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Tennessee Joy Cocktail

by Patrick W. Crabtree

I was out of both Yukon Jack and Southern Comfort so I got to thinking.... did somebody say "Jack"? Hey! I've got a half a fifth of Jack Black in the cabinet! I found other goodies there too. Grand Marnier. So, here's what I came up with and it was pretty dang good after I got the increments right! Also, if you like the cocktail but would prefer a little less alcohol content, use Triple Sec (same amount) instead of Grand Marnier — cheaper too!

1 servings  


1 1/2  ounces jack daniels black label tennessee sour mash whiskey

1/2  ounce Grand Marnier

4  ounces Coca-Cola


Use a 12-ounce tumber for this cocktail.
Fill the glass with ice cubes.
Pour in the pre-measured Jack Black and the Grand Marnier.
Fill to the top with Coca-cola.

Tip: Don't guess at the proportions -- measure it out to avoid disappointment!