Land Dealing in Warren County
Warren County Tennessee
~ 1838 ~

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Manuscript postmark:
       McMinnville Te
       Mr. James Taylor, Jr.
       Newport, KY
McMinnville, Tennessee
April 1, 1838
Dear Sir,
       Yours of March the 24th is received today, also yours of March the 14th received some time and would have been attended to earlier but for the many perprexing duties requiring my attention.
       I would willingly make you the assignment requested on the warrent, and the power of Att. had I the authority to do so. My power as confered upon me by the heirs extends to everything in relation to the real estate which Mr. H. owned or claimed “except selling, exchanging or mortgaging the same or any part thereof.” At the time this power was confered it was not thought that it would be necessary to extend it any farther. About the first of May the time the admr. of Mr. H. is required to made distribution, the heirs residing out of the state of Tennessee as well as those in are expected to be at this place when if it will not be too late I will take the necessary steps to have the Wt. assigned to you and the power of Att. executed properly, acknowledged, certified, etc.
       From your letters I understand that Mr. H. had claim to four distinct tracts of land in Ohio and consequently to four distinct Wts. covering the same. The first, the 100 acre one, which he agreed to give you half of for having surveyed, patented and paying the taxes, this, if I understand you correctly, is the one you wish assigned to you. You will please state in your next [letter] to whom this Wt. was issued. In not to Hopkins, is it assigned to him or the No. of the Wt. This will be necessary to make assignment.
       The second, a 100 acres, located by Barlow etc., if your have other information please state in your [letter] the No. of this Wt. and in whom named.
       The third Wt. (No. 4159) for 200 acres placed in the hands of Light for location.
       The fourth Wt. (No. 1036) for 100 acres placed in the hands of Chapman. The agreement respecting this, I enclose to you with an order to get it if not located.
       There is no assignment among Mr. H’s papers to him for Warrant No. 4159 for 200 acres, neither can I learn anything of Andrew Hunt.
       The warrant for 100 acres (No. 4363) in the name of Bailey is not assigned.
/s/ Jas. H. Rodes

       The above letter apparently refers to land from the estate of either Thomas or William Hopkins (the “Mr. H.” referred to above). James H. Rhodes was appointed executor of the Tennessee portion of the estate of William Hopkins including the part of the estate inherited by William of his brother Thomas Hopkins.
       (See Warren County TN Will Book 3, pg 256-259.).
Notes and transcription by Betty Moore Majors, P. G.

Editors notes:
       From the letter: “The third Wt. (No. 4159) for 200 acres placed in the hands of Light for location.” means Warrant No. 4159 was given to a person, possibly a surveyor, named Light for the purposes of having him locate or enter on a tract of land.
       This letter was published in the WCGA Journal, Vol III, No. Four, Winter 1994. Published here with permission of the WCGA.

From the Collection of Warren County Genealogical Association
Provenance: Mr Alan T. Atkins (decd), Dealer, ca1980.
Donated to the WCGA by Fred Smoot and Myra Elizabeth Chastain.

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