Letters From 
Forgotten Ancestors

“...i think sometimes my hart will birst ...”
~ 1904 ~
Murray County Indian Territory
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Postal Envelope.
Black circular postmark:
       DAVIS IND. T.
       APR 18, 8PM 1904
Black circular receiving mark:
       APR 21, 1904
US Postage stamp:
       Miss Grover Taylor
Davis Indian Territory envelope.
Huntland TN receiving mark.

Davis I.T., Apr. 1904

Dear Grover
I have waited so long I know you all are anxious about us. this leaves all up I have been in bed near 2 wks, but am up most of the time for the last 2 days through feel very _____ yet, ma is not been well. We are living in Davis now thought now we would have better health the Dr. said we lived so close to the river was one cause of our sickness. Will work the land through had the crop started and haft to finish it. they are done planting corn and have plowed over some and have planted some cotton but I don’t know just how much. they are gone every day all day long and we get so lonesome we can hardly _____e. Oh we do miss Hattie so much I don’t __ll for my life how we are to do. Mrs Martin told me yesterday that every one who saw her thought she was the prettiest corpse they ever saw. I reckon every one loved Hattie I never knew of her having any trouble with any child she ever knew and seem to love her. the Dr. made the remark to several different that Hattie as sweet a child as he ever saw and just to think such a darling to be taken but how much better than ___ mean wicked children. Hattie was buryed at a pretty place it is not far from us now. had a letter from aunt Kate she had been sick.
Well I have waited for ma to write so will mail this this eve well I don’t know any thing to write so I will stop. good bye this lonly sad evening.
love to all tell all to write to us for we are so weary.
as ever yours

Well I will say a few words to you all this lonly sunday morn this is 4 sundays we have bin with out my dear seete little baby ___ Hattie oh I can’t tell you alll how i do feel I believe this is the hardest tryl i ever have had be fore mee god bless her seete little hart Ever body that nowd her loved her and that is some comfort to me now she was so seete and kind to all she had bin sick fore a good while and wasent sick but a few ___ we did think ___ being in that eve. ___how she did ____ haft to sufer __ long whin I got up and tried to wake her up you dont now how pitiful and sade she did look i picked her up in my arms and she never did say eny thing to mee ah how seete the little doll is to mee some people say they dont want ther people back oh i would be so glad to see her coming in this morning she was so ____ compny for us and helped mee do some things whin Lillie was sick she Just washed dishes and worked all time Lillie hasent washed very much since she bin here see Hattie helped mee all the time I do miss her so much i wish it had bin me in her place because i now she did not deserve to die. but pore little _t___g she had to go and ___ mee you all now __ would stay from ____e long but it _____ bin 3 weaks yesterdy __ve since i saw her and will haft to be longer oh i wish i could gone with her Ever night when we all gither in there is my little Hattie it loks so hard to shut the dore and her out side we have moved to davis to will he hates but it hate it son ___because we didnt move be fore she died but i dont now whether it would have done any good ore not there is people dying here and all over the west but it is so hard to think we had ____ the deare little an___ up i think sometimes my hart will birst all was at her bering said she was the prettiest corps they ever saw and you now i love to hear that she grew more like huldah ever day of her life oh if i Just had her with me to day i now Id try to be content she was so dear to me i went to her grave saturday eave but that is a sad place to mee wee buried her at davis it is a prety plac as i ever saw i was glad i ____put her at such a mice plac as i haft ___ the little seete ___ up oh she is so ___ to mee i dont think of eny thing only her i miss her at ever thing i go to do and ever where i start she all ways went with my now when we get over _____ and stare her little things is left haning on the mane so good by tell all of them to write to us well Miss vergie ___ sad now my Baby __ is gone
Bettie Williams

Love to Dan and family Hattie died wantin to see the baybe so bad she said she would play with it all the time if she could see how she did love little children so much Dan you give one up but it did not stay with you long you dont now how it herts

  Lillie J. Williams, age 20, to her Aunt Grover C. Taylor, age 21 in Huntland, Franklin County, Tennessee.

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