1850 Mortality Schedule
Wayne County, Tennessee


Reprinted from The River Counties, Volume 1, Number 4, October 1972. Originally transcribed and submitted by T. P. Hughes, Jr., Memphis, TN. Also submitted to the Wayne County Historian by Fred Denker, 1201 Montell Rd., Wimberley, TX 78676. Published in the Wayne County Historian, Volume 5, Number 1, March 1992, pages 19 - 20.



Districts 1, 2, 3, 14, 6, 11, 12, 5, 6, and 8 enumerated by A. K. Hardin.

Name Age Sex Marital
Cause Of

Mary Young

50 F M unknown Feb Chronced

Nancy McAdoo

38 F M Tenn. Sept. Chronced

Nancy Robinson

38 F M Tenn. Feb Suden

Nancy G. Rink

24 F M Tenn. Aug. Fever
M. L. Lafferty 48 F M Ga. June Pluresy
Rhody Dicus 77 F M N.C. July Dropsy
James Scott 3 M   Tenn. June Suden
Mary Worfield 20 F   Mo. Apr T. F. F.
T. H. Melton 37 M M Tenn. Nov. Fever
Wm. Daniel 62 M M N.C. Nov. Fever
Irwin Daniel 11 M   Tenn. Aug. Fever
Thomas Fisher 6/12 M   Tenn. Sept. Fever
Elizabeth Brewer 24 F   Ky. Oct. Fever
Mary Hollis 2 F   Tenn. Oct. B. Hives
Elizabeth Taylor 6/12 F   Tenn. Nov. B. Hives
Marthy E. Frison 4 F   Tenn. Mar. Dropsy
Lucindy Blackahan 26 F   Tenn. Sept. Apoplexy
Elizabeth Goforth 11/12 F   Tenn. Nov. Fever
Elizabeth Honey 1 F   Tenn. June Croup
Mary Grimes 36 F M Tenn. Mar. Consumption
Wm. E. Arneld 8 M   Tenn. June Dropsy
Martha E. Harvl 24 F   Tenn. Nov. Suden
Samuell Cypert 19 M   Tenn. Jan. Fever
Leander Cypert 4/12 M   Tenn. Nov. Suden
William Loson 32 M M Tenn. Sept. T. Fever
Mary Sutherland 3 F   Tenn. Dec. Fever
Rachel Horton 29 F M Tenn. Nov. Suden
Mathew Atkerson 4/12 M   Tenn. Oct. Fever
William D. McAnally 27 M M Tenn. Oct. Chronic
Mary Mirte 60 F   S.C. Aug. Fever
Wm. H. Anderson 8 M   Tenn. July Fever
Districts 9, 10, 4 and 13 enumerated by A. K. Hardin
L. E. Curtis 3 F   Tenn. Aug. Diarrahea
Nancy E. Curtis 8 f   Tenn. Apr. Suden
Lucinda Balentine 29 F M Ala. Dec. Suden
Anna Alen 45 F M Tenn. Sept. Fever
Sarah Thornton 87 F   N. C. Oct. Old Age
John Hale 2/12 M   Tenn. Dec. Croup
Wm. S. Danby 22 M   Tenn. May T. Fever
Nancy Jones 28 F M Tenn. Feb. unknown
Lyda Casteel 8 F   Tenn. Feb. Worms
John N. Shields 44 M M Ga. July T. Fever
Eliza T. P. Ramsey 2 F   unknown June Consumption

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