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Submitted by:  Mike Shuler

"When this was a depression-era dish the original ingredients include left-over ham, sidepork, or bacon ends, and field corn cooked in sugar water, (1 teaspoon sugar per or maple syrup per quart of water)."

The instant version:

4 cans or 2 cups dry - great northern beans

3 cans sweet corn

1 quart of whole milk

1 pint of cream - 4 slices of American Cheese will give the approximate taste without the calories

1 or 2 cups diced ham in 1/2 inch pieces

If you are using dry beans, soak overnight.
Cook beans with one tablespoon of vinegar until tender, about 4 hours on medium heat.
Drain beans completely and add them to a 16 quart sauce pan. 
Add the corn and ham.
Add one quart of milk and begin cooking. Stir frequently or milk will burn.
Salt and pepper until the cooking mixture tastes right.  About 1/2 teaspoon of pepper and one teaspoon of salt.
Add four slices of American cheese to make the dish taste richer or use one pint of cream for the original dish.
Add more milk if necessary to cover the entire mixture.

DO NOT BOIL.  If it boils the milk will curdle.  Just cook until hot.

Serve over buttered bread, homemade bread is best, it does not fall apart.  If you use canned ingredients, the entire dish will take less than 15 minutes to make.

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