A Deed from Samuel Roe
to Sumersett Moore
and Abraham Maury

Williamson County Tennessee
~ 1801 ~

© 1999, Frederick Smoot. All Rights Reserved.

       Know all men these presents, that I Samuel Roe of the county of Pasquetank, and state of N. Carolina do relinquish to Sumersett Moore, and Abraham Maury of the county of Williamson, and State of Tennessee, a certain tract or parcel of land, containing 22 acres on the waters of the West Harpeth in the said county of Williamson, and State of Tennessee, beginning at Mabanes South East Corner two poplars, and Elm, running thence South with Dr. Joseph Blythe’s line seventy six poles to a stake in a spring branch North East Corner to Joshua Hadley’s line 276 poles to Lynn and sugar tree on the indian boundary line, thence with said Indian line North 16½º West 14 poles, South 80º West 29 poles -- South 69º West 12 poles South 43º West 62 poles -- North 69º West 18 poles -- North 56º West 23 poles -- North 39º West 21 poles -- North 69º South 48º West 35 poles South 72º West 62 poles -- North 69º West 96 poles -- North 77º West 46 poles -- North 53º West 10 poles to a white ash on Mabanes line thence with said line East 65 poles to the beginning. It being my service right & the said Samuel do herein covenant, and make over to the said Abraham, and Sumersett their heirs and assignees all my right title and claim with that of my heirs, and assignees, to the above mentioned land in witness whereof I herewith annax my hand, and seal this the 10th of December Anno Domini 1801

Test - Thos Maury
Robt Lowry
Samuel (his X Mark) Roe (seal)

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From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: Nancy Howell, 1999

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