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Books on Local History and Genealogy


Greasy Cove in Unicoi County, by Pat Alderman

A basic history of Unicoi County including local folklore, pictures and maps. 48 pgs.  

Overmountain Press, 1975

ISBN: 9780932807038

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Nancy Ward and Dragging Canoe, by Pat Alderman

The story of Nancy Ward, Cherokee Chieftainess who was the most honored woman of the Cherokee Nation and Dragging Canoe, Cherokee-Chickamauga War Chief.

86 pages,  Overmountain Press, 1978

ISBN:  0932807054

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One Heroic Hour at King's Mountain, by Pat Alderman

Includes photographs, illustrations and descriptive narrative of events leading up to the Battle of King's Mountain

94 pgs.   Overmountain Press, 1990

ISBN: 9780932807403

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The Overmountain Men,

by Pat Alderman

Historical review of the Battle of King's Mountain, Cumberland Decade, State of Franklin  and Southwest Territory.  Covers the exploration, settlement, founding of the first free government in America, and its struggle for survival, culminating in the battle of King's Mountain. 
303 pgs,  Overmountain Press, 1986

ISBN: 0932807151

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Images of America: Erwin and Unicoi County

by Linda Davis March

An historical photo album spanning through 100+ years with captions of historical information about the families of  Erwin and the Unicoi County area.
128 pgs.
Arcadia Publishing, 2007

ISBN: 978-7385-5264-4

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Images of America:  Unicoi and Limestone Cove, by Janice Willis Barnett

An historical photo album of one of America's first western frontiers surrounded by the Cherokee National Forrest and Blue Ridge Mountains in the northern part of  Unicoi County.
127 pgs.
Arcadia Publishing, 2009

ISBN:  978-0-7385--6635-1

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Erwin Tennessee, A Pictorial History: 1891-1929

by James A. Goforth

Filled with historical facts, personal accounts and many vintage photographs. Encompasses a wide array  of information for genealogists or anyone with an interest in historical Erwin and its residents. 

117 pgs. , Overmoutain Press, 2004

ISBN:  1570722889

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The Erwin Nine

by Hilda Padgett

Nine men from Erwin, Tennessee serve in US Army Air Corp during  WWII.  Clyde Tinker, Richard Gilbert Edwards. Jr., Allen Alfond to name a few. 

140 pgs., Overmountain Press, 1993

ISBN:  0932807976

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History of the Lost State of Franklin

by Samuel Cole Williams

Unicoi Co. was part of the State of Franklin area which covered western NC and eastern TN.  The book is an in depth review of the history and development of the lost state and the important people who influenced its origin and change.

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Tennessee Records:  Bible Record and Marriage Bonds

by Jeannette Tillotson Acklen, et al.

Information and abstracts from family bibles and records throughout Tennessee.  Many families from the Unicoi Co. area mentioned.

522 pgs. , Heritage Book, 2007

ISBN:  0788421212

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Unicoi County -Then and Now

by Mark A. Stevens

96 pgs, Arcadia Publishing, 2008

ISBN: 978-0-7385-6715-0

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Building the Clinchfield

by James A. Goforth

A construction history of America's most unusual railroad.  Presents in condensed form what was built, when it was built, and who built the Clinchfield railroad.
122 pgs, Overmountain Press, 1989

ISBN: 1570722919

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Appalachian Gold, by William P. Campbell, Jr.

Described as a rockhound's handbook and "layman's" guide to gold and gem hunting in the Southern Appalachian Region.
52 pages, Overmountain Press,
1976, ISBN: 0932807046


Tilson Grist Mill, by Pat Alderman

Includes local folklore and genealogy. Tilson Grist Mill displayed at Tennessee State Museum, Nashville.
48 pages, Overmountain Press, 1981  ISBN:


When Steam Ran the Clinchfield, by James A. Goforth

Contains illustrations and narrative about the Clinchfield Railroad which traveled from Kentucky to South Carolina.
105 pages, published in 1993


John Biggs (Pat) Alderman, by Gloria Harrell

Biography of Erwin native musician, ecologist, historian, and author.

257 pages, published in 1991

Around Home in Unicoi County, by William W. Helton

History and development of Erwin containing sections on early history, Southern Potteries, and family genealogy/photos.
626 pages, Overmountain Press, 1986   ISBN:1-57072-002-9

Silver in the Unaka, by Buddy Johnson

Explores the folklore surrounding the lost Garland silver mine.  147 pages, published in 1988


The Day They Hung the Elephant, Charles Edwin Price

Describes the events surrounding the hanging of Mary the circus elephant from a Clinchfield railroad derrick in 1916.
44 pages, published 1992


Tall Tales of the Rails, J. L. Lonon

History of the Clinchfield railroad and narrative of stops on the road.  215 pages, published 1989


Ervin, Viola Ruth E. Swingle

Biography of the man for whom Erwin is named, D. J. N Ervin; family history, photographs and documents.

61 pages, published 1975

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