn. Aug. Whooping Cough
John W. Hill 9/12 M   Ala. Aug. unknown
Andrew J. Hill 1 M   Tenn. Jan. Scarlet Fever
Margarett R. Whitton 17 F   Tenn. Apr Consumption
Nancy Reed 24 F   Tenn. Apr. Consumption
John A. Cypert 1/12 M   Tenn. Dec unknown
Itson W. Bratcher 1/12 M   Tenn. Mar. Dropsy
Tidence L. Bratcher 1/12 M   Tenn. Nov. Croup
Thomas J. Phillips 2 M   Tenn. Jan Black Scurvy
Laura A. E. Murfee 3 F   Tenn. May Consumption
Jasper Pigg 4 M   Tenn. Dec. Apoplexy
Thomas Phillips 27 M M Tenn. Dec. Apoplexy
Milly Nabors 68 F W S.C. Sept. Cancer
Frances Mosier 6 F   Tenn. July Flux
Andrew J. Eaves 11 M   Tenn. July Flux
Mary A. Kindle 1 F   Tenn. Oct. Croup
Mary E. Hardwick 21 F   Ala. Dec. Consumption
Julia Johnson 1/12 F   Tenn. Aug. Croup
Jane Johnson 1/12 F   Tenn. Aug. Croup
Mary Moton 30 F M Va. Jan. unknown
Inf. of N. Y. Brown 1/12 F   Tenn. Aug. Croup
Mary A. Hassell 30 F M Tenn. Apr. Typhoid
Amos J. Hassell 12 M   Tenn. May Disease of Heart
James H. Old 11/12 M   Tenn. Aug. Croup
Mary A. Pugh 10 F   Tenn. Aug. Typhoid
Elisa J. Stockard 38 F M Tenn. Apr. Dropsy
Turner J. Williams 44 M   N. C. Jan. Consumption
Thomas Montague 64 M M N. C. Feb. unknown
Mary A. Nunly 5/12 F   Tenn. Sept. Spinal Disease
George W. Branch 16 M   Tenn. Feb. Spinal Disease
Joannah Warrington 86 F W N. C. Nov. Pneumonia
Sarah Mason 7 F   Tenn. June Congestive Chill
John W. Thomas 1/12 M   Tenn. July Croup
Mary L. Smith 20 F   Tenn. Apr. Pneumonia
Susannah Allison 100 F W Tenn. May Old Age
Nancy M. Montague 2 F   Tenn. Oct. Croup
Schedule was enumerated by Wm. Benham.

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