People of Norris Basin

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JC Nicely J. C. Nicely, P. O. at Goin, Tennessee. He is 70 years old, was born and reared in Union County, Tennessee. He is of English ancestry, via Virgina to Tennessee., 11/08/1933
Fletcher Cardin
Family group of Fletcher Carden, Route #1, Andersonville, Tennessee, a night-watchman at the bunkhouses at Norris Dam. His home is on the townsite of Norris and will be moved. Carden has 12 children. He is shown here repairing shoes at the fireside.", 11/08/1933
Oscar Cloud
Oscar Cloud and family, living in the Norris townsite area. Cloud has been a quarryman and farmer. His oldest son is with the CCC. 11/06/1933
Harriet Hankins Home
The home of Harriet Hankins in the area of the proposed town at Norris Dam. 10/25/1933
Harriet Hankins Interior
Interior of the home of Harriet Hankins at the site of the planned community near Norris Dam. Harriet Hankins is 73 years old. 10/25/1933

All historical photos and descriptions courtesy of National Archives (NARA) and TVA

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