A Death in Denmark
or A Family Feud in the Making

Madison County Tennessee
~ 1848 ~

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Manuscript postmark:
       Denmark Te , and date: 15 Feby, and rate: 10
       Thomas N.. Alexander, Charlott No Car, Mecklenburg County

Tenn Madison County 13th of Feberuary ’ 48

Dear Brother
       I recd. Your letter last Week also the Jeffersonians which you had sent I delayed an answer until after the Febuary County Court in order to see how things would be we have established the will at court &c Ross &c me appointed executors. I dont think it will be verry troublesome Intend to try to pay the debts without without selling I dont think he owes more than 250 dollars, except what he owed me I have the cotton on hand, yet Brother I will tell you I saw his will before he died & tried to get him to make some alterations in favor of you &c Helena &c little in Paris tetley [ ? ] but he said he knew what was right better that I did. The thing I wanted him to do was to let you &c Lena come in eqal [ equal ] share at our Mothers death for after willing all of us a Negro, a piece, he left the rest of his property After paying his debts to Mother her lifetime &c if She made no will it was to go to Six youngest heirs he did not leave Helena any Negro. Said he had done as much for her as the rest
       She took it verry hard I told him she would die about it, but I tell you Neely what made me so anxious the will should stand may not so much because I would get more but because some of our good Brotherinlaws were so rejoiced at his death, they though he had no will &c one of the taylors Neel told a few days ago After his death that he had made a Calculation valued his estate &c how much each would get. Moreover John Taylor never come to see him die altho we sent for him &c Polly, said he was going to kill hogs and could not come no nor old Jim &c Pol never come to the graveyard. I cant write what I think but this much I will say, no Taylor nor Taylors children will ever get anything of mine or that was mine if I can help it. -
       We are all as well as common, but I dont think they treat Mother right - before his death they could come here in droves &c now they all appear to be shy &c hardly come nigh. Brother Neely I dont think you ought to fret about William unless you could have had some hopes of his getting well I think &c hope it is better for him and you two as it is.
       We left Sam &c Hagar &c tobe &c Hagars 2 little Children to Mother and plantation tools, hogs, & stock Horses, &c &c he gave some of the land to Ross &c the balance to me &c Ibba &c Mother &c.
Brother Farwell I hope to See you some day.
Thos. N. Alexander
/s/    James M Alexander

       Could “Sam & Hagar & tobe & Hagars 2 little Children” be Negros?

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: Phil Bansner, Dealer ~ 1997

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