“... I Can Beat the Devil ...”
Meigs County Tennessee
~ 1851 ~

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Lawrence Co Mo
June 28th /51
Dear John,
       I located in this country about the first of Aprile and I laid in a tolerable supply of medisans Book, & instruments My stock cost me $98.75 cents and since that time there has been but verrey little sicness in this section I have had but 7 or 8 dangerous cases & three of them was Typhoid pneumonia the balenc of my cases he been of the cronic form but as for them I can beat the devil I have a full suply of old women cases on hands & some cases of young ones ther is one case of a young lady that I would like to turn over to you if you was handy She is a bout 40 years of age and has been afflicted about 25 years I can not discribe her diseas to you but She is a troublsom goos I am getting a long with old women verrey well and I think when the sicness comes on that I will make it count I have Booked about 70 dollars since I located here and the people are generaley good so that I have clard expenses.
       As I have just returned home from seeing the sic and did not sleep any last night you must excuse me for not writing more.

             Your true
             Friend & obedient Serven

J. C. Wann

       The letter above was sent from Dr. Jonathon C. Wann (1824-1857) in Lawrence Co., MO to Dr. John Lillard in Meigs Co., TN. It is used with permission fromm Stewart Lillard, author of Meigs County, Tennessee, reprinted ed., 1982, pages 70-71.

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