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Colorado County Texas

“Poor me I cant get no Lady.”
~ 1850 ~
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There is no envelope.
Letter’s author:
W. H.“Hamilton” King
Columbus Texas April 23rd 1850

Mrs. Mary J. T. King
Gallatin Tennessee

Dear Ma;
I presume that ‘ere this time you have despaired ever receiving an answer to your very kind and interesting letter of several months ago since, but agreeable to the old maxim it is never too late to do good. Consequently I take advantage of the present opportunity of making a short reply: I have had a good many correspondents in Gallatin, but I believe they have grown tired of me & determined to let me up therefore I have more opportunities now that formerly of writing to those correspondence is more valuable and interesting. I have no news to communicate, more than the enjoyment of good health which I have experienced during Spring & past Winter.
In your last you expressed great curiosity with regard to an intimation made in some of my letters to some of the family (yours probably) Relative to Pa’s misfortunes the cause of which I had always been ignorant and which has since been by him explained. My allusion was to those by or for whom he had suffered heavy pecuniary losses in Mississippi prior to our emigration to Tennessee in /43. And the manner in which he became involved while doing business in Gallatin of which I am yet in the dark having never made any inquiry as it was none of my business. Knowing Pa’s great anxiety always to keep his matters to himself as much as possible. Though the presumption with me was that it was some of his old Mi. [Mississippi] transactions that were yet hanging over him. All that I know about the fight is that his recent misfortunes have occurred at the most inauspicious time imaginable for this family. Not that I ever expected more benefits than had already been awarded (An education) but those now at home I know must feel the want of means bestowed on hidra-headed* swindlers. As regards an effort even having been made by any one to embitter friendship towards you, I have no recollection of it & if so, it certainly proved futile and of non-avail. I expect they I can assert what few (similarly situated) can do in the world. (to wit) That my esteem for you has frequently amounted to a degree of reverential regard. Although I have doubtless at times spoke and acted in an unbecoming manner. Yet you have known me long enough to have discovered that my disposition was quick & impulsive, And had my early training been different I shudder to think what might have been the ultimatum. I must close, Aunt Mary send her love and says she would like to have something good to eat. My love to all, write soon.
W. H. King

P. S. Please write on Recpt & let me know the result of Pa’s election. -- As for myself -- I never expect to make another Dollar, particularly while I Remain in Texas. I am about able to defray my expenses (to Home) and if I get into no better business before next fall I shall be found cutting a Stick. Give my best Respects to Benj. T. Johnson & Lady and to Benj. O. Rutherford & Lady. Poor me I cant get no Lady -- (Got no business with one). Tell every body if they don't write to me I shall Come Clean back to see what they are all doing. Tell the Trustee of Sumner Co to loan me a five -- Guess as how his kinder flush ‘bout now, And very particularly Request little Sister Frank and my big Sis -- to drop a line if they please. Oh! Post-Script ‘s more than the letter, better haul off I guess. Aint I a Good Yankee. Pen is bad ink is pale, love for all of you Shall never fail.

*“Hidra-headed”= Hydra headed. Hydra, in Greek mythology, a nine headed water monster.

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: eBay Online Auction, 1998

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